Coquelin KEY to Arsenal midfield mastery says Ramsey!

Arsenal may have been a bit short of numbers or quality in certain areas of the pitch in recent years, with the keeper situation, the defence and the attack all getting fair criticism at times, but one area where the Gunners have had more than enough quality is in the midfield.

Well to be more precise, the attacking and creative side of midfield, as the need for what we might call a `proper´ defensive midfielder had become a tried old topic for Arsenal fans and the football media alike. Not anymore though, as Francis Coquelin has exploded onto the first team scene like a scatter bomb.

The Frenchman´s stats are awesome, such as the one showing that Coquelin has made the most tackles of any Premier League player since his return from a loan spell at Charlton. Check out this stunning comparison on which shows Le Coq panning Matic, Henderson, Fernandinho and Schneiderlin in a wide ranger of factors.

To be fair, he does not fare quite so well on the possession and creative sides of the game, but as Aaron Ramsey explains in a report on the Arsenal website, that is not his job. What Coquelin does brilliantly is anchor the midfield and gives the likes of Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil the freedom to do what they do best and Ramsey clearly feels it is a great benefit to the whole team.

The Welshman said, “He’s been really good. He’s very aggressive and doesn’t give the opposition much time on the ball, and that’s why he wins so many tackles. Then he wins the ball and makes us tick over.

“It’s been really good to see his development this year, he’s had a superb couple of months now so hopefully he can continue that.

“It is quite comforting knowing that one of the midfielders is behind you in position, thinking more defensively. It is something that he does really well.

“There are a number of players who are more than capable of putting in good performances in the middle and we have shown that with the number of different combinations we’ve had this season.

“There’s definitely a fight for our places and everyone is keeping each other on their toes – it’s good that we have that strength in depth now.”

One midfield does seem to have been secured though, as Wenger has kept faith with Coquelin since his return and Flamini has become just cover for his younger team mate. How did we ever cope without Coquelin?

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  1. Im still hurt of the 1st leg loss.

    It shows we don’t have a GENUINE leader. A genuine leader would of pulled everyone together at 2-1 and tell them to calm their asses doowwwwwwn. Instead we were like a bunch of crazy kids and got excited. Adams would of blasted them for bombing forward.

    Coquelin for me has the attributes of being (a future) leader like veira. The city comes to mind when he practically rattled everyone to defend.

    Anyway moving along. I think we can win all 8 games if we have the same consistency of late.
    Only thing needed is to finish off the game. I reeeeaallyyy think Theirry Henry should have a session or two with Welbeck and work with him on finishing,. If you’ll remember Theo mentioned that he and henry had practise sessions to work on finishing, since then theo became a decent finisher.

    I feel we good in defense, Gabriel n kos will be a great partnership for some years to come. Hayden and Chambers can feed of from their experience, which will inturn help their future partnership for the next 10 years.

    Anyway cant wait for Liva, I feel ozil will start to show his worth. Walcot need to get his head straight sign the contract offered to him, work on his defensive duties and fulfil his potential, which I believe he has. Ox for (improvement on finishing and end product) will be a future sanchez or hazard.

    LOL talking to much, coz I just luuvvvv this team.


  2. With half the squad injured from the begining and droping silly points against Hull, Swansea, Lescieter, Thursday, looking back now with the added benefit of hindsight, we should have been challenging for the title me thinks. And the Chelsea game at home should be the title decider. If only.

    Next season with Shad working his magic on the fitness of our boys we should do fine. I have thrown in the towel for this years title challenge. The gap looks insurmountable.

    This year get me the FA Cup. Let’s ruin Steven Gerrards birthday. It’s on the cup final day.

  3. _____________Giroud
    _______Sanchez Ozil Welbeck
    __________Cazorla Coquelin
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    Arsenal’s team of the season.

    1. Team of the season for Welbeck? Eh, I think you’ve forgot our main man “Bulldog” Ox! Other than that, I dont disagree. For me, its Photo-finish between Monreal and Gibbs though. Who’d think that a year ago, eh?

  4. Coquelin is VITAL for then remaining matches. Its good that Arteta is back too.
    Coquelin has been one of the players of the season

    In the summer, we MUST get another quality DM though.
    We cant expect Coquelin to be fit all season long for every game.

  5. we arsenal fans are proved right after all, we ask Wenger to buy dm and our team will improve but he tot we are wrong he knows best, now look at what addition of our very own le coq have done.

  6. Arsenal after Phil Jones from United & Wenger was asked at a charity dinner about Walcott’s demands in his last contract to which he claimed about money

    1. Ian Stone mentioned on the Tuesday club podcast that Winterburn told him Wenger & Walcott had a flair up at London Colney

      1. If we lose Walcott, who, if anyone, would you like to bring in as a replacement? Or are Ox and Welbeck good enough, with Gnabry coming through? Keep in mind we’ll probably lose Podolski and Campbell too.

        I like Oxlade-Chamberlain, I’d be perfectly happy if he came in to replace Walcott long-term. But if we did bring in a replacement, I don’t want anyone that’s just a ‘good’ player. A ‘good’ player wouldn’t improve the team from where it already is. I want someone of Alexis’ standard.

          1. Reus is the ideal signing for me, but I know it’s unlikely. I wouldn’t go for Pedro, just personally not a big fan of his. Sterling is an interesting one, he has a lot of talent clearly, and being a homegrown player is a bonus, but he seems to be in the same situation as Walcott with his contract. He seems keen to be on big wages too..

            1. sterling is asking for 130-140/w doubt we would pay him dybala is also seen as an option arsenal will meet his agent this week can play on wings & as a striker

          2. Pedro, are you kidding me? He’s shite. I’d take Jese Rodriguez and move Sanchez to the RW.

            Or Bale, but that’s not really going to happen, is it? 🙂

  7. Best paid managers (2015)
    1) Mourinho – €18m
    2) Ancelotti – €15.5m
    3) Pep – €15.2m
    4) Wenger – €11.3m

    1. Seeing how Arsenal also are the 4th biggest club in the world (economywise), it’s not surprising, to be honest. The new arsenalmanager after Wenger (Unless it’s any of the above) will however not get the same amount as Wenger, that I’m pretty sure of.

      1. I think Pep would get more. Why? Because his worth it (even without hair;)!

        He will demand it in return for his past successes,experience, tactical ability and ability to attract talent from a network of top players who have played under him from Spain and Germany.

      2. I don’t think we’re fourth, we’re more like 6th-8th I think. But anyways, I’m not too fussed with it, it’s not like Wenger earns extortiately more than the others.

        1. According to Forbes, we’re forth – behind Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern Münich.

          1. Fourth* Hehehehehe..

            That being said, clubs like Chelsea, City and PSG are per now having a bigger economy than us, we’re just the more valued club.

  8. I cannot express enough, how francis coquelin has a blessing towards the arsenal cause this season! Coyg!

    1. It’s a blessing in two senses: he’s massively improved our results, but he’s also (hopefully) convinced Wenger of the need and importance of players like him.

      1. Thankfully player pressure prevailed.

        Le Cog makes it all work at the moment and long may it continue. Still need Morgan or the Kongo Kid come summer IMO!

  9. Kondogbia for me dat guy is the reason we got knocked out. Very strong on the ball we needed four guys to tackle him, even girouod couldn’t
    Out muscle him. Set up their attacks with his excellent passing and is left footed providing more balance to the midfield. He has a good shot lots of power and accuracy.

  10. Arsenal have done it again by putting all thier backs on coquelin’s shoulder and now he gets injured who will replace him?flamini “can’t pass the ball and leaves arsenal open”, arteta “no chance and was one of main reasons arsenal drew 3-3 against andrelecht ” and the other candidate wilshere “bullshit he can’t defend properly and might as well leave the club”
    I would prefer Christoph Kramer who is tall,mobile and will provide cover for our defence and in the recent match against Australia he came on as a substitute and provided the basic cover Germany needed.

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