Arsenal waiting for Real Madrid decision on striker?

Arsenal are in the hunt to bring in a new striker this summer, and have so far failed to do so, but does Wenger have a trump card in mind?

Our club was strongly linked with the capture of Alvaro Morata toward the end of last season, with Real said to be looking to trigger a buy-back clause, in order to sell him on for a profit.

All appeared to be going to plan, until the striker’s impressive performances for Spain in the European Championships made the club reconsider his importance to the club.

They were claimed to have raised his asking price to in excess of £50 Million, while the star was added to their playing squad, and they now have two top options available to play in the sole striker role, although neither is expected to be happy playing a bit-part role.

Arsene Wenger has already implied he will be looking to do his business within the final week of the transfer window, which could be deemed a risk, but maybe he has already had an inclination that Real Madrid could have to decide on keeping only one of their goalscorers.

The French boss has long been linked with a move for Karim Benzema, and with a replacement already included in their squad, this summer could be his best chance yet to land his countryman.

Benzema had his best league tally of goals last season however, and I believe Morata would be the more likely capture, and he may push for an exit should he not be chosen to start in any of the three league fixtures prior to the windows close on August 31.

I know we are all going crazy awaiting the arrival of a striker for the upcoming season, but hopefully Arsene Wenger has something special up his sleeve…

Would you prefer Morata or Benzema?

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  1. Madrid will choose Benzema over Morata, no doubt.
    Simply crazy, every over rated strikers worth 50M pounds these days. For that reason I don’t think AW will sign Morata. He, as his antics, will make another gambling with Theo or Chuba Akpom as Giroud partner whole this season.

    1. Yea is crazy… every Striker that has some talents is getting a 30M+ price tag…. FK we sold Afobe 2 season too soon.

  2. This article is nonsense,Real Madrid will not sell Benzema or Morata because they need depth as they are aiming to win everything La Liga,Champions League and Copa Del Rey

  3. OT : Maybe Mahrez is coming to Arsenal. I think Ranieri wants the fans to that he did his best to make him stay …

  4. Why do Arsenal fans insist on going for players that have no motivation to play for us ? Morata chose the Madrid bench over challenging for CL with Juve, what makes you think he wants to join Arsenal and play here for years to come ? Be realistic, he doesn’t have the motivation that we desperately need to win trophies and he’s not as good as you many people hype him to be. Dyabala and Jese are both better than him and neither of them have had massive interest from the top clubs this transfer market.

    1. I will go one step further….

      Why do Arsenal fans insist on going for a player who chose the Real bench and who has yet to prove he can actually score even 15 goals in a season??

      We should be glad he chose Real.

      1. Go one step further and try and understand the buy back clause Real Madrid inserted in the sale of Morata to Juve.

    2. There’s 2 possibilities you’ve neglected. Firstly, Morata may be motivated to displace Benzema from the Real team & go for La Liga & the Chamoions League with them, in seasons to come. Alternatively, he may have wished to remain at Juve & compete with Dybaka/Mandzukic -but been brought back to Spain against his wishes, due to Real’s buy back clause.
      Anyway…. I think you’ve got little basis to question his motivation. He will also be a great player, when he puts everything together.
      Also, Jesé has moved to PSG- certainly a top club paying a top wage…. & who knows who else was in for him.

  5. Draxler is literally exactly what we need. He has everything it takes and more to become a striker of the highest caliber – Pace, Height, Strength, Shot Power, and he’s young.

    He could excel with hold up play due to his height and strength, but he also possesses the speed and trickery to take on defenders. He also WANTS to come to Arsenal, unfortunately Wolfsburg aren’t letting it happen this summer… Hoping for some magic.

    1. I don’t know if he is perfect for Arsenal. But he checks a lot of the right boxes – that is for sure.

  6. Morata is a very talented footballer who is yet to fulfill his massive potential due to the fact he had never been given a real chance to do so. Reason be, both clubs he represented so far in his career are massive clubs with world-class personal in position, which naturally is going to limit his opportunity and hinder his growth at the same time.
    When I watched him, I saw a lewandowski(without the goals) type, great movements and very technical.
    A move away from madrid to a club where he’ll be guaranteed starter will do him a world of good in fulfilling his potential.
    We ain’t that club though.

    1. Yes. Poor, poor Morata. Nobody has given him a chance.

      Are you friggin serious???? He has rarely scored for club with many appearances and was handed a free pass for the national team without ever having done one thing to earn it.

    2. There is no talent in the footballing world worth 50M. Please note, Pogba and Naymar is proven in their league before the massive transfer.

  7. The public sucking-up continues to spew forth from young players hoping to earn favor with their new high-profile managers. First it was fringe City players – now it is ManU.

    In one of the most obvious acts of brown-nosing ever attempted, Lingaard has now publicly claimed that Josey Mourinho is just a fun-loving hoot in training – constantly cracking jokes etc – just a lovable fellow apparently.

    Jesse, you will find out just how much the monster loves to have fun the minute you get on his bad side (which is not hard to do because all of his sides are bad) or the minute he needs someone to blame for any minor problem or failure.

    1. Perhaps this explains maureens problem, he starts off well, motivates his players etc. He then takes a dislike to a good player like mata and gets rid if him. Then when things get difficult or someone annoys him (like the chelsea doctor) his true character shows. Players and staff start thinking ” it could be me next”. Moral falls and performance with it.

      Lets hope this decline starts next week at manu. Spend a fortune and fail would be great.

  8. Why not go for Dybala…Juve got Higuan
    Why not go for Martial … Manu got Ibra
    Why not go for Morata…Real got Benz

    Always going for the bench
    We need to change our mentality and fight for the best…Which is not possible with arsene
    To be the best we need to go for best but atm it seems like we are happy with every average playera we’re linked with 🙁

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