Coquelin reveals secret of his AMAZING Arsenal form

Along with the way that the Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez came to Arsenal and had an instant impact, showing none of the time needed to adjust to the Premier League that we have seen so often, the way that Francis Coquelin has grabbed his chance to impress in the first team has been one of the big stories of the season so far for Arsenal.

Not many of us really expected it, that is for sure. Even the fans that thought there was still a future for the Frenchman probably saw it as more of a utility player with the versatility to fill in at right back and midfield without really securing a position in the regular starting line-up.

Instead, the 23-year old has got people talking about him in the same breath as the Chelsea star Nemanja Matic and suggesting that Arsene Wenger may finally have found a proper replacement for Patrick Vieira and Gilberto. So how has it all changed so quickly for Coquelin?

He told Arsenal Player, “[Going out on loan] has been really important for me. I have been out a few times in France, in Germany and in England.

“The period in Germany helped me a lot, it was a tough, tough experience mentally and that was a turning point in my career. I’m happy I went there and learned a lot.

“It has been a few exciting months for me [recently]. I have come back from Charlton, gone into the team as a sub and now I’m in the starting XI, so I am really pleased with things at the minute.

“[January] was a big part of my career. It was the first time I played so many games in a row so I could show game by game what I could do. It was a big month for me with the wins we got and everything was positive.”

So although the brief spell with Charlton this season was important in that it gave Coquelin the match fitness he needed to come straight into the Arsenal side, it seems that his tough experience in Germany, where he was often played out of position and heavily criticised by the German media seems to have been the real catalyst. And the injury problems the Gunners suffered in midfield then gave the youngster his chance to prove himself.

Perhaps he could see his football career at the top level slipping away but instead of beating him down the experience has forged him into a better and stronger character and the Gunners are certainly seeing the benefits. So who should we send out on loan to Freiburg next?

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  1. Get rid of our remaining deadwood (Arteta, Flamini) sign another really good CDM and have the new signing and Coquelin battling it out.

      1. Send Wenger out on loan to Freiburg!

        He speaks German and has a really warm cost so he is perfect for the role.


    1. My pick would be Luis Gustavo before making Le Coq our centre piece of destruction for years to come.

      Cazorla, Rosicky & Gustavo
      Oezil, Ramsey & Coquelin
      Crowley, Zelalem & Bielek

      That’s 3 generations of class midfielders.

  2. Happy for him. He has really filled an obvious hole in this team. Matic is the player we all think about as an elite CDM. Lets find the next one!

  3. During the summer window, Let’s buy 1 quality CDM(my preference schneiderlin) 1 box to box mid to cover when Wilshere and Ramsey are injured and 1 world class striker and get rid of Arteta Flamini and diaby then we will be back where we belong fighting for epl title and not top 4

      1. Yes. We need someone behind Gibbs and Monreal
        We are fine at RB with Debuchy, Bellerin and Chambers, but need one more LB

        I think our team will finally be complete with
        1. Top class DM/B2B
        2. Top Striker
        3. Backup LB
        4. If Szczesny leaves then a Top GK

  4. I think Wilshere should leave simply due to the fact that after all these years fans still can not spell his name correctly

    I’ve seen:

  5. Seriously, Coquelin has been great. A true revelation this year.

    I agree with letting go of Flamini (has become poor)
    I agree with letting go of Diaby (always injured and good to free up wages)

    As for Wilshere. I know he is Arsenal through and through but he has just played average and it may be better to let him go if we get good money for him. If not give him another season to prove himself.

    We NEED to have a spring/summer clean and restock in back of Midfield

    However, disagree with letting go of Arteta. He has not deteriorated as much as Flamini. He is our Captain. I think he deserves 1 more year. I think he has signed a 1 year contract anyway.

    We MUST Sign a Top DM/B2B regardless.

    My thoughts:

    Wilshere (Maybe??)

    Our back of Midfield should consist of:
    1. Schneiderlin or equivalent
    2. Coquelin
    3. Ramsey
    4. Arteta
    5. Bielik
    6. Wilshere (Maybe??)

  6. Were there no other classy strikers available for the boss to make his choice and sign another striker after he signed Alexis Sanchez? Instead of the boss to have signed Welbeck, it should have been another classy striker in like of Diego Costa or Harry Kane the boss should have signed. So that there will be two classy strikers at Arsenal for this season campaign. I think the boss must have seriously counted on last Season’s 22 goals Oliver Giroud which must have influenced him to jettison the necessity for Arsenal to have that 2nd classy striker. Except if Welbeck turned classy like Coquelin has suddenly turned for Arsenal at CDM, the Gunners strike-force will continue to be short in adequate power that can power them to win more games than they have already won in the this season Barclays Premeir League. We ‘ve seen already the lack of adequate attacking power consequence that has continually pegged the Gunners to 5 or 6 position in the table. I think the boss has already signed a young Bielik for the CDM option. To make us genuine title contenders next season, I believe the boss could sell a striker and signs anoher classy replacement stricker in additions to having Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott if all things are equaled for Arsenal next season.

  7. Coquelin is playing great. We shouldn’t overestimate though. He’s still only showing he can defend and he’s leaving attacking to other players. It is what you want, but it isn’t what the top draw DMs do. I’m not knocking the lad, I’m just trying to keep realistic about expectations. As long as he keeps playing how he is, I have no issue. 1 slow ball mover in a midfield can slow the whole team down though…just saying – not even accusing Coq of being that. Just trying to keep an open mind about if he really is a “saviour” or just a player in form.

    1. @FFFanatic
      He is a player in form who is doing the “dirty” work the other midfielders do not want to, or neglect to do. So in that sense he is a saviour…

      1. Never said he wasn’t doing a great job for us ;-). He clearly is. Just being realistic about long term ability of the player. He has been a HUGE boost, but equally, he could start playing crap again tomorrow. He’ll get the tag as our DM saviour when we don’t feel we need to go and buy another DM in the summer is all I was getting at.

  8. Let’s face it few fans had much positive to say about him before he started against West Ham.
    Fair play to the young guy, he has done the job expected of him and exceeded fans expectations in a good run of games.
    He is not Vieira (yet), but he is only 23, and he can develop the all-round skills he needs to become a top-drawer DM, including being a real leader on the field, which we are lacking.
    We should bring in another top quality DM in summer, such as Schneiderlin etc. Not only can Le Coq learn from such a player, but there will be many games in EPL, CL, where we will need to play 2 DMs to grind out results against best teams

  9. Fans on this site are so annoying. I used to love coming on here. Was nice reading about our great team and all the positive words about our players etc. Now it’s so negative. All I hear is “Wenger out”, or “Wilshere can go to Freiberg forever”. Coquelin has just come good and is playing like a legend. Still, “All we need now is a CDM and a etc etc”. Oh my god. It’s crazy! Wenger knows what he’s doing. I did have my doubts earlier on in the season but we have been plagued once again by injuries which you can’t blame on him. And Wilshere. For god’s sake! Leave him alone. He’s Arsenal through and through, loves the club, wears his heart on his sleave and puts in 100% every game. Yeeah let’s get rid of him! Whatever! He has also been plagued with injuries and has had the most stop start career of any player (bar diaby). Cut him some slack and support our club and the players who play for it. Plastic fans!

  10. Rambo and Flamin are the midfielders playing shit now.
    this team when fit is the business:
    Scz-Gibbs,Kos,Chambers,Debuchy-Jack, Coq- sanchez,ozil/santi,Ox-Wally.

    Team packed with power, pace and passion. Giroud/Welbeck/Rambo/Bellerin plus 1 of ozil/santi on bench.

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