Coquelin Doing A Wonderful Job, But Do Arsenal STILL Need a New DM?

When Francis Coquelin was recalled from his loan spell at Charlton Athletic in December as result of the injury crisis in midfield, most Arsenal fans would not have been very pleased, especially considering that Wenger could have dipped into the January market to sign a new defensive midfielder. But three months on, the young Frenchman seems to be one of the first names on the team sheet.

With impeccable work-rate and desire to go with strong tackles and shrewd interceptions, Coquelin seems to have a passion for breaking up play. Personally, I feel that he is the first out-and-out defensive midfielder that Arsenal have had in ages, and the benefits of having such a player on the pitch is evident for all to see. But with that being said, there is still a raging debate between Gooners as to whether Le Prof needs to bring in another such player in the summer.

Based solely on the squad that Arsenal have now, I believe another defensive midfielder should be brought in. Looking at Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini, I think they are both past it and simply do not seem to have the legs to cut it in the Premier League. With Flamini’s contract set to expire this summer and Arteta having just one year to run on his deal, my opinion is that they both should be let go and a new DM should be brought in. Needless to mention, they are both injury-prone as well.

While Le Coq has quite evidently made the position his own recently, I do believe there will be games next season where Wenger might have to start with two holding midfielders, especially when we play the big teams away. It may be a little too early to start talking about names but it is an area on the pitch that does need reinforcements in the summer.


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  1. The storied last game against United for Steven Gerrard, and he gets sent off 10 seconds after coming on to the pitch ahahahaha.

      1. For me Schneiderlin def, Lacazette def, Pedro not sure at all and Howedes no, no, no. With the stick Merts get with his pace on here the last thing I want to see is someone who probably would be in a photo-finish with Merts over 50M.

      2. I think what we need are replacements i dont see Arteta, wilshere or Flamini getting in this team we also need to sell Mert. we are playing well i think what we need Is a powerful b2b player that offers what sisoko offers New Castle if we get that player and Welbeck improves his finishing we can win the epl next season providing we only sell Arteta, Flamini, Mert.

        And for god sakes can we stop play chambers and stick With Bellerin. PLEASE

    1. After Ramseys performance we can’t leave it all to the Coq.we need a player that can distribute like Fabigas,Ramsey tries to do things he is not good at, hence the ball doesn’t get to the player but if he cut out those things and be more direct,who knows he could benefit from that CB

  2. And yes we still need a DM. Someone bigger with more power. I’d be delighted if we bought Krychowiak. To replace Coquelin? Not necessarily, there’ll be competition just as in every other position. When we’re up against it I’d rather bring on Krychowiak/Coquelin than Flamini to see out a game.

    1. nonono.

      stop this “bigger” thing. we have a bigger squad than in a long time, in case you haven’t noticed. and lecoq is physically adept to anyone. he overcame fellaini and city’s midfield and west ham and co. seriously that’s utter rubbish. what he is lacking, and you see that with arteta or cazorla when they play deep is passing ability. he is not bad, but not like arteta who has 95% pass acuracy. you noticed this when we began to tire and lose the ball vs newcastle. lecoq struggled a bit to pass. he wasn’t helped by ramsey and caz, and the CBs much in his defense.

      in summary, we need to pair le coq with a passer or driver, depending if we play possesion or counter-attacking. so with arteta or ramsey.

      in the summer we need competition/ cover for the coq. a more well rounded player, i mean a passer. schneiderlin fits.

      1. Schneiderlin is no “cover” for Coquelin, this delusion needs to be nipped in the bud.

        Coquelin is a battler/grafter, but there’s players with all those abilities AND the passing/possession skill to go along with it. If we get Schneiderlin/Gonalons or whoever, then Coquelin will be the “cover” option you allude to.

        1. That’s right and Shniederlin does no more than Coq. I have watched him we need a passer of the ball like Ozil but stronger, he is a very good player but thinks we need more CB

  3. Ohh Gerrard Gerrard. Whatever will be will be.
    In 10 seconds uv f#cked ur team…
    Oh Gerrard Gerrard.

    Yes we need a dm. Le coq is quality but is vital position. Head to south coast see what koeman is feelin about schneiderlin or wanyama

    1. Hahahaha Steven Gerrard Gerrard 46th minute red card!!…

      Another DM? why not…we need to show real title credentials next season.
      I really wanted loserfool and manure to draw today but anyway…time for us
      to beat em both and show that they aren’t on our level

  4. If Arsenal want to seriously compete with the mega rich clubs in the EPL and Europe then of course they should go after Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, etc to compete with and complement Le Coq. If there desire is to perpetuate this annual top 4 run and early exit in the Champions League then resign Arteta and Flamini to lifetime, charity contracts. Lol

    OT, what a goal by Mata and Stevey G the 42 sec. man. What a Dbag

  5. No we dont need another defensive mid because when coq gets injured and we fall out of the title race well then we might not have anyone to blame besides Arsene and i dont want to have to pull my head out of Arsenes bum.

    1. Hope you realise i was kidding in above, i believe that Arsene is the best manager we could have wished for to see us through the Emirates move. Now i believe he will bring us back the good times. The joke was just a silly joke just like the stuff that comes out of wobs constantly.

  6. Flamini is old, injury problems and form is terrible.
    Diaby is medical inusrance.
    Arteta is neither a DM nor a CM.
    Wilshere is injury prone.
    Ramsey also misses atleast 2-3 months due to injury every season.
    DM and CM is very much needed. The top three should leave.

  7. Yes we do, but it’s not a stupid question because we don’t know what Wenger will do.

    Many of us have put ourselves into a position where we could be greatly disappointed. We assume that it is a certainty that we will get Schneiderlin, Kondogbia or some defensive midfielder. But even though to us fans it seems like the sensible, reasonable and shows ambition, Wenger may not even consider it.

    1. Wenger was asked a few weeks ago about a player (not sure which one may be Sissoko or Kondogbia) and he said we are fine in back of midfield. He mentioned Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta and even Diaby. He also said if there is an injury in summer things can change.

    2. Wenger is an attacking minded manager. He may be considering another box to box midfielder like Gundogan, Khedira (Vidal and Pogba too expensive), Lars Bender etc.

    3. He may think we are fine with both DM AND box to box same reasons as in 1

    I desperately want a DM Especially Schneiderlin or Kondogbia. Coquelin can compete and improve

    But don’t get your hopes up
    you are setting yourself for disappointment

    1. And your comments pertaining to Wengers genuine belief that the midfield doesn’t need strengthening is all you need 2 know about Arsenals ability to win anything of Merit next season.

      Le Coq…Been a revelation this season, but needs quality competition to keep his place
      Arteta….great servant to the club, but his days of a 1st team player are numbered
      Wilshere….Hard to count on a guy who is always injured
      Diaby….No comment and lol

      I would honestly love to see both Schneiderlin and Sissoko added in the summer, but it will never happen sadly.

  8. I think we need a defense minded B2B like Sissoko. Powerful, commanding, agile and quick…

    1. Consider that our current teams lack all that you just mentioned he would be fantastic. But lets forget this bec we seem not to be interested in him.

      1. @ks-gunner
        I hear ya. But considering how Sanchez’s aggressive high work rate has inspired a few players. Maybe another player with the same attributes might just inspire the rest of the team…

  9. Schneiderlin to replace Arteta & Flamini
    Sisoko to replace Rosicky & Diaby
    Cech to replace Sczcesny

    1. Would be 3 brilliant additions, add Lacazette and maybe(VJD) from Celtic or Schar and Arsenal will be adding a bunch of silverware in the years to come.

      And yes with the additions, I do advocate the selling of Walcott, Podolski, BFG, Campbell and Schez.

  10. I have always talked bout sissoko, the boy is good, imo he’s better than ramsey got power pace n skill

    1. Careful my friend, the Ramsey Brigade will be out in full force with pitchforks in hands. Lol

    2. Not in the Ramsey Brigade but just found out how much stats can lie – typed in about 20 categories and Ramsey comfortably beats this “world beater” in 19 of the 20 categories, over 40 matches and 2 seasons. Sissoko beats him for “take ons” nothing else. He must be helluva player – to be so much “better” than Ramsey but patently does none of the measurable things a midfielder is required to do better than Ramsey.
      He looks good at Newcastle but ain’t nothing special other than being the visual beast that appeals on a superficial level to those easily impressed.
      Get rid of Flamini and buy Schneiderlin. Forget about Sissoko.

  11. Gerrard had a very memorable and infamous last match against United.

    Anyway, it’s not a big deal. We need to keep on winning. 3rd place is still in our hands barely
    We also play Man United away towards the end. It may be crucial match but hopefully fingers crossed we can create a gap by then or even go higher on the table.

    I think our match against Liverpool will be tougher with this loss because they will want to prove something.

    So City won, United won. Maybe we will have better outcome with Hull v Chelski

            1. Always admire a man who stands corrected!! Still think Chelski will win but still like to see them taken down a peg or two.

  12. If Wilsher would do such a stunt the media would have killed him. But all i am seeing is, nahh man sh*t happens and such, he is only human, lol. Faking people.

    As for Arsenal and a new dm i say, yes. Here is a little trick, if you want to understand if we need to get new players in to get stronger just orientate Arsenal in the leage table. Simple as that.

  13. Watching Schneiderlin dispose of che players a few weeks ago told me i want him in a Gunners shirt. I think the man was born to play for Gunners. Schneiderlin and Coguelin would look good up against che and with Santis new found bulldog mindset we will or would look a formidable enemy.

  14. Is this even a debate? Flamini is past it and Arteta was never a DM to begin with. So we still have only 1 reliable DM, which is not on Arsene’s point to have 2 players at every position. Hopefully Flamini and Diaby will not return. Wilshere should not be allowed to play there and Ramsey has proven that he cannot guard against better teams. We need another DM just to make numbers, not to mention challenge Coquelin to keep him improving as well as the question as to whether or not Le Coq is the right player for the position moving forward.

    1. I agree completely

      Flamini needs to go.
      Diaby is always injured
      Wilshere wants to be DM but hasn’t proven himself
      Ramsey is a box to box midfielder not DM.
      Arteta may stay but older and can’t play every game to a top standard
      Chambers has only played a few games as DM but needs more work and experience
      Coquelin is very good but if injured we need somebody equally as good or better.

      And I agree with two good players in every position

      1. GK- Ospina and Szczesny
      2. CB: Koscielny, Gabriel, Mertsacker (may need another or Chambers)
      3. RB: Debuchy, Bellerin, Chambers (maybe Jenkison would be better than Chambers at RB)
      4. LB: Monreal and Gibbs (need an understudy)
      5. DM: Coquelin and ????
      6. Box to box: Ramsey, Wilshere, (Cazorla and Rosicky can play there)
      7- CAM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Alexis
      8. Wingers: Alexis, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck, Ozil, Campbell, Akpom
      9. Strikers: Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom (need a top striker)

  15. Of course we do, if coquelin gets injured or needs rotating who else do we have flamini and arteta?! Great! 🙁 bielek is not ready and not convinced chambers will deliver in this position. Come on you hull!!

  16. Ohh how i would love to see Kondogbia at Emirates. Our search for next Viera will be over with his signing.

    1. So Schneiderlin and Kondogbia

      Or Schneiderlin and Sissoko

      We sell 4 and get 2 – Arteta, Diaby, Flamini, Rosicky

      1. I suggest we all wake up. Wenger will not buy the necessary numbers or quality we need.

        Why? I forecast this based on past performance in the transfer window.

        Surprise me Arsene..

  17. Hull don’t screw this up please. Draw will be good but Win better.

    Leicester gave it a really good shot yesterday but got unlucky with Rose diving for penalty and that unlucky ricochet goal. Still I salute Leicester. Good effort.

    A Chelsea loss will make the PL table look very interesting. Don’t forget we play Chelsea at home too.


  18. Half time at KC Stadium, HULL 2 CHELSEA 2. Chelsea too poor, may lose this game. MAN U win better for us as it gurantees top 4 better than a liverpool win. Arsenal still have everything to play for. EPL title race may be blown open today.

  19. For all those Gunners who seem to thumb down the majority of my posts that call for Arsenal to aggressively strengthen the current squad, do you sincerely believe this lineup will challenge for the EPL and Champions League titles next season? Just curious

    Le Coq…..Ramsey

    1. @bigvalbowski. I am with you. 3-4 players really needed.

      1. CDM – Schneiderlin
      2. Defedender – Schar/Van Dijk/
      3. Striker – Lacazette
      4. Goalkeeper – Cech

      We can afford these aadditions with selling some and it will not upset our balance.

      1. I’m in.

        Dybala also good for striker.

        We need this injection of quality and depth to ‘seriously’ contend and not just make up the numbers in PL/UCL.

  20. I wont mind another DM to be added. Its always better to have two.

    PS. Brilliant that MU beat the media darlings. Now the gap widens with the 5th side. I hope we beat them 2 weeks after so that Liverpool are out of top 4 race and the focus can be given to 2ns spot.

  21. Khedira could be the answer, he isn’t a spring chicken anymore how-ever he is still has a lot to offer.
    Experience to pass along to not only our beast Coquelin but also the up and coming Beilik.

    Free transfer right? Would allow funds to be spent on another player….

  22. We have okay players, what we need now is CLASS players to match up player-4-player with Chelsea,Madrid,Barcelona,Bayern..

    Instead of a Schneiderlin get a JaviMartinez,Pogba

    Instead of Lacazette,Dybala get Lewandowski,Muller,Higuain etc

    Instead of Van Dijk, get Subotic

    And if we cnt get any of Pogba or Martinez 4 d team then get sum1 that offers sumtin none of our midfielders do.. Get a very physical n tall player like WANYAMA or WILLIAM.

  23. Players who can do a job are great. Coquelin will sit in his hole and break up play all day long. This is great news for Arsenal and it makes us a lot harder to break down as a team.

    That said, Coquelin on the ball is nothing special. If he’s under pressure he really struggles to play the ball but it’s often his job to move the ball from Defence to Midfield. This is why a WC DM like Schneiderlin would be lovely – bare in mind the highest quality DMs can usually operate as good defensively minded B2Bs CMs as well. Being able to pass and create as well as sit deep and defend would add an extra step to our game – Arteta sits deep and passes but has nowhere near the defensive prowess we need so we really do need that combination player to step up beyond that second tier of football.

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