Costa crimes hurt now but Arsenal to have last laugh?

The game is gone and Arsenal got nothing out of it except two harsh red cards that will mean Santi Cazorla will miss the Capital One away to Tottenham and Gabriel will miss the next two against Manchester United and Leicester.

Chelsea and their arch villain Diego Costa, meanwhile, appear to have made it off with all the points and a big cheesy grin and there is nothing we can do about it but wipe our mouths, pick ourselves up and focus on playing football.

Or maybe not. I am still hoping that the FA or Premier League step in and issue the Brazilian born Spanish striker with a retrospective red, because there are at least two clear bits of video evidence that Mike Dean and his assistants managed to miss.

Even if Costa gets off with this, I do not think it will be the end of things. Jose Mourinho has been moaning about the officials having a campaign against Chelsea, but this sort of thing is exactly why they have not been getting decisions and the refs will be all the more reluctant from now on.

The next time Costa is writhing on the floor brandishing an imaginary yellow card, I would not be surprised if it was him that was booked. All eyes will be on Costa and Chelsea, I reckon, as no one likes to be mugged off. So while there is nothing Arsenal fans can do to ease our frustrations about yesterday, I have a feeling that we will be having the last laugh on Costa and his crimes.

If that helps us to finish above the Chelsea cheats, then we might have got something out of the game after all.

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  1. muffdiver says:

    arsenal have last laugh?

    dropped points
    lost gabriel for 3 games
    le coq injured
    lost santi for one game

    oh yeah – arsenal are chuckling into there cappucinos right now

    1. juhislihis says:

      Away games against Tottenham and Leichester.. these matches nowadays feel like playing United away (10 years ago).

      I have a bad feeling we won’t be winning both of them.

      1. JohnieB says:

        either of them**

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      “Arsenal to have the Last Laugh”?……………..please teach us how to Laugh!

      1. thetruth says:

        i am happy that Chelski are still behind us
        i am happy that deep down moronho is shitting himself that his team is doing so badly
        i am happy that the public enjoy see chelski lose so many matches so far
        i am happy that moronho get irritated when asked about his 3rd season syndrome

        1. Ezat says:

          Why not happy for your rather than seeing others miserable? So pathetic this is our tea,’ state of affairs under Wenger, just happy to see others do bad to justify our miserable state.
          Wenger out ASAP.

    3. Ezat says:

      Last laugh or ever agony as Muffdiver put it rightly, we loose all of that and we have the last laugh.
      This article is AKB written all over it to justify all the wrongs Wenger did for the past 11 years and especially last summer. Only a maniac is capable of doing such a thing unless pure profit to owners.
      Wenger out.

    4. Ezat says:

      Last laugh or ever agony as Muffdiver put it rightly, we loose all of that and we have the last laugh.
      This article is AKB written all over it to justify all the wrongs Wenger did for the past 11 years and especially last summer. Only a maniac is capable of doing such a thing unless pure profit to owners.
      Wenger out.

  2. Trudeau says:

    I agree that the almost total condemnation of Costa puts him under the spotlight with the refs (except Dean of course) but if that’s the “silverest” lining we can find than we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    1. Fab says:

      Why Luis Suarez was banned season after season while Costa with similar offenses just enjoying the atmosphere? Where are the so called FA? Is there any bias against some players and teams? It could have been a scandal if is a Liverpool player.

  3. Invincibles49 says:

    I like the level of deluded optimism that this page shows. I mean seriously? Last laugh for what ? Winning the title ? I still cant get my head around the fact that 50% people here think we can win the PL. Lets just fu*king forget about Chelsea game for a while. I want you guys to dig into your senses, tear the outer shell of illusion and ask yourself : is this team really world class. Because my friends, whatever be the performance of the PL in europe could be, only a world class team can win the league. Unless of course SAF is your manager. And you can go on and on about the “cash-scums”, “cheats”, “buying the trophy “, “no history” blah blah blah for Chelsea and MANC, but the fact remains they will be ones winning the league. Not us. Not with this team. With this manager. With this penny pinching board. So make peace with it. Accept with dignity and respect that we are and will be losers. Yet again. Unless we forfeit the filmsy soul and sh!t philosophy and get real and become one of them scums.

    1. tatgooner says:

      yeah utterly and totally delusional. we dont have a chance of even sniffing the epl.
      we are competing with the likes of costa hazard and pedro
      aguero silva and de bruyne
      martial (who by the way shall be better than henry not equal)
      rooney depay(new ronaldo)
      while we are stuck with giroud walcott and ramsey missing chances and ozil going anonymous in games

      1. jonestown1 says:

        You need to be careful throwing the bog-standard “delusional” tag around with statements like that. Martial is going to be “better… not equal to” Henry and Depay the “next Ronaldo”. Takes some doing to get the Hyperbole of the Year award on here but credit where credits due – trophy already on your mantelpiece with 8 months of the season still left.

  4. Demwan Jones says:

    He’s been shit for spain Team and this season he’ll be lucky to get 10 league goals cos defenders must have learnt how to frustrate his sorry ass

  5. Brada b says:

    Wengerout!!! Praises to Gabriel!!!

  6. olabans says:

    the answer to all your question is that – you arsenal fans are very fool. don`t you know that arsene and the board are using you and arsenal for business.

    1. Brada b says:

      Have to agree with u on that 1

  7. A=Arsenal
    And you thought it meant
    Arsenal Football Club.


  8. TooOriginal says:

    Off Topic:

    Could anyone tell me how to buy Arsenal tickets? I want to go to my first game (from UK) but I can’t afford to pay £35ish for Red Membership each year as I can only afford to see one game a year. I’m not a member, but I really want tickets to ANY match at the Emirates!

    1. richy1971 says:

      Best thing if you can’t get a ticket when they go on general sale is to buy tickets for Emirates cup weekend. I get to go to three or four matches a year but still buy a red membership.

  9. Trudeau says:

    Slightly OT, but in a day that I felt completely let down and cynical about top level sport (thanks Costa, Dean and Mourinho), I can only thank Japan’s rugby team for reminding me why I watch the damn stuff in the first place.

  10. Andrew U says:

    Play better and win games. Play smarter and win games.

  11. Payne says:

    I really hate Costa and Mike dean … still believe that Chelsea were never going to beat us if dean did not have a shocker of an afternoon

  12. Kentox says:

    Please whosoever made dis post is crazy… Last Laugh? Wenger has made virtually all arsenal fans think like him….. Costa has a League and a Capital one cup, and his team is beta, more balanced and favourites for the League and u want to have the Last laugh? With what.. 4th placed finish? Are u crazy? Can u even hear urself?… Instead of u to be thinking of how to colonize fans to stop attending club games till wenger is sacked, u’re here releasing a whole article on costa… Get this into u thick skull.. Chelsea beat us 2-0, costa got gabriel sent off.. What else…… Oh! and We Lost!!! ….. Stop acting like babies crying ova spilt milk… With wenger we’re doomed…. I’ve made up my mind to stop watching arsenal games till we get the change we want…… Real Change!
    Not a stupid 4th place finish or a Flimsy F.A CUP and empty promises of wining the League the nxt season….. Kick wenger out…. For Good and he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near north London……
    He’s what they call him…. A proffesional Specialist In Failure…

  13. Lumpy Gravy says:

    One of the most frustrating matches i ever seen 🙁
    We should have wiped the arrogant smile off maureen´s face. Instead we (or dean) gave them new hope. Couldn’t sleep last night….

  14. Robertthegooner says:


    Martial scores two goals against Southampton yet we laugh at United for spending big money

    If he is scoring now, he could very likely become the next Henry and who will have the last laugh.

  15. davidnz says:

    My focus is the EPL.
    Everything else
    is a distraction.
    13 big games left this Year.
    Leicester Utd Watford Everton
    Swansea Spurs WBA Norwich Sunderland
    Villa City Sotn Bournmouth

  16. ArseOverTit says:

    Only madmen or those deprived of basic needs laugh when things are gravely dire.


    1. k-ool says:

      Very true.

  17. Onochie says:

    This article is such a joke………….I really hope Le coq is not out for a long term because apart from exposing Wenger’s delusion by having only one strong DM,it will definitely cost us points. Can we even win the spurs game on wednesday?

  18. FFFanatic says:

    Best case scenario – Mike Dean is demoted for failure to adhere to the rules of the game or investigated on grounds of clear bias. Costa gets minimum 5 game ban for persistent violent conduct.

    Actual outcome – Costa may get a 3 match ban and Arsenal suffer a loss, plus 2 bans.

    There is no silver lining to this, just got to move on

  19. Midkemma says:

    It hurts still, it was a loss where I blame the ref rather than Arsenal players.
    Cazorla gets 2 yellows for 2 fouls while Ivanovic done 3 fouls which I believed to be equal to Cazorlas and he only got 1 for persistant fouling, Cazorla fouled the player and a free kick was right but I believed he was too eager to give Arsenal players cards when the oppertunity came up.

    All we can do though is take it on the chin and get on with the next game, unles more of the footballing world will unite, the lone club will fail most the time. Time will be our biggest ally, in time technology will be introduced and players like Costa will get removed from the game due to inability to play fair and always beeing suspended.

    Sucks doesn’t it?
    On a side note, who else thinks that Costa and Bale might be the start of planet of the apes happening in real life?

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