Coquelin thinks Arsenal do NOT need January DM transfer

Unlike a big proportion of the Arsenal fans, it seems like the French holding midfield star Francis Coquelin will not be hoping that Arsene Wenger uses the January transfer window to bring in another player to strengthen our options in the centre.

It is not because he is worried about his own position in the first team either, although there may well be a certain amount of that in his mind. The reason is that Coquelin has been very impressed with the way that the Gunners have coped in his absence so far, and the further problem of losing his midfield team mate Santi Cazorla to injury at the same time.

The 24-year old has been giving his thoughts on how well his fellow Frenchman Mathieu Flamini and the Welshman Aaron Ramsey have been coping over the last few games and he clearly thinks they have done a great job. And not only that, he feels that they have showed the ability to do a good job in the different circumstances that come from playing a game against a big Premier League rival like Man City or a team at the bottom that we are expected to dominate, like the basement club Aston Villa.

He told Arsenal Player, “Every player is different but the most important thing is that the team continue to do well. They have both come into the middle. Aaron was playing a bit more out wide and he probably prefers to play centrally so he’s doing extremely well.

“Mathieu is also playing well and they have shown great stuff since the day they came into the team together in midfield. You can see the results and we have had big wins like the game against Manchester City. This season that is the good thing, that everyone’s going in the right direction, and that we know we have quality.

“If someone gets injured, the spirit in the squad is really good. As soon as someone comes in, they put a shift in and you can see that even when we lose a lot of players, because the team is still really strong. That’s really good for what we want to achieve, to win the title, so it’s great to be able to count on everyone.

“The good thing is that everyone gets along with each other in the squad and that makes a lot of things easier. When you go to tell someone off, you do it and everyone takes it in a good way. We all want to go in the same direction. It’s a great partnership.

“Aaron is a little bit more offensive. Mathieu was getting forward a bit more compared to what he did in the first games he played, but against Manchester City he showed a lot of discipline to play really well. He’s really important in big games and they both showed great quality, which is really good for the next game coming up.”

It sounds to me as though Coquelin is sending a message to the manager here and I have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised at how well Ramsey and Flamini have got on. Plus you have to consider that Wenger also has the options of Calum Chambers and Mikel Arteta, while Jack Wilshere is supposed to be close to fitness again.

So do Arsenal really need a DM transfer next month?

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  1. Well who would’ve imagined him to have this point of view?

    Thing is, Arteta and Flamini both are done in the summer so IF we have the chance to land that quality DM that fits our direct needs in January, why wouldn’t we? We can’t rely on gambling on our team staying injury free. Why wait till the summer to add another body when there’s two on their exit of which one can barely play 1 match at a time without getting injured.

  2. can’t rely on arteta/flamini need a cdm rabiot/brozovic or someone + a striker (icardi/pato/batshuyi) if we want to win the league

    1. Arsenal have agreed a fee to sign FC Basel’s defensive midfielder Mohamed Elneny, according to reports.

      Injuries to Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla were always going to force Arsene Wenger’s hand in the January window, with the Gunners desperate not to let their current momentum go to waste.

      And according to Swiss outlet Aargauer Zeitung, Arsenal have found cover in the form of Elneny after agreeing a fee thought to be in the tens of millions with Basel.

      A full Egyptian international, Elneny has won three league titles during his time in Switzerland, and has been a prominent figure in Basel’s Europa League campaign this season.

      This looks more like a wenger signing to me ?
      And his only 23 years old.

        1. Wenger is used to working with horse manure!
          Back in the day, He used to shovel it onto a back of a cart, for a living ?

          and now, he is shoveling Millions into the back of his bank account!

          So don’t worry about it, I’m sure that if this player turns out to be a gem, you will probably be jumping on the back of that cart wagon, screaming ” I told everyone that Elneny was a beast” ..and how you used to watch him play when at Basel” ????

          I sent you 12 boxes of Christmas Crackers,
          With new edition jokes inside them!
          Because your old one’s are as stale as your custard creams and cup cake! ???

          Merry Christmas Mr Bus Driver!
          And keep the change, you filthy animal ?
          (Home alone style ?)

  3. Unless someone gets inj or leaves a signing isn’t imperative.
    Every member of the squad is proving there worth.
    Players like ospina Gibbs n debuchy have pressure on them to perform so they will have to play well if given the chance (note flamini n Campbell eg)

    If we can find !quality!! Then we should add if not then it doesn’t make sense

  4. I love Coquelin but if I were him I’d say the same thing lol

    Nobody wants competition. They want job security lol

  5. you don’t expect Him to say Arsenal needs to sign a DM. He knows Flamini is doing a good job at the moment so He will want to give Him a respect.

    Having said that, don’t we all love competition? Another DM will be good for Coquelin. Look at Giroud/Walcott Competition this season especially when the season started. They were both the main strikers.

    Flamini will be fine with a 3rd choice DM…..Next season, Arteta needs to go for another another DM..


  6. Coquelin can say that again as he’s obviously protecting his positional play in the team when he’s back to action. But what of Arsenal’s interest that is at stake? If something happens to Ramsey and Flamini, who deputizes for them or who takes over their roles crediblely? Chambers is being torted to deputize for Flaminil if the needs arise.

    Even if Ramsey and Flamini stay strong on their feet, would Flamini be strong enough to face Barca in thec 2 legged tie to knockout Barca?(no disrespect) What of our up coming big & difficult away games to Liverpool on 13th Jan, Stoke City 17th Jan, Chelsea 24th Jan, Leicester City 13th, Barcelona 23rd Feb and Man Utd Feb 28th. And Coquelin wouldn’t have been back before all these 6 difficult fixtures are honoured by Arsenal. And Coquelin is there saying, the Boss should not buy a top quality DM if he gets one in January, to re-inforce his DMF positiin.

    Does Coquelin wants Arsenal to drop BPL points and get beaten at the Ems by Barca, or what is he talking about? In between these 6 difficult fixtures are 2 FA Cup Round 4 and 5 including some low level BPL games. How on earth can the duo of Ramsey and Flamini start in all these games when they are not machines. Even machine needs to be lubricated or it’ll breakdown.

    Apart of Wilshere, Rosicky and Arteta who are torted to be coming back in January. Non of them is a true midfield enforcer but holding play makers, only Chambers is a DMF novice that will be thrown into the firing line if Flamini needed a rest or had to be compulsorily rested between Jan-Feb ending when Arsenal would have played nothing less than 10 games. The Boss has the final decision to make.

  7. Wenger’s obviously handed out the Christmas bonus money early this year! ?
    Its funny how our players claim that we don’t need new signings! ? Especially when they keep dropping like flys.

    I’m sure that wenger will bring in at least two teenagers in January, one of them being the 17 year old Nigerian Striker Victor Osimhen, a youth world cup winner, who won the golden boot award in that competition. (10 goals)

    Although alot of fan’s are not to keen on Kokorin,
    He is the most realistic striker we could sign in the January transfer window and at a bargin 4.4 million he is a win win situation.

    With rumours of Chambers been loaned to Southampton, we could see Wanyama heading our way.
    Apparently Debuchy has rejected a loan move to WBA.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see both them players loaned out in January… without them being replaced ?

    It’s a wenger thing! ?

  8. It’s all to forster good rapport in the squad. Imagine saying we shld sign a dm with Flam Der. That will be porpostrous

  9. “Aaron is a little bit more offensive. ??? Not just a bit, but in hiw own mind he is a striker mate. wtf

  10. Jorginho is off at it seems. Very talented player. Wonder what Wenger will do. He is a penny pinching old man, but knowing that we will never be closer in winning the leauge as now, him not spending cash would be just insane. Is wenger insane?

  11. I like the logic spinning round here. What if Flamini/Ramsey get injured, then what? Now let that very same logic apply to the new signing/s, whoever he/they may be. Then what?
    So using that type of wuss logic, it would be prudent for us to sign at lest 2/3 strikers and another2/3 DM’s, just in case…
    Have more faith in AW and the ability of the players he’s got.
    We Got This…COYG

    1. Hahaha ??

      If you look at all the big clubs who win major trophies!
      They all have 3 striker’s as well as ample cover throughout their squad!

      You obviously don’t deem us to be a big club, then?

      So going by your logic, we shouldn’t buy or replace anything,
      Because there’s a good chance of it being no different to the old one that you made do with ffk’s how long? ??

      This is the main reason why Arsenal fc has stagnated for the past decade!

      Rich man Ebenezer Scrooge, still wearing the hand me downs with holes in it! ???

      Merry Christmas and Humbug ?

      1. @fatboy gooney
        Who do we get rid of then fatboy? We can only have so many players in our squad. Who do we let go in Jan?
        We are a big club. Guess you don’t think so. Liverpool, Man C, ManU, Chelsea all have deep depth in their squads. Paid top cash for some top players. On paper they should never lose a match, considering the players they have. Where are these teams on the table at the moment?
        With the money these teams have spent they should be fighting each other every year for the top spot, with us(according to our spending and supposed lack of depth) struggling mid table, at best…Yet we’re always in their face, making a fuss and kickin up dirt. Every year pundits convince the fickle fans that those very same 4 teams are going to strengthen and come back stronger. And every year we watch them throw boat loads of money at under performing prima donas, as they keep struggling and sackin managers.
        AW knows who he has and what they’re capable of. I’m good with that…

        1. Amen. And every year the same “thin squad must have two world class players at each position” dross gets trotted out. I think we have coped pretty well these past few weeks. hope Wenger either signs top top quality or stays put this window.

        2. Hahaha
          This season is like a rare eclipse!
          We are not quite half way yet, so it is still possible for money bags Manchester City to run away with it!

          But when i look at the teams that have won the premier league in the last ten years or so!
          I didn’t notice any poor mans team winning it… did you?

          Merry Christmas ?

            1. Hahaha and what? ??
              As if Chelsea are a poor man’s team that don’t spend loads of money! ? ?
              ( They didn’t spend much this year and look what happened to them )

              You are forgetting that Chelsea and City were butt wipe teams before the Oil barons bought them!
              They have spent huge amounts of money on player’s and both teams have since dominated the premier league with only Utd chipping in now and then.
              ( in the last ten or so year’s)

              I’m not trying to mug you over, mate.
              As you normally do talk sense, now and then ?
              But on this occasion, Your views are blinkered.

              There’s only 2 premier league clubs that have spent over a hundred million on player’s, yet failed to win the league and thats the Spuds and Liverpooh.
              But to be fair,they bought 8-10 player’s with that money, whereas City, Chelsea and Utd normally spend 3 times that amount of money on 3-4 player’s and it is them 3 clubs that have been the most successful in the past decade.

  12. “Coquelin thinks Arsenal do NOT need January DM transfer”

    Arsene Wenger thinks Arsenal do NOT need January Manager transfer.

  13. Be interesting to see how well Wanyama does against us on Boxing Day. Hopefully, all of you who want him at Arsenal will be disappointed coz I want us to smash them by at least 4. I also hope that Cech gets his record too. That will require the Flame to boss the midfield as he did v Man City.

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