Can Ramsey REALLY reject Barcelona transfer?

Arsenal fans have definitely seen the best and worst of Aaron Ramsey over the years, but Arsene Wenger has always supported the young Welshman during his times of trouble, and even kept faith when the young Ramsey was going through an appalling run of form.

Now it seems that the Spanish giants Barcelona have set their sights on taking him to Cataluña to join their star-studded team, and our own legendary Thierry Henry understands how hard it is to turn down a move to the Nou Camp having done the very same thing when he had had enough of Arsenal.

Henry said: “I went when I was getting to a certain age where I didn’t know how much I had left in the tank and I had seen other players leave Arsenal,”

“It is not an easy club to say no to but Aaron is still young and hopefully he can win a title at Arsenal because as a Gooner I don’t want to see him leave, especially when I can see him maturing as a player and the future looking bright for him.

“I am a big fan and I think he has grown as a player and become a man. He wants the ball more, he wants to command the field, have an impact on the game and for the midfield to be his.

“It was normal after his injury just to concentrate on getting back into the team because at Arsenal, that’s not an easy task. Then he went into a great moment last year scoring important and amazing goals but there was another injury and when you lose your place at Arsenal it takes time to get back and he did struggle.

“But I’ve seen something change this year. I’ve seen him grow as a man, become more mature, not scared to take control of the game and I see it with him playing for Wales too.”

Personally I can’t see Ramsey leaving Arsenal, not now we are trying to build a team that could even challenge the likes of Barcelona in the Champions League next season. I guess the only big difference is that he would be 100% guaranteed to win trophies in Spain, but surely we will be up there challenging with the very best in the next couple of years…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. There is no way barca would want Ramsey, there are by far better options out there. Sorry if I speak the truth but I can’t see Ramsey being barca material

      1. Ramsey is not Barcelona material? Why because he didn’t cost over £30 mil. give me a break. Ramsey is much better than Rakatic or whatever is name is, they bought Song and Ramsey us playing way better than Song was when they bought him, so don’t give that Ramsey isn’t good enough, the kid is plenty good enough to play for them.

        1. LOL … Barca material!!!! Nearest competitor would be mascherano but his control of ball is way below barca standard and all their players work their socks off so the engine room logic is irrelevant and they don’t need midfielders who think they are strikers as they buy attacking players who score … And how…. So it’s just metro bs

        2. Sorry but rakitic is a classy midfielder, I guess you have never watched him play but he offers a lot attacking wise. He’s not the best defender but a super midfield player.

        3. Ramsey and Wenger have a special bond he will never leave his father for Barcelona, and barca don’t need him trust me

          1. i agree,i can’t really understand this story,but i think its Ramseys agent spreading these rumours,to scare Wenger into playing him back in the centre

    2. Once Barcelona is able to buy, I’m sure we can net quite the coup for Ramsey. It would be business well done. #WarChest

  1. we are in trouble..when barca or real knocks then it always gets tough..but at least Ramsey knows the history of arsenal -barca players and what happens there after.. was one of the best in epl.he single handedly varied arsenal a times..fab too..but ohh Ramsey..look at them now? they back in england…our former vermaelen..trouble trouble for him

    1. Easy. Ask the same amount spuds asked for Bale. If they really want him then let them pay the big money. Not a feeder club anymore. Enough. You don’t see them knocking at Bayern, City,PSG or Chelsea door .

  2. Barca can’t bring players in this summer so for now it’s not really an issue. Ramsey if he keeps improving will defiantly be regarded a world class midfielder. Last season before his injury I’d have said him and Yaya Toure were the best midfielders in the league that season. This season didn’t quite start off as well. I think he was trying too hard & to score goals. He’s had a couple of injuries but looks to have got back to his best recently.

    I think a couple of seasons ago Ramsey’s career could have gone either way he was a player who suffered a horrible injury and had a real lack of confidence. He was regarded by a lot of fans (probably most) as not being good enough. Wenger was the only one who really seemed to believe in him. He slotted him onto the wing where questions were asked but it gave him the game time he needed on the pitch and allowed him to make mistakes what could have been more costly if he was playing central midfield. Had Wenger not believed in him he could have easily move to a lower table team and that could have destroyed him mentally. The fact that Wenger believed in him and kept faith in his ability give’s me greater hope of Ramsey staying loyal to Arsenal.

    Anyway so much for Barca having loads of Wilshire’s in there academy.

  3. off topic = i hope we get Gonzalo Higuain, i think this guy is a perfect marriage for us, how and the way we play will suit him and us.

    1. How often have you watched him? ATM, we don’t need him. He’d be a good addition, but he should not be top of the list.

  4. We have rumors of Walcott, Szczesny, Cazorla, Monreal, Wilshere and Ramsey leaving this year.

    I will believe if it happens

    I will say that if we lose one of our top players then we should replace them with an equally good or better player

    Ie. If we lose Ramsey get Vidal or Gundogan
    if we lose Walcott then get Reus or Pedro
    If we lose Szczesny get Cec
    etc etc etc.

      1. That would be too cruel lol
        Seriously, Spuds can have Flamini

        Honestly, when Gallas and Adebayor went to Spuds I didn’t care that much.

        Only time I was upset when Cole went to Chelsea, van pursestrings went to United and Toure, Nasri went to Citeh

      2. I think Wilshere should be sent to Leiceister to be taught discipline and respect….wait!? Cancel that!

        When put in perspective what he did was nothing bad, just good old banter with the fans.

    1. I hope so. Spuds also want him.
      If we get Lacazette then we can give Spuds Sanogo as a consolation prize lol

      Seriously, Lacazette would be awesome. Young and a goal machine. He also is French and looks like Henry a little bit

  5. This works like serious shit!!! When my Liverpool friends—actually not my real “friends”, I just happen to know them. Duh!!!—start doing or saying things I don’t like, I just yell, “Stoke it!!!”, and they swiftly come to their senses. Sh*t’s so cool!!!

  6. It’s normal wanting to leave forbade giant when your career is coming toban end soon.
    Ramseys career is nowhere near the end.
    All I can say is that Aaron has to look at the kistbof players who have left and check if any of those was a part of history or left their mark in that history of the club they went to.
    Sorry but not even Henry left a mark in that ucl he wanted so bad and got with barza.

  7. Looks like Aaron will be leaving affirmatively cause when Barcelona march towards Arsenal’s squad they take what they want and i suspect Arsene Wenger will do anything about it cause he knows it will above 25 million which is very irresistible for a man who sold Captains to Direct rivals and to Barcelona. I think iniesta will lose his place for a small time and be given rests to recuperate from injuries or niggles by the time Ramsey who’s energy will be become vital to what Barca do best “press” the opposition.

    1. What part of Barcelona is not allowed to buy players are you having difficulties understanding?

  8. When Henry left I was sad but completely understood

    He helped win trophies, invincibles, champions league final, loads of Goals

    When he left he went to Barca, but never did or say anything bad to us. In fact always showed us respect and love and even came back one autumn and scored an important goal in FA Cup (I think)

    Henry is a TRUE Arsenal legend

  9. This may be an unpopular statement, but I’ll say it anyway. Having not missed a Barca game since King Henry joined their squad, I can’t see Ramsey doing well there. It’s not as easy as one might think to simply fit in to the Barca system/style of play.

    I believe Rambo’s lack of positional maturity, and propensity to give the ball away, would make him quite the nuisance for the Barca players and fans. Don’t believe me? Think about how frustrated many of you get with how often Alexis gives the ball away. Barca fans in the stands let him hear about it during the games, where as we groan but then celebrate his hustle to win the ball back. Result – Alexis is now a Gooner.

    Ramsey also has this overarching desire to shoot or make the run to attempt to score anytime he thinks he has a 10% chance. This results him drifting towards the ball, with no positional discipline, and taking extremely low percentage shots from no business angles. Some Arsenal fans applaud his “industry” and engine, and his desire to score; Barca fans are going to get unbelievably annoyed with this. And the players? Lol. Would love to see Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta’s face with Rambo continues to make run through the box in their angles, or shoots it for no reason while they’re wide open.

    Not being a jerk, I just don’t see it. The motor that you guys love him for, is why the English/British game suits him. He and Bale have the some qualities, and look at all the shite the Spanish media and players are giving Bale.

    1. Very informative post and spot on in regards to Ramseys playing attributes. There are certain moments during games when I honestly believe Wenger should experiment with Aaron as a situational striker. Lol

  10. 2 days in and Im already growing tired of the Transfer window. Lol

    Think Ramsey is a very good player with youth on his side but I would sell him yesterday for $50M if Uefalona came calling. This isn’t a bash Aaron piece but I think a fit and in form Wilshere has a higher upside and fixtures have proven the inability of the two to successfully play alongside each other. Will Wenger yet again play both out of position and handicap the balance of the team next season.

    Still think for Arsenal to challenge in the EPL and Europe Wenger needs @ least a striker and DM cover for Le Coq. If Nacho rolls back to Spain, a quality youngish LB will due as well.

  11. To be honest all he would have to do is look at the other Arsenal players to have gone to Barcelona, Fabregas and Song, both have ended up back in England.

  12. We are not in a position now where we need to beg players to stay or be called a feeder club. The fabregas, Nasri, van pursestrings days are over

    We should still do everything we can to keep our players but no longer need to put up with silly demands or think we can’t replace players.

    I want Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott to all stay but we are now in a strong position financially to sign even bigger players if the need arises

    1. Fred,

      That is the problem with the majority of Arsenal fans, they honestly believe that Theo, Jack and Ramsey are irreplaceable. I understand the home grown policy stipulations and the affinity for fans to see English players represent and be successful @ there respected clubs, BUT for Arsenal to awake from its slumber and reemerge as a legitimate English and European powerhouse the club and we fans must embrace the reality that NO player is untouchable if a better alternative is available.

      It may sound crazy but Arsenal may need to sell one of Ramsey, Theo, Jack, or Santi to field the best and most balanced team available. Im personally tired of Wenger pllaying Jack and Ramsey out of position on the wings simply to placate there egos

  13. I won’t be begrudge him if he leaves. Almost EVERY young football player dreams of playing for Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. That’s the fact. I’m not so sure if he’ll be a good fit for Barca though.

  14. Ramsey, Wilshire, Ozil, Cazorla, Coquelin. These are the 5 players we have for the three midfield positions. We need a 6th one to have 2 in each spot and Le Coq is the only one in the DM position. So definitely a DM is needed, although I think the world of Le Coq, I still would prefer someone with more experience for next year. Vidal would be superb.

    I would also love to have Cech for three years as I think he would have a lot to teach to Scez and make him a better keeper for the future.

    A Striker or a right winger is the last position we need strengthening in depending on where Walcott will play. I still prefer him on the right and would prefer Cavani or Martinez or Lacazette to lead the line. If he stays in the middle Reus would be a great addition to the team.


    Bellerin/Debuchy – Per/Gabriel – Kos/Chambers – Gibbs/Monreal

    Vidal/Coq – Ramsey/ Wilshire


    Walcott/Ox – Lacazette/Giroud – Sanchez/Wellbeck

    1. Two neat line-ups – but it makes you realise how difficult the man management of player expectations can get when you start layering on the quality in depth. You can see half a dozen unhappy players coming to the fore pretty quickly if the “first X1” stays fit and in form. The 2nd X1 would have a decent shout of top 6 or 7 in PL IMO.

  15. How’s about Barca F’ off and stop acting like they have some divine right to come after Arsenal players. They bitched for 2 seasons straight about “free Cesc” and how the poor baby just wanted to come home with his Barca DNA. Then their fans treat him like crap and he leaves. Go sign up Cesc again and leave Rambo alone. Or go raid a bunch of South American clubs for their teenage stars and don’t pay the taxes and everything on the transfer. Where are the stars La Masia supposedly churns out endlessly? I hate Bareclona. Get hit with a transfer ban then UEFA suspends it so they can sign who they want before it kicks in.

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