No-one was more relieved than Coquelin!

Francis Coquelin really made it hard for Arsenal against Tottenham yesterday by getting sent off early in the second half, but he has apologized profusely and honestly believes that he thought he would get the ball.

Ten minutes later Arsenal were 2-1 down and I bet you that he was sitting on his own in the dressing room with his head in his hands when Alexis Sanchez equalised. I am sure he was the most relieved man in the stadium!

“I didn’t really see the goal [because I was in the dressing room] but someone came and told me that we scored the second one – it was a relief for me,” he said. “I did not want us to lose today because at 1-0 I thought we were doing great.

“A point today is a good point, it is a great result for us. I’m really sorry to all the fans for the red card, I think with 11 against 11 we could have won the game as we were playing really well. This red card changed the game. I’m really sorry to the club, to the team and all the fans.

“I actually thought I could get the ball when I slide tackled [Harry Kane] – that is why I went for it. I touched him and [the referee] gave me the second yellow.

“But at the end of the day, it’s a good point and hopefully it will be an important point for the title.”

I’m glad your sorry Francis and I can feel your relief because if we had lost you would have been hung, drawn and quartered! The one thing I would say is that it would have been a better THREE points towards the title race….

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  1. Tough luck to Le coq, he was just doing what he does best! Although Harry Kane looked like he made a meal out of the challenge in my opinion!

    1. In my honest opinion, that should have been a yellow to kane for seeking the tackle. Such behaviours should be punished, not rewarded. Michael Oliver didn’t do any mistakes though! Best ref in the league by a mile

      1. So true about Michael Oliver being the best ref by a mile; even when I disagree with him on something I always feel he is either completely justified in his decision or at least it was a very 50/50 decision that really comes down to an unbiased interpretation.

        Shout out to him and shout out to Coquelin for recognising his mistake and not acting like 80% of the bellends out there that want to blame everyone around them for their mistakes.

  2. Wanted a win so badly! But will have to settle for the draw! Although we could have nicked it in stoppage time, if rambo finishing was better with the awesome through ball from Alexis!

  3. glad the ramsey in the centre experiment has ended.
    sanchez with the goal yester ,the free kick and in the swansea game showed his accuracy is comin back.

    i really believed this was our year. with chelsea city an manure droppin, i really was sure.

    so disappointed

    1. Predicting Arsenals season doesnt really take a genius to do so… Im sure the people whom at the begining of the season predicted this are dying to come out and say i told you so… Me included but you know what? Ill simply say this when a man fails to address the problems in his squad before the season even begins do you really expect that not to come back and bite you in the Arse at some point? This has been happening consecutivley for the last 5 years where we’ve been in a position to be considered title favourites because of a strong finish *after the month of March* the season before… but fail to adress the issues that had been our short commings the season before in terms of personel.

  4. I said it before and I’ll say it again Mr Coq is mentally deficient and this won’t be last time he costs arsenal.

    1. Admin you are not ging to let him get away with that ghastly insult are you.
      Unless of course you are Coquelins psychiatrist you can’t make sweeping statements like that.
      Only mentally deficient people are that rude!

      1. I’m sure he just
        Meant it in terms of his ability to control himself at vital moments in the challenge and wasn’t in someway a comment on his general cognitive capabilities.

        You trying to get him red carded for a harmless challenge?;) not very sporting.

        1. Is mentally deficient a synonym for lack of control now. Sorry im obviously not up to date with the modern English language!!!

  5. Bashman

    thats why you are here writing absolute garbage not playing for Arsenal but Coq is. Looks like you have never played football, just fifa8? Do you think the players will think…. oh, Kane has the ball, there’s Mert so I will hold back, he made an error in judgement and was punished.

    I used to admire Kane but looking at him, he’s a pansy, milking every little touch

    1. Hate him all you want but if i had the opportunity to re-write history i would go back and Fly-kick the idiot who thought he wasnt good enough to suceed at Arsenal.. Yeah spoiler alert He was at the Arsenal Academy

  6. After the match yesterday:

    “Ramsey kills that midfield. He empties it by flying forward trying to win the game. He ends up losing it for them instead,” “In 2004 we had an internal meeting to tell the wingers [Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg] that they had to help us by keeping the shape when required.“They were flying forward and we were exposed. So whenwe shouted ‘shape’ during a game they got back and it worked. That is what Arsenal need now but I don’t see that.” – Paul Merson.

    Only Wenger out of the whole world doesn’t see this

  7. Le Coq was a silly urghhh cock but has put his hands up for his mistake.

    The thing is though that it’s those small margins that are the difference between winning games and dare I say leagues and other trophies

    yes, refs can be blind or plain wrong but responsibility lies with the player and management.

    If we had an able and similar quality replacement for Coq to substitute with him (and to save us going a man down) then the shrewd move would have been to take him off before the 2nd yellow. Yes AW told him to be careful but he isn’t a robot (even though Wenger might like them to be).

    Small margins..

  8. typical! one OK result and everyone forgets about the real problem at Arsenal (i.e. AW, board, owner). we need to keep the pressure on them. they have to understand that our support is not guaranteed without spending well and fighting for trophies. they cant charge the most expensive tickets for mediocre team and results. we have to voice our frustration for them to meet out expectations

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