Coquelin injury means Triple Trouble for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players endured yet another miserable day across London at Stamford Bridge as the referee Mike Dean saw fit to send off two of our players while somehow managing to miss the repeated and sustained sending off offences of the Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

I am not defending the reaction of Gabriel but his petulant flick of a foot was nothing compared to Costa´s treatment of him, Laurent Koscielny and then later on Bellerin I think. Hopefully the Premier League will look at the evidence and ban the dirty cheating swine retrospectively because if we lose our players and Chelsea get to play Costa it will just be rubbing salt into the wounds.

It won´t help Arsenal though and we do have a big problem because Cazorla and Gabriel will miss the next EPL game, which is away to in form Leicester City. And just to make things worse, our holding midfielder Francis Coquelin picked up a knee injury that the manager suggested would keep him out as well. “It is a little knee injury, ” said Wenger. “I don’t know how long it will be – certainly not for midweek. I don’t know yet how long.”

So as well as the cost to Arsenal of losing today, with Chelsea reaping all the rewards of the officials´ ineptitude, Arsenal have three big problems to solve in the next game. Could today´s game have gone any worse?

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    1. if coquelins injury is serious we are big trouble.
      we have no one who can do what he does

      who would of thought playing in a aggressive league in a position which requires alot of tackles an interceptions could mean a possible injury.
      never saw that coming


      1. lets not jump to conclusions it might not be as serious as we all think. He could respond really well to treatment and ice so lets wait and see. fingers crossed.

        1. Well.. if Coquelin injury turns out to be serious,
          Questions would have to be asked to why the f###
          Was he made to carry on playing!
          It wouldn’t be the first time that this has happened,
          Which resulted in making an injury worst than what it was.

          1. Well it certainly won’t be wenger or the medical team that will need questioning, it will be coquelin himself. He was the only one who could feel the damage at that time. When it got to half time wenger and his medical team had time to.assess the injury and the correct decision was made.

            As for theatch at spurs, I expected flamini and arteta to start anyway and now I am even more certain this will be the team.

            Debuchy chambers mertesacker gibbs
            Flamini arteta
            Campbell chamberlain iwobi

            Cech Bellerin koscielny Monreal ramsey alexis walcott

    2. Ramsay, Wilshire, Coq, Cazrola, Arteta, Flamini all play in that role. Yes only 2 can be classed as CDM, what do you do when first you can not move one on. You can’t keep adding.

      My disappointment isn’t in who we didn’t sign, more so who we didn’t move on.

      1. Sir, if you genuinely think the names you have the same defensive qualities as the Coq, you need your eyes tested. I like the Flame, but Wenger has seen fit not to give him any match time thisnseason, and he is the wrong side of 30 nowadays. He is the only other of the names who understands the CDM role.

        1. thats a dumb comment, Coq is the starter, of course the back up is not as good as the starter, we will survive fine.

  1. Saw this coming if Le Coq got injured we were in alot of trouble! Who is going to play arteta/ramsey… thinks it all we have with injuries and suspensions!

    1. As if Arsenal were born with Coquelin in DM ?
      Hahaha! Wtf! Lets crawl under a rock and die ?

      No one was complaining when we were keeping cleansheets when Ramsey and Cazorla were paired in that position ?

      1. My point is we are already down to these 2 and god help us flamini. U cant argue that its going to be even harder with no Francis in the DM role. Cazorla is suspended next game at away to an in form leicester. Signings were required in the summer for us to challenge esp with our injury record

      2. Ramsey??? His comeback season he was outstanding. Later he started craving goals and would always leave the back Exposed

    1. You shouldnt feel embarrased the ref should. We created a couple of good chances in ramsey and sanchez. 11v11 we were a match defo good enough for the draw and if officials were unbiased we all wouldve saw costa go before all the drama unfolded with Gabriel. Should feel hard done by as im sure most fans do this evenin.

    2. hate to be the optimistic ostrich in all this, but technically were still only 5 points behind the pl leaders
      nothings changed since yesterday!
      *friend whispers in muffs ear

      le coqs injured???!!

      were dooomed – DOOMED I TELLS YA’

    3. Why are you guys thinking we played so poorly i don’t get it. People are crying out for us to be more conservative away from home, focus on our shape, pick our times to go forward and THATS EXACTLY WHAT WE DID (until the red). I really don’t get it some fans will never give credit where its due.

      I liked the game plan, and i thought theo looked good, he looked really sharp and his technique has improved. I hope wenger gives him a consistent run of games as our ST.

      But if Le Coq is injured, then put theo on the RW and have ramsey SIT next to arteta. Theo needs to play for me he is our best finisher

  2. The only thing i learn from this game is: Mike dean is a first -class bastard and will remain so forever. And for le coq, i just hope it’s not that serious, it’s too early to be doom this season.

  3. Chelsea v Arsenal game today is the worst game I have watched in a long time…I was so mad @ Costa. I hate Him and His attitude. Dude is as ugly as His attitude. We have so many nice/good players in Arsenal. Miss the Viera’s, Petit, Keown and the likes. Players that fight for their team mates. GABriel is a boss for mi’ Say what you like about it but dude fought for Koscieny.

    Then I was also so frustrated with Our manager. I mean this game just shows us everything about Arsenal too. We couldn’t buy the players we need, playing players out of position and not dropping out of form players. Thought Sanchez needed some rest after Copa America? Thought Welbeck will be back ontime, yet we just didn’t bother buying another striker. And do we expect COQuelin will be fit for all the games this season???? Gosh, am having a headache already. Not looking nice for Arsenal at the moment

  4. Dooms day is here.

    im hoping for more injuries

    more suspension

    more losses.

    im just tired of this team, no progress,

    no imagination

    nothing new

    same wengerball season after season

    pass pass pass pass pass pass

    always getting close

    boring boring boring

    wenger out

  5. Ref is to blame. But to be honest I didn’t see the opposition keeper being tested enough if at all in the first 40 minutes. Just a couple of time Walcott is played through but he goes away from goal, that was it. Also a Ramsey opportunity who for some reason this time he decided not to shoot. Then second half we only got the Sanchez chance, who should’ve done better.

    Same tactics, same result in not winning more than 1 in the last 7 vs Chelsea. We also only scored 1 in the last 7 against Chelsea and that was the Community shield game we won. If we are going to force attacks through the middle channel, it only makes sense to play 2 up top.
    For all our created chances in the first 5 games, today we lacked creativity, it always happens against Chelsea. So two up top is the way to go against them since we won’t be buying players anytime soon.

  6. Man city are now marked as beatable. We smashed Stoke, had a weird but imo not too worrisome mid week game, robbed today. If we go out now and get a run of results then I think we’re looking good. I believe that this squad can win games, just need it to go our way a bit.

  7. At this rate, it seems every team is queuing up to have a turn at screwing the Arsenal. Who you gonna blame, Blame Wenger! (ghostbusters song if you get my gist) We’ve got Leicester coming up away and they are no slush poppies these days, Spuds on tow and Olympiacos. No Coq, no Cazorla and no Gabriel (I’m happy Wenger agreed with me on that stupid boy)! What can we do? No bottom left of us at the rate we are being screwed! The Spuds I’m sure would not only want to smash it, they would also wish to infect us with their gonorrhoea! Oh my!!!

  8. West Ham beating City
    is a huge let off for
    Arsenal. Brings our loss
    to the Ham into perspective now.
    So Arsenal despite the drama at the Bridge are still right in this.
    Utd are awful, Chelsea horrible and City are soft leaders.
    This is a pitiful top 4 and Arsenal’s best chance
    for 7 years to finally win back the Premier League.
    Injuries once more loom as our biggest adversary.
    Remaining up beat about winning the title 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. When Lessons are never learned,
      it means you are either severely dyslexic, arrogant
      or just too god damn lazy to learn!

      Even so… we still have to overcome our main rival..
      WEST HAM!
      And you can probably add Leicester as well,
      If we don’t beat them ?

  9. Some argue Chelsea were the better team in first 20 mins and that justify the result in so much as they ‘deserved it’. Obviously fickled people forget Man Cit with the same dominances against Chelsea managed to score, why Chelsea couldn’t against us.

    It’s clear now, Arsenal are a better footballing team than Chelsea and they felt that and turn to liars and cheaters which is summed up in Mourinho, it’s why he himself knows Arsene Gets the respect, because he has the love of the game and it’s players. Even in suggesting Costa gets away with it, he focused more on the referee being naive.

    Full respect to Arsenal for giving the Game what it deserves, the romantics will agree that Arsenal are the real gentlemens of the game. It’s why Fergie can walk away from football and still share a drink with Wenger. Top men respect and enjoy each other’s company, children are left in the corner on there own….it’s why Mourinho sulks and attacks others…because on the inside, the managers know he has created nothing, sure won things, most managers have won things, but only the greats have created things. Mourinho, sorry hasn’t.

  10. But we warned Mr-know-it-all-Wenger over his transfer dealings last summer that it would come and bite his bum. It’s all unfolding before our very eyes. But at least we have Arteta, we have Flamini and when Rosicky comes back, it will be like a new signing!!!! Haha, really? Go get a life Mr Wenger. You are fast ruining your legacy. I could name you players of better qualities than we have that he could have gone and bought to strengthen our team, but NO, there was no one out there to improve our team says the man with the heavily tinted glasses. It’s my turn to laugh at you when it all starts unraveling in front of you. Stupid toad!

  11. Can we ask fifa and the FA , If we can restart the season?
    preferably during the transfer window ???

    its worth a try!

  12. Mourinho says Costa is his motm. Now you know Mouionhos tactics,cheating or parking bus..

    Next week he will go on and start complaining again, when something less than what Costa did to Koscielny and Paulista happens against his team, and his player gets sent off.

  13. I’m a die hard arsenal fan…. But i’m gonna say d truth….. Wenger is nt a world class coach.. He has coached world class players, he use his buisness sense to help us with the new stadium and helps us make profit…. But he is nt world class……
    17yrs and he’s nt conquered europe.. Just one final apperance….. 3epl and 5fa cups in 17yrs… Is dat world Class? Stagnation and humitating defeats over and over again… Is that world class?
    Making the Same mistakes repeatedly, giving ur players the mentality that a 4th place finish is like the world cup….. Is dat world class?….. See the teams persistent problem and nt attending to it…. Is dat world class?…….
    We didn’t lose today because of the cards, we lost because wenger was tacticaly naive and stupid…… Mourinho knows that on his worst day, he’ll beat wenger………Among the top 4 we have suffered the most humilating defeats repeatedly…. Did you expect to win today? Be truthful to urself…
    With wenger we’re gonna be stagnant 4 life.

    1. No way man,
      I believe we would have won today if it wasn’t for the ref!
      They would have been playing with 10 men if the ref wasn’t on Chelsea’s payroll.

      1. @fatboy it isnt just about today, it’s about everything, missed transfer windows, missed opportunities, 40M+1, stale tactics, players out of position, never admitting mistakes, and trying to win in an unwinable way.
        We are not a well run club, Hell we are not even a well run business. We dropped from number 3 to number 7 in the world in club valuation in the last 8 years. That’s simply shows that the way we are run is not even creating value for the shareholders.

    2. Respect = very well said. The thing is, a lot of people here are trying to find excuses for our stagnation, there are actually two reasons for it.

      1) A super conservative board
      2) A super conservative manager.

      Low risk low gain, high risk high gain. We never take big risks, and we never win big. The whole Arsenal organization is stale, they have small minds, small goals and get small results. Time for a change, a new owner, a new manager and a new era of being bold and taking risks and playing the game in the 21st century.

    3. Wenger was a world class coach when he didnt havnt complete control over every aspect of the running of the football club and concentrated on football and football only. He had help years ago but these days and basically since our move to the Emirates he runs the whole show. City/Chelsea/Utd all have coaches who actually do their job specific job… coach the football team! Wenger has too much control hence the reason we dont spend and hes a business man also so will run it as he thinks it should be, he thinks its Arsene FC not Arsenal. We have got money, a world wide fan base and best of all a financially profitable stadium. Nothing but one person stopping Arsenal from dominating Europe and thats Arsene Wenger!

      Arsenal have stagnated under him and have become predictable. Teams know how to beat Arsenal! Imo

    4. D = the
      Dat = that
      Nt = not

      Funny how llittle words are abbreviated yet people can type long words, why not just add the missing letters for the little words to make the reading of your post more enjoyable?

    1. We could have had him for 28M – he would have bossed our midfield. But no there were no top players that could better our team… blah blah blah

      Same sh*t different day

  14. What pains me most is that fans pay heavily to watch a whole horse load of shit!! And if u ask any arsenal fan they’ll say it their love 4 d club….. That’s nt love dats madness…. When the fans protest, the board tell wenger to shut them up with an F.A CUP or 2 players in the january transfer window or a 10game run of good results…..
    Enough is Enough….. We need wenger out for Good…. No more buying of tickets till wenger’s out!!!.. Let this be our notion

  15. Spurs away @ White Fart Lane will be tough

    And Leicester away will be tough too. Mahrez is the real deal. Scored again today. He is in my Fantasy PL Team (the only arsenal player I have is Cech)

    Our misery could be far from over.

  16. Just saw the replay of the Costa saga on MOTM from a different angle – it looks like Gab is just moving backwards and Costa is moving forward – it doesn’t look like he kicked him or anything, he put himself in a position where he could be stepped on, there was no way Gab could know he was so close unless he had eyes in the back of his head.

    1. Ok saw the kickout for the first time – that was silly – but his neck has been all scratched up by Costa, you can see it.

  17. It is time to move on, we can make it. Mancity lost today so the gap is not extended. As for Chelsea, nemesis will soon catch on them for what they did today. we hope that Coq’s injury is not serious otherwise it’s time to play Flamini, it’s better he saves us and collect yellow card than relegating that role to Ramsey who is still struggling

  18. My advice to wenger, teach Gabriel Englsh ASAP and make him captain. He was the only one that supported kos , others did nothing. We need a solid CHIEF in the side. Costa is a disgrace to the game, so is mourinho for supporting him. There are no leaders or fighters in the team. We need the aggressiveness of Vierra Roy keane era. Teams can see that.

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