Costa injury gives Arsenal chance to get back in title race!!

First of all Arsenal fans, I have to say that the news about the Chelsea striker Diego Costa being a serious doubt for this weekend and possibly missing the next three weeks through injury could turn out to be more mischief and misdirection from the mouth of Mourinho. It would not be the first time.

But if the news reported by the Daily Star is right and the Blues will have to do without their star striker, it gives Arsenal a great chance to close the gap on the pace setters and get our own tilt for the Premier League title firmly back on track.

The Gunners are nine points behind Mourinho’s men after a tough start to the season, but just as our injury crisis is easing off and we are going into a nice looking run of fixtures, losing Costa would be a real blow and they face an away trip to a Crystal Palace side that had a good win in their last game and who Neil Warnock will have very well organised.

After that they travel to Old Trafford where they could easily drop points before a home game with QPR. Then the first game back for Costa, assuming that three weeks is correct, would be away to Liverpool. At the same time Arsenal host Hull, travel to Sunderland, host Burnley and travel to Swansea.

If we win those four games and Chelsea drop some points, it will be game on for the Gunners again. So did we give up on the title too soon?

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  1. Even if Costa is injured which he’s prob not, they have other players that are capable of scoring. they have back up striker after back up striker. and as much as i dislike hazard, that guy can play.

    Costa is responsible for 9 of their goals, so him out will mean something. but i’m not too hopeful.

    1. ArnSam says:

      Is this how low we’ve gone! starting to depend on opponents’ injuries…what assurance do we have that we will win all the four before us? if we failed to beat leicester! And believe they can still make wins(hard fought ones). I’d rather we strengthen our selves and leave the worries, wishes and hopes to them. COYG

  2. Greg says:

    Make it cesc and matic too! Coyg!

  3. Greg says:

    Dont give a damn about chelsea! Just want my gunners to keep on winning! Starting with beating hull city later at the emirates! Coyg!

  4. g00ner4lyf says:

    Conveniently forgetting that Debuchy and Koscielny injuries give our rivals a chance to get back into the CL race.

    Arsene knows best tho!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!

  5. Mick The Gooner says:

    Funny how Liverpool get one injury to Sturridge and all of a sudden they’re in some sort of injury crisis. Give them an Arsenal sized dose of injuries and they’ll be a mid-table side..

    1. Unionjack says:

      I tell ya bruv I dont know the answer to why youre getting so many injuries. It really cant be purely coincidence can it. I know like everyone all clubs players get knocks and can come back knackered from international breaks but to have as many and as regular as you lot just isnt right.
      Im a bit worried myself about us. Being that we are a 1 striker set up (something Id love us to change now n then) we rely on Costa right now as our main lad. But I dont like Banana Republics and building teams around 1 player. The dippers did it with Suarez and are now paying for it.
      But we at Chelsea need another sh*t hot striker so if/when Costa gets injured/suspended this season we dont need to worry cause we got a backup like we have for every other position. Bujt we know that strikers have got bigger egos than other players and dont like warming benches. But I reckon if you got 2 excellent strikers you can afford to rotate them so everyones happy.
      You got some great players. maybe bought too many in the summer so they need time to adjust and get to know each others strengths and how each other thinks. These things take time. Southampton are just bloomin lucky theyve managed to pull it off. But thats where a good managers strengths come in. I just think Wenger isnt the manager he once was.

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Walcott struggling with the u21s…..looks like it will take another 2-3 weeks of training before hes ready….

  7. Unionjack says:

    Costa was given 2 days rest after the internationals and was supposed to report for training at 3pm wednesday. He turned up ready to train at 9an monday morning. It was just like after the world cup. All our lads came back early apart from Courtois and I think Ramires but Schurrle came back for training 12 days b4 your German lads. Theyre all really motivated and working as a team right now and its showing.

    1. ?? are you a gooner or not??

      1. Unionjack says:

        No my friend Im a Chelsea season ticket older of long standing. But Im not a hater of anyone. Ive many Gooner mates and have often gone to see you over the years if we werent playing. And I appreciate a good team or player whoever they are. (Im not saying I dont like giving you lot some banter if necessary tho)
        But I do like clubs to be at their best when we meet as what pride is there beating a club when theyre on there arses.
        What I said is fact bruv. I honestly dont think Wenger instills confidence, the will to win or the wanting to come back and train in your lads. Wenger has had some amazing years with you but the geezers lost the plot and hes bringing you down. The problem is hes with you at least 2 more years. He will never resign due to his stuborn pride and wont be sacked because of the invincible years. Hes your biggest problem.
        But its no skin off my nose Im sure you all deep down know he is.

    2. Twig says:

      You’re in the wrong department buddy. Just go out and close the door gently behind you.

  8. vijaygunner says:

    Even if chelsea had an injury crisis like arsenal’s they’d still lead the table and pick up points. Oh and with D. ospina being injured n all does that mean martinez will start against anderlecht?!

  9. iamvia says:

    The only way Arsenal fans will not rely on other teams crisis neglecting their own to get result is SACK WENGER. Thanks @unionjack for your comment. I will like to let you all know that wenger himself knew he has nothing in his brain.

  10. REiGN says:

    Wow. Costa gets injured and it immediately gives us a chance in the title race!!! I’m sure we’ll win the league if cesc also gets an injury.

  11. iamvia says:

    All arSenal fans still supporting wenger are ‘mumu’ and funny enough normal people don’t support all decisions made by a ‘mumu’,if you are an ArSenal fan and you are very ok with wenger’s decisions on arsenal you are hereby condemned to a royal MUMU.
    Mumu fans in love with mumu wenger. Open your brain think deep and you will all know wenger is our problem

    1. ocheskee says:

      @iamvia.. Quit using unethical words nd languages on dis forum, it shud occur to u dat dis forum is for matured nd educated pple dat chhose dia words carefully. So no one is forcing u to comment here cos ur obviously not a gunner. So quit making a fool outta urself here nd big up.

  12. JayT says:

    LOL! Maybe you should take another look at our injury list and give this article a rethink

  13. Twig says:

    I don’t like this kind of articles..

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