Controversial pundit predicts Arsenal’s relegation if they appoint Mikel Arteta.

Notorious TalkSport pundit reckons Arsenal could get relegated under Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal could end up being relegated this season if they make Mikel Arteta their new manager and the Spaniard attempts to play the Manchester City way, according to Adrian Durham.

The Gunners have made the former midfielder their top target to replace Unai Emery whom they fired last month, but they could have hired Carlo Ancelotti who is more experienced.

Durham is baffled that the Gunners are turning to a rookie manager to save their season when an experienced manager like Emery couldn’t inspire the team to get results.

He insisted that Arsenal doesn’t have the players for Arteta to implement Manchester City’s style of play and if he forces this set of Arsenal players to play that way, they could end up being relegated.

“I’m looking at Arteta and he’s a rookie,” said the Drivetime host. “He’s been learning under Pep Guardiola, so does that mean Arsenal are hoping he will come in and play Pep’s kind of football with THOSE players, who seem to have no tactical discipline, no energy and no enthusiasm whatsoever?

“They could be relegated under this guy if they try that!

“Apparently Man City are now going to crumble without Arteta – is that right?

“He wasn’t even an Arsenal legend. Look at Mesut Ozil laughing in Freddie Ljungberg’s face, and he is an Arsenal legend! What are they going to make of Pep’s team boy?”

Durham is a very divisive figure, he seems to make most of his comments just to be controversial and so I have no idea if he actually believes what he is saying.

However, regardless of what his motivations are, he makes a very good point. It would be crazy for Arteta to try and implement the City way with these players, they simply do not have the ability to pull it off.


  1. Every cat and dog wants to have a say and pass judgement on Arteta and Arsenal. Just look at the level of crap this guy spewed. Anyone really think Arteta would be dumb enough to want to stick to these lazy players? Especially the senior ones?
    It’s even worse because fans are jumping on his back already. The club is planning to rebuild from the scratch with our academy players, yet it’s not enough for some fans. Like I’ve said I’d love to see Freddie get the job long term, if Arteta gets it then good too. They’re not so different, the plan is to rebuild the club with a younger coach.
    Anyone really think any veteran would get this job and suddenly turn Ozil, Luis, Sokratis, Xhaka into Muller, Hummels, Van Dijk, and Modric?
    I don’t really get WTF the fuss is about only getting an experienced manager, as if that would turn the players into world beaters

      1. I don’t know what games you watch in the bundesliga. They have Phil Coutinho who’s a lot younger and technical than Muller playing his position but I’d rather have that Thomas Muller over this Mesut Ozil.
        I used to love Ozil. The truth is he declined early, but on no stage should he be used as a benchmark for Muller.
        You say Muller’s been like that for the past 5 years. LMFAO, bro stop taking whatever you’re taking

  2. I bet most of us on here agree that Durham just spews crap….. yet admin keeps bringing him up for discussion… it’s like you’re helping promote the nonsense he speaks about us. Hiring Arteta or anyone else doesn’t really guarantee success or failure for the club. Other teams might as well start consulting with Durham before hiring, now that he has a crystal ball that tells how a manager would fare.
    Whomever we hire has my backing…. well, at least until he loses it. And I wish him (the new manager) luck, because he’s going to need it to turn this squad around. COYG

    1. Sod Adrian Durham! 😴😴😴

      OT..Fallon Sherrock has just made history at the world darts, by becoming the first woman to win a match!! Congrats Fallon Sherrock, that was awesome 👍👏

  3. I would take ljunberg to Arteta anyday and thats simply bcos I don’t see any difference between them,working by peps spent mean he makes the decisions…
    Ljunberg has been coach to these kids who re coming thru and some of them are really that good there’s continuum ,meanwhile he did well as their coach ..
    The older poor players would all be shipped out within 2-3 transfer windows …
    I wish arsenal all the best because it seems arteta is coming tho and his advantage according to the people making the decision is that he is peps assistant…
    Like you @ Eddie I prefer we keep ljunberg…This season goes then we set targets for the next having strengthened over this 2 windows…

  4. Big names or relatively big name like Unai Emery doesn’t guarantee us glory. Remember “Arsene Who?”. That (used to be) unknown person changed Arsenal. And Mikel Arteta could be that person too. His tactics beat us again and again. So I do think he will be a good manager. And if everything goes wrong, and Arsenal got worse, that maybe also a blessing in disguise so we can finally remove that yank leeches out of our club.

  5. I have nothing against Mikel Arteta but my first choice is non big name coach is Patrick Vieira. Patrick has won the World Cup, European Cup and lots of club honors. He has a few years of experience and is an Arsenal legend. We need the kind of determination and ruggedness he brought to his game especially against Man Utd. There is hardly any Arsenal player that has achieved what Patrick has not achieved in football. We may have World Cup winner in Ozil but he has not won the European Cup and not too many club honors. Patrick can also bring in Martin Keown and others to help him sort out the defense. This is just my little piece.

    1. Yes agreed. Arteta just wont cut it for me!! No experience and we are appointing a rookie while we are in the most toxic atmosphere and distarastrous time of our premier league era.

      I’ll give him a chance but I think this could be a bad idea….

  6. I hate Adrian Durham he’s a self serving piece of sh..e, I stopped listening to him years ago but it appears he is still spouting anti Arsenal rants. He does have a point regarding Arteta using Man City’s style of play, it just won’t work with our lot (except Leno) Emery has already tried it and look where we are. He will have to employ tactics that suit the quality of players at the club just to keep the club ticking over till the end of the season. Presumably he has been promised funds to make drastic changes, if not he has no chance, the Man C performance confirmed to me that motivation is at a low ebb barring a few notable exceptions. Worrying times!!!

  7. That’s why it’s easy to be a pundit! You can say anything about anybody and it does not come back to bite you in the ass unless you can take him to court for defammation of character. So free speach, anything goes, and everyone’s a target. No resposibility at all. And you don’t even have to know what you’re talking about. Nice job, hey?

  8. Let’s minimize fear of the future, because, the “status quo” is more dangerous than lunching to the unknown. Whatever the case, we have to go for it and rebuild our team gradually.To do that, it is very important for us to give our full support to the upcoming head coach.

  9. Durham has played the “devil’s advocate” for so long he has become the laughing stock of all radio presenters in that he is usually totally illogical in his reasoning.I have never met the man and hope I never do.

  10. Pundits do their job, talk shit, guessing, but topic itself is a good point. Arteta is a rookie, it is very risky business, I’m more for an Ancelotti who can have more influence on players and perfect will be for him to bring Koulibaly in his luggage who wants out of Naples, not happy about Ancelotti sacking!

    Now we talking!

  11. though i don’t agree with him, i do not believe Arteta will come in and turn it all around, unless he is given a huge purse to spend in january.

    But then again that is true for who ever comes to take over ass head coach.

  12. Durham is a wind up merchant and anyone who gets sucked in by him is an idiot!…………………personally I find him hilarious and take every thing he says as a joke, he`s an entertainer imo.

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