Coronavirus set to see the end of team celebrations and shirt swapping throughout the next year

If football is to return soon, and this season is to be finished, there will be sacrifices that will have to be made by everyone involved, and some of them have been revealed.

According to a report in the Telegraph, players will be placed under strict restrictions as the Premier League looks to avoid players being infected when the campaign gets back underway.

The report claims that some of the measures that could be put in place include players being banned from spitting on the pitch, team celebrations stopped and no more swapping of shirts.

This is because of the growing number of players who are afraid that they could be infected with the virus while playing and spread it to their family members.

The Telegraph further claims that these rules could be in place for the next 12 months as the world struggles to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Premier League is set to resume next month, but there is some opposition from teams and even players.

The competition’s governing body is hoping that it can reach an agreement when they meet next as the government gets set to relax some of the lockdown across the nation, allowing teams to train in groups again.


  1. Also, could we see an end to the horrible and odious practice of players continuously spitting and blowing snot from their nostrils onto the pitch. This has only been more prevalent in the last few years. You don’t see Rugby or Cricket players doing this so why soccer players have to do it is beyond me.

  2. Good luck with trying to prevent players spitting on the floor. More chance of them changing their eye colour!

    Just one of many reasons why this immoral and absurd plan to play while hundreds are dying daily in this country(and very many others too) cannot and must not go ahead.
    To even try to promote or censored and I want no part of it. Nor should any of you! I continue my quest to tell naive and unthinking people how inhumane it is to even consider playing while your fellow humans die and their families and friends grieve in silence and alone. If you have a conscience at all, in the name of GOD fight this evil, immoral and absurd plan, done almost entirely for money. FACE FACTS AND BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF, censored!

  3. The truth is that football has not caused the deaths associated with covid19. Football has been shut down for 70 days. Since then millions of people have continued to work many travelling on crowded tube trains or buses in incubator conditions. In jobs where they do not social distance and with no PEP. Millions have used super markets with no PEP and in buildings where the virus could flourish in petri dish incubator like conditions. Millions have continued to go for walks in crowded parks.
    So football has had no influence on any deaths these past 50 days at least.
    The Government would be totally hypocritical to ban two hundred footballers playing in the most sanitised environment yet having allowed millions of the public to mix up in supermarkets and work places with little or no restrictions. As for fans gathering in public places the government has allowed millions to gather in
    parks for exercise with out restriction.
    Football will have no adverse effect on the country at all and must restart as soon as possible

  4. stevo, Ignorance writ large. This is the sort of mentality we who care for ordinary people are up against folks!

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