Copa America leaves Arsenal facing uphill struggle for title

If Arsenal were looking for some sort of helping hand ahead of our latest attempt to reclaim the Premier League trophy, then we will have to look elsewhere than the Copa America tournament currently going on in Chile. We can still hope that our star man Alexis Sanchez and reported transfer addition Arturo Vidal get through their remaining two games without injury, but Arsene Wenger will still have to get the new season underway without them.

The Gunners are not the only team affected, as a report in The Mirror explains that no fewer than 18 players could be unavailable for the Premier League opening games, but the way the South American tournament has gone has not been kind to us.

Man City and Man United still have players involved, with the Etihad club the worst affected with their Argentina stars Aguero, Zabaleta and Demichelis going all the way to the end next weekend. But after Brazil were surprisingly knocked out by Paraguay on penalties last night and Colombia have already gone, Chelsea should have their players back in time, or at least sooner than us.

They had Willian and Felipe Luis in the Brazil squad and are rumoured to be ready to take Falcao on loan and so the luck has gone their way. Liverpool have also been handed a boost with their new signing Firmino and their key midfielder Coutinho heading home early.

We saw last season how damaging a slow start to the season can be so the last thing we want is for any of our rivals, especially Chelsea, getting a head start. Do you think the Copa America will damage our chances of the title?

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  1. And when we sign Messi he is gonna be well knackered.

    Still Wellbex will be ready to run around:)

  2. Our playrs alwys return late…rembember özil per n podolski after the world cup they returned long after other playrs had returned to their clubs.

    1. Ask Bayern! They struggled a lot with injuries with rushing their World cup stars. Nevertheless arsenal players seems to get injured even with 3 Months rest. As a gooner its heart breaking to see lot of our players getting injured frequently. But now I have a great optimism and belief that we have improved our medical & Training department and there will be a string squad of players avaialbleb throughout the EPL season! COYG

  3. I don’t think we should be that affected. we have enough fire-power to get on till Sanchez comes back.

    1. We’re just getting the excuses in early in case of a sh1te start, last year it was the World Cup and this time round it’s the Copa…..Euros is next years. Then we’ll buy a couple of Africans so ACON can be used. We know what we’re doing here.

  4. Has anyone already found a reliable source of the Vidal rumours BTW?????
    Based on the past years these rumours tend the well known snowball effect

  5. I was just thinking about which rumours to believe and which not to believe if any. We know Dick Law is our go to man and he has been in discussion with Cech (still cant believe that one) Surely if these newspaper people wanted to find credible information they would just have to find out the locations of our negotiators or whom these men have been in contact with. Thats what newspaper people do isnt it, they hunt down a story or get close to the people that they are close to. With some of the stories that news outlets do break you would think that something like this would be a piece of cake.

  6. H. Feler, apparently was the man who spilled the beans about Sanchez’ transfer to the emirates long b4 the media knew about it…this same guy has also recently pointed out that Arturo Vidal’s transfer to arsenal is already a done deal and both parties (arsenal and Juventus) are just waiting for the copa america to round up b4 openly declaring the news…
    Fingers and Toes crossed!!!!

    1. Well said even though I said it on the last post, and got four thumbs down. I will not spend time trying to give people up to date transfer rumours that might be true. Carry on reading the Metro and the Star 🙂

  7. Copa America or no Copa America, Sanchez always needed that extra bit of rest even though he himself might not want it. But we have to be proactive… Sanchez needs to recharge his batteries and rejuvenate his muscles so that injuries don’t become a problem next season. I agree that a fit Walcott can contribute well in the absence of Sanchez. Ramsey may also rediscover his magic scoring boots next season too!

  8. Copa America isn’t too bad for us. Hopefully The Ox and Theo will be raring to go come August. With options such as Wilshire and Ramsay, ready to play alongside Coquelin, with a rested Ozil and Giroud up front we are still very strong. We have strength and some depth in defence so no issues there. That still leaves us a bench of Welbz, one of Wilshire or Ramsay, good defensive options, possibly Gnabry etc….AND…..we will hopefully have both Sanchez and Vidal on the bench, if they’re needed! The Copa America is no big deal.

  9. The Gunners shouldn’t have any slow starts to next season openings games. Looking at their first 4 Epl fixtures. The Gunners with or without any new signings have the Gunners capacity on ground to beat West Ham – home, Crystal Palace – away, Liverpool – home and Newcastle – away to collect all the 12 maximum points that will be at stake in the 2 home and the 2 away games. Ahead of those their first 4 Epl games, the Gunners are widely expected by the Gooners to have beaten Chelsea to the Charity Shield at Wembley. As a matter of fact, if the onground Gunners failed to collect all the 12 points from their 4 early games, then one will conclude they are not worth a pinch of their salts. However and hopefully, Sanchez and the likely other top signings would have come back from their extended holidays to link up with their collegues for all the important big away game to Chelsea.

  10. I am impressed by West Ham’s signings so far. I find them to be somehow exciting. Pedro Obiang and Payet?! Their midfield is pretty much set for next season and beyond, especially if these guys settle well. Swansea also have their left side considerably strengthened by adding Tabanou and Ayew to Montero.

    Some on here have never watched this guys (let alone follow their careers), but trust me on this: The West Ham and Swanseas of this world are not taking it easy this time around, they have raised the bar a bit higher. They’ll be tough nuts to crack next season. We can’t afford to RELY ON or sign average players if we intend to compete for the title next season.

  11. Last season we actually had a bad start koscielny was injured and Wenger didn’t buy the much needed cb and cdm, and not because some players returned late. Wenger gave too much hype about players returning late and Dem starting slowing blah blah. It shud not be the excuse dis year again wid such a huge squad.

  12. This situation is what it is. Sometimes players are not able to start the season immediately – nothing new for Arsenal or most clubs.

    Arsenal have a deep attacking squad. If they cannot survive a few weeks without Sanchez then depth is the real problem – not Copa America. Losing 8 or 9 players to injury (as has happened to Arsenal) is far worse than playing without Sanchez for a couple of games.

    This is not a major problem.

    1. Last year it was world cup, this year copa America , next year euros. It seems we hav left behind d injury excuse behind, thanks to shad forsyythe and adopted dis new one to freshen things up. Wat is wrong wid us ? I don’t think any other club fans are even worried about it at all!

  13. No Chamions League qualifier and no other midweek cup games for a good few weeks into the season. That will help us maintain fitness. It will ease our players into the new season, whereas last time we had a packed schedule.

  14. Lol some of these articles are so dramatic. An up hill strugle lmao we only really have Sanchez that’s still out there. Campbell’s out opsina is out and they’re both looking like they’re going to get sold. And Sanchez should only miss the 1st 2 or 3 games. Its hardly and up his struggle. But anyway I hope for some good quality additions and some lesser quality removals this summer. COYG

  15. juve buy khedira already, so vidal is going somewhere…. remember when we buy giroud and rvp was still there… thats the way how clubs react… arsene let man utd to sign morgan easy. just relax arsene is mastermind for transfers, and he dont have much time maybe he will be in arsenal for 1-2 seasons… his move for cech show that he means buissness and that he want tittle before his retirement …

  16. This post is worrying about nothing really. Alexis is our star player but the rest of the team is very good too. Alexis won’t be able to play every single match that’s why depth is important

    We will manage for a few matches without Alexis and Vidal (if we get him)

    I’m sure the likes of Walcott, Oxlade, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin etc can win matches. Ozil and Welbeck can play on the left. Coquelin and Ramsey/Cazorla can play at back. If Ozil is on the left, Cazorla can play CAM. No need to worry

    I’m just hoping we get Alexis by the Chelsea match.
    I’m hoping Alexis gets a good long rest so that he can come out at his best.

    Also hoping most if not all of our team start the season injury free.

  17. Well….we re used to….many players from all over.
    And many injured so….
    Bad news or bad Olds

  18. If I remember correctly our fixture list for the first month is ok. I would rest Sanchez for a couple of weeks. Plus we don’t have the European qulifier to worry about. We should do fine.

  19. Just chill guys, Arsene got it all under control (yeah right, I said it____duh!!!)

    Guys, how many of u have taken a bull by the balls before??? I mean like literally??? AWESOME!!!!!

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