Could Arsenal and Man United agree on a swap deal this summer? (Opinion)

Arsenal are claimed to hold an interest in signing Jesse Lingard in the coming window, and with the Express claiming we could eye a swap deal, we thought we’d look at the possible options.

The Red Devils are likely to be in for a forward or striker this summer, a back-up goalkeeper, a defensive or central midfielder as well as looking to bolster their right-back position.

Arsenal have a number of players who they would likely hope would spark their fancy, with the likes of Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Hector Bellerin, Cedric Soares, Alex Runarsson, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe and Alexandre Lacazette all able to fill those roles, whilst not currently being considered indispensable in North London at present.

I imagine Arsenal would accept allowing any of the above to use as a makeweight in the deal, but United are unlikely to take just anyone.

Hector Bellerin could pose as attractive if they believed that he could return to the player he once was, with the push of a new challenge spurring him on, but I believe the attacking trio could well prove to be the most attractive.

Lacazette is Arsenal’s top goalscorer at present with 15 goals, and represents a player who can be the main threat in attack, but also operate between the lines to free space for his fellow attackers. The Gunners stance on his future is uncertain, with just 12 months remaining on his current contract come the summer, and they may well have to allow him to leave in fear of losing him for free in the following close-season.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has to be Arsenal’s most frustrating player this season. We all know the ability that he possesses, and how important he can be to our success, but for whatever reason he seems disinterested. His goals have dried up, and his lateness have only moved to highlight that he isn’t taking things as serious as he should. United are unlikely to be put off however, and may well believe such a deal could resemble their former signing of Robin Van Persie.

The Red Devils were linked with a move to sign Pepe prior to his arrival in North London, and while his time at the Emirates hasn’t been straight forward, he clearly retains some ability. It remains to be seen if Mikel Arteta will be able to get that out of him however, and who would really be shocked if we decided to cut our losses this summer?

I personally think the most likely deal for all involved would be for Aubameyang to be used as the makeweight, partly because of his high wages and that he and Arteta no longer appear to be on the same page. For us however, despite Lacazette currently topping the charts, his departure looks extremely likely this summer one way or another, but I’m not sure the Red Devils would rate him as highly as he deserves.

Who do you think would be a fair trade this summer? Should Guendouzi maybe get a mention?


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  1. We’ll likely ignore Lingard in the summer, because his playing style isn’t suited for our tippy-tappy football and we’ve got too many CAMs already. If Ceballos and Odegaard don’t return to the Emirates next season, Smith-Rowe, Willian, Saka, Nelson, Willock, Cottrell, Patino and Hutchinson will compete for the no 10 role

    Instead of thinking about Lingard, we’d better worry about Leno. He shouldn’t have punched the ball too often in the last few games and his low confidence would likely cost us in Prague

    1. 100% correct we got already young players on loan ,those youngsterr must return for the position that the club need to bring lingaard for.

  2. If the club thinks Lingard is the player to bring us back from mediocrity, I’d like to know what they’re adding to their drinks.

  3. Anyone but Aubameyang. We have already seen what he is capable of. Single handedly carrying the team for the whole season. One of the top strikers in the premier league and in the world.

    They should work on bringing his head back to what he is supposed to do. It’s not a surprise his form this season because this season nearly all our players have digressed, I wonder why? Even Leno, one of the finest goalkeepers in the league.

    1. Patrick, do you honestly think that MAN UTD would be even remotely interested in any of our old rubbish on your list? They won’t look at IDLE AUBA, inconsistent and well average Pepe and non hot shot LACA, let alone the other dross you list.
      Live in the real world why don’t you, instead of finding any old flimsy excuse for an article!

      1. A lot of clubs would be interested in Aubameyang. He’s our best striker and still a top one. A lot of them have a bad season

      2. Mr Fox, do you have evidence to back this up. i.e. That they wont be interested?
        You clearly failed to state this is merely your opinion, so I believe it is safe to assume you have some evidence, maybe a source you would like to share?

        Now, I don’t think they would be interested, but this is merely my opinion and have no inside knowledge, so take it with a pinch of salt.

        1. Mambo, Yes I have the evidence of common sense. M U has four strikers already in RASHFORD MARTIAL, GREENWOOD AND CAVANI. Only Cavani is older than Auba.

          All the others are still young or very young and better than the Auba of this season. No sane club would entertain a 31 age, soon to be 32 age (striker by next season) who has just come off a rank bad season and who seems uninterested and lazy! THAT is the evidence of how sensible people will undoubtedly think.

          I leave it to you and to others to judge whether you personally are intelligent. But either way United are intelligent and what is more, unlike our club, they are ambitious and look to improve, not regress, the standard of players they employ. They are far more likely to be seriously interested in Kane or Haaland than idle, off form Auba, since they are ambitious. I am intelligent and that is my evidence!

      3. jon, I’d give Man U nothing as far as any deal is concerned. For one, I’d hate to see how effective Lacazette would be playing alongside their young fast forwards like Martial.

      4. Couldn’t agree with you more.Arsenal don’t sell players anyone we have to terminate their contracts as nobody wants are crap

      1. The only Arsenal players who I would say are not up to big team standards are Runarson, Chambers, Ceballos, Elneny, (Lacazette and Willian not for that kind of salary), Nelson and Nketiah. The rest with sound tactics are capable of achieving more.

        Aubameyang form this season as you have said is because of idleness not because of quality. He is still among if not the best striker in the premier league. Certainly above Vardy and slightly above or on par with Harry Kane.

          1. So why did Arteta award him that reported obscene salary Jon and why did he also give him and Willian three year contracts?
            Either he was also living in a FANTASY WORLD, or you have got it wrong… and are living in that fantasy world!!!

            HH have you watched Chambers in the last two matches he has played in?
            The same goes for Lacazette as well – he has played his heart out up front and I would keep him over Aubameyang any day of the week, especially this season.

          2. Ken, while I don’t doubt his quality Lacazette is already on a very high salary going into his thirties. Experience from Mesut, Aubameyang and Willian shows you don’t give a huge contract to players in or going in their thirties no matter the quality.

            If Lacazette has to be given a new deal it will cost the club more than 30 million over the course of three years with no guarantee that he will continue to work hard as he does now. That money in my opinion should be invested in a younger striker or even in another position as we already have Martinelli, Bologun and Nketiah.

            Although he works hard stats shows (if I have read them correctly) Lacazette has never scored more than 14 goals a season for Arsenal. I don’t question his work rate and commitment, only his salary and his age.

            The club should stop rewarding contracts to old players as we have not benefited anything by doing so and we are losing potential revenue of selling players because old players in big contracts are unsaleable. Its a lose lose situation with old players. I think I have read in one of your comments you don’t approve of these contracts as well.

            Chambers also while I don’t doubt his quality he has been an Arsenal player for 7 years and has yet to cement his position in the first eleven. He has been unlucky with injuries and here’s to hoping he will carry on with his current form and finally fulfill his potential because age is not on his side anymore.

  4. Man United are linked with Halland Greakish and Kane
    Why would they want Pepe , Cedric , Niles or Runnarson ?

  5. On the subject of possible transfer deals ,the most realistic to me would be to trade in AMN for Bissouma of Brighton who would form a formidable midfield hub with Partey.That deal, along with natural LB support for Tierney would be at the top of my priority list.As for an Auba/Lingard swap, pie in the sky are words which come to mind.

    1. Grandad, did you watch AMN tonight?
      He had an excellent game and, if MA has decided to let him go, we should be looking at £20 – £30,000,000 for him…. in my opinion.

      1. He did play well KEN, BUT your financial estimate of his worth ignores the new Covid reality world wide, with a tiny few exceptions. We will, IMO, be extremely lucky to get even £15 mill and more likely £8-10 mill only, evenif that!

        A player is only worth what we can actually get. Otherwise, it is merely a paper value and of no practical use ( except in future accounting).

    1. When I was a young man the rag and bone man used to pay us about fourpence for our old rubbish. Now, with inflation , we might get a fiver for Willian!

        1. Precisely so and how revealing of the sheer financial and serial incompetence at our club, going back many, many years.

  6. Since the Mancs got their fingers so badly burnt with Sanchez, I doubt they would want any of the above. If we HAD to have Lingard, it would be better a few of our quite promising youngsters, (not any of the best ones mind), plus a smaller fee. However, I’ve yet to meet a Gooner who doesn’t agree with me that we absolutely don’t want Lingard at our club.

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