Could Alexis be the leader that Arsenal need right now?

Sanchez is exceptional; but can he lead the way for Arsenal? by SE

Alexis Sanchez, though he is still coming to terms with the pace and intensity of the Premier League, has been by far Arsenal’s best player this season. He has lived up to expectations of being a hard worker, a team man and, more importantly, has been a positive influence on the North Londoners. If there was one game that didn’t go well for the Chilean, it was the clash against Everton when Sanchez played as Arsenal’s No.9, ahead of Giroud, and mustered an insipid display. Otherwise, he has slowly but steadily exhibited his wide repertoire of being a classic dribbler (the way he setup Welbeck’s goal against Hull), clinical finisher (the way he volleyed in Wilshere’s cross in the game against Man City), and in always trying to help the team out defensively. With plenty more to come from Sanchez, can the Chilean rescue Arsenal out of this big, big trouble?

Firstly, and most importantly, you are looking at someone who has been with the same club for a long time, to show the way and lead by example. Some of the perfect examples (leaders) are John Terry, Javier Mascherano, Vincent Kompany, Mats Hummels and Philip Lahm — who are defenders and boast a commanding presence within their teams. But, when you look at Arsenal, the Gunners are simply devoid of a leader who can carry them through, and dictate their team’s performances. Mertesacker, albeit a very experienced player in Arsenal’s ranks, just doesn’t seem to be the man who commands his teammates, and be a positive influence on them, when things aren’t quite clicking.

Sanchez, for the kind of form he is in and the number of marquee players Arsenal are missing, would do the Gunners a world of good if he, in addition to his good performances, can rally the Wilsheres, Ramseys, Cazorlas and Welbecks around him, and bring about some sort of cohesion into Arsenal’s game. In the most recent Premier League clash against Hull City, Sanchez’s intentions were translucent. Starting as the Right-Winger, Sanchez started playing more centrally, as Arsenal went in search of a 2nd goal. It’s not rocket science for someone to drop deep, and take a position in the middle of the park; but the intent and awareness on the part of Sanchez, was greatly important in Arsenal securing a point when the final whistle was blown.

Albeit circumstances will be massively different when you play different teams, Sanchez, Arsenal’s best player so far, has to be the figure to rescue the Gunners out of this rut. With colossal expectations to live up to, Sanchez has to assume leadership, and be the orchestrator who not only plays his part in the game, but can also be a key influence in getting the best out of others. Arsenal would be hoping that Sanchez can play the role he did against Hull City, and in that process, his good form can rub onto those around him.

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  1. Its seems that you expect Sanchez to start the revolution against Wenger and bring his tyranny down. Leadership is a big word.

    Sanchez is a born winer amongst losers who see the 4th place as a trophy. Arsenal compared to Barcelona is a downfall to his class, and that rlly bad. I feel srry for him.

    Sometimses i wonder what the hell is wrong with some of you guys?

    1. Are you an Arsenal fan sir? Your approach to all this is very negative.

      I feel like the prescence of Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey can also add up to the pro’s Arsenal currently have to offer to players they want to sign. When a target is evaluating his options to sign somewhere else and he has a chance to play alongside one of the best wingers in the game, Sanchez is a fantastic asset to have, on and off the pitch. Sanchez is way more of a magnet than Wenger for players to sign at the moment.

      1. Yes, this negative approuch you call is what i call being realistic.

        We have 2 world class players in Sanchez and Ozil. The one is doing very good, but no one can be sure how long his hunger will last before he turns into what we know as Arsenal standarts.

        Ramsey to the world is a nobody, he is not someone who is considered as world class yet. A magnet to players is the cash and nothing else, simple as that.

    2. That would be a big call on him, he needs hungry players around him and hope the manger makes the right decissions in terms of team selection.

    3. @Ks_, as always, very well said. Pal, u speak my mind always. I can’t wait to meet u up in France once my coaching career kickoff.

  2. Could we see Diaby stand in as substitute keeper on Wednesday? I don’t want to comment on speculation.

      1. lets put it another way…if we cant beat anderlecht home and away..then what next ?! draw at leice..oh, i mean draw with hu…oh…
        ehh uhh COYG

          1. we always do get our mojo back – but we should be competing for league titles- european titles- fed up of same ish every year

            1. People be saying we might not make 4th..?
              Well I say watch and see Arsene fight dirty with Man U and Spurs if and when he feels they threaten his beloved 4th. Then you shall see Le Prof at his motivational best!

      2. Sorry, Sanchez should never get any rest and campbell should never be given any opportunity. Happy now?

        1. @The Handsome Gooner.
          You don’t have to be sorry. Sanchez will definitely play.
          I’ll literally give Ny-Gunner 5 thumbs up per month for the next 2 months if the opposite becomes the case.

        1. been watching him since last year- people tend to go with glamour names- but he is better than carvalho and wanyama and khedira- hes young hungry and is still getting better..

          32 million bid and give em someone on loan

  3. Sanchez can lead us in an attacking sense but until we have a collective leader for defense it does no good.

  4. Sánchez is great, in all posible senses. But I d rather have somebody else as captain….u know what I mean, dont want to say by bye to him u know

  5. First leader is a manager and we don’t have one that seems to no what he is doing. For years now it’s been AW is doing a fine job coz all the best players are being sold for the stadium. Well now it’s like the pressure is on him coz he has a few new faces. A few players back will help yes but our arsenal lacks GUTS. First thing a CAPTIN that plays week in week out. A very strong back line and sorry but BFG is a bench player now end of. For now I would play the OX as a DM and just have jack floating to cover him at the back. Stop pushing the back line so fast forward just hold the line play hard hurt the opposition Like teams do us. January we need to buy 4 world class players end of trade Campbell and iPod and a few others that to be honest don’t even deserve to put the arsenal top on.

    1. I agree, we need at least 4 world class players- Beast DM, Clinical striker, a Godzilla CB and a top top playmaker. Our squad is still far too thin, been saying this for last 3 seasons. The injuries have hurt us but we need to be consistent, a threat and getting good results regularly.
      I haven’t lost all faith yet, but Arsene is beginning to get up my nose!!

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Find myself saying we’re x # of signings away from being real competitors every year.

        Good to see Bellerin given an opportunity this weekend. Our weakest position in the squad is defensive midfielder. I think its time we use Chambers in that spot till we can buy a CB or DM in January.

  6. Sanchez i think has been a good role model for the gunners and will improve this team, with his hunger and drive , but we need a more central fellow in the middle of the park to organise those individuals. i think Ramsay may be that person, he has one of the highest work rate, if he can settle down i think he will become an arsenal great, i think he should be made captain and become the leader we seek. Wilshere is the other candidate, Wilshere is fairly good going forward but as i have said is poor in tracking back, this is something i have seen on several matches , he was as much to blame about the second goal as Mert.
    Arsenal personnel are too simple minded and i think this stems from the personality of the manager, i strongly doubt the players felt the emotion of s lost of two points, compared to that of the fans, we need personnels to be benched and shown that they have to work for their space, but guess what we do not have that luxury for some players and position, thats why our captain felt like a point was ok, thats why wilshere feel there is no need to track back, the whole sense of responsibility for ones action is not there and all the manager does is pat them on the back and say we will get them the next time.

    This ATTITUDE MUST CHANGE, how, i want to see Wilshere sitting on the bench and a statement from the Manager saying until i see improvement in your defensive aspect sit on the bench, Mert sent to the under 21 for training and game time also flamini, but you get the idea what i am saying our players do not feel responsible when we lose, therefore they act in this manner on and off the field

  7. I was only able to watch a few minutes of the Hull match on replay but it was enough to tell me that Sanchez is very special and the type of player that used to light up Highbury. Welbeck will only benefit from his presence and it already shows. Robert Pires suggests we all get behind Wenger as he is under a lot of pressure, but that pressure is of his own making. All he had to do was build on his back four and add a DM. With what he bought, plus what he had, a strong defense would have made Arsenal title favourites.

  8. Are you serious ! Ok fine the truth will unfold like it did beforesanchez works his ass-off in the training whereas the rest of the squad are commenting about his session rather than theirs and maybe arsene will even give the armband to Sanchez to just dissolve the issue that’s in all of our minds. Question remains how many matches can wenger make him play might as well do the predicted by making him the focal point and burnout by mid January. Congrats to arsene wenger who is a pussy and does not have the Balls like Jose !

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