Could Arsenal already have a deal for this brilliant playmaker for free?

Reported target could be landed for free!

Arsenal must hold out just 27 days in the hope of landing one of their reported transfer targets on a free and he won’t be such a bad player to get either.

Hakan Calhanolgu can be deployed as an attacking midfielder and also as a forward and the fact that he is currently with the Turkish national side, preparing for friendlies and for the Euro 2020 opener against Italy, this may just work in our favour. is reporting that an agreement between both Calhanoglu and AC Milan seems to have stalled and an agreement seems as far away as a holiday without quarantine restrictions.

Reports also suggest that the gap between the offer and demand is too big for both parties, so it is looking ever likely that Calhanoglu will leave the San Siro before the start of the new season.

If an agreement cannot be made by June 30 when the current contract is due to expire then the Turkish number 10 will also be able to leave on a free.

Calhanoglu is now 27 years old and has spent four years at AC Milan after arriving for a reported €23.3m in July 2017. He has made 135 appearances, scoring 22 goals and has helped Milan reach the Champions League this season where he contributed with 10 assists and four goals in 33 Serie A games.  He is also an experienced Turkish international and can score a goal out of nothing.

And if he is for free surely, he would be worth going for right?

So could Arsenal’s fortunes in transfers be turning a corner? Will we really have a team capable of fighting for more than just top four next season?

Well it remains to be seen, but even if half of these reported Arsenal transfer targets are at the club next season, we will surely have a better season then the one we have just had right?

Here’s hoping hey Gooners.


Shenel Osman

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  1. If we get even half of the reported transfers might as well sell everyone else to make room. I’ll believe when they are official

    1. Michael If we sign even half of all these transfer rumours, then we would need a stand free of fans to fit them all in!

      A squad of around 200+ would be the result. One reason why I , on principle , reject any rumour that does not have solid unmistakeable evidence of happening . In effect, about 99% of all the rumours then!

      Unfounded rumours are the stock in trade of JA and wiser fans see this clearly. They is aimed at the unwise fans on here who constantly fall for these unfounded rumours.

  2. Good player, creative, energetic, but…..a little weak tackling wise and can be marked out of a game. Has some excitement to his game and boy he can hit a ball!

  3. Let’s wait until he appears in the official photo in an Arsenal shirt. No good getting excited about every player Arsenal is connected with.

  4. the turkish JWP no thanks, these guys only thrive on setpieces. And occassional long shots

  5. Arsenal is linked with too many players and one don’t even know which one to believe .So I am not getting exited by any name.

  6. Not many free transfers have worked out well for us. Sol Campbell was an obvious exception, but certainly Willian and Kolasinac spring to mind, massive wages for little return.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, be on your guard coz our club is in trouble and risk being mismanaged. You’ve heard of players we didn’t get but what about those we lose as a result of our mismanagement?
    Odegaard was.brought in to spike our attack something ESR had done well and now we hear that AM wants to bring Sterling and other reject from City. This will of course rattle the cage of our kids so no wonder we are hearing Villa trying to recruit ESR coz they are not sure of their position at Arsenal.

    Another frightening piece of news is that Bellerin appear to have left to Spain an no one appear to know where he is going. First we heard Barca wanted him back but not so sure now. There was someone else pouring cold water on his club recruiting Bellerin a few days ago and it seem he is still under contract at Arsenal but no one is in control. Can Edu explain what’s going on? There were stories on this website telling how Bellerin drowned in booze due to loneliness. Is this true that our club is completely mismanaged and don’t have care of players welfare?

  8. No 1 will carry away ESR from Arsenal. Should it happen, that means there’re probs in the boardroom & will need changes.

  9. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm, he reminds me of a certain german player who was once the best number ten in the world, but only according to some fans on here. i would be wary of this charecter for some reason, so no thanks for me.

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