Coquelin reveals extra incentive to shine for Arsenal

To be perfectly honest, I am surprised that the Arsenal midfield warrior Francis Coquelin has not already been called up to the France national squad by Didier Deschamps. I understand that his early years with the Gunners did not go as well as hoped and his loan spells with the French club Lorient and the German Bundesliga outfit Freiburg did not light any fires, but since his return from the Championship club Charlton around halfway through last season, Coquelin has been as consistent as he has been impressive.

But no call up was forthcoming and so Coquelin knows that he must continue to excell and improve for Arsenal if he is to catch the French manager’s eye, as he explained to Arsenal Player. Also, the fact that the European championships next summer will be held in France is giving the combative 24-year old even more incentive to force his way into Deschamps’ plans.

He said, “Every player wants to represent their country and the Euros in France is something massive for any French player to be a part of. To be part of the squad would be amazing but there are loads of things to do first and the most important thing is Arsenal.

“If I play well here maybe I will get a chance for France, but the most important thing is Arsenal. As any French player would, though, you want to play for France and hopefully it can happen one day.

“It would be unbelievable. I won the Under-19 Euros and it was something unbelievable as well. To win the Euros with the French national team would be even more crazy. If I perform well here, maybe I will get the chance to play for France but I think the most important thing is to stay focused on Arsenal and then things will come along.

“To play in front of a home crowd in France would be unbelievable with the support of all the French people. We have to wait and see, and work hard, that’s the most important thing.”

Coquelin has already made a strong start to the season at club level. For me the Frenchman has been our best player of the first four Premier League games and his stats continue to be right up their with the best in Europe. But with a lot of competition for places in that central midfield role from players like Schneiderlin, Cabaye, Matuidi and Kondogbia, Coquelin will have to keep his standards very high to have a chance of playing in the tournament.

That can only be good for Arsenal though, as the player is aware of what needs to be done. Will he make it do you think?


  1. francis coquelin…….

    you sir are now the
    golden child, obi one kenobi, the last mohican, the last samurai,

    we lose u , we perish.
    every time i see someone foul u, i collapse, head in hand, please buddhah …please

    1. I think for Now Wenger should give Campbell his Chance and if he doesnt impress then we are stucked with Giroud. Really didnt forsee this at all. Not optimistic about this season at all, Big Ups to Coquelin though

    2. Coquelin is fantastic defensively, but he is not good at starting attack from the back, his passing is mediocre at best, his long range passing is very poor. He needs to work on his attacking play to become a more complete DM and then we will have a true golden boy.

  2. I have not visited the site for a while (wanted the steam to blow off). But I noticed the headline “Wenger DID try to get a striker”

    So that is what it has come to??? Wenger TRIED so it is OK. This is ‘participation trophy’ mentality.

    And why is it that Wenger was the only big club manager to TRY but FAIL – AGAIN.

    There can be no excusing this kind of transfer ineptness. “Trying” does not count.

    1. And by noticing your comment, I observed you only “noticed” the headline but not noticed its content.

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if we hear that Dany Welbacks knee needed an operation months ago but they ( at Arsenal) prolong it so if we were to bid for a striker they wouldn’t know how desperate we really are and Jackup the price, but I’m sure I’m wrong

      1. We the fans were lied to
        about Wellbeck no doubt.
        But management often lies.
        To be fair we all lie its necessary to keep life ticking over.
        We certainly received conflicting reports.
        The scouts working 24/7 scouring the planet
        for 100 days but not one of the 700 million
        outfield football players world wide was suitable.
        Lord Harry saying we had 200 mill to spend.
        Ivan Gazidis one day would say we are up with the big boys
        yet the next day he would say winning is not important.
        Mean while the players were saying we need reinforcements
        while at the same time saying we have a great squad.
        I believed in “everything gets done in the last hours.”
        I even said it myself. But no!!! I got sucker punched.
        People who say ” It’s a done deal” need some serious help.
        Whether it’s a “done deal or a dumb deal” only time will tell.
        Of course we will all have learned our lesson now and next
        summer we will all be calm and sit patiently till deadline day
        ….yeah and Spurs will win the ECL this season too 🙂

  3. Good Article. After the transfer window, a lot of articles here about Wenger….

    Pray You stay fit Coquelin and I know You’ll continue to improve. All the best!

  4. Le coq has come very far with his progress for arsenal fc and has matured into an awesome defensive player, here’s wishing u all the best francis coquelin, and we appreciate your efforts! Coyg!

  5. You guys on twitter? Never was into this, but the need to rage made me creat one, lol.

    Cambell can do a Coquelin and prove himself as worthy at Arsenal. Believe me, Coquelin wsnt supposed to play at Arsenal, but the injurie of Diaby gave Wenger no other choice. Good luck to him.

    Coquelin is a beast. He has still much to learn. Passing and composure are not right at times, but thats nothing he cant fix. (y) Policeman the best.

  6. for 60+ odd games, he alone is expected to boss the midfield……… i pray Teams are not instructed to hit us in the Heart……… And Le coq is at the heart of this team………… I really do fear!

  7. I’m sooo nervous about our players during International weeks possibly getting injured

    I just want Coquelin and others returning healthy.

    Especially since we did not get a DM or striker in the summer. We need to keep the players we do have, healthy.

  8. If le Coq want to have a fruit for his labor in football… He had better joined another AMBITIOUS team. Arsenal with Wenger in charge can’t make Ur dream come true. Coquelin deserves a better club u than a fourth-placed finish team.
    Wenger Out!
    Wenger Out!!
    Wenger Out!!!!!

  9. Understandable he isn’t yet in the French team – they have a plethora of quality central and defensive midfielders. Schneiderlin and Kondogbia are just 2 more experienced, more highly regarded DMs.

    If he keeps playing how he is though, there is no reason he can’t knock on that door. If anything, I’m kind of glad he’s not got his call up yet. Means he has extra drive AND is gonna be focused on Arsenal, not on the next international game!

  10. Coq is an important piece of machinery, which i hope do not need fixing, he has a lot of games to play and is not one of our injury prone players

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