Could Arsenal benefit if Gnabry stayed put for another year? (Opinion)

Bayern Munich Sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic told reporters that he’d like to convince Serge Gnabry to stay beyond the summer, and that could benefit Arsenal.

The German giants have been shrewd in signing top players for nothing in previous years, and they could well be leaving themselves open for that to happen to them.

Gnabry has just 12 months remaining on his current deal, and at present seems closed to the idea of extending those terms.

Bayern could well look to cash-in this summer, should they receive a suitable offer for his signature before the trensfer window closes, but if not, we may have a fair shot at re-signing him in a year’s time.

At that point, we will hopefully have shown massive improvement in the Premier League and have sealed a return to the Champions League, and that could well be massive in trying to convince him to come back and help us continue to build into the top team we deserve to be.

Gnabry definitely deserves to be playing in Europe’s elite competition, but so does Arsenal, and fingers crossed we could well be preparing for the 2023-24 edition together.

Do you think we would need CL football in order to convince our academy star to return in the near future?


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  1. meanwhile back in the real world, City are on the verge of signing Phillips as a back-up to Rodri, yet we still don’t have a single DM of consequence on our entire roster…that’s how you conduct business!!!

    1. 42 million +3 million add ons why can’t we fo business like that instead we pay over the odds for cast off’s

    2. @The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever

      Remember that City are funded by a country, with endless funds. And like PSG, the Premier League and UEFA allows them to break FFP rules.

      1. that has nothing to do with this particular transaction, as they didn’t pay some ridiculous fee for this player…this is about a club knowing how to conduct business and getting the job done

      2. This is where I have issue with some pro Arteta supporters that they will jump on defense of every criticism big or small even if it is a true and valid criticism.

        Jonbo if we were executing our moves that smartly we would have been in a better place right now. What is wrong with someone wanting our club to conduct business like other top clubs does?

        I really admire and commend your dedicated and unwavering support of Arteta. If only you could have done the same to the club!

      3. Agree, and the player has all the power to choose the club he prefers, so the selling club has very little to do, either accept lower transfer fees or have a disgruntled player on the roster. Take a look at Bellerin, not willing to move anywhere other then Betis and not willing to contribute anything here either. Look at Torrera, hell bent on joining Florentina, so what do we do? Why somebody signed these players in the first case? These wannabes are tempted with money and London comforts, then do not want to move on our terms. This is a sick culture left behind by the greatest one.
        Phillips, Bowen, Rice are players that can walk into any EPL club. While City was taken over with the firm intention of winning titles, they hired class managers – Manchini and Pep, coaches hell bent on wining, while we fans were happy and content with the “Top Four Tropheeeeeee” Had we hired Jose or Klopp or Tuchel years back or even Emery instead of sticking with a deadwood manager, we would have picked up a European cup by now. All three have won something in Europe – I’m talking of Jose with Roma and Emery at Seville/Villareal. The fault lies with us fans for not booting out the deadwood earlier and now a miniscule minority section of the fans want the man who his building strong foundations for success to go. How ironic, how disgusting, how shameful! And they call themselves fans and supporters!

        1. How ironic how disgusting how shameful that you call our fellow Arsenal supporters if they don’t support a manager that they see as lightweight and incompetent and in the same breath you constantly slag off our greatest manager every chance you get ,fans like you make me cringe TBH ,your not the only one but you head the pack that’s for sure .

      4. In the final analysis, the $$$ comes from u & me. They squeeze us for the petrol & use it to throw ridiculously exorbitant amts on their expensive toys.

    3. Arsenal “don’t do DM’s”; it has been an unwanted position since Gilberto Silva left. Francis Coquelin was the last player to occupy that position and he was sold as “surplus to requirements”.
      Unfortunately Arsenal’s midfield will continue to be porous, lightweight and leak goals like a sieve.

  2. Gnabry as a free agent will have a lot of suitors. Now may be the best time to do a deal, paying a fee – free agents tend to demand high wages and that, as we know only too well, makes failures harder to move on.

    1. unless Bayern gets really petty, which they’ve done in the past, and Gnabry has another productive season, I just can’t see him going anywhere near this amateur hour operation…it’s like quitting Google to take a call center gig in the Philippines

      1. Are you just trying to be sarcastic because that is what it looks like? Are you a true fan of the red and white?

        Arsenal is still and always a top attraction for players. Cmon bro. Stop this

          1. obviously I’m being sarcastic, whoever you are…btw Arsenal is no longer a top attraction for players or have you been in a coma for the last decade and a half…if you have, I do apologize for previous comment

            1. Which club do you support ?
              We support a club that as gone downhill for a decade ,some of us keep our heads above that sand that some others bury theirs in .

              1. TRVL and DK, apparently you are not a supporter, if you dont accept mediocrity and want Arsenal FC to achieve at the top level.

                  1. All we want is the success we used to get and not the dross we get now. I think that is a true supporter!!!!!!!

  3. OT: Arsenal and Manchester City have reached a verbal agreement for Gabriel Jesus. Negative fans always say no big player would join us. There you go!

    1. what exactly is your definition of a “big” player? obviously not according to height (lol)

        1. were you sent by someone with an agenda? is that you Pat? nice try…have a great evening and wishing you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors

          1. Hey TRVL, at least it gives you a chance to invent a brand new conspiracy theory!

            Yet again, anyone who disagrees with you has “an agenda” and you will hound them out…

            1. Well said.

              If I were in the conspiracy theory business, I might wonder if these two accounts are being operated by the same person. They seem to pop up quite often to agree with and defend each other?

              But no, that can’t be right – surely no-one would sink to those depths just to post on a football site.

            2. Admin, you need to be fairer in your view, otherwise you are letting this site slip into a waste of space. You must appreciate that something is not right. Lets just say, the “so called negative posters” just so we are clear are the only ones that get the spurious one line insults, from spurious posters who dint really have any other input. Or is that just manufactured.

            3. So should the “positive posters” think that Dan kit, trvl and reggie are all the same person because you all back each other up?

      1. If you don’t consider Jesus to be a “big” player, then please sit down, relax, take a few deep breaths and wait for nursey to come and give you your medication. ;-))…
        Jesus IS a big player. He’s our summer marquee signing and he’ll attract others to the Gunners just because he has signed (Or… Hopefully he will sign!)

    2. According to Sky we’ve gone back with an improved bid for Raphinha
      Whether either are your cup of tea at least Edu is doing something other than jet skiing so far this transfer window

      1. SueP, if we get raphina, i dont think Saka is staying and i dont think Jesus will be striker either. Or Nketiah come to that. People have forgot about Sakas contract situation.

      2. Yes and to be fair, they were quite busy last year too (although there were a lot of outgoings back then).

        It will be interesting to see if “the project” looks to be near completion at the end of this window. At some point someone upstairs will expect results.

  4. It may be that Gnabry has a soft spot for Arsenal. He has become a serious player and goes goalward like lightening. I’m not sure we play the way in which he could benefit the most. I liked him all those years ago and if we did get him it would be interesting.

  5. It is a bit worrying though, Sue P, why are we only shopping for Portuguese speakers?, and won’t it create cliques? A bit lazy on the part of Edu,there is a whole other world out there to tap into. Still with those above mentioned players it would be difficult to play static football. I still think getting Tielemans and turfing Xhaka is the key. Looking less likely though.

  6. As it stands we are improving our squad but a major change needs to occur in the midfield.

    Slow, rash, and static players who are big and know her to make short passes should not been welcomed again.

    This is how I think Arteta would line up this team as it stands when everyone are fit –


    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Xhaka. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Tomiyasu.


    I would rather have Xhaka and White replaced by Fábio and Saliba respectively.

    Hopefully, we make the signing of Jesus official and then add Raphinha, Martinez for left back, and Tielemans.

    That would be an excellent summer transfer window for me though.


    Saka. Fábio. Raphinha.

    Tielemans. Partey.

    Martínez. Gabriel. Saliba. Tomiyasu.


    Honorable mentions – Martinelli, Odegaard, Smith-Rowe, Tierney, White.

    Now this is what would be the true definition of squad depth.

      1. Anyone can be a captain on a match day. It is just all about leading by example on the pitch.
        Ramsdale, Saka, Partey, Gabriel can be captain of the above mention team I believe would be strong.

        There are times Xhaka has captained the team and produced errors that caused us. So sometimes that title can just be for mere name sake.

        1. That’s probably a good solution to the captaincy which has been a bit of a problem for some time now – the last few captains have not felt like they were right for the role.

          When you think of a Roy Keane, described by Ferguson as “the most intimidating individual I have ever met”, who leads by example, never takes a backward step – but doesn’t get red-carded often, is rarely injured and, importantly, can make players play for him… that’s what a real permanent captain looks like.

          If you don’t have one of those, then a game-by-game captaincy as you suggest seems the best option.

          Rugby has started creating a “leadership group” so that they can have leaders in different places on the field and it means that they don’t need to select anyone for every game. The problem with an out and out team captain is that he should be someone who is always selected and that’s not easy to guarantee these days (nor should you want to, if you appoint flighty people like Aubameyang in the role).

          Also, if you run a squad rotation system (as you kind of have to if you’re in 4 competitions) then your captain can’t play every match or you’d wear him out.

          The captaincy is often decided by who the players look up to and take their lead from, which isn’t something supporters can easily see from our armchairs – and it isn’t something managers can dictate either, you just have to see how the dynamic is in the group.

    1. SJ
      That is some team. ‘From your mouth to the ears of Karma’. I like Tielemans too.

    2. 1-3-2-4 seems an unusual formation? 🙂

      Part of the problem in the first line-up is pulling Xhaka back into where he tends to make costly mistakes.

  7. Mhen…some fans comment about Arsenal is really pathetic. Arsenal don’t spend, they criticize. Now, they’re spending, the narrative is the player is average, he’s light weight blah blah blah…Negative vibes and the season hasn’t commenced. Why not shut up? Does everything the club is currently doing not a sign of encouragement for we the fans? As if you negative trolls are even perfect in life?

  8. All guns blazing, ay Ernie. It’s only an opinion to kill time during the off season, so go back to sleep.

  9. As Gnabry’s quality is said to be way above that which Raphinha has., But that’s according to the football experts
    Then, rather for AFC to wait till next term, why should they not sign Gnabry this summer if they can?
    And what about Arsenal interest to sign Gianluca Sumacca this summer? Who AFC heve been reported to have submitted a bid for to sign him this summer but which was reportedly rejected.
    I think in addition to AFC acquiring G Jesus this summer who they are on the verge to do. However,I think it looks to be imperative for AFC to pursue the acquisition of GS by them to a successful logical conclusion this window in the absent of them signing Victor Osimhen who is my preferred option. So that the team can be guaranteed a 3 man top quality strikers in the striker’s Dept. For a top quality 3 man strikers personnel for adequate options and to provide cover next season

    1. Patrick Schick is better than Scamacca, and people think Gnabry’s wage demands will be too high (because of what’s going on at Bayern), but all he wants is parity with Sane (Bayern’s own doing). We should at least try and go in for Gnabry and find out the truth (he doesn’t speak Portuguese though, it’s highly unlikely).

  10. S.j. I actually like the setup you have there even to the subs I just don’t think Gabriel Jesus is going to be that goalscoring no9 we need and have been missing last season. He is a good player no doubt but only as a winger & not a CF. He’s no Aguero put it that way, as he is small in height and stature. He’s tricky but so are most attacking Brazilians, hasn’t done near enough to warrant £250k a week after all the work we done to get thay wage bill down to give it all to him!!

    £45m for a player in last year of his deal who doesn’t start, wants to leave to play up top but is considered world class and has never hit more than 10goals in a league season in a superstar billion pound team.

    1. Gabriel Jesus has has never played 30 games as a starter before. I think he had a 14 goal premier league season in 2019 or 2020 in 29 matches as a sub, starter, and playing from the wings.

      I strongly believe if he is made the focal point of out attack, stays fit for at least 32 games in which he starts up front and plays the full 90 minutes, he would improve his goal tally.

      I am positive about Jesus. He has the hunger, drive and skill in him. He is also approaching his prime. He also wants to prove a point to the football world as Brazil’s top 9 for the world cup.
      My gut feeling tells me he will score at least 20 goals for us with the right players around him, if he stays fit, starts up front for at least 32 games and plays the full 90 minutes.

      Jesus got the qualities to excel as a premier league striker. He can dribble, he has good first touch, he has good ball control, he is fast, he can press, he can shoot, he can pass, shockingly he is also a good header of the ball.

      We should get excited for this young talent we are about to make official. I believe we will see the best part of his career starting from August 5th against Crystal Palace.
      Let’s be positive and look at the bright side of this signing.

      My preferred team again if we get all the rumored signings (4-2-3-1) –


      Saka. Fabio. Raphinha.

      Tielemans. Partey.

      Martínez. Gabriel. Saliba. Tomiyasu.


      My 9 subs – Turner, Nketiah, Martinelli, Odegaard, Smith, Elneny, Tierney, White, Cedric.

  11. Lol.. you call these negativity, opinions? This same know it all ain’t perfect in Life or even at their jobs
    Well see everyone next season

  12. Let’s give the man a chance, he can play the number 9 role well. Unlike Arsenal, 1 bad performance means 7 months on the bench. He’ll get a proper chance at Arsenal and go on to prove you wrong. In the meantime, support your team !! I would love to see Schick come in as a plan B striker

  13. To be fair to Patrick ,his attempt to forecast what could well happen a year from now is NOT at all far fetched!

    Gnabry DOES seem to be a Gooner at heart and I , for one, forecast us being a significantly better side by NEXT summer than we are right now.

    So, who knows? Stranger things have certainly happened and looking a step or two ahead , though realistically, is what I usually try to do. So why not Patrick too, then!

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