Coronavirus test across the Premier League teams returns just six positive results

After the first round of testing was completed by the Premier League, just six players and official at clubs across the competition have tested positive to the coronavirus reports the BBC

The Premier League conducted tests on all players and officials across the competition this week as they look to return to small group training this week and the results are out.

Out of the more than 700 tests conducted across the teams in the competition, only six players and officials have tested positive to the virus.

The players that have been infected will now self-isolate for the next seven days while the others would continue preparing for a restart of the competition which is slated for before the end of next month.

The players and officials who have tested positive haven’t been named and that would be the case for any new cases that arise as the Premier League looks to defy the pandemic and get the competition back underway.

“The Premier League is providing this aggregated information for the purposes of competition integrity and transparency,” it said in a statement.

“No specific details as to clubs or individuals will be provided by the league and results will be made public in this way after each round of testing.”

This represents less than 1% of those tested and less than the amount found to be positive in Germany who successfully returned to football this weekend.

There is now very little reason why football cannot resume in England, though you can expect footballers from teams that are threatened with relegation or nothing to play for to continue to whine despite the fact that they would be working in one of the safest environments on earth.

I bet supermarket workers, tube drivers, cleaners would love to work in the sterile environment that millionaire footballers will enjoy but then the average worker is not a snowflake and will just get on with it.

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    1. Well

      they are buying up all the medical supplies that are meant to be used for the nurses, docs and etc….for the use of the games

      Sadly football is more important than anyone else

      they have such power because the media and the fans support this

  1. Well admin calling people snowflakes for being careful and thinking careful over something that has killed thousands of peoples friends and relatives for me puts you in a very irresponsible light. I accept your view and that is not a problem but your despicable disregard or respect for the people who have lost people to this is quite frankly disgusting. Give your view and give your opinion but to call people snowflakes after what we have all been through is pretty dam low on the scale of low.

    1. Me and the vast majority judging by the reactions on social media. If you are ok with footballers being treated differently to true workers that is up to you, I of course disagree and will not call you despicable or disgusting or low, I will instead debate you on a polite level, though people in glass houses an all that.

      1. AdMartin I’m not trying to argue or fight but how many workers ho to work and will have to rub their bodies against others with sweats and everything?
        How many workers? Is it possible to play football while keeping distance on the pitch?
        One can’t go out for an haircut, but they can all be on the pitch together, with undeniable access to each other?

        1. Eddie, I am very happy to debate you if it remains polite, I tend to respect your opinion, if I did not I would just ignore and delete. You are correct about the sweat and rubbing but that is against people that have tested negative, that are quarantined in hotels just as they are in Germany, it is as safe as it can be under the current climate, certainly a lot safer than a cashier at ASDA. Life has to go on, there is no vaccine on the horizon, if everyone took the attitude of some of these footballers we would have no society.

          1. Yes I’m aware they’ll be tested, and mostly they’re trying to make sure the environment is safe, but these guys down here, has the EPL made any announcement that the players and staffs will be in hotels till the rest of the season.
            Deeney is also aware players are getting tested, but then the risk too big to take.
            I know personally my boss won’t be seeing me near the building if I feel I’m trying to keep my family safe.
            We’re humans, and all we can do is keep trying, while we all take precautions in our daily lives it’s also obvious some stuffs are inevitable.
            I’ve seen people died from stray bullets from another building. Seen folks stay at home with their own peace, with Airplanes crashing over and just like that, someone who thinks he’s safe is dead.
            The players will surely get tested but one can never be too careful.
            If certain players feel testing alone isn’t enough, if players don’t feel safe out there, we can only choose to understand their plights.
            What happens after someone who tested negative picks it up after the game on his way home?

            1. I am not sure if they will replicate what they are doing in Germany but I would assume they would do so. With regards to picking it up on the way home after a game then a few things spring to mind, why would that happen? Who would they come into contact with for that to happen? Would that not apply if they went to the shops or to get petrol or the car cleaned or whatever? I do not know for a fact but I believe they would continue to be quarantined anyway, I know that is happening in Australia with their AFL teams. At this stage, none of us knows the actual protocols and I would suggest that every effort would be put in place before the restart was signed off. I also feel that Deeney would not take this stance if a champions league place was at stake, I doubt he cares about relegation as he could get a transfer but champions league football is a whole different ball game. I have found that those that are opposed to the restart believe anyone that takes their side, that could even include Dele Alli or Harry Kane and no I am not talking about you specifically Eddie, I believe you are genuine in your opinion and concerns, same as Sue and I would take either of your words as genuine over Deeny any day of the week.

      2. Can I ask have I read it wrong ?
        Is it 3 clubs have been tested and there’s 6 result with the other 17 still to be tested ?
        Or to they mean all 20 clubs teste d – 6 positive results
        Sorry if I’m being dumb ?

        1. The BBC has reported this – “A total of 748 players and staff from 19 clubs were tested. Norwich City did their tests on Tuesday so will be included in Saturday’s results”. So, all clubs have been tested and 6 players from 3 clubs have tested positive, so 17 are 100% clear.

    2. Apparently he’s been against ending ending the season already and he really wants football to return.
      Feeney already made one big statement when he said just 1 infected person in a group is all the virus needs and it’ll spread.
      Imagine 6 tested positive already.
      Imagine the reckless risk the FA is taking.
      Who cares if they’re millionaire or billionaire as footballers.
      Covid-19 doesnt care if it’s a footballer or an average worker, the virus is killing people

      1. Agree Eddie, there is being sensible and there is not being sensible. Being sensible will get us through this. Anything else will set us back. Its sensible people who help slow this thing down, its not a game, lives are at stake not reputation. I hope that not one footballer or his relative die from them playing because it would be a disaster if one does. The truth is risking lives to finish a league behind closed doors, when we are not out of the woods is quite frankly not necessary.

    3. Jon i have no problem with his opinion, which is the opposite of mine completely, thats just the way it is. I dont like the undertone of the way people are called snowflakes. A bit more compassion for the reasons why people are concerned should be the issue. Maybe if the admin had actually witnessed someone dying of this in icu on their own, who was close to him, he may realise his awful choice of words.

  2. At Eddie
    I read respect and understand your view however question is how life threatening is it if a premier league player gets this flu.
    The issue with players is all about taking the virus home and giving it to older love ones and God forbid ones with preexisting conditions.
    Eddie if you actually research this virus you will find that for the health man it’s but a common cold.
    Hence my suggestion is isolate the players and get on with the game.

    1. Jah Son now that’s a different attempt altogether. That’s fair. If completing the season means Isolating the players completely from families for a month or so till the games are done with. That would be okay but still they’ll need to get every player and clubs on board

    2. Jah, please, this is not flu, you need to talk to someone who has witnessed people dying of it. I would take flu tomorrow, this is far worse. Countries haven’t shut their borders and economies down because its a simple illness.

  3. My actual British equivalent would not be over 1 mill but still around 555000 , which is still far too many for safety to play football,

    1. Well 3 of the 6 were from Watford, whatever percentage you try and use or trivialise, Watfords percentage is a good bit higher than 0.8%.

      1. Or lets put it another way 50% of all positive tests were from Watford. Maybe Deeney, knew more than some on here, to come to his decision that it was inferred to was influenced by other factors.

  4. let the game begin. I agree 6 positive result is Just. We need to finish up the league to avoid some controversial decisions. up Gunners.

  5. All this project restart is all about money without valuing life or lives that are at stake. Hmm, l am still waiting to watch the end of this drama. I hope all will be well at the end of the day, no matter the final decision taken and its’ outcome

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