How much it will cost Arsenal to sack Unai Emery now

According to the Express, Arsenal’s board are now open to the idea of parting ways with Unai Emery after supporter groups have decided to vent their frustration on the Spaniard’s ability to rebuild the Gunners.

The Express add that Emery could leave without receiving any compensation if the Gunners stick with him until his contract expires next summer.

Given the club’s recent results and the mounting pressure on Emery – this seems like a risky move to take by the club.

Should the north London outfit decide to relieve Emery of his duties now, it’s reported that the Spaniard’s sacking will cost around £4m.

The Express report that the former Paris Saint-Germain boss earns around £6m a season, but a clause in his contact ensures that Arsenal only need to compensate him until his deal’s set to expire in the summer.

The Gunners have failed to win any of their last five Premier League games and this has seriously dented our hopes of finishing in a top four spot. Once again, it seems like our path to Champions League football will rely on a triumph in the Europa League.

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With the hectic December and Christmas period on the horizon, it’s essential that Arsenal get things into gear immediately.

There’s plenty of points up for grabs over the festive period, so if a new manager could come in and spark an uplift in form – our hopes of a top four finish would be back on.

Should the Arsenal hierarchy bite the bullet and sack Emery now or risk the outcome of our season by keeping him in charge?

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  1. Who cares what it costs.The loss of revenue of not even a Europa League position next season far outweighs the cost of just sacking him and moving on.
    I would also bring back the Wenger scenario.We were always being told be careful what we wish for in replacing him.That is proven.But the fault and blame rests with whoever decided Emery was the man to move us forward.This would not have been a Kronke decision, more a Gazidis and Raul choice.This must not be allowed to happen again.If we must wait for whoever is chosen then Freddie will step up and take over for the interim.The time to act is NOW.
    We need a win on Thursday and Sunday before a tough Xmas programme.The sooner Emery is out the sooner we can begin to progress.If 3 points are dropped at Norwich on Sunday then our season is all but over.

      1. Sue, do you think Phil’s still got his “merci arsene” T shirt?

        On a serious note to you both, if you were Arsene, would you come back to this mess?
        Nothing remains of his time, except Bouldy in the backroom staff department and those fans who still can’t see the folly of their ways, somehow blaming him!!!

        Kronkies paying millions to have people run the club for him and it’s these idiots who should be bearing the brunt of the fans.

        1. Oh absolutely, Ken 😜 Might even be framed 😄

          No not a chance, Ken! I sometimes wonder what he must think of the absolute shambles that is AFC….
          Still looking for the light, bloody long tunnel this! ☹

          By the way, Ken, I commend you for driving down for Thursday’s game, I really do.. 👏

          1. Ken-I tried giving the t-shirt away to a Big Issue seller.He actually refused it and went and got himself a job.Said he had never been insulted so much in his life.
            As regards AW returning? Thank god he finally was able to get himself employed which means he will never be back. Let’s not forget the gradual decline Wenger was responsible for which resulted in the weakest squad the Club had for years. So he was without doubt the architect of the downturn but was too stubborn and blind to see it.Emery came in and was self-promoting his deluded ability as a coach.Well we can all see where that has landed the Club can’t we?
            The next appointment MUST be correct.We have some very very good players at the Club.We have attacking abilities that some clubs can only dream of.We just need a defence,a midfield with flair, and a game plan that’s been missing for far too long.
            Not too much to ask for is it?

  2. No more comments from me until Emery has been sacked.
    I won’t stop going to games or supporting my team but I’m done with moaning on here (lots of cheers) and will see you after it’s done.
    Time for a break.
    Emery out, up the Gunners.
    Peace and love to you all.

  3. We’re just as far from the relegation zone as from the top 4. Take your pick, Arsenal Board and Management, and decide which way you want to go. It really is not that difficult if you put your mind (assuming you have one that works) to it.

    Some analysis of the team’s performances in the games where we actually did get points, will make it clear that we are actually quite fortunate not to be even lower down the table.

  4. Emery is going no where, the soon you guys realize the better. By now we all know how long it takes for the BOARD to make a BOLD decision. The issue of sorting out the defensive mid field and the defense has been hanging transfer window after transfer window. Wenger left this problem and Emery is riding on it, i think the BOARD is to blame for not sorting out this mess. We need to invest in defenders.

    1. kedric,
      Did Wenger spend £72,000,000 on a winger?
      Did Wenger bring in seventeen new players costing over £300,000,000 in two years?
      Did Wenger preside over the worst start to a season since 1993?
      Did Wenger have a defence that for twenty years qualified for the CL and top 4 place?

      Come to that, did the board or kronkie either?

      Just blame the regime that gazidis brought in to the club, in order to take over everything except the coaching of the team.

  5. We need to invest in defense, look at Man City’s defense, it’s around 50 million pounds they paid for each defender and they don’t lick goals, Man U paid 80 million for maguire and 50 million for Bisaka, Liverpool did the same for Van dyke and it has worked for Liverpool and they have suddenly become title contenders with a champions league trophy in the cabinet.

    1. The board have backed Emery with over £200m this season.If Emery convinced them that he could transform those at the Club into a title winning defence then he has well and truly turned them over as much as the fanbase.Lets not forget he sold himself as a “ Super Coach “ to get the job.They backed him which they were duty bound to do.This is all to do with Emery NOT the Board

  6. i am convinced that emerys old mate mr.wenger schooled emery before he went for the interview. it happens all the time in all walks of life, so why not at a football club.i am not blaming wenger at all, but his stamp is all over this debacle.

    1. Gerry-that is a very interesting point.Wenger said on record he had nothing to do with who took over from him but you could be right in what you say.

  7. We are in this position because of the BOARD!! Emery is just their puppet to take the blame just like wenger was for the past 10 years!! Ever since kroenke 1st invested in arsenal he was always known as silent stan.. a man who pays others to run his business for him.. a man who keeps his purse strings well and truly shut!! Unless it was buying up shares!! people like gazidis and wenger got to comfortable in their positions so much so that they felt they were untouchable!! Aslong as we were ticking along nicely making money, getting our “top 4 trophy” but we never invested in positions we needed upgrading or relying on injury prone players.. constant letting players run their contracts down then having to spend to replace rather than upgrade!! All our yank owner has done since he 1st arrived is managed to buy the club out right whilst deepening his roots into the club by hiring his son to come over and act like he runs the place yet is a complete bullshitter himself.. “get excited” he said “back the team” he said.. wot like u and ur board of clowns did.. I mean ppl saying we spent over 100m last summer BUT our actual net spend was 13m!! Let that sink in!! a total outlay on player transfers was 13m!! Now come on for the 5th or 6th richest club in the world and we spending 13m??!! wot is there really to get excited about once again you have pulled our pants down with all the talk but haven’t backed it up!! Prolonging emery’s departure is stupid.. we need to act like Tottenham and sack him and replace with proven quality pretty soon after.. even tho Freddie could take on as a interim until we get someone and my hope is allegri.. and for everyone who’s says he wont come.. why wont he? Money talks.. give him a fat salary and some money to spend in january!! to give u a example emery is on 6m per annum whilst Mourinhos is on 16.5m.. if u want the best u have to pay for it!! Something arsenal have forgotten how to do under our yank ownership!! And that is why we are in this mess is kroenke and his penny pinching ways!! Everyone dissing emery and rightly so but we as fans need to focus on the board!! Kroenke is the poison never forget that!!

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