Controversial! Would Arsenal fans accept John Terry transfer?

Harry Redknapp has claimed that Arsenal could win the Premier League title if they signed John Terry, stating the defender could win the league for any side.

The former Tottenham Hotspur manager was talking to TalkSport on Monday, and has moved to claim that if he was to make a bold move to win this season’s Premier League title he would sign John Terry, be it for Arsenal, Manchester City or anybody.

He opens with a nothing-question, saying: “Do you want to win the league?”

He continues: “I’ll tell you what I’d do: go and take John Terry for a season. Play him at the back with Stones – he would learn so much from playing with John Terry week in week out.

“I’d take John Terry all day for a season, he’d do fantastic for them.

“Arsenal would take him, he could win the league for anyone.”

We are well aware that this is John Terry’s last year of his current contract, having signed a one-year extension only this summer, but he is not deemed good enough to lead the line for Chelsea, so why should he walk into our starting line-up?

Terry has been a great servant to his club, but do we really want somebody of his personality to join our squad?

We have heard many a time that we have no stand-out leaders within our squad, which is most likely backed up by our inconsistency in the captaincy role, but I hardly see how bringing in John Terry to lead from the back is any better a job than Laurent Koscielny is doing this year.

The only positive I could possibly see from having JT at the Emirates would be for him to work alongside Rob Holding, who is still learning his trade, and could well be a future England captain in the future, much like Terry was.

Would the Chelsea captain be welcome at the Emirates? Could he really help us push for the title? Would he even leave West-London in search of first-team opportunities?

Pat J

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  1. bran99 says:

    they said the same about Cech and we finished I don’t know how many points from the Champions, now it’s Terry. why don’t we buy class players from them and not expired veterans? they take the J Coles and Fabregas from us but sells us 34yo Cech and now Terry? lets take Willian or Hazard then we are talking

  2. Incarnate says:

    If Terry played for us against Everton and Man. City, we’d still be within touching distance of Chelski and please don’t tell me about Koscielny being a leader… a fantastic, technically sound defender and a senior figure? Yes! But how many times have we seen him directing proceedings on the pitch like the younger newcomer Mustafi? A leader points more than he slides into tackles.

  3. marty53 says:

    This is a pointless article as there is no way John Terry would sign for Arsenal……

  4. citrenoogeht says:

    This has got to be some sort of joke… right? Harry Redknapp…what are his credentials to be able to give advice to Arsenal? Lets consider for a second that this is a serious suggestion. Am I right in assuming that Redknapp wants us to sign John Terry, who is 36yrs old, can’t get in to his own team, accused of racially abusing a fellow player and off the field of play was accused of sleeping with a fellow player’s wife…that John Terry? Hell Naw! Things are bad at Arsenal, but not that bad ….surely? I would liken this to selling one’s soul to the devil for 30 pieces of silver. If we need another CB, I suggest we look no further than Virgil van Dijk.

    1. Incarnate says:

      We need to quit talking like kindergartners, that’s why We play like babies, some of the most technically proficient players in world football but lack conviction. How docile are we to imagine his personal flaws will suddenly bring about rot through the entire team? Karim Bezema, the kidnapping suspect rubbing off on Ramos, Ronaldo, Bale or even the seemingly reserved Modric? Suarez the biter? Ribery the peaodophile? Are we running some kind of puritanical organization here or what? It is the job of a manager who earns 8mil a year to “manage” such characters if it comes to it.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    John Terry is not the answer. If he were five to ten years younger then you could understand what Redknapp is saying, he’s on the right path but not this player. We have young Holding who Chelsea might go on to envy and even try to buy. Captains in a team, I think it is wise to have strong one’s who are from the country they play in. Unfortunately Holding does not have enough characters around him to give him a helping hand in how to lead a team. He’d probably have learned more on that if he’d stayed up north, northeners are known to be tough sort of take no crap type of men. I’m not putting Arsenal down here, we seen our British youngsters what it was like for them to learn in a team that has no real stand out captain, and I don’t want that for Holding. He has Mustafi Cech Alexis Coquelin but they are foreigners and are not the spitting mad barking orders type, which stays with players the rest of their careers. Tony Adams even on the touchline would do more for Arsenal than J Terry would playing for us. Tony knew when a player needed an arm over shoulder and word in ear, or when a kick up the ass and spit flying everywhere was called for.

  6. BUR says:

    Waste of time signing Terry. We need balls all over the field. The last two games to many players went AWAL. The manager needs to resign and let a real man who will breed aggression into the players. Saying “we dropped off physically ” is no excuse coming from the manager. It’s your fault if your not up for it get out. Knock heads together, kick ass or GTF!

  7. Mark_K says:

    Never in a million years.

    Terry is a scumbag of the very worst kind.

  8. Wilshegz says:

    why would we accept Terry? we are not that desperate.
    we still talking of letting Per go now u wanna add Terry.
    Terry is way past it, only living on past glories now like Vidic did few seasons ago.


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