Could Arsenal be set for DOUBLE Dortmund transfer swoop?

According to various Arsenal transfer rumours, Arsene Wenger could be set to add to the misery being suffered by the fans of the Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund this season by swooping in the January transfer window for two of the club’s star players.

Dortmund are languishing at the bottom of the Bundesliga table and despite beating the Gunners to top spot in our Champions League group, their draw for the next round is tougher than ours, with the Italian champions Juventus to get past.

That is why the German media think that Mats Hummels could be ready to call time on his eight year career in Dortmund, especially after recently revealing his frustration at the struggles the club is having this season. The 26-year old Germany international is one of the best centre backs in the world and Arsenal could certainly do with that to help our leaky defence, but it is thought that Man United are also very keen.

The other Dortmund player that could be heading to north London soon is their central midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, after the Daily Express reported that the 24-year old is not going to extend his current contract and does fancy a move to the Premier League.

Gundogan said, “Playing outside Germany is one of my big goals.

“If one day I leave here, I’d like to play in Spain or for one of the big teams in England.”

He is also being linked with Man United though and is nit the out an out defensive midfielder that many Arsenal fans are hoping for. But he is more like Mikel Arteta and that seems to be the sort of player that Wenger likes. So could Arsenal be set for a stunning double transfer swoop on beleaguered Dortmund? And would you be happy with Hummels and Gundogan?

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  1. Send Wenger back to Brazil and let him have some nice Brazil boooty again, mayb that will help in buying some new players bec last time it worked pretty well.

    We dont need Gundogan, but we need Hummels a lot as Merti hast past his best. ( i bet that Walcott can beat him with ease in a race by running backwards).

    1. mate send me to brazil for some booty! i guarantee i will find the next neymar by the 50th brazilian girl i ummm ‘get to know’


      1. It would be smarter to produce them our selfs. The Arsenal way, Homemade. If you know what i am saying XD

            1. They will never leave the club in jan with the club in so much trouble. They love that club and to imagine them leaving now well what message would that give, we have had our fair share of turn coats but for players having spent near a decade to leave in jan and from a relegation scrap well i cant imagine a player do it.

  2. would we be happy with hummels an gundogan?

    does a bear sh*t in the woods?
    is a pigs p*ssy pork?


    1. And does the Pope crap on the lives and dreams of 200 deaf boys?

      Had to throw little South Park there..

  3. varane is a centre back- hes french- hes 21 and he wants out

    wenger got ur mr bean as* on easy jet right now

    1. This! Hummels is admittedly my first choice for CB to sign but I’d be very happy with Varane. If we don’t get Varane Chelsea/Maureen will try their best

  4. i m ready to bet my house dat none of dem will join us. only one def will join us bcoz Mikel will b back and he will perform well making Wenger think we don’t need cdm nw

  5. Last year we where about to win the Epl and needed in jan new players to push for glory but Wenger bought only Kim Kalstrom. Top top top top top player.

    So dont hope to much with these rumours, we are just pumping our self up without any reason and do end up angry and depressed in the end anyway. A happy gunner is a stupid gunner so good luck.

    1. Agreed mate! If anyone thinks we are gunna spend the best part of 50-60millon on those to players in jan then they are as deluded as wenger thinking he can win the league

  6. to think we f#cken 2players away from competing and being a force in Europe,

    muituidi/laporta? hummels/sissokko? sniederlen/van dijk?

    its soo mind boggling that I view us as the Valencia of la liga and schalke of bundasliga,

    yes that is how far Arsenal has fallen. to be honest I don’t have bto much stress with our attack. a fit and confident ozil threading through balls to a fit walcot and rested sanchez? campell and welbeck and santi is there aswell. ramsey wilsh still in the frame. Attacking wise we could be soooooooo dangerous with everyone fit and raring

    #wait a minute that wont happen cause as soon as one player comes back, another 3 joins the CEO of our medical room(diaby).

    I dunno im just unmotivated to think of something positive when it comes to our team at the moment.

    Wenger go to brazil for 2 nights get three fine a## honies, come back and get those two crucial transfers thank you.


  7. Just watched soccer Saturday and the panel of le tiss, merse, charlie and my good self dissecting the arsenal team.. Referring to the Southampton debacle.. (Not forgetting the Stoke debacle)
    1. Scezeny, headless Buffoon what on earth was he doing kicking the ball away into opposition players feet instead of either jumping on it or allowing his defenders to clear it??
    2, Mertesacker – listen, we all know every fekin Tom dick and Harry know it – Mertesacker is clearly shite- why can’t Arsene see it???
    3, podolski, our best finisher, better than BENDTNER was but bendtner stayed for almost 3 years beyond his welcome and podolski goes at the first ask!?!? If we get an injury to Roger Sanchez who has carried us for the past 3 months we are literally up shit creek !!!!!

    Everyone knows we have become an average team and EVRYONE fancies there chances against us..
    I’ll say it again but the top4 this year is probably out of our reach- unless Arsene and the board act now to replace Mertesacker and podolski aswell as Arteta & Flamini with proper players capable of making us competitive not injured or unproven benchwarmers that make us look like the laughing stock of world football..
    5th richest club – well go and fekin prove it and make us competitive again!!

    1. I have this argument with my dad everyday,I really don’t care we are the fifth richest club in the world,football in my opinion is all about what happens on the pitch not in the accounting department,we as fans were sold a dream by the people at the top of our club including wenger that basically said after Ashburton grove was built we’d compete on the pitch with the best in Europe,guess what we haven’t,the only thing we’ve done is make a rich American and his associates even richer,wenger has been a willing participant in this. We the fans especially the season ticket holders have paid our fair share of the stadium for a mediocre team and manager for far too long now Wenger out,not upstairs and hope that Stan sells up soon

  8. Lads I’m seriously panicking about signings already lol he has to pull this window out the bag !! I’m sick of saying this is wengers last chance…. He’s had 8 from me already aha time to rock and roll Arsene !!

    Hummels or Varane
    Shneid or Wanyama

    Don’t think Gundogan is a DM is he ?

    1. If wenger and Ivan sign anything more than their wage slips I’d be surprised,he might sign one or two but they’ll be unneeded players,I won’t be expecting anyone of any note top 4 for me this year,too many teams improving around us

  9. Buy
    And I will forgive wenger
    But I predict
    A youngster
    An older player who we haven’t heard of

  10. Just get Moussa Sissoko from Newcastle. They will sell at the right price. He is French. And exactly what we need. No fuss. Oh not cup tied in any ways.

        1. you do? in that case i completely agree! sissoko is the greatest!
          i cant be swayed by public opinion

      1. Ofcourse you can Muff. But he is 25 and with the best of his career yet to come. And this year he is undoubtedly the best Newcastle player. He is more of a defensive midfielder than a box-to-box. Sissoko is 6’2inchs, good in the air, very good tackler and with a very good positional awareness.

        But again ofcourse we can disagree.

    1. He’s more of a B2B player so unless we sell Jack no point, we need a monster DM with Sanchez mentality
      And we need a defensive coach
      Oh for the days of 1-0 to the Arsenal

      1. Agree one million percent but do you not feel even with a squad full of defensive coaches and a team full of defenders we’d still conceed too much? We need at least one holding midfielder and two center halfs but the truth is wenger will never set a team up to compete either physically or out fight the opposition which unfortunately for him is a massive part of the game,I grew up during the terry neil years and remember the George Graham years well,the title winning teams of his were always well setup tactically and defensively but they were also for much of the time great to watch withs merson,rocastle,Davis and limpar to name but a few superb footballers.wenger for whatever reason whether it be because he’s an idiot or unwilling to realised you have to be able to park the bus and defend as a team when necessary.please don’t tell me that his first sides did,it isnt coincidence that the last time we won the league we still had winners from the George Graham years still in the team

        1. Not to take away from your point which I think is largely correct, but who from the George Graham years was still around the last time we won the title? I can only think of Parlour and Keown and Keown never won the league under George Graham (although I understand that he experienced that environment). I think you’re largely correct about post-Invincibles Arsenal but I also think Wenger does deserve more credit/respect for building the Invincibles and particularly putting together the defence and goalkeeper. He did also put together a side in 07/08 that really should have won the league, included nobody from the George Graham era and barely anyone even from the Invincibles side. Only incredible misfortune prevented us winning the title that season and it was really the major turning point in Wenger’s and the club’s fortunes imo.

          1. Fair point davi I was a bit over zealous there,I was merely trying to emphasise my point in that Graham had ‘winners,strong characters etc’ in our team then and I don’t believe we have many more than a handful be honest wenger had more than a few times where we were close to winning the league and missed out by a point or two however firstly I believe we should have retained the league at least once and secondly on more than one occasion we finished at least ten points behind united from memory and with the team/squad we had I think we could have had so much more just with a little extra,I habe to be honest the issue for me and maybe others us that wenger can do nothing right now whoever he signs,unfortunately I think he would have been best served leaving in the summer with the knowledge of leaving on a high note because we have no chance of competing for the league and champions league anytime in the next four or more years whatever wenger says HOWEVER at the same time my season ticket will keep on increasing and I have to keep on justifying it to Mrs Simonsays!

            1. Yes, I think it’s been said that Wenger is not really an inspirational leader in the way Mourinho is, he’s more a calm, intelligent guy who treats the players as people. He used bring in players already with that winning mentality, like Vieira, Henry etc and they fit in perfectly with the winners already at the club, and that’s definitely been eroded in recent seasons.
              Yes, can’t argue about the season ticket prices. Was it worth it to leave Highbury?

              1. Now there is a question which opens a massive debate about how OUR club is run but the answer has got to be yes,I miss Highbury and to say I loved the clock end as a child through to leaving there for the grove as an adult is an understament,although the stadium has been a financial burden obviously it is still a wonderful place to watch football in,but football and especially Arsenal has changed so much in the last thirty years,I really am concerned about how much our supporters are charged either season tickets or match day sales including food/drink,we have removed a vast core of our traditional support and young because of these prices.
                Stan is a sports investment businessman and no doubt a very good one who has profited,in my opinion hill-wood who sold the fans down the river is to blame for selling his shares (along with the rest of the board then-it was only Bracewell-Smith who admitted she sold to the wrong person)wenger as an employee of Arsenal fc has done everything what the club needs ie finish forth,however I do honestly believe with a different more tactically astute manager we would be in a better place now and maybe even won the league last season

          2. champions league final, I think the future of our club was massively altered on that fateful night in paris. we lost the players who had brought the invincibles (campbell, lehmann, cole, toure, pires, henry) less than two years later and we just didn’t really replace them or have enough experience in the team and fabregas became the embodiment of arsenal after that despite being such a young age. The player attraction to cl winners would have seen us acquire better players during a period where financially we had to be quite astute and couldn’t afford top market, but also perhaps driven the team to stay together longer and achieve more

            1. jt – perhaps, but still a year later we went on to have, in my mind at least, a side fully capable and deserving of winning the league even after losing most of those massive players (I think only Toure and Lehmann were still there and I don’t think Lehmann was clear 1st choice that year). Had Eduardo not been injured I don’t think anyone could have caught us and we’d have been in a much better position either hold onto the players that left or replace them more effectively over the summer. We’d also have had Eduardo who looked like a pretty special player.

            2. I think Eduardo was that last unknown diamond signing we made and it’s becoming less and less likely that we can make another with the scouting of other sides throughout Europe now. Now we have to spend 40m on players of that quality and Ozil has shown what a risk it is. Player of very high ability clearly but I don’t think anyone can say he’s justified the money we paid since he’s been here.

              1. I concur, but losing one player and our demise afterwards showed, at least to me, that experience is vital in those circumstances and I think that not many players had that experience of battling for results or picking points up playing badly. We still had a goal threat in adebayor who if I’m not mistaken scored 24 in the pl that season, but I do agree losing eduardo was a big loss as he was pretty special

  11. Off topic but can we please be told what the hell is going on with Diaby? As far as I can gather, he’s been off the injury list for the last couple of months but “isn’t ready.” If I was a cynic I’d almost think he is being wrapped in cotton wool so he doesn’t get another injury until after this window closes.

    Hull is a perfect game for Diaby to start. If he doesn’t then Wenger should just be honest with us and let us know what the real situation is and put us out of our misery.

    1. Hopefully Our new german trainer is getting him strong so when he does come back it’s without glass legs

  12. Here is a list of names of possible transfers that have been floating around and approx values

    In Millions £
    Sissoko: 10
    Gundagan: 18
    Bender:  20
    Bender: 15
    Carvalho: 18
    Kondogbia: 14
    Khedira: 20
    Milner: 12

    Reus: 45
    Benzema: 40
    Cavani: 50
    Huntelaar: 10
    Higuain: 35

    Hummels: 30
    Schar: 7
    Van dijk: 5
    Reid: 6
    Howedes: 15
    Smalling: 11
    Subotic: 18

    1. Rues is going Real Madrid pre agreement
      Huntelaar signed a new deal

      Lars bender hasn’t improved for 2years
      Sissokko isn’t a dm

      Subotic won’t be sold
      Reid,smaliing not good enough

      1. Sissoko isnt a DM, but he brings pace and a much needed physicality to the midfield. His versatility to play on the flanks as well is probably why Le Douche is interested.

        And of course he’s French

  13. january transfers, no way, won’t happen
    why?, wenger has to justify his 8mil salary to stan
    if he can’t win trophies then the only way wenger can keep his job is cut costs and profit max

  14. Mr bean will keep waiting then when the window closes he will come up with his favourite line…’not many players are available in the winter…we did not find better quality than what we already have’ bearing in mind that what we have includes flamini,mert,and sanogo…

  15. Van Djik……10M
    Wanyama or Morgan S…..15-25M

    50M spent and only FS cup tied

    Get Cavani and Varane/Hummels in the summer

    And yes I have a date with Jennifer Lawrence later. Lol

  16. We used to think dat German players who wish to play in epl wud really consider arsenal because of ozil podolski and mertesacker. But now since podolski has left, and ozil spends more time being injured and mertesacker being out of form nd often criticized by fans, d presence of remaining 2 German players no longer acts as a good enough reason for German players to join us.

  17. Arsenal is one of the most profitable companies in sports, you think they will disrupt their profitability by buying expensive players in the January transfer window? They will plug in the holes, returning players and one of Southampton/west ham will falter eventually giving us the coveted top 4.

    you want change, come together all 5 million AFC fans and start a campaign to force Kroenke out that’s the only way.

  18. I don’t know what is worse.

    Wenger sitting on his hands doing nothing or people linking us with players like Hummels and Cavani who are clearly beyond our level of ambition and spending capabilities.

    Settle with nothing because thats all you will get with Arsenal.

    Except may be Kim Kallstrom again…

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