Coquelin move to Arsenal defence makes sense

Arsenal completed their last training session in the US yesterday before today’s friendly match against the MLS All Stars. It was revealed via the Gunners Snapchat story that Francis Coquelin had been training in the centre back position ahead of the game, posing the question of whether we could see Le Coq change positions this year?

Now some may argue that the change of position in training will probably have something to do with Per Mertesacker being ruled out for 5 months with a knee injury. The injury leaves Arsenal with two fit first team centre backs in Chambers and Holding, whilst Wenger will apparently be dipping into the market in the coming weeks.

If Wenger does dip into the market then Coquelin may just be moved back to midfield, but personally I can see the Frenchman remaining as a centre back for the upcoming season, give the high levels of competition in midfield. I think Coq and Elneny will find it very difficult to keep a regular place in Arsenal’s midfield this season, with the likes of Cazorla and Xhaka to challenge Wilshere and Ramsey for just two positions. With that in mind it could be better for Arsenal to keep Coq as an option in defence, as inevitably more injuries will kick in over the course of the year. It may also be beneficial for Coquelin’s playing time, to keep training as a centre back during pre-season because otherwise he may find himself dropping down the pecking order in a jam packed midfield.



  1. Anything is better then BFG TBH sorry but the man can run always makes a bad decision in all games some that cost us dearly. But this should never be because Arsenal should have addressed this with our CB at the finish of the season. Got that plum coming out saying we can’t keep up with other clubs buying players??? We can buy anyone sorry but the yank just won’t let the club do it because we feed his teams in America. AW should come out and say the club won’t let me buy then we might just understand a little. If things don’t change then the supporters should not go to the games until it changes. United will pay 130 mill today for pogba yes not worth it but still there fans must be buzzing

  2. Coq to defense makes NO sense.

    He is a hard charging DM who already gets caught in too many rash challenges. Defenders do not have the luxury of making risky tackles and the freedom of movement that made Coq a good DM. Defenders must be more reserved, consistent and reliable.

    Nothing wrong with using Coq as a defender in a pinch, but only if Mert, Kos, Gabriel, Holding, Bielek and maybe even Monreal and Xhaka are unavailable. In other words….. hopefully NEVER.

  3. Rob Holding arrived only a few days ago and on the evidence of last night’s performance, I think he could jump Gabriel and Chambers on the pecking order.. he looks like a John Stones who can defend..

    1. @RTOROH
      I’m not so sure about him jumping Gabe, but he is miles ahead of Callum. He still needs to work on his reading of the game a bit, got turned too easily a couple times. but all in all a solid young dude.

    2. Didn’t see the match but if we assume someone like Mustafi joins us, would it be safe enough to send Chambers on loan?

      Let’s face it, he needs game time. Holding played full season in the Championship whileas Chambers plays once in 3 weeks..

  4. Two years ago Wenger promised
    to replace Vermaelen but strangely
    went for Debuchy and Chamberlain
    and then even more weirdly spent
    16 mill on Wellbeck.
    When Mertz and Kos got injured Debuchy played CB.
    In front of them Arteta and Flamini were hopeless.
    The defense turned to custard, Szcz (Golden gloves the year before)
    had a melt down and Arsenal lost any chance of challenging for the title.
    In the New Year Kos and Mertz returned Bellerin and Monreal
    were great and Coquelin was bought in and Arsenal played great.
    This season we are better placed to handle a CB crisis.
    Kos will be available, Gabriel begins his second full season
    Chambers is in season 3, Holding looks decent.
    Xhaka + Coquelin in front of them and Cech is behind them.
    So unless there are further injuries they probably do not need reinforcing.
    Besides Wenger needs the 20 mill to spend on Mahrez and/or another striker.

  5. Rob Holding……Our own John Stones. Expect some mistake sometimes from him as he is young and will only learn and improve his game. But this boy look like a world class player in the making. Hopefully, he will progress well at Arsenal and excel like Adams, Known and Sol…..

  6. I hope a time will come where Holding and Chambers will make a CB pairing that will be the way forward for the next 10 years at Arsenal!

  7. I’ve written a poem about how I feel:

    There was a defender called Mustafi
    His tackles were very snappy
    He could have been a gunner
    But Wenger’s bank log in details did a runner
    He apologised but showed no remorse
    Now we’re in the race for 4th

    1. Oh Mustafi Mustafi, where art thou?
      Wenger ya ol’ scrooge, spend the dough
      But defender’s not enough, we need some mo’
      Get Mahrez and Lacazette, that’s it yo

      … drop the mic…

  8. Give Chambers and Holding a chance, Wenger has been spot on with defenders in recent years, even the one that left us still manage to find careers in clubs and international. Remember how bad Koscielny was?

    Im just hoping Gibbs bounced back, he was a beast a few years back.

  9. I do not see Coquelin doing that CB role anytime soon and i actually think he is the only true DM we have , so will be invole in a lot of games.

    I do not even think we will be season Mert for a long time, with a new CB coming in its going to be interesting

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