Coquelin could leave Arsenal for free in the summer

Arsene Wenger has been hailed as a master for his stroke of genius due to the fact that the Arsenal boss recalled Francis Coquelin from his loan deal at Charlton, but the fact that he did not secure a new contract for the French midfielder may yet come back to bite him in the bum!

Le Coq has been brilliant for the Gunners since his return, and it seems that he has convinced most Arsenal fans (and even Wenger now) that he is the defensive midfielder that we have all been calling for in the last two years. Wenger gushed yesterday: “Francis is contributing to the team well at the moment and he has shown that he has matured through difficulties. I kept patience with him because I saw his talent, and also because I give a huge importance to people who have been educated at the club and who have been brought up together because they know what the club means.”

BU, with Coquelin’s contract ending next summer, it is being reported that Wenger is now trying to tie him down to a new long term contract, but according to the Mail, Le Coq is stalling on a new deal unless he gets assurances from Wenger that he will be first-choice in the DM position next season.

In a way I can understand his point of view as he has been left on the sidelines by Wenger many times over the last few years, and has only now got his chance due to the injuries sustained by Mikel Arteta and Matthieu Flamini, and of course Jack Wilshere, who is due to return next month. With his recent performances Coquelin will be in demand in the summer, and could expect a bumper wage packet if he can move anywhere on a free contract. This then also puts pressure on Wenger to not only persuade Coquelin that he will have a first-team spot, but also he will have to match any offers from other clubs to try and keep him at the Emirates.

As Wenger said: “I kept patience with him because I saw his talent…”, but it’s a shame that the Arsenal boss didn’t value Le Coq’s talent enough to extend his contract last summer…..

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  1. Hate to say it, but he’s totally right to stall this deal without guarantees. Can’t expect him to ignore being sent to Charlton in his final contract year.

    1. we must make him feel wanted.

      raise his wages, let him have a toilet named after him, give him some vouchers from whsmith, maybe call celia- ask for the ‘giroud’

      1. I thought many on this forum wanted him released at the end of the season especially after his failed loan in Germany? I wonder how many would have been on Wenger’s case had he renewed le Coq’s contract just 6 weeks ago lol. This has the Flamini saga of 2006/2007 written all over it, fringe player suddenly raises his profile and all of a sudden he is wanted by everyone but I think he is smart enough to see what happened with Flamini at AC milan and not go down that route of refusing a new contract.

      2. He’s going to get lots of game time in all competitions for rest of season, which will prove one way or another if he’s going to be No.1 in the DM role. He should be offered a much better deal, but also told that we may signed an additional DM in summer, because we need depth in key positions.
        Not sure where this leaves Wilshere – who looks to be in for a lot of bench-warming when he’s fit again

    2. its a Long way from the summer…….. Alot of stuffs can happen before then …….he’s got until “May” to show us what he’s made of….Guarantee him playing time, that’s the contract

    3. Hope he signs, he’s head and shoulders above Flamini and it would be a real shame if he were to show his class only to walk out the door for nothing. Goes to show how fortunate we were he upped his game as, despite Wengers claims, he didn’t exactly have much faith in Coquelin given he’s let his contract run down

      Wenger needs to rectify that now and prove he wants him.

  2. Wilshere is not nearly good enough to play a CDM position. I can’t even name one midfield position where Wilshere should start honestly. He’s behind Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, AOC in the center as well… I think Coquelin will be getting a ton of gametime. Even Wenger cannot ignore Coquelin’s impact on the side.

    1. Jack has no identity sadly. Couldn’t tell you his best position because he’s been happy being the literal Jack of all trades. He needs to go away this summer and think about where he sees himself playing long-term, because the longer he goes floating between positions the more concrete they are becoming for Rambo, Ox, Mesut, Coquelin…Schneiderlin?

      Pick a position and work your arse off to own that role. Either that or be that talented teen who never quite did it.

  3. Hopefully he signs, he’s been amazing so far. Really can’t believe he started the season with Charlton and is now impressing in the starting 11.

    Replace Diaby and Flamini with Le Coq and hopefully someone like Schneiderlin in the summer. I don’t know where Bielik will stand in all this. I reckon he won’t go on loan but will he feature in the first team or mainly for the U21’s?

  4. hes not doing a pogba on us!

    joins psg at the end of the season on a free- two years later hes worth 70 million, no way!

    here at arsenal- we fight for coq!!

  5. Can’t blame him if he is stalling on a new deal (if that is true). But Diaby doesn’t look like he will be at the club much longer. Arteta is past his best, same goes for Flamini. So Coquelin should now cement his place in the arsenal first team. He has proved he can put in a shift and help sure up our defence.

  6. Sorry you gooners,Le Coq is not top draw,squad player at best.Tie him down,yes,so we don’t lose him for free but don’t panic if we do.

      1. thats makes….unlimited.tackles and interceptions and he.can fly from one end to another

    1. if we paid a lot of money for Coquelin then you wouldnt be saying the same thing, but because he came from our youth academy you think its too good to be true because he doesnt have a big reputation. Well give him a chance to make a reputation.

  7. Everybody knows if Coquelin leaves he’ll be another Alex Song, Alex Hleb, Adebayor, Eboue, Lansbury, list goes on. You are either a gunner or you are not.

    1. he also has a career to think about, just like everyone else. If he doesn’t get gametime, then why would he sign a contract to rot on the bench/get loaned out again? Honestly though, it looks like hes a starter until the end of the season… his only competition is Flamini -_-

  8. He should get an assurance that he will be number 1 until the summer. Who else should be number 1? Flamini? Diaby? Bielik? But if Wenger gets a Top DM then Coquelin can not be Number 1. If Wenger gets a Top DM and Coquelin still isn’t happy then better sell him in the summer.

    But I have a feeling this is his agent’s strategy to get more money

  9. Yesterday’s match Flamini played 76minutes without making any tackle or interception but Immediately Coquelin came in he won a few tackles and made good interceptions,that shows you the difference between the two DMs.Flamini hardly goes for any challenge unless the opposition is in our penalty box.Whereas, Coquelin is never afraid to stand in opponent faces and make tackles and he does it with good timing no wonder he receives less yellow cards than Flamini who is reckless.

  10. Does anyone smell a de javu? I guess this was also what happened with Flamini when he had a stellar 07/08 season and opted to leave for Milan for free at the end of his contract cos Wenger refused to match his wage demand…But the rest is history cos he never again matched the performance of that season at Milan.I wish Le Coq all the best and hope he makes a wise decision

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