Coquelin: I’ve always had confidence – and Arsenal CAN beat Man United AND Monaco!

The rejuvenated Francis Coquelin has been amazing for Arsenal since his recall to the side, and he admits that although he has gone through some down-heartening times, he was always confident that he could prove his talent if given a run in the First XI.

“I never got the chance to have the run of games,” Le Coq said on “The manager gave it to me and I can show for the first time what I’m capable of.

“It’s not to be big-headed, but I’ve always had confidence in myself. I knew I could do good things and he’s given me the chance, so now I can show it.

“Every footballer has been asked questions. Sometimes you’re down, sometimes you’re up and you need to grab your chance when it comes. That’s what happened with me, I’m very happy with it and I’m trying to keep my place in the team.

“We’ve got a lot to fight for. We’ve got a big game in the Champions League and we need to try and turn that one around. Everything is possible in football.

“The most important thing is that we’ve rebuilt our confidence now and we can go there and to Manchester full of confidence to try to get a result.”

It has recently been shown that Coquelin has been one of the top defensive midfielders in the League since his breakthrough, so if he is feeling confident, and the rest of the team is in the same mood, perhaps his confidence will be rewarded with two amazing results!

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  1. Dear god last time coq played at old trafford they slapped us silly 8-2, lets see how much you’ve grown coq(no puns intended).

    1. I’m very pleased we’ve got a defensive midfielder now that’s doing well and keeping the slow paced liability that is Flamini out of the team, yet I keep wondering, when Coq gets rated 8 out of 10, is that a rating for a player who was playing for Charlton a few months ago or would he get the same rating if his name was Viera? We just seem so happy to have someone half decent in there, but is he really up there with the best? I suppose time will tell

      1. Gabriel plays one game and he is a hero,how many games has Coquelin played and not been under a 7 in player ratings + has not had a player other than Gazola to help him Lets give him a view after United game win or lose,it’s like you are all hoping his game is gonna flop.So what at least his value as a player has risen and that is his career for the future so good luck to him CB

      1. Alrighty then. So anyone who thinks we should cash in on Wilshere is a moron. Everyone who doesn’t is also a moron. By my extremely scientific calculations that would make us all sp*ds fans 😉

      1. It might be me being sentimental, but i think that Wilshere under any given manager, but Wenger will blossom into something that looks at least something like what talent we saw of him in 2010

  2. Honestly, I felt so good about this match before the Monaco match. But after losing 1-3 to Monaco AT HOME, I’m very nervous about tomorrow

    Which Arsenal will turn up the lazy and confused or the hard working and united Arsenal?
    What players will Wenger put on the field?

    Wenger must not experiment or put out a weaker squad. The FA Cup is are only realistic chance of a trophy.

    We must not underestimate are opponents either. Falcao, Rooney, Herrera, Mata, Di Maria and Fellaini are not bad players and are improving. We also lost at home to United.

    Positives for Us
    1. We have Coquelin, Ozil, Walcott, Bellerin, Koscielny for this match. In November, none of these players played against United. Also. Cazorla and Giroud didn’t even start.
    2. United has a weaker defense than ours. Also Coquelin is better than Blind.
    3. Because of their poor defense, Giroud can and did score against United this season
    4. Overall I honestly believe we either have more quality OR more of our top players are performing better than most of their top players.

    That said, all the above means nothing if Wenger doesn’t put the best players on the field and if our players do not try their best.

    1. I can’t understand this ‘which Arsenal will turn up’ problem that we have. We play well and then have the most shocking games imaginable for no apparent reason: Stoke away, Liverpool away, Southampton away, Spurs away, now Monaco, but for this time at home.. Why does it keep happening? It doesn’t even look like a tactical problem, inexplicable things just happen. Against Monaco – Özil not being able to pass a football? Seriously? On any other day he’s one of the best passers of the ball in the world, yet he couldn’t string two passes together that entire game. Can’t understand it..

  3. Even with the weaker defence they had at the Emirates we couldn’t beat Man United… By the way anything can happen in football, lets beat them at their pitch and break the History…. #COYG FA cup is our only hope here..

  4. Lets see if this confidence translates to the performance at the theatre of dreams tomorrow night…WE CAN DO THIS LADS…COYG WE ARE THE ARSENAL

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