Could Arsenal cash in on Matthieu Debuchy and save Jenkinson?

There is an interesting Arsenal rumour coming out of France that our talented right-back Matthieu Debuchy is set to be a summer target for Paris St Germain. The French international only arrived at the Emirates last summer from Newcastle for £12 million but has had an unlucky season with injuries and has only actually played 10 games for the Gunners.

He recently revealed that he had had a “black season” at Arsenal and surprisingly also admitted that he wanted to go back to France at some point. He said: “I felt good, and then there were these two operations.

“I cannot say it’s a good season, far from it. I would say that it is a black season for me.

“Anyway, I learned a lot during the three months I played and also when I was injured, off the field.

“Although I am disappointed with the season, I’ll keep look on the positive side.”

He also revealed on Voix des Sports: “I still have three and a half years contract at Arsenal, but to finish my career at Lille, that’s my goal….”

In the meantime, Hector Bellerin has been very impressive in his place, and our very own Carl Jenkinson has been earning rave reviews over on loan at West Ham, and their have also been rumours that Liverpool, as well as the Hammers, are ready to make a bid for the lifelong Arsenal fan.

We all know hat Debuchy is a very classy player, but the fact is that he 29 years of age, while Jenkinson is the senior man of the other two and he is only 23. Surely it makes more sense to hold on to Jenkinson and let Debuchy leave?

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  1. Why not keep both…We always have injuries.. And for Jenko..He would be the last to leave Arsenal and join a rival club..Also he could be used as a cover for our CB position.. We wouldn’t sell now.That was the past when we used to sell players..This time we’re Strong..Very Strong.. COYG

    1. debuchy turns 30 in a few months, if someone came in with near 20 mill for him.
      i would sell…sure with our scouting system we could find someone for half the money just as good, we have bellerin aswell

      can use the money left over towards a cdm or st

      1. Why think about the money? We have enough money we don’t need to lose our first choice right back two years running, especially a man who already has PL experience. We look more stable when he’s in the defensive line – the man is a lot more experienced and more solid than anyone we have in that position, we should definitely keep him at all costs.

        1. More important than the money is to keep Jenko…..
          I felt sad when sagna (who was leaving) got to play the FA cup final instead of him, and i really think he deserves another chance to be our RB

          1. Whats most important is whats best for Arsenal, not whats best for players even if growing up they where Gooners. Keeping our best RB is whats best for Arsenal, his experience is invaluable a French International none the less.

  2. its a bad idea, bellerin need him around for another season or two, to gain from his experience. by then both jenk and bellerin are completely ready.

  3. Its out of Metro but
    I would take that scenario.
    15 mill from the Debuchi
    sale and get Jenks back.
    Chambers will still get game time as a CB.
    3 English players in the defense squad.
    Good deal.

  4. Klopps resign? Why too early. I think they fire Pegellerini. Perfect replacement to Wenger when he RETIRE!!! WAIT 2 MORE YEARS!!!!

    1. bloody hell, amazing after all hes achieved one bad season hes offski.

      something tells me hummels to man u was final straw for him,
      every season losing star players….
      respect wenger in that he keeps it movin regardless of the situation with players leaving etc

      1. Klopp’s situation makes me respect Wenger even more BVB have only really sold 2 superstars well maybe 3 but they got Kagawa back (not that he was a superstar at Man U) but they’ve got a really strong squad and they’ve spend a lot of money on replacements for the likes of lewandowski. And I know there had injuries but look at Wenger had to sell players season after season had bad injuries every season not had money to replace players and still finished in the top 4 every season.

  5. come on,we can,t be selling every player who nears 30 ,the young players need experienced players to learn from,right now i think we have a good balance between youth and experience!!

  6. Both Bellerin and Debuchy are miles better thank Jenkinson. Quite frankly I want Jenkinson nowhere near the first team, the guy might try hard but he is far too flat footed for a full back and clumsy at times. I’d rather we let him go and promote one of the youngsters or invest into another younger right back who can overtime learn from Debuchy and Bellerin (even though Bellerin is so young already he is already handling the best in the BPL)

  7. I think I am the only person that keeps saying I rate Jenkinson more than Debuchy. I keep saying Bellerin and Jenkinson should be our future RB and that Jenks should come back next season to fight for his place. I don’t mind loaning him again but don’t dare sell him, I have been so impressed by his game this season. The Coq was on the blink and we got lucky Arteta got injured and Flamini has been a joke.

    Don’t sell him and then in a few seasons we will be looking for a replacement for Debuchy.

    We have not looked out of place at RB when Bellerin has played, so we have not missed anything. Debuchy was getting skinned by speedy and tricky wingers like Chambers was earlier in the season, he kept getting yellow cards. He is a good player with experience but slow as hell.

  8. TBH i was mad at Wenger many times but when you look at his situation from last years he did amazingly good, look at Milan, Inter, BvB, they are all in trouble and they know how we felt in those years, now we are coming back to our best, tbh at moment no one would do better job than Wenger, next season we will win Epl i am 100% sure, things are looking extreamly good, all players injury free, fight for places, great winning streak what can you ask more? No one knows Arsenal as Wenger, so i would say lets pass on Klopp and lets beat him next year on Etihad 😀

  9. Just saw crazy stat, David Ospina played 12 games for Arsenal and we won 11, 91% of winning games LOL

  10. Sell Debuchy then have jenko, bellerin, and chambers for the RB spot
    Get a top CB like hummels
    Would love for Theo to stay but if he goes we should get Alexandre Lacazette still only 23 very fast and scores for fun.
    Get a DM cos even though le Coq is playing great we have no one else.
    with a few tweaks we should be challenging for everything

  11. Selling Debuchy would be crazy. He is our best RB people think it’s ok to intentionally weaken our squad.

    I don’t care what age he is. We don’t need to sell to find transfers anymore.

  12. Have to say that if we could get the estimated £25m being rumoured for jenkinson and debuchy, signed the free transfer for benfica and spent the 25m on reus I would say that is bloody great transfer business. The fact is that come the end of the season we will have 31 players born 1993 or before, so 6 have to move on at the very least. We will surely allow galindo, ajayi ryo and diaby to leave on free transfers, and possibly arteta and rosicky, but the likes of flamini, debuchy, Jenkinson, podolski campbell and sanogo could bring in much needed extra funds whilst not really damaging the nucleus of the squad. Even without those 12 and no new signings our starting x1 bench and rest of squad remains healthy

    Bellerin Mertesacker koscielny monreal
    Ramsey cazorla ozil alexis

    Szczesney Gabriel gibbs Wilshire chamberlain Walcott welbeck

    Martinez Chambers hayden bielik zelalem gnabry akpom wellington.

    Allowing those 12 departures would free up space and funds for up to 6 world class signings, that could take us on to the aspirational level we all dream about.

  13. sell diaby, wheelchair, so no goal, debuchy, Campbell,
    keep Rosicky, flamini, Jeckinson, Walcott, Arteta, poldolski.
    buy a defender, defensive midfielder and keeper.
    arsenal wins treble next season.

  14. Debuchy is better than Sagna imho
    I didn’t want Sagna to leave but Debuchy was an excellent replacement

    At RB we have Debuchy, Bellerin, chambers and Jenkison. We are good at RB. We need another LB though.

    I say keep all 4 RB
    Debuchy won’t last forever and Jenkison is still young.

    2 alternatives
    1. Keep Jenkison and let Chambers concentrate on CB and DM
    2. Loan out Jenkison again

    I prefer option 1

    1. If Westham is up for it we should loan out Jenkinson to them again for another season. He stays in London and we can monitor his progress. He is homegrown under old and proposed new rules so very valuable.

      After the 15/16 season we can see where Debuchy is at. He will still have 2 years left on his contract and could become a target to sell.

      I feel better going forward next season with Debuchy & Bellerin on RB then with Bellerin & Jenkinson.

      Alternatively we move Bellerin more up to be a RW, Bale also moved from RB to RW.

      1. Been saying that Belerin is more of a winger than a RB.
        So dangerous now that he has been cutting into the box and scoring, fast, good dribbler and an eye for goal.
        He has learnt how to defend, which Wenger wants from every player, let him move forward and replace Theo who simply can’t defend.

  15. First time in eons we have 2 reliable players in each of the back 4 positions – all of whom can do a job in the 1st team if called upon. Really bad idea to “cash in” on Debuchy. Jenks has looked good at WH for much of the season but he has still had a few mares in his time there – Debuchy has to be the more reliable option. At 29 he is hitting prime time for a FB. We need that experience. One thing going against Debuchy is his injury record – but I think fair to say he has been incredibly unlucky rather than being an injury prone type.

  16. Klopp mentioned taking a year sabbatical. This is big news!!!! I’ve I were Gazidis, I’d be chomping at the bit. Lock up Klopp this summer. During the 2015-16 season they allow Klopp to get accustomed to the club, players, media, and the fans. I hope we are the team he has in mind. Let Wegner take another kick at the can and then 2016 summer, Wegner passes over the reigns to his successor Klopp!

    1. Arsenal have went through the tough times and now have a seat at the high stakes table with the rest of the major clubs. London is an attractive destination to most players due to being one of the biggest cities in the world. Secondly, Arsenal have a history of playing attractive football. The new stadium coupled with new commercial deals; the team is on horizon. The foundation is in place for the next manager to call the Emirates home for 20+ years and take this club to new heights!

        1. I misread the article. Guess he’s not taking a sabbatical. Sign him 2015 summer as Wegner’s understudy. Makes so much sense. Maybe difficult but if Klopp has an open mind he too can learn from Wegner’s wisdom! Also Klopp would bring in potential transfer targets that Arsenal may not be looking at.

          If he ends in City I’d give Klopp two thumbs down. Garbage club that has no respect or loyalty! They throw money at anything that moves.

  17. The guy is turning 30 very soon so if there’s itnerest in him we should sell him and keep Jenko/bellerin.

  18. Ignore his age for a moment and tell me that Debuchy is a better right back then Bellerin. I think he probably shades it…if he comes back strong. He’s been out a year and may NOT come back strong. I think we owe it to Debuchy to give him a chance to win his RB spot back but Bellerin is our current RB. A big enough offer for Debuchy and him wanting to leave might change matters as we have enough cover but it totally comes down to if the money is right and if Debuchy comes back from this injury in the end of the season. Too early to decide though I still say do not sell Jenk!

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