Could Alexis really be as good as Thierry Henry for Arsenal?

With eight goals already from his first 15 games as an Arsenal player, Alexis Sanchez is proving to be a fantastic summer signing by Arsene Wenger and a vital part of the Gunners team. But it is not just his goals that have been so impressive.

His amazing appetite for the success and for the game have really caught the eye, with his new team mates as well as the fans. And he seems to be having the effect of making those other Gunners around him put in the extra effort as well, just as our former superstar Thierry Henry had such a galvanising effect on the whole team with his abilities on the pitch.

And as a Daily Star report reveals, the only current Arsenal player that also played in the same team as Henry, Mathieu Flamini, has suggested that Alexis is looking as good as our former greats, while also praising the Chile international for the incredible amount of work he puts into all aspects of the game to help out his fellow Gunners.

Flamini said, “From what we have seen so far of him, he is right up there [with Henry and Van Persie]. He is proving it in every game he plays, not just with his goals but the way he works for the team.

“[Alexis] is a breath of fresh air to play with. He gives so much for the team and not just in an attacking sense.

“I didn’t realise he works so hard off the ball. Not just creating space for others but helping out defensively. He is a top player and has already made a big difference.

“Normally a player with his talent and goals would be satisfied with that but he gives more with his work-rate. When you see someone like him working so hard, it sets an example for all of us to follow.”

Of course, Alexis still has a lot of work to do and a lot of goals to score before he can be compared to Arsenal’s all time record goal scorer, but he has made a pretty good start to doing so. And if he continues and improves in his new club, it would not be out of the question for him to at least come close to the King.

But Henry was also part of a fantastic Arsenal side, so does Alexis need better players around him to enjoy the same sort of trophy success as the French striker?

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  1. If Sanchez keeps on getting better, I think Henry might just lose his crown. The only thing I would say is he needs better players around him to make him great.

    1. have to disagree- theres only one king of this club…thats theirry henry…
      dont think anyone will ever take his spot

      1. @muffdiver
        History is history. I live in the precent not the past all I care about is this season.

        PS you are only as good as your last game.

        1. i concur , an it says alot about alexis if people are mentioning henry.
          but to surpass thierry – sounds near impossible to me.

      2. Too right. As fantastic as Sanchez is, Henry in his prime was truly something to behold. Mazing through 5 spuds up the length of the pitch to slam home at Highbury is burned in my brain.

        Bronze statue anyone?

    2. Just keep him fit. Don’t overplay him. I fear this might happen. We need to rest him eventually, but he is the best player on the pitch.

    3. Everybody at Arsenal is praising Sanchez, they are all saying he stays behinds after every training session to work on himself just to get better.

      This is what I think: Alexis must have seen how shallow our training methods are and decided to set a new standard by going the extra mile. I really think what Mertesecker said is true, Wenger, as is his nature, just won’t accept the truth: Arsenal needs to work harder.

      Imagine everyone playing like Sanchez. OMG!!! We will win the league before January!!!

  2. He might not replicate the success of thierry henry, but he can become a “gunner legend” in his own right! Coyg!

  3. Alexis sanchez will only improve and go from strength to strength for arsenal fc, with his never say die approach to the game! He is just “awesome”! Coyg!

  4. Man city are 2-0 down to newcastle in league action at the etihad! Wow! Looks like we are heading for shock of the day!

    1. Man City losing to Newcastle
      at home ha ha ha.
      A mug team at home!!!
      Arsenal would not do that
      Ooops 🙂

  5. When Giroud is back I really think we will see the best of him with Alexis and Walcott on the wings, Welbecks touch and hold up play is a bit suspect at time; two qualities Giroud is superior at than Danny. It will be nice to have two different strikers who can offer something different. Our midfield needs to step it up to the level Alexis is at, we can see so much more from the Chilean if everyone else is playing better.

      1. OMG you clearly have no idea about football, have you noticed how our attacks always seem to break down recently because our midfielders are not far enough forward? That’s when your striker HOLDS IT UP, to allow players to run beyond him, Welbeck is good and has been a breath of fresh air but he to often plays like a winger and occupies space on the flanks which crowds players out.

  6. Sanchez is more of a second striker
    like David Silva. Last year at
    this time Ramsey was being hailed
    as the new Fabregas /Messi / Pires.
    Fans were saying Ramsey was worth 200 mill.
    Its a long season so we shall see.

  7. We will see. There was a time when I didn’t think I would see another goal machine like Ian Wright and then Thierry came along so who knows what may happen.

  8. Goodnight all,
    I am only going to be positive about AFC from know on. I think people have forgotten our club crest Victoria Concordia Crescit.

  9. He can be better than Henry if he stays, but unfortunately unlike Henry he doesn’t have as many good players around him.

  10. Well I remember years ago when Henry dribbled past the entire Liverpool defence!! If Sanchez can do that, then its a start.

  11. One thing I’ve noticed on this site, there are men who are up to 40yrs of age or even more, but they go by funny nicknames that will ordinarily make u think they are just teenagers or some guys in their early twenties. Only when they mention how long they’ve been fans of Arsenal that u get to realise u’ve got ur father’s age mate here whom u’ve probably said shiTty things to thinking u where talking to ur some young dude.

    To all the very grown men here who don’t mind chatting with young guys like me and put up with all the trash talks and dumb remarks and every damn funny sh*t: #RESPECT!!!

      1. No, they need to remind the younger ones how glorious Arsenal was. They need to let the young ones know that there was Arsenal before Wenger and that there still will be Arsenal after Wenger.

        1. The old have to step away and let the new generation take over. What was good years ago for Arsenal is bad for us now. Why do you think Arsenal sucked so hard during the past years and nowdays aswell. Its Wenger being an outdated manager. His football phylosephy is something which doesnt match the current football time.

          There is everything outdated at Arsenal. Even the fans are outdated as we still do live in the past. Wenger should be the past and we should get rid of him. I dont see any kids wearing the red and white shirt anymore where i come from.

          Arsenal has no basement. We dont have no single player in the team who has played 5 years ago at the club. Instead our basement, is spread acros the leauge. City has half of our team, Spurs, Westham, Manure and Chelsea. For the love of this bs, we also should just sell also Liverpool just to make it perfect.

          Go away Wenger and Akb

          1. sell to liverpool a player*. ( almost lost Walcott to liverpool as far as i remember). We had to give him 100k and make a song to him to make him stay. haha

            1. @Ks, i do understand u. Really, really do. Wenger’s approach to the game is just obsolete.

              Newer versions of just about everything keep coming out on daily basis and u just have to upgrade to keep up. However, the man just won’t upgrade and that’s his major flaw.

  12. From the post i see on just i can see what actually has happened to Arsenal. One single player does play good and the fanbase thinks that he is on of our greatest we ever had.

    Ohhh, what has become to Arsenal. Small team mentality. Deluded and blind. Henry is a pure genius. A 10 star player, where Sanchez is a 8.

    Lets keep on buying good players. Draxler should be the next.

    1. what’s so great about Draxler? You wanna spend 40mill on a player who hasn’t been living up to his price tag for almost a whole season now? And you wanna spend that on a winger instead of a defender/ cdm. Another deluded Arsenal fan who blames Wenger and the board, but can’t even recognize the basic problems in the squad. :/

  13. I wonder why the board and wenger are wiling to have Paul Clement as the next manager

    Errrrrr, he won’t spend money and can be controlled
    How many top players would come we are a joke

  14. I think alexis will do what’s best for the club unless somebody takes the heat off his shoulder remember the 2010-11 season when we were clear favourites to win the league as usual signing third class players and end up losing after taking lead. Do you guys recollect the moment when Nasri was single-handedly pushing the club to victory.Arsene Does not provide solution he hopes and waits for them .

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