Coquelin injury “severe” – Huge blow for Arsenal!

I can’t imagine a worst day for Arsenal fans to return after the international break. The only plus was that Olivier Giroud scored yet again, but it wasn’t enough to stop us losing 2-1 to a typical Tony Pulis side, but it could have been so different.

If Campbell had have been a bit more accurate or Giroud nicked another it may not have been too bad, but Santi Cazorla’s penalty miss, a la John Terry, with just 7 minutes to go was devastating to us all.

It was also bad enough that Francis Coquelin ngot injured, but for Wenger to then bring on Mikel Arteta who, for want of a better polite description, was not-quite-as-good as the player he replaced. Arteta may then have done us a favour by getting injured himself as he may have given away more goals he was that bad!

Well I don’t think Arsene Wenger was very happy either when he said after the game. “We did give everything until the end. Maybe we were a bit too sure of ourselves.

“Overall it was a bad day. We scored an own goal, missed a penalty and missed a lot of chances. It is very disappointing.”

But the dreaded news we were all waiting for was his verdict on the injury to Coquelin, and he said it was “more severe” than the one sustained by Mikel Arteta.

As if we didn’t have enough injuries to contend with! Wenger will now be absolutely slaughtered by Arsenal fans for not buying a backup DM this summer…..

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      1. i blame wenger for any losses incurred due to unsuitable cover for le coq.

        one viable dm for 60 plus games?

        yeah right

  1. The only one who was a bit sure of himself!
    Was Wenger!….

    ?- “I believe in the teams stability”

    ?- ” yeah yeah yeah… So do I ”

    ?- ” The stability in being inconsistent, injury prone And Under strengthened”

  2. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Guys its time! we need to boycott a game, time to stand up and hit them where it hurts in their wallets. Arsenal fans need to have more of a spine, we knew all summer if anything was to happen to coquelin we would be royally screwed. That’s what just happened!

    1. What the fsck, so when team is struggling you suggest that we, the fans put some more misery into them. Way to go, I can tell you love Arsenal.

        1. I wouldn’t give a rat’s ar$e if you do it to Wenger. But you do it to Arsenal. Not usre you realize that but hey, don’t let me stop you, fatso. Carry on.

    1. Hahah, you never know but I like people like you thinking out of the box. But I have to say that it will probably be Chambers. Or Flamini.

  3. I keep saying time after time we got to many average players, as soon as we get a few injuries then we don’t have anything else to offer, that is down to manger he as got his head stuck in the sand and will not accept the team is just not good enough !!!!!!!

    and before anyone says anything i am not just ranting because we lost i have been saying the same for years

      1. That is why every team as a manger, It is down to the manger to make sure we have a very good squad, Not a good starting 11 and a few good subs and the rest of the squad made up of average players, The fact is it all comes down to the manger !!!!!! he as been there for years each and every player is his choice,

  4. Our injury list is staggering. Wasn’t Wilshere and Welbeck the *only* injury we had a few months ago? Our results ever since losing Walcott have been appalling.

  5. We had 2 clear cut chances “2” to go top and we refuse to take it. So infuriating
    We couldn’t beat Spurs at home dropped 2 points now web lost to West Brom now 5 points lost. The worst part about it, City just lost at home to Liverpool. If the league is not win this season then it would have been a big joke stemming from the summer window.

  6. Lol don’t know about us winning with all the chances we squandered but I certainly put our loss down to ’emotional decisions’

    1. Wenger bringing on Arteta our expired club captain instead of a true defensive mid in flamini who got on anyways after Arteta threw the game ( the bizarre series of events still baffles me)

    2. The Team/ Wenger or whoever letting Carzola take the crucial pen (bcoz of his goal drought) when we had players like ozil, alexis and giroud in form on the day to convert

    Poor game, even worse defeat.

    1. If Ozil had taken the penalty and missed, I’m sure you’ll be screaming “Why not Cazorla?!” This is the first penalty in 6 attempts that Cazorla has missed for Arsenal. When Arteta is not on the pitch Cazorla is the man to take them. Meanwhile, I can’t remember how many penalties Ozil has scored for Arsenal.

      1. Mate Ozil is assist king…11 if u include the one he gave OG today ( lol Ozil 11 the irony).

        My point is you can’t expect someone who hasn’t scored in months to have the mental strength to score a crucial comeback penalty

        1. And you want to believe it’s a good idea to pass the responsibility to a player that had missed his last 2 penalties?!

    2. It was the wrong choice flamini<coqulan
      Santi for arteta makes sense

      We can't blame wenger for own goal
      Campbell's miss
      Cazorla miss

      It should make him ruthless come January as players like Campbell and arteta are not proving their worth in Tittle run. We should replace these with a dm ; Jorginho, xhaka, carvalho
      And a fwd if welbeck and jack are not showing a full recover ; Nolito?, Jesé loan

  7. Arsene is naive.

    When I saw Gibbs starting, I went straight to check the bench and saw Campbell, it is a pity. I dont know what he is doing to Campbell’s confidence. I believe He would have offered more than Gibbs.

    The whole world clamoured for a quality backup to Coquelin, he turned a deaf ear. Maybe Beilik will be another revelation anyway. #sigh

    We never cease to bottle it. Arsenal have not changed much. When last did we win a football match? I have forgotten, really. We messed up a chance to go top last matchday and today, we made it worse. Its a whole 5points lost in two games, so disheartening.

    When we manage to win our next three EPL games against weak and struggling teams, some of us start to get over excited.

    We need to start demanding good run of results from Arsene. Some injuries are inevitable. Some players have able covers. The DM position has been crippled for a long time before Coquelin came along. We needed a backup but NO. There is no excuse for the DM and ST positions.

    Am just not happy with the way fans emotions are toyed with.

    I rest my case.

  8. I am totally gutted. We missed two opportunities to go top. 2weeks ago against Spurs and today against Westbrom. People say our games until we face manc are winnable but we forget Arsenal are so unpredictable. So sad, this is not a team that will win the league. Injuries, players playing below par and so on.

    I still love and support the team. Call it bad day in the office or hard luck but am gutted.

  9. So City slip up 2weeks in a row in the league and as usual we cannot tale advantage of any gven oppurtunity to break away! Injurys yes are killing us esp Le Coq now that its ‘severe’ but that is the mentality we are all used to! This is all Wengers fault… he knows the grounds we train on and his methods (both very high possible problems voiced by other top proven professionals) he picks the team and selects what happens with transfers! No outfield player signed (onli club in europe) even though we finished 15pts off top and got turned over by Monaco at home. Again this year injuries and worst ever campaign in europe us fans couldv imagnd esp playn Olymp/Zagreb. Dont forget how many chances munich missed (i mentioned before on here)

    Truth: Arsene Wenger is the problem! Coaches make teams play, look at liverpool today, klopp effect pressing high all the time and will get the best out of every player. Wengers time has gone imo. Only 2points off top i get that but we wont win anything this year. Same problem year in and year out at Arsenal. Last bit… dont forget it was the players who came together, had a meetn and sorted the problem NOT Wenger

  10. You lot are pathetic im embarrassed to be labeled as an arsenal fan with you people we are 2 points off the top and it wasn’t our day sh*t happens. Why is everyone getting so damn excited over this on another we woulda scored 5. WB had 1 shot in the first half and were leading 2-1.

    Do you think man city fans are crying and whining like you pathetic “fans”? No so please find another team

    1. Youknow why city fans dont gurn and complain:
      1) They have been challenging and not made to pay highest price tickets inEurope even though we are worth more than them on all fronts comercial wise!
      2) Actually won a 2league titles in the last 5years and challenged the other 3years
      3) Owners are ambitious,Dont worry about spending money and want to be the best… Arsene wont even spend our own money. Stan has no ambition and takes money out instead of putting in!
      Lastly and most important:
      4) Fans have had enough of Medicore management of the team, injuries, facilities (exfootballers know better than us supoosibly plastic fans), Transfers. Had enough putting money into an over priced stadium which has never had a league title init i may add. Are u telling me that Stan/Wenger care about the fans ffs Wenger said last week he believes the club belongs to him….
      NEWSFLASH… Arsenal Football Club was here before here came and will be after he goes! You are scared of change!! Why do the same thing over and over, season after season to get the same outcome?

  11. Well well, City spend £150m to get beaten 1-4 at home.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I was furious as well when Wenger didn’t get any outfield players in, but you can’t say every loss is down to not buying. No doubt we doulv’e been better equipped with outfield additions. We blew two chances to go top, that is a mental problem. The moment we are in a losing position, almost everytime we don’t win these days. That is a mental problem, it doesn’t go from this team, look at Dinamo match, Olympiakos match and the two most recent v Tottenham and WBA today.

    1. one player i felt would have chnaged our season was arturo vidal.
      great player. but his attitude is that of a winner. he fights. alexis workrate

      1. @muffdiver
        You and me both. I really wanted us to get him. while many others wanted Carvalho from Porto.

        1. Uh.. Sporting not Porto. And yes, Carvalho is a DM, Vidal is not, he is a B2B, I think I would rather have Cazorla there than Vidal, and honestly, once Bayern stepped in we had no chance even if we did want him.

  12. I think this way to West from didn’t help either last season arsenal completed a double over West Ham and West Brom so there is some kind of situation in the squad that is hurting it. Man city man have lost but Arsenal should have shown some kind of control exhibited by a Bayern side on the team. Mertesacker is very slow which is why Arsenal were not pushing them. Bellerin was not in the game as well.

  13. Disastrous news but somewhat predictable! Shocking to think we don’t have quality cover with games coming thick abd fast. We really need all our injured players to come back fresh and hungry asap. Will we see bielek come into the first team now? Only postives for today are that giroud scored again and man city also lost. Annoyed that chelsea won though and sickens me to see mu at the top of the table. Wenger please consider reinforcements in the jan window.

  14. There are still 75 points left to collect in this League. And Arsenal have now dropped to 4th place from 2 spot in the table and are still on 26 points from 13 games. Arsenal will certaintly collect more points, but will those points they are going to collect win the BPL title for us? I think the Gunners can still top the table in due course if they can stop taken getting good results for granted and stop being careless in their games like they did at the Hawthorns today. I won’t stop being hopeful until there is no Hope to hope for.

  15. Hard to see who he could get who’d want to come, though — who’s both:

    A) Good enough, and
    B) willing to sit on the bench every match while Coquelin’s fit?

    No matter who we get, they won’t be good enough for long-term first team football. We don’t need more players so much as a bloody miracle-worker doctor to prevent all these $%!#ing injuries in the first place.

  16. I am really surprised by you guy…what do you expect from this team? ..same old Arsenal…Seriously if we do not win the premier league this year, then this old goat has to go …..i’m tired of being depressed week in week out cause of this team…how come he did not bought a replacement for coquelin!…he is facking stubborn and i’m really mad by those supporters in London… you need to make a major riot at the end of this season!….enough is enough!…messed up my depressed and mad…Arteta, the big elephant (the big German guy)..pls i do not wanna see from now on in Arsenal jersey…sorry i’m so disappointed and mad!

  17. It’s not just the DM position we need to replace half the squad
    I can see us now dropping points all over the place. Rambo is back next weekend so he can drop in to FQ position or play mattt who I think can do the job for a few weeks. TW will be back very soon so A S can take a rest.

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