Costa charged by FA, but Arsenal also in trouble

To Arsenal fans it was a foregone conclusion that Diego Costa should be punished for his despicable behaviour in Chelsea’s win over the Gunners, so thankfully the FA have called him to book and are looking for explanations for his actions against Laurent Koscielny.

The FA released a statement today which was reprinted on, which said: “Following the game between Chelsea and Arsenal on Saturday [19 September 2015], the FA has taken the following disciplinary action.

Diego Costa has been charged for an alleged act of violent conduct which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video. The Chelsea forward was involved in an incident with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny in the 43rd minute of the game. He has until 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday 22 September 2015) to reply.

Off the ball incidents which are not seen at the time by the match officials are referred to a panel of three former elite referees. Each referee panel member will review the video footage independently of one another to determine whether they consider it a sending-off offence. For retrospective action to be taken, and an FA charge to follow, the decision by the panel must be unanimous.

Arsenal defender Gabriel has been charged with improper conduct for his behaviour following his dismissal, whilst teammate Santi Cazorla has been warned for his behaviour following his sending off.

Finally, both clubs have been charged for failing to control their players under FA Rule E20.

Both clubs and Gabriel have until 6pm on Thursday [24 September 2015] to reply.”

So, going by that statement, it seems that both Costa AND Gabriel could end up with three-match bans, which is probably the most sensible solution. Costa deserves everything he gets, but Gabriel not only retaliated to Costa, but also went after him following his dismissal.

I think those bans will be fair, but it looks like the real villain, Mike Dean, is going to get off scott free….

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    1. costa facing 3 game ban for violent conduct. gabriel facing 3 game ban for improper conduct. since when are those the same?? costa should be >5 games. gabriel should be 1-2 max (for being a noob).

  1. Costa’s behaviour was terrible but it still doesn’t take away the fact that in the first 45mins we had 11 players and didn’t have any shots we were playing badly even before the red card!

      1. I’m focusing on Arsenal’s performance because that’s my team,I was not impressed by our first half performance when we had our full quota of players it just seemed as if we were content with a draw!

        1. Please tell me the moment where Chelsea really would have scored a goal against us. If there are any, credits to our defence to keep it 0-0.

        2. You do know that its an away game at a team that has only lost 2 games ever for nearly 6 years now under Mourinho there. We were playing quite good defensively and worrying them with our pace. The spat was out of the blue and game changing. A draw would have been a good and fair result for Arsenal.

        3. Chelsea set up to keep Alexis and Ozil contained and it was working but they was also contained and it was more of a stalemate, given to the setup of Arsenal then I would say that Wenger was looking to hit Chelsea with pace rather than try to build up pressure and let them park the bus and then hit us on the counter, which has cost us in the past.

          I would say Wenger has looked at why he has lost and used a team capable of hitting on the counter and able to absorb attacks.

          Also lets not forget the little decisions that went against us which didn’t help us in build ups, Ivanovic done 3 fouls before being carded for persistant fouling while I would say Cazorla fouls was no worse but straight away a card. If we seen the difference in standards then how do you think the players felt? They had to keep a lid on things, careful of 50/50s… At least we still had an attack which posed a threat on the counter and the team had confidence in being patient, a trait which should be admired and not slandered.

          Oh and lets not forget that Mike Dean isn’t an Arsenal fan to say the least, history has proven this and we had to be careful on the pitch… careful doesn’t mean rushing into 50/50s and ‘playing it safe’, something which the team (excluding Gabriel) was capable of until we was a player and goal down then we had to throw caution into the wind and just go for it.

          Look what happened when the tempo was upped due to Gabriel getting sent off, we pressed faster and risked the 50/50 tackles a bit more and BANG 2nd yellow!

          Not getting any better, Mike Dean should be investigated, why so much of a discrepency between Arsenal and the other top 4? Even the spuds who live in our shadow has a 43% higher win rate with Dean as of that articles date, I would be curious to see what it is currently.

          Just to point out the obvious.
          Arsenal fans see Dean as the ref and go “Oh ! The odds are against us.”
          Arsenal players are human as well, do you think they do not know how harsh the results have been with him reffing? Thus having to play to the ref ASWELL.

        4. Perhaps we were containing the league champions in their own backyard? A fortress of a place under mourinho where he has hardly ever lost a league game.

          The fact is Gabriel got involved when he need not have done, he then kicked out and cost arsenal the match. Dress it up however, you like, Gabriel has still yet to apologise to the fans who paid top dollar to attend the match.

          As for Costa, I knew he was going to be an asshole from the 2nd minute even he was waving an imaginary card. For me as a ref I would treat that as dissent and any player waving imaginary cards should be given a card immediately, it would stamp that out of the game straight away. I have even seen 9 year olds copying that crap, it simy has to go. Also hounding refs, chasing them round the pitch, again if a ref stood his ground the.player would touch him, which again is a bookable offence and even a sending off, it’s serious enough.

    1. This. I’ll be the first to defend refs as their job is virtually impossible given the antics of so many players but sometimes, like Saturday, a ref gets it so inexplicably wrong that there need to be consequences. Dean should be stood down for at least a few weeks and made to ref my son’s under 12 match.

      1. Check out Arsenals win rate with Dean…
        Now check out the top 5?6? teams in EPL over the past half decade and compare win rate.

        Now cry as spuds have a higher win rate than us!

        Don’t inflict Mike dean on your son else child services may need to be called 😛 No one should be made to suffer from such biased reffing, he finds out your an Arsenal fan and BANG, your kids team wins 7% of their games with him 😉

  2. It actually infuriates me that the match officials are never held accountable for their actions. With the amount of money involved at the highest level of the sport, recurrent dubious decisions may be the critical factor in clubs demotion to lower leagues and at the other end potentially championships being won.

    Many an arsenal fan groaned, yet again, when Mike Dean was appointed to officiate this match and unsurprisingly there were a host of inadequate decisions mostly given against us. It doesn’t seem likely that the FA will look into greater sanctions for officials who negatively affect the outcome of games through poor refereeing.

    If that is the case however, more technology should be used to help, as the referees are only human (granted to be a pl ref you must have a degree of quality to be appointed), and a fairer league should benefit the majority of loyal paying football fans. This has probably been repeated many a time though….

  3. No justice there,
    Costa should have received a much longer ban,
    A 3 match ban for each of the violent conducts that he committed.

    Regarding Coquelin,
    The daily mirror have stated that his injury is not serious and that the substitution during the Chelsea game was a tactical one by wenger ?
    And they also claim that he could be fit to play against the spuds on Wednesday night.
    But According to reports from France, Coquelin could be out of action for 4 weeks!

    As per usual no official news from AFC!

    1. Usual team news will come tomorrow… just 1-2 days before matchday…

      What the heck did Gabriel got charged for? Standing up to Costa should be awarded…. Like no yellow cards for another two games….

      1. Never mind,
        I don’t think that Costa or MoaningHO will be plying their shenanigans in the EPL next season ?

          1. Evolutionists are still looking for the missing link. Look no further than Chelsea’s Diego Costa. He looks and acts like a neanderthal!

  4. I never liked Mike Dean and Diego Costa…..Costa deserves anything He gets’. Doubt Mike Dean would be punished but I wished he gets punished too. That ref make mi mad whenever He officiates an Arsenal Game. Its unusual seeing Arsenal with 2red cards in a game as We are not known to be rough. I like Gabriel’ I hope he learns one or two things from the incident but the team should be tough a bit.

    Having said that, let’s improve and look forward to our next game.

  5. If Costa’s offences had been dealt with properly by Dean, Gab’s offence would never have happened. Costa was continually talking c**p in Gab’s ear, and he was making a move to do it again, when Gab put his leg back, it was more like ‘Keep away from me, I don’t want to hear you c**p’ rather than violent conduct as Costa did against Kos, and Gab. Costa should be banned for longer, for ruining the game, as far as I’m concerned, although Dean did a pretty good job of that for failing to recognise his numerous offences. A longer ban would show that this sort of behaviour doesn’t pay, and a ban on Dean would show that this sort of refereeing is unacceptable.

    I don’t care about the old school boys coming on saying in Vinnie Jones’ day we did this, that and the other – racism was rampant back then as well – we’re supposed to have moved on.

    1. See everything was biased. They couldn’t see the “Best Player Of The League” scoring 0 goals in 6 games.

  6. Right, I’m deaning off to bed because I’ve had enough reminding of that Costa, Diego!

    Up the Bottomnal!

  7. Hmm. Gabriel charged with improper conduct and needs to respond by Thursday. Costa charged with violent conduct and needs to respond tomorrow. Costa also kicked out at the Ox, in an extreme version of Gabs minor flick, for which he was sent off.

    Obviously Gabs will be left with the punishment he got for the flick. It’ll help justify the red he got.

    Hopefully Costa will get at least a 3 match ban, ideally 4 (is there a precedent?)

  8. Costa charged with Violent Conduct. Fair

    Gabriel charged with Improper Conduct. Not Fair. Case? If Costa is guilty as per at the time, he wouldn’t be on the pitch to provocate a reaction from anyone else. The fact Costa was again involved to create such a situation makes the improper conduct void.

    Both Clubs charged with not controlling there players. Fair

    Cazorla warmed of his behaviour. Fair on the bases the FA know he is a role model and wish to remind him of this. (A friendly warning)

    Mike Dean free to referee a game this weekend. Not fair!

    Chelsea get 3pts which is handed to them by Mike Dean. Not fair

    It’s about time the managers start getting touch line bans to follow there players for retrospective decisions. This will cut out the encouragement you see from managers wanting to cheat to win.

    1. What I don’t like about suspensions is that the team that is wronged against does not benefit. I think that if a player is suspended for 1 match that match should be the next time the 2 teams face each other, if it’s 2 matches then it should be the next match and the next match between.the 2 sides and so on.

  9. Apologies for having a different perspective from the general view, i need us to see beyond pure professionalism but a balance of ruggedness and professionalism that was displayed by the City players when this same beast tried getting under their skin. I am not trying to blame koscienlny but he was supposed to lie on the floor with his hands all over his face, then Costa should have received a straight red but what did he do, he stood up without any protest then Gabriel couldn’t stand that height of unprofessionalism and everyone is saying he needs to learn from the experience. In other words am tilting the blames in the direction of Arsene for not injecting simulation into the team tactics, remember moaninho post match interview branding Costa ” fantastic and his man of the match ” in modern football the demand for success is desperately high and desperate approach is rocket high in tactical aspects of the game. You rarely find Arsenal with such an updated approach but rather sticking to an outdated philosophy that will always but Arsenal in a sorry situation. Wenger is too decent for the demand of modern football.

  10. What do they mean in their statement of and alleged incident ?

    There was nothing alleged about it, it was factual and there for everyone to see…….except Mourinho because as far as he is concerned and as stated in his press conference, ‘that’s the way the game should be played’……ju jitsu football.

    Again, there’s nothing alleged about Costa’s actions and in any other sphere they could’ve been deemed as grievous bodily harm…..arrestable under common law !

  11. Dean cheated. He changed the rules mid game. He sent Gabriel off with a straight red for an offence that was smaller than actions the referee had seen (or hadn’t if we want to apply blatant disregard of duty to his list of offences) and not actually a straight red offence as there was no contact, and it was not “violent conduct” under most common interpretations of the law. Simply put – Mike Dean did not have “a stinker” but was actively making decisions based on the outcomes he wanted to occur.

    Costa should receive a minimum of a 5 match ban. He won’t. He’ll get 3. The sheer number of acts of violent conduct and the disgusting nature of the scratch should warrant a more severe punishment. In light of deliberate intimidation of the referee as well, he should be help for bringing the game into disrepute.

    Gabriel will probably get a higher ban. The 3 match ban for violent conduct will hold because based on the Dean decision, the FA see no offence in him having shown Gabriel a straight red. The added crime of “inproper behaviour” will add 1 or 2 games to the offence.

    Also bare in mind Arsenal have been slapped with the label (and probable fine) of not controlling our players. The FA are crazy on this one – seeing as how our players and team removed Gabriel before he could actually throw a punch or attack anyone. What kind of law is it when you say that if 1 player loses his head, regardless of the actions of the team, the whole team needs to be punished.

    In short what I am saying is that the disciplinary panel at the FA is currently fudged. They are completely protective of referees when this clearly warranted a further investigation. They will not take a whole game context on deciding punishments and rather, look at individual incidents…specifically only 1 per player per game. There is also no checking for consistency throughout a game – so if a referee has a mare and is completely biased, they will not retrospectively check to see if the other team has done worse fouls for no punishment.

    Also – why is it necessary to pile on MORE punishment to Arsenal who lost the game off the back of refereeing errors that the FA have admitted? I hate that the highest officiates are already biased against holding referees to account when they ruin a game.

  12. Other than violence modern technology needs to be used as part of the game control where there is any doubt , as we do in rugby league. If the referee has any doubt he makes his decision known by hand signals and then asks the third umpire to verify it.

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