Controversial… Bellerin’s diet to blame for Arsenal form?

Alan Brazil has claimed that Hector Bellerin’s form is linked to his new diet, urging him to eat a raw steak…

The Spaniard put in another questionable display last night as our team was eliminated from the Europa League by Atletico Madrid, and that performance has brought his game back under scrutiny, having become worryingly inconsistent in recent terms.

It’s public knowledge that his family returned to Spain, leaving him with a smaller home circle, which would be my idea of a reason behind his possible struggles, but Alan Brazil has other ideas…

Alan Brazil said on his talkshow: “Get a steak down you pal! Bellerin, get that steak down you raw!

“That’ll help.

“He was a good player but he’s gone… I don’t know what’s happened to him.”

When asked by Ally McCoist if he puts Bellerin’s poor form down to his diet, Al replied: “I do.

“Look at [Diego] Costa – do you think he has a Caesar salad every Sunday lunch?

“Vegans don’t say ‘hi, how’re you doing’, they say ‘hi, I’m a vegan’. They get it in first.”

Jack Wilshere is another player who has made the switch to a vegan diet, and his fitness and all-round well-being appears to have improved with it, and I for one can’t personally comment on the benefits or negatives that come with it.

Could Bellerin’s diet have a detrimental effect on Hector’s form or attitude? Does Alan Brazil just like to be controversial?

Pat J

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  1. Gooner Craig says:

    Loool what an ignorant clown ?? knows nothing about anything, just spewing out nonsense. Bellerin has been poor majority of the season.

  2. Tatek Girma says:

    I don’t know the reason behinde but yesterday night he was poor and at fault for Cost’s goal which led Arsenal to be out of the Europa league final.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Arsenal were out because of the defensive errors and their creators were barren

      Liverpool conceded many goals because of silly defending mistakes, but Firmino, Coutinho, Salah, Mane and Oxlade-Chamberlain often created more goals to win, not just creating “chances”

    2. arie82 says:

      How can costa goal is bellerin fault, he was loss 1 on 1 battle with costa, but most qustion is where mustafi? He the one who should guard costa, he was beaten by costa twice, thank god chamber bloking costa shot twice.
      Mustafi keep costa, koscielny/chamber keep grizman.

      1. hardave says:

        Why isn’t anyone pointing our the real culprit here? yes we conceded one goal but we should have scored one at least. The main problem is Mesut Bloody Ozil! He has no desire, no hunger, and no energy at all. We had no creativity yesterday because this idiot went hiding. How can our highest paid player perform this terribly? I’ve been supporting him for the past 4 years hoping he’ll get better and start stomping is authority but enough is enough. Iwobi who is bad is most arsenal fans eyes will be miles better if given a chance to play at Ozil’s position on a consistent basis. I’m fed up of this highly paid prima donnas being part of Arsenal. Who doesnt chase after the ball as though te lost their child in every situation do not deserve to play for Arsenal.

  3. gotanidea says:

    I am sure all Arsenal players’ food intakes are monitored by Arsenal staffs. I blame their motivations for their poor forms, as we saw big differences in some players’ forms before and after they got their big new contracts

    As I said before, one defensive error by any of our defenders would not really matter, had our creators been able to create good solid chances to shoot

    I read a disgusting but true fact about the creativity of our players last night, Arsenal had more captains (three captains) than their shot of goal (only one, Xhaka’s long shot)

  4. Pablo Picasso says:

    His deep in form might be down to a number of factors but I highly doubt his diet has anything to do with it as he has kept his physic and has had less injuries this season.

    I feel his deep in form might due to the following:

    1. His head has turned elsewhere – most likely fashion, women (or boys you never know with that hairstyle of his), cars, or clubbing. He come across as someone who is not willing to develop further in football or has a lot of destructions.

    2. Lack of role models at the club to help him push forward – When he sees underperforming players like Ozil been rewarded with mega contracts what motivation does he have to push on.

    3. Lack of tactical guidance from the coaching staff – lets face it Bould and his team pick up free cheques each week by doing absolutely nothing.

    4. Lack of competition for his spot – his undisputed out there at the moment.

    5. He might be a bang average players with only one attribute (speed) which he cant even use to his advantage anymore – might be another case of Theo Wallcot here.

    I see equally average and non inspiring players like Ozil go at him lately during games meaning his also lost trust from his teammates and yesterdays performance wont help him at all. He might be saying though who are they to question him when there equally useless on the pitch and getting mega wages.

    I say we give him one season under the new manager, though get another quality RB to battle it out with him. If he flops next season off with him to Spain or Italy.

  5. Ray says:

    What a ridiculous statement Alan Brazil!!

    Bellerin has been going backwards for months with hie average performances. Just like so many of the squad have!

    Let’s not single out individuals because what we have seen this season is the fragile and fractious foundations of Arsene’s squad finally give way!! It’s been evident for a decade that a top 4 finish was a good season based on a team that was managed by a man who blindly ignored the obvious over his own ignorance and self-belief.

    For as long as he kept us in the top four, Kronke was happy. CL was good for the bank!

    When we fell out of the top four (and this time with a massive thud), Kronke had to make stance!

    1. hardave says:

      The man is gone. Stop going on and on like a spoiled record. We all know its Wenger’s fault for us being where we are now. Don’t have to keep repeating something everybody knows. Now moving forward, our highest played player is more often that not a passenger in the team. No hunger, no determination, no desire. We should all get together as Arsenal family and give this prima donna an ultimatum. If Ozil doesnt up his game. We should sing embarassing chants about him in the stadium. Let him know we expect way more for that salary that hes getting instead of the sh7t hes offering now.

  6. Pablo Picasso says:

    Our players, including Bellarine are suffering from a serious case of lack of appreciation of football basics.

    Ball control, marking, knowing how to react at different positions on the pitch, covering spaces, crossing, dribbling, imagination or innovation on the pitch, passion for the shirt, pride, and having b*lls!!

    This is what Athletico simply demonstrated in the two legs, nothing new, no rocket science here just get the basics right and the rest will follow.

  7. Adajim says:

    Diet or not, am happy we are changing manager, it can only get better. The fact is Wenger doesn’t respect opponents, that’s y he doesn’t get his defense well prepared. He only concentrate on d attack. I used to say this, this guys are not as bad as they play, tactic and instructions are y they play this badly. Last week game against Atletico was an example, a good manager would have called his defence to seat back at 1-0 and let midfield with attack battle d adamant 10-men atletico defence. For the 1st leg I will blame defence and yesterday I will single out lacazet for blame. Lacazet wasted our only opportunity midway through 1st half. That single chance claimed would have delivered us d trophy. We bottled our chance in d first leg with dat equalizer, yesterday game was supposed to be of few chances, I wasn’t expecting us creating many but I expected our striker to take advantage of d little chances we get. Can’t wait for Russia, nothing to savor dis season. Good luck to Liverpool and ox, and to Giroud I don’t know what to wish his team. I always knew dis guys will perform better under another manager

  8. barryglik says:

    Unless you win the Europa it is
    a drain on your squad and on
    your chance of making the ECL.
    Arsenal played 14 games for nothing.
    However if you are in the CL
    you have to play your top 14 players all the time.
    City Barca PSG Bayern and Juve all won their leagues
    but missed out on the CL.
    If those giants can’t win the CL what chance Arsenal?.
    Being in the Europa league is the worst option.
    Seville won 3 times in a row but are still outside the top 4.
    Better to have no European commitments at all
    like Chelsea 2017 and Leicester 2016

    1. jon fox says:


  9. Ozziegunner says:

    Bellerin is just indicative of the type of players now at Arsenal; more interested in their hairstyles and posting selfies, than putting in the hard yards to be elite footballers. Imagine the reception he would get in the dressing room from Adams, Keown, Winterburn, O’Leary, Viera, Campbell, Rice, McNab, Storey, Simpson, McLintoch and Co. Unfortunately the hard men and leaders have been pruned from the Arsenal vine by Arsene Wenger in his latter years.

  10. jon fox says:

    Pat J, I can’t believe you have actually tried to make a thread out of Bellerin’s diet! With all the serious Arsenal news we COULD discuss, you choose to offer this throw away remark made by the laugh a minute Alan Brazil(and I heard it live this morning too) as a serious topic. Good grief man. Are you really so hard up for something to write. If this is your best , then I advise you to take up pottery, gardening, model railways etc. etc instead AND LEAVE SERIOUS WRITING TO THOSE WITH AN INTELLECT. And something to actually SAY! Pathetic, Pat!

    1. barryglik says:

      @jon fox.
      Pat may have made a
      misteak in your opinion Jon
      but when it comes to football
      Pat knows his onions (which go well with steak and eggs by the way).
      Pat has a large rump steak in this site and brings us the good oil
      usually brings home the bacon and while pigs may fly and lambs fry
      hash browns sizzle there’s nowt like chip butties and a mug o hot cha.

      1. jon fox says:

        barryglik, lighthearted comments are great, if they are actually funny. Your comments about Pat are about as funny as WENGERS DECADE LONG ATTEMPT TO FIND ANY DECENT DEFENDERS. ABSENT AND NON EXISTENT. You, I and Pat all well know this joke of a topic he chose to “write” makes him look ridiculous, as a writer.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Perspective Jon, someone of your age should know this by now 😉

          Wengers search for a def has been hilarious… Just ask the AM fans or UTD fans.

          As for this topic being ridiculous, it isn’t, that is only your perspective which I do question.

          Facts say that what we consume is fuel for energy and growth, try eating only McDonalds and see how much of an athlete you fail to turn into when your in the hospital for dietary issues. This is basic highschool education.

          Many ways to eat healthily, that can help in giving energy and keeping the body fit, food doesn’t drill you to cross the ball or positional awareness while defending, Wenger is responsible for that…. or lack of that 😉

          If diet was so ridiculous then maybe Adams should justy have kept drinking… Maybe we shouldn’t have looked at the diets of players and gotten a higher level of fitness in the sport… We should be watching a beer belly run down the wings, a fag in one hand and a pint in the other…

          1. jon fox says:

            I AM NOT SAYING LOOKING AFTER YOUR DIET IS RIDICULOUS. THAT IS NOT WHAT MY POST SAID. I said to concentrate on Bellerins diet (in particular) and to try to make a topic , linking his diet with his undoubted poor form, is unworthy of a proper article. That is my opinion which I stated forcefully, as I sometimes do. I freely admit to liking to state my opinions forcefully, since I find many on here – including some who write articles – have nothing worthwhile to actually say but they still post pointless pap anyway. If I am guilty of anything , it is in wishing to converse with other intelligent people and not be forced to stomach the pointless nonsense that so often passes for “wisdom” from certain folk. It is called “not suffering fools gladly”, and though it irritates some, others actually like it and can really discuss at an intelligent and thought provoking level. I just wish we had fewer twerps and more deep thinking logical thinking folk on here. In essence though, this site is not wildly different from most other forums , football related or not. All have their frustrations and woolly headed people and some, though fewer, intelligent folk too. I suppose I stay in the hope of attracting those bright types into conversation AND because Arsenal is my addiction. Sad really but true! In fairness, your comments about general diet are clearly true but also widely recognised and scarcely newsworthy, by themselves.

  11. ks-gunner says:

    Bellerin looks fragile and nothing a like a real defender. Just look at the youngsters at Liverpool who play at left back and right. Strong and full of energy.

    Bellerin is not a warrior but rather some wannabe fashion c.k who spends to much time with his looks then his abilities to learn to cross the ball.

  12. Okiror says:


  13. Grandad says:

    Bellerin covered more ground than any other player on the pitch.He has more energy than any other Arsenal player but his positional sense and crossing ability is poor.He needs some basic coaching which will hopefully arrive in the form of our new Manager.In simple terms, when our left back is attacking,our right back should be level with our centre backs with the roles reversed when our right back is on attack.Why cant our highly paid Manager get this across?.Too late now.

  14. Midkemma says:

    All players should pay attention to what they put into their bodies, put junk in their and it makes the body a bit more sluggish, if this wasn’t important then do you all want to see players having a pint and ciggy at half time?

    It is more than just a good diet though, the player needs good coaching and development, something which has lacked at Arsenal for a long time now.

    Good on Bellerin for paying attention to his food, maybe this is a sign he is a player who will pay attention to his coaches as well? So if we get someone who can teach him to be a better RB then he will learn and become a better RB?

    Please people, don’t belittle something a player does good just because it isn’t some ultimate fix, top players will look to learn in many aspects and their diet is one of them.

  15. Ozziegunner says:

    A bit of mongrel in Bellerin would help!

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