Costa injury makes striker transfer even harder for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Arsenal will have to do without Olivier Giroud leading the line for around four months after the Frenchman fractured his left tibia at the end of the Everton game, but at least the timing of the injury gives the boss a few days to bring in a replacement.

But while he did not state categorically that he would not be doing so, Wenger suggested that he would only bring in another forward if it made sense and gave us a better option than the players we already have give us. He also said that there was a shortage of quality available in the market and too many clubs looking.

And the Frenchman’s task may just have got a lot harder, according to an ESPN report. Because the new Chelsea front man Diego Costa may have to miss the next six weeks with a hamstring problem, which is what made him miss chunks of last season with Atletico.

So there is a chance that Jose Mourinho will be looking to sign another striker as well, which could well lead to Arsenal and Chelsea chasing the same players. If I was Wenger and was thinking about it, I would get it done as quickly as possible. Today would be good!

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  1. Not sure I follow this, weren’t the chavs tied to the FFP ? I mean not like anyone care (except us) about it but wouldn’t that limit their choice of 25?

    1. They just scraped through. Only Man City and PSG have FFP sanctions I think. Chelsea sold Luiz for £50m, Lukaku for £28m and Ba for £4m. That’s £82m they can spend anyways.

        1. Y would you want someone to never recover from a injury? Talking about a human’s quality of life here sir….
          Yeahh we all hate Chelshit!! But personally I’d rather they have their full squad when we flog them dis year!

  2. The irony is that Chelsea have the cover to get by without Costa for 6 weeks but will probably buy a striker anyway. Arsenal needed a striker even before Giroud got hurt and are now desperate but probably will not buy. Wenger works in mysterious ways.

    1. I disagree, Drogba is past it and Torres is useless. A long term Costa injury will be Chelsea’s undoing this season unless they buy a replacement in the next few days.

      1. 6 months and I agree. They can get by with Drogba and Torres for 6 weeks (Wenger certainly would try it if he were in Jose’s shoes). But Joes won’t take that risk, he will buy.

        1. I’m sure that he would’ve bought anyway. Even before the injury was announced it was obvious that they lack depth up front. All the pundits seem to have happily ignored that they have one world class striker whereas City have 4. Anyway enough about the billionaire’s chew toys that are City and Chelsea, i’m looking forward to seeing Walcott evolve into a World Class striker this season. Have faith, he has it in him. The unfortunate thing is that a friend of mine bumped into him in the car park under the Emirates last night and he said that he still isn’t back in training. I was sure that he was.

        2. it baffles me that the “Arrogant One” sold Lukaku to Everton. There must have been some personal beef between them. Lukaku right now is far more effective than Torres.

      2. exactly!!
        people say we’re weak at striker.. after first choice Giroud we have Sanchez, Sanogo, Theo, and Campbell. Far stronger than Chelsea without Costa

        1. Chelsea look like they’re loaning/selling Torres after the Costa injury, looks as if they’re trying to get another backup for Costa after his injury.

    2. I dont know where you got the idea from we have the cover. W all know the Torres palaver – I wouldnt wish him on you lot (well maybe) and Drogs is ok for 15/20 minutes as a supersub but we need 2 strikers I say. We know we got a great AM and wingers will get a few but we tried Schurrle as a lone forward a couple times and it didnt work although hes full of confidence and fitter every day coming back a week earlier than your Germans to get match fit. But we dont have another out n out striker to fully trust to score.
      Citeh have a great strike force with their 4th striker scoring twice and 1st choice scoring within 30 seconds. Admittedly to a weak Liverpool but a good show by the forwards.
      We need a striker more than you lot.

      1. Agree ug. Problem is, as with us, a great Striker costs a LOT.
        You/we buy one, and then, when Giroud/Costa are fit again, you have 2 players on mega money, and only 1 slot to start.
        That is why Wenger is reluctant to buy big, but, he may look to loan, which would make more sense.
        Not sure if your Manager is quite as concerned with finances though.
        You will get a lot of abuse for coming on here, but, you make a great point. Nice change on here.

        1. Thing is Bounty Hunter is I dont think Jose is in charge of our transfers comings and goings. Im pretty sure its our Sporting Director Michael Emenalo. Romans gofer. i reckon its in Joses contract when he came back. But they use Jose if hes needed lkie when he went to see Fabs and missed his sons last game of the season.
          The Torres problems a right mess and even tho i saw him 4 or 5 times last year that I gave him MoTM the geezer cant hold his form or hit the side of a barn. And IF Jose – the guy who looks at problems every way imaginable – cant do owt with him then we got to throw good money after bad and pray someone else takes him. and sods law he will miraculously find form and end up scoring a goal to knock us out of some blinkin cup!
          But was wondering how many more new players the gooners need? i can think of 8 youve bought.

          1. We need 3 positions filled. A fourth choice centre back and holding midfielder, one player could fill both of these positions; also we need a striker. So two more signings.

          2. @Unionjack
            Welcome to JustArsenal Unionjack. Appreciate your stopping by and adding to the discussion with an unbiased as well as level assessment.
            Enjoy your stay…

            1. No Probs NY Gunner. Ive enjoyed alot of ummm ‘heated banter’ with your lot over the years at ours and yours but I always give credit when and where its due and although I bleed Chelsea I appreciate watching good football if we arent involved so its good watching how teams grow and deteriorate for whatever reasons.
              And hopefully Ill be at your place again this year as my seats waved at The Bridge.
              Hope your lot have got some room on the credit cards cause it looks like a long run in the CL again this year.
              Lets hope theres a Blue Flag flying over Europe again 🙂
              Love and Peace lads. See you up West.

      2. You have Hazard, Oscar, and Schurrle supported by Matic and Cesc. You use a striker to stretch and finish in the box. You will get farther than us if you use Torres all year. Wenger needs to get to work!

    3. Can a striker still compete with the best at 36 ? One name Thierry Henry. As good as it was to have him back he wasn’t really good enough for a team near the top of the Premier League when he came on loan three seasons ago and he was just 34 at the time. Drogba left Chelsea shortly after his 34th birthday having scored 5 in 24 so even then he was passed it.

  3. Guy Bayern are signing Alonso, let’s bust the bank to get Javi Martinez, he was already out of favour, he’s the best DM on the planet and is under 25!!!!

    1. Martinez is out til February.. 🙂 Hence why they are after Alonso.

      ACL ligament injury I reckon.

  4. If Wenger doesn’t get either a striker or Reus now, he is nutty.

    By striker I don’t mean Welbeck. Ziggy or Heskey

    Just get Cavani and Carvalho and put us out of our misery….please.

    1. Look, Wenger is NOT buying Cavani or Falcao. He may not even buy any striker at all. Personally, i wouldn’t be so sad if he doesn’t, provided he buys a DM of Carvalho’s ilk and a CB. The only way wenger would buy a striker is if Podolski or someone else leaves. So my gooner brethren, don’t get your hopes high for a striker this transfer window. That being said, i hope i’m utterly wrong and Le Prof goes out and gets a striker, DM and CB.

  5. If not a striker then definitely a left winger. Özil and Caz are both best at ACM and thus wastes at the left. In addition they offer zero cover for Monreal.

    Someone with the athleticism of Sanchez to track back and forth for 90 minutes, finishing like Podolski and service like Özil. Hmmmmmm… who German could that be..

    1. Wot of service does ozil provide?
      Please explain unless u meant Cazorla…
      Dnt be sentimental nutty

  6. OT: Bayern Munich confirm Xabi Alonso agreement

    Negotiations must have been like:

    Alonso – 11:44pm: “Hey, i’m Xabi Alonso”
    Bayern – 11:44pm: “Hey you play with us now”
    Alonso – 11:45pm: “Oh.. well. okay then”
    Madrid – 11:45pm: “mhh?”
    Alonso – 11:46pm: “They said i play with them now.”
    Madrid – 11:46pm: “Oh, alrighty then. bye”
    Bayern – 11:46pm: “lol”
    Alonso – 11:47pm: “xoxo”

    It only takes a day for other teams to seal a deal. Bayern are ruthless when it comes to getting there man and they dont play around.

    Maurine I bet the idea of keeping Lukuka must look good now huh.

    If we are in the market we need to do it Bayern style, fast / precise / and effective. Pick up the phone Wenger and get what we need.

  7. We don’t need a striker, but if we can get Falcao or Isco then lets go for them. The rest whom you always mention are not better than what we have. you are telling us Welbeck, Cavani, I will take Giroud over them anytime.

    1. i’ll take Giroud over Welbeck but over Cavani?….hell no. Cavani has ALL that Giroud has AND MORE.

  8. Rabiot is on the way. Why would his injury affect us? They have enough fire power. We need 3 players, striker, Dm and CB….done.

    1. What do we do with Left wing? put a sign saying closed until further notice?
      our biggest weakness is the left flank we don’t have anyone in the team who is a attacking natural left winger, the team is unbalanced and all over the place.

      1. Campbell, Podolski, Ox and Alexis can all play on the left wing. Not sure why Wenger is playing Özil and Cazorla there instead.

        1. Mick you know apart from Podolski who is not world class the rest are not natural left wingers everyone can play there but its a specialized talent to play on the left there are one natural left wingers to ten right wingers in the world may be even more, all top teams have the best lefties, if you look back to our games in the past against top teams left is where we were punished the most and the last time we had a natural left winger was Samir Nasri and if you remember that was the last time Arsenal played sexy football.

    1. Did you see Arsene’s response to that rumour. I think it went along the lines of “Who ?”. Don’t believe everything that you read.

  9. I urge you all to re-watch the press conference after last nights game. Wenger says that he won’t buy just to buy but will add players in any position if they’re upgrades. For me that hints that he has a big transfer coming. He’s then asked if Falcao is within his price range. Wenger squirms and asks for the question to be repeated. He then tentatively says no and then gives that famous smile that tells you something is going on. I don’t know if we will get Falcao, but it does look promising!

    1. So that means we’re getting Carvalho to replace Arteta, Cavani to replace Giroud and Hummels to replace Mert and Reus to replace Podolski.

  10. 4 days left in the window…trying period for Arsenal fans. If Wenger had signed a world class striker last season, we probably would have won the league too. I have a good feeling about the remaining four days. Perhaps Giroud injury is a blessing in disguise. Sorry big guy.

  11. I wish I shared your optimism. But people must learn the rules with regards to champions league a and b list. We are on our limits. Giroud will be left out of the a list but his place will go to ospina as a non association or club trained player. Walcott will replace macey as an association trained player. If we are to sign a non association or club trained player then the only players they might replace are zelalem sanogo or diaby. Let’s not forget ryo is also not in the squad at the moment and he can only be included on the a list as one of the 17 non association or club trained players.

    However if we went for welbeck or another association trained player they could replace coquelin or miquel.

    Reminder – the a list can include up to 17 players that have not been trained by the club or another club from the same association for a period of at least 2 consecutive years
    The A list must include at least 8 players trained by the association but a minimum of 4 slots must be used by club trained players.

  12. According to skysports “Roy Hodgson has named four uncapped players in his latest England squad. Jack Colback, Calum Chambers, Danny Rose and Fabian Delph are included in a new-look 22-man party for next month’s friendly against Norway and European qualifier against Switzerland”.

    Roy we want our Calum to come back injury free and don’t put any negative mentality in him (we are winners here, wink wink). Gosh I could of hate our players going on international duty (especially with the England team) as they usually pick up knocks from there.

    Wayne Rooney name England Captain, jus lol, infect LMFAO!!!!!

    1. Did Wenger compromise? I thought he said he wouldn’t agree to Chambers being called up just yet?? Now Roy has said Wenger assured him Chambers is ready for ANY challenge! If you ask me, i think he’s still not ready. He should play one season for Arsenal first. He is a defender, and in defence experience is vital.

  13. chelski are in talks with roma for mattia destro
    SSN: Norwich in talks with Arsenal to sign centre-back Miquel
    heard from a bvb fan that we want Dortmund centre-back Sokratis

  14. Bayern react so damn fast in the market. Martinez gets a long-term injury. Bang! Benatia & Alonso signed to fill the gap. How it’s done

    hope wenger can surprise us all COYGS

    1. Yes, Leo that is exactly how its done. They buy the best available defender and a quality cover for DM in one week. Job done.

      I dont see Guardiola or Beckenbauer talking about “all the good teams are looking at the same players, its difficult” etc… They just go out and get it done.

      1. To be fair there are a few teams out there who will have less problems than us in attracting a player. I think we punch above our weight in that department but Bayern, Real and Barca for example are never gonna struggle – if they come knockin’ on your door 9 times out 10 you go. Man City and Chelsea not as attractive or successful as those three so they just solve it by offering more money.

        1. At the end of the day it boils down to the money. The selling club won’t sell to Bayern, Barca or Real unless the right price is met. Take Suarez or instance. Even though he wanted to go to Barca, Liverpool wouldn’t have sold if Barca hadn’t agreed to pay that price.

  15. I guess I just cant comprehend the mad scientist that is Arsene Wenger when it pertains to the transfer market. Le Prof consistently spews this rhetoric that Arsenal will only consider top, top players if available, well to my ignorant eye it seems Falcao, Cavani, Carvalho, Dimaria, Vidal, J Martinez, ARE or were available BUT Wenger refuses to splash the cash. I hope to be proven wrong with one of these players being added before the deadline but enough of the BS. Hell even the following buys would strengthen the squad for a measly few quid.


    It seems AW enjoys playing Russian roulette with the whole season in play.

  16. Wenger said he does not need and will not buy a Striker. BIG MISTAKE.
    I just can’t get my head around Wenger’s way of thinking, we do not have and have not had a Top Class striker at Arsenal since RVP I know I should no mention his name but this is a Fact.
    So will someone please explain Wengers reason for not buying a Top Class striker. If He did buy one this would make a world of difference because we lack a lot up front. I have a feeling Wenger is finished in this transfer window. So no real change he just replaces players who left
    bar Alexis. So all Wengers talk about transforming Arsenal was all lies again.

  17. About Chelsea. What self respecting top drawer striker would go to Chelsea when their star man is injured, knowing that when he is fit again, they are likely to be benched?

    Mourinho will go for a loan deal, or a lesser named striker like Bony who he will then discard when Costa is fit..

    About Arsenal. The signs are that Wenger wants to make do with what we have, which I think means we will struggle to compete for the title (again).

    1. We NEED another striker Mark and he will get playing time if he puts on a good show. The top 4s season runs over 60 games and how many players are going to do 100%? None! Yes Costas going to be our main guy but look at Citeh. They name 4 strikers and wheres this law you cant put more than 1 on.. The thing is that our attacking midfielders are real good and theyre all wanting to score just like most teams but theyre not strikers. We need someone thats in or takes it to the box. Someone whos there to pick up the scrappy loose balls and the only lad we got is Costa so we got him at such a low price considering some silly deals thats been done. If we could just clone him Id put my record collection in Ladbrokes on us doing the League. But if not then I got no idea who we will get (if anyone) but we do need one.

    1. The bookies for some unfathomable reason have him the lowest odds player of all those linked to us to join. He is odds on at 1/2, has been that way for a while, I was wondering whether they had forgotten to update their odds with everything being so quiet with him.

  18. I’m starting to worry, we needed a strong CDM and Striker before the injuries to Arteta and Giroud, most importantly we needed a strong CDM, we needed one badly last year. we were torn up by big teams last year and i don’t think we’ve got stronger defensively. We need a strong striker too, Giroud’s goals have helped up in certain games, without him we looked screwed. Wenger needs to either strengthen our attack or defense hopefully both, but atleast one, at the moment we resemble a model with a shit ass, crumply legs and a terrible face but with a great pair of boobs (reference to our great creative midfield) COYG

    1. I don’t think Chelsea’s situation affected us, apart from the chase for Carvahlo who we still havn’t bidded for despite them dropping his asking price. Chelsea were always looking to add to their strikers, even before Costa’s injury, they just needed to offload Torres, now that AC Milan are interested, they will certainly go for one. With Costa’s injury i wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cavani or someone similar head to stamford bridge. I’m not jealous, i’m not jealous, i’m not…we have Sanogo, his futhead rating is like 89 or sumin right?….definitely not.jeal…ah shit!!

  19. AW makes it harder not chelsea not citeh, he is simply not prepared to fight for a player’s signature if he believes in OG12 why last season he went for Higuain and got outsmarted by poor Napoli went for suarez and when pools bluffed he crumbled and on the final day of transfer season he went begging his fiercest nemesis to get Ba on loan!! Yes AW knows that OG12 is not enough thats why this season he got AS17 and he states that he got him to be a striker but the everton game gave him a picture of how EPL defenders will make it harder for a small sized CF playing as a target man so now the old man is in dilemma on whether to buy another striker or improvise he will definetly sign a defender and another midfielder but for a striker AW is undecided yet

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