Coquelin to complete turnaround and become Arsenal captain?

I know that Arsenal already have a captain in Mikel Arteta and I hope to see the Spanish midfielder back on the pitch as soon as possible. And after recent reports suggest that Arsene Wenger had already signed him up to a contract extension, the 32-year old is likely to keep the armband for a little longer.

The question of who will eventually take over the honour has been debated before and there are a number of candidates, but I think that there is definitely a new name on the list, that of Francis Coquelin. I am not trying to jump the gun or put pressure on our young Frenchman but as long as he continues to play as he has been doing this season, Coquelin has become a fantastic addition to the first team.

He has also started to act like a captain on the pitch, shouting at and organising his team mates more than even Mathieu Flamini had been doing. And despite his youth and relative inexperience in the Premier League and with the senior Arsenal team, Coquelin has no qualms about taking the responsibility, as an report shows, if he feels that any of the stars around him need a talking to.

He said, “If it needs to be said, I’m the one saying it. Everyone can tell everyone off so that’s a good thing.

“Everyone’s fighting for each other and the team spirit is good so everyone can say what they think.

“With every player we’ve got going forward, you need someone with a defensive mindset as well.

“If I can give the team a good balance – because we’ve got quite a few players going forward – hopefully we can get back to keeping more clean sheets soon.

“I always had confidence in myself so I knew I could do big things. Arsenal is a big club with quality players and when you get a chance you have to take it and show what you can do.

“It took a bit of time for me but in the end I got my chance and now I’m just trying to do my best for the team.”

He probably needs to add a bit of finesse to his game, a bit more of what Arteta is good at if you like, but at just 23-years old he has a lot to learn and a lot of time in which to do it. So maybe at the end of next season Coquelin will have the extra experience and maturity to wear the armband for the Gunners just as his fellow countryman Patrick Vieira did in the same playing position to such great effect. What do you think?

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  1. No he’s not 6ft 2+ and he’s not attacking minded so no not Viera, more like Gilberto Silva. Le COQ reads the game very well, most tackles and interceptions of any DM in the top 5 european leagues in 2015.

    1. Chill out, those stats are compiled from half a dozen games. One of which was against Spurs where every defensive player boosted their stats tenfold being pinned back all game. Let’s see him perform over an entire season.

      Christ some Arsenal fans see signs of encouragement and go f#ckin mental with it. First the City game, now Coquelin. Have you not learned you lessons about making quick judgements?

      1. You just can’t give credit where it’s due,always negative about Coquelin, funny you never metioned your idol Schenderlin you have nothing good to say about Arsenal just spend spend spend. CB

        1. well, i agree with him on the fact that we should wait for Coquelin to play more games before seeing him as the absolute defensive midfield answer.
          He might be(and i hope he will) but lets see a proper good long run from him first.
          No doubt he has it in him.

        2. Pretty bored of your sweeping statements that have no basis. “Spend, spend, spend”?…..Our squad is terrific, way better than 4th-6th. I’d rather big management changes than big new signings, so let’s get that straight.

          If I don’t wax lyrical about him you somehow equate that to me being negative. Coquelin’s been good since coming in. That’s it. He wasn’t dominant vs Spurs when we were under pressure the whole game, prime example of when a world class DM steadies things and gets your team a foothold – he was overrun. So he’s been GOOD. Acknowledged.

          However, let’s not pull any punches, since he’s been brought into the team our style has changed to a more pragmatic, less expansive football. He hasn’t come into our swashbuckling team and been this pillar of defensive stability a la Matic. The TEAM has also changed. And this talk of stats etc is just stupid given the tiny sample of games it’s been taken from, see the stats over the course of a year or don’t mention them. Coquelin shows the importance of having a capable DM, but it also shows what having a WC Dm would do for Arsenal.

          Finally let me just rehash what YOU have predicted from watching Coquelin for a handful of games. You’ve said in your previous comments that, he WILL play well the rest of the season, WILL make the France National team, WILL become World Class, and WILL become our Captain. I’m done arguing with someone capable of that kind of fantasy.

          Here’s my prediction and we can judge end of season who is more switched on. Coquelin will continue in the team until the summer, he will not make the France squad proper, will not become world class, WILL in fact be replaced by someone like Schneiderlin and be relegated to squad player, and will never become Arsenal captain.

          So there’s the comparison. Let’s wait and see who’s talking the most sense. Cos while you have the emotional Arsenal zombies liking all you say simply because it’s flavour of the month, I know my judgements come with a truck load more perspective and objectivity.

    1. I said he will be captain in 2 seasons after West ham game and I still think it’s in defence and striker options we need to strengthen CB

      1. You simply have a fetish for Coquelin based on your continual over the top praise. I’m willing to bet any figure you like he will never be installed as Arsenal captain. You’re talking complete hot air.

        I’ll go further to bet that he’s replaced in the team in the summer and relegated to 2nd fiddle.

        1. Again always negative,don’t you read other Medea reports that all say good things about him or just this form of reporting,think you should change your name to Burlington Bertie CB

        2. Let’s get this straight Charles. I don’t have a fetish as you say re Coquelin,what I do say and this is a fact. When Wenger heard the bad news re his Mid field players injured he did the best thing in bringing Coquelin back without him we would be in Sh””” street he took his chance and in the 4 games he has shown what a talent we have. You sir for whatever reason have only been on about Schniederlin and we can’t get him anyway. Chelsea,City are the only clubs not brining on players through there academy Arsenal with most of there team are bred by the club and you know who they are I hope.So you can bet all you want and to win you want him to fail. What a miserable man you are and if you say you are a fan you must stand on your own as can’t see anybody would want to be near you Get a life CB

  2. Coquelin has done really well since coming into the first team, especially when you consider how little experience he has had in our first team even though he is 23 years old.

    What amazes me is that Wenger felt Flamini was a better option, because he sent Coquelin on loan last season, and he only got his chance this season because of the injuries, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen him, and he would have probably left in the summer. Injuries to Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta have secured us a new DM, so it’s nice that something positive finally comes from the never ending injuries.

  3. How will arteta get near the starting 11? For me he wouldnt get in in front of le coq, jack, ramsey or even a fit diaby. Why do we take up space in our squad with players who are not up to scratch. There is no way city, chelsea, utd or even southampton would have a 32 year old arteta with no pace.

      1. If you think you will win premier league with them 3 in middle then your mistaken. Have you seen chelsea and citys midfield 3. Yaya runs it for city, look at there record when he dont play. We need strength in there and coq, santi and arteta, do me a favour.

    1. @rick
      A fit Arteta is streets ahead of both Jack and Aaron in the midfield position, in doing what needs to be done. Le Coq does not have the experience in midfield as Mikel does. But would be a better pairing alongside him than either Jack or Aaron.
      We are not City, Soton, Utd or Chelsea. We are AFC…

      1. @Twig and @NY_Gunner, totally agree guys.

        I’d really like to see Arteta with Coquelin. Arteta played (in his earlier days) quite a few games for us with an attacking focus, and always looked more comfortable their than in defensive roles. Having Coquelin next him gives the option to push on sometimes. He is an experienced head also, good for Coquelin.

      2. Yes we are but we want to be in front of city and chelsea so we need better players than them or am i missing something. Maybe we all happy fighting for 4th place every year.

        1. yes I’d say you’re missing something….its February. Not a lot we can do about new players right now!

  4. Wenger makes vice-captain the new captain once the vice-captain is not captain anymore either because he doesn’t want to be captain or captaincy is taken away or he retires and their is need for a new captain as without him there is no captain and new captain is needed.

    So once Arteta retires or released most likely Mertsacker will be the new Captain because he is the current vice-captain

    Coquelin may become Vice-captain to Mertsacker’s captaincy

  5. If you want a captain who leads by example we could do worse than select AS17. Not a shouter but boy does he always give 110%.

    But le Coq would (if he can continue his current formand development) make a better choice at the heart of the engine room. Although if AW is feeling frivolous with cash this summer and wants a top DM then he might find it hard getting a game..

  6. Coquellin has done well in comparison to flamini and arteta …. But watching matic last night it is clear we need that kind of player along with a proper replacement for mert …. Hope the Brazilian is it but frog won’t play him unlike mourinho who bloods his big purchase immediately… To allow our creative players the comfort zone of knowing they have a solid defensive wall behind them …. At this moment chelski are much better than us and what is worse playing better football …. Combine power precision and passion that we are sadly lacking under wenger ….

    1. Frog?
      Gabriel doesn’t speak good enough English for being put straight into a role that requires communication in a key area of the pitch.
      We don’t lack power, or passion but at times this season we have lacked precision but that can happen with so many injuries.
      Talk of a future captain? I would like a fully fit Ramsay on top form or Kosciency

  7. Gabrihell Ballbeater will be a nightmare for opposition strikers.

    He won’t be challenging Giroud for the hearts of American women anytime too though that’s for sure.

    1. Oh and add Gaya as well, can cover LB and LW. Reasons being Monreal ain’t getting any younger and Gibbs has a hard time being injury free every season. Both good players though and I’m not knocking them for that…

  8. Akpom – Playing here a striker’s dream

    You hear that Dybala??? Wenger please make this happen this summer, he will have 1 year left on his contract and he refuses to sign a new 1, right up your alley. LOL that’s enough of Dybala from me today…

    1. @JAmerican
      Sorry to be”that guy” who bursts your bubble. But rumor has it, Dybala wants to go to either ManC or Real Madrid…

  9. Coquelin has done great. Improved the balance of the team. Now if we do get beat the opponent have to beat us as a team. Before we weren’t defending as a team but individuals. Panic and confuse got the better of some. Always a bad sign when players stop looking at their opposite numbers, stop cover danger areas and radiating towards the goal.

    Coquelin has been great but I do think we need another DM of his mould, so when needed we can play 2 DMs. Put Alexis in front of them would be perfect.

    Schneiderlin would be perfect.

  10. Coquelin has not proved himself as Captain material yet.

    Even if/when he does, he still has to compete with Ramsay and to a lesser extent Theo. Yes, I’m saying Theo could become Captain if he actually stays fit. It’ll depend alot on what happens in the next year. If Coquelin firmly owns that DM spot and progresses his game I’d say it’s a possibility but there’s 2 big ifs in there for him to have a shot so I wouldn’t place a bet yet.

  11. Le Coq is doing a good job for sure but let us not exaggerate things, he still has a long way to go. We’ve seen previous glimpses by ramsey and jack so lest we forget let the hype not carry us away.
    koscielny, Walcott, Jack, Ramsey, etc are captain material too and that’s a bridge we will ably cross when we get there! For now, let the team beat Boro, advance and retain FA, luckily finish 3rd in EPL and make the semis or even finals of ECL.

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