Coquelin´s full focus on Arsenal after international snub

The cool and combative young Arsenal midfield star Francis Coquelin has actually appeared for his country, making three appearances for the under 17s, five for the under 18s, 16 for the under 19s, 12 for the under 20s and seven for the under 21s of France.

In fact he was a key player for his national team back then, starting four of the five games as they won the under 19 Euros in 2010, where he provided the assist for the winning goal in the semi-final to cap a great tournament. The following year Coquelin played in all seven of France´s games at the under 20s World Cup but as his Arsenal career stalled, so did his international one.

So it is easy to understand why he has not been included in the full team for France, or it was until recently. Not, however, after Coquelin has been playing brilliantly at such a high standard ever since his return from a loan spell with Charlton, he must be wondering why he has not been called up by Didier Deschamps.

With the injury problems and fatigue affecting Arsenal at the moment, perhaps it is good for us that Coquelin has not had the call. With Euro 2016 coming up in his homeland next summer though, Coquelin could be forgiven for being distracted by his hope of being involved.

So the fact that his international snub has only made him focus harder on helping Arsenal achieve trophy success this season, as he explained in an report, just highlights what a great attitude he has and why he has become such a vital player for us.

Coquelin said, “I always thought I could do good things. Did I think it would be this big? Maybe not,but I always had confidence in myself.

“For the future, I’m definitely making my targets smaller than making Euro 2016. Everyone is talking about it, and obviously it is a massive thing but I’m focused on Arsenal. We have a great squad but there are still a few people doubting us and I’m focused on clearing these doubts. I hope we can do something special this season.”

Is Coquelin´s international snub actually helping Arsenal?

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  1. atid says:

    Qualifies for England now, but we have Delph, Henderson and Carrick!!!!

    Woy is missing a trick

  2. WOS says:

    Big difference to have coquelin with his strength,hunger and attitude than having song or denilson or even artetta with all respect to the two seasons he played for us on high level but coquelin is driving our midfield to a different level.
    He can carry the team just having cazorla and ozil next to him which are attack minded
    The only player that could do that is bosquets and he is becoming our own version of bosquets

    1. josh37 says:

      Our whole team’s defensive output has improved immensely in recent seasons.
      Actual consistent, reliable attacking fullbacks with players who track back in front of them! 4 quality options at CB instead of 1 and a 1/2.
      Oh.. And that guy between the sticks.. Has anyone thrown those refund on Cech meme’s back in any Chelsea fans faces yet? Conceded 9 league goals as opposed to 23.. Hmmm…

      There’s going to be a big opportunity after the break for a lot of our players. Campbell, Ramsey, Ox, Theo and Gabriel. Mertz is looking out of touch, as was Santi (which personally, I think had to have been a blip, he just has too much quality) and right flank is open for someone to impress. Hopefully Ox comes back with more self-belief and concentration. He has all the tools to absolutely own the right flank, hope he takes it!

      1. Goonsquad8 says:

        Cazorla has looked jaded to me for weeks now. He’s 31, hasn’t had a rest, playing the full 90 in a position that requires a good deal of running so it was bound to happen. He will get back to his level after a sufficient rest but I’ve said it before I don’t like him partnering coquelin in the big games where we don’t dominate. If wenger wants him in the center I hope he goes to a 4-3-3.

        1. ziol says:

          u clearly don’t understand what Santiago does for this team. he in that exact position is the ‘upturn’ we have been talking about this year.

  3. Greg says:

    Keep your head up francis coquelin despite your international overlook, you are our “precious gem” here at arsenal fc! Coyg!

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      He really is a gem there’s no better word to describe him. Defensively he is so sound and I’m glad people are starting to see his technical ability and give him credit for it. I love Le coq. Him and monreal I am just loving right now

  4. Greg says:

    His international snub may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for arsenal football club!coyg!

    1. jaweant says:

      His passing has improved tremendously. He has had struggles in these last two games with all the injuries. He is irreplaceable right now. France always has loads of talent. Managers can’t seem to play the right squad. I’m surprised honestly he’s not picked but irregardless. He is so much of a player only a matter of time. Keep it up Coq!

    2. ziol says:

      that’s the correct usage of ‘blessing in disguise’….not that bullsh##t when we loose games 5-1.

  5. Koss says:

    wish all the other national team managers could do the same for the rest of our players atleast for this international break, they need rest.

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