Could Arsenal defeat be a blessing in disguise?

Will Champions League Exit prove to be a catalyst for Arsenal to win the Prem‏? by SS

Hi Gooners,

I am fully aware that since the last decade, barring two FA cup wins, qualifying for CL is our only achievement. We qualify for CL every year and we fail to improve upon our performances. We have not gone past the round of 16 for last 5 years and we have not done any improvement to our squad to change that.

We do not have the team to beat the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich as we fail to deliver in Europe on consistent basis. These mediocre achievements in Europe is also costing us locally as the injury toll and extra tiredness taken by players in European fixtures hurts our prospects in the EPL fixtures, and at the end we lose on both counts.

This year we are most likely to exit early in CL and this will help us to concentrate fully on the Premier league. We have a lot of injured first team players and with CL out of contention, we will be able to rotate our squad nicely. As things going on currently, we have good chances of winning the league.

What do you think Gooners?



  1. This response might seem OT…however, have we asked ourselves as a team why we compete in UCL? It’s almost normal now that we get humiliated every year at a point in the competition. Are we in the competition only to make up numbers, or get money from UEFA or win the competition? Arsenal has to appraise itself.

    1. Rather than ask ourselves why we compete in the UCL, shouldn’t we be asking why we can’t compete in the UCL? I believe the why is obvious – revenue, world exposure, competing in an elite tourney against the very best in the world, etc.

      However, it should be asked why we can never seem to progress. I think in large part, it is the quality of our second team, and our huge incurrence of injuries every year. When our first team players are constantly injured, suddenly second team players have to step up to first team, and our bench against a team like Bayern Munich ends up being Matt Macey, Renei-Adelaide, and Iwobi. Look at Bayern’s bench with Vidal, Robben, Badstuber, and so on. How could we compete with that?

      And yes, Bayern is worth quite a bit more as a club than Arsenal fc, so they can afford those players to sit the bench right? But Man United is worth quite a bit more than Bayern, and they haven’t been winning the UCL recently. And on the other side, Juventus, last year’s runner up, is worth less than half of Bayern.

      I truly believe it comes down to resistance against strengthening the squad. If half of our first team is injured from November to March every year, we MUST buy more decent squad players. Our second team simply must be upgraded, because with our injury situation every single year, they will get many chances to be first team members. And if they have the right amount of hunger, they can usurp first team members and viola, we have genuine competition for places.

      sorry this was so long.

      1. I 100% agree with the last paragraph of your comments. I however do not agree with the first paragraph…
        If the reasons why we compete in UCL is to gain revenue, world exposure, competing in an elite tourney against the very best in the world, etc.( as you said), then what separates us from the likes of Malmo, Dinamo Zagreb, Fernabache…etc?
        We should go into the competition with the aim of winning.
        I don’t think teams like Barca, R. Madrid, Bayern go into the competition saying ‘we want to come 2nd place this year’.
        The way to turn this round for Arsenal is completely in your last paragraph.
        We have to be ruthless in the transfer windows.

      2. To be fair, every team loses by that much against the best team in the world. Last year Madrid did it to Bayern and the year before Bayern did it to Barca. HOWEVER, I’m not condoning the terrible defending our team had done, sell Mertesacker and Debuchy and replace them with top quality. In addition, sell Campbell, stick Sanchez to the right and bring in a new LW so we can have end products on BOTH sides of the midfield, and NOT depend on academy players in such an important game. Finally, I hope everyone sees just how important Ramsey was to the balance of our midfield, every FIRST TEAM player is a key component to our winning formula but the problem is NONE of our second team players are.

    2. Does anybody remember the spuds bending us over last season. I do. No cover on the bench. Our players looked exhausted in Bayern. Out classed. Pep has a bench! Tough to win anything with these injuries. Hurry back boys. Don’t want to lose another Derby.

      1. jaweant: then what are we to make of wenger not buying any good players ? is he deluded or stingy? thats the key question.

  2. i really don’t like the ‘blessing in disguise’ articles on here. where Is the ‘walcott effect and ozil zone’ ones ?;

  3. We were obbed a goal
    We kept a clean sheet they didn’t
    We didn’t have a full squad they did
    They were at home

    The true blessing was that Sheff field game where wenger acknowledged the team wasn’t ready for that level ( the b squad that is)

    We have beaten the best teams with our starting lineup. The real issue is the bench imo.

    On our day…fest team…no injuries …we re unstoppable

    So blessing or not it was always goihg Tobe a defers and unthinkable the team went there andwihbthat in mind . Hopefully they gonintobthe final two games with another thihg in mind

  4. Look! wenger knows his injury crisis usually takes 5 players in the last 5-6 years. This time we have 9 players out injuried. insanity: doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. This man is clearly insane, he’s lost himself in this club and he has lost sight of what’s important, the FANS. The people who travel to Munich and every corner in Europe to watch his team come up short year after year due to injury or psychological set backs. 2 FA cups is not good enough, I’m really shocked the fans don’t just boycott a home game, or a reduction in ticket purchases by the fans would send a strong message. Bottom line, this team will continue to be ravaged by injuries, he could’ve bought reinforcements; what happens if giroud gets injured? Giroud has to play every match until walcott comes back, so does Sanchez, same with ozil. That’s insanity! We have a poor poor bench. This is just pure madness, and if you think we will win the league with this injury ravaged squad you’re deluded.

  5. Look we have been great in England under Wenger, in Europe not so… 1 Final in 19years and lost that! His record in the competiton is awful and tbh we just make money out of it, has our board really thought about realistically winning it? I doubt it. Our problem in Europe is Wenger and we will never be close with him in charge.

    With that said in England his achievement of going unbeaten a whole season and to continue on a 49game unbeaten run is his only. 3 League titles/6 Fa cups and constant champions league last 16odd years out of 19 also but no matter what anyone says his time as our coach has come to an end even if we win the league which in fairness we have a great shot so going out of Europe could help us win the league for Wenger to leave on a high like fergie did… This has to be his last season in charge along with Stan the Conman… Money needs put into this squad to get it to the next level and a different direction because in all honesty when we beat Bayern they just didnt take their chances like they did last night and they already had a great squad and added to it in the summer with Costa etc… we had a real chance this year if we had brought in more than Cech and that is Wengers fault! Board basically are happy with making money not winning trophies! Wenger is a legend, true great for Arsenal wouldnt be where it is at today but this should be the last of Him and Kronke this season!

      1. He should announce hes finishing at the end of the season after Xmas, then when that is happening the fans have to get the other problem out… Kronke!! How do you get an owner to get out though?

          1. Wont happen. Too many fans are happy with the way Arsenal is run unfortunatly… would be a site now seeing all the fans utd together outside the Emirates protesting that Kronke leaves NOW! Wenger can stay until the end of the season ?

            1. @koss the bos, fatboy gooney, arsenal007
              What a sad lot…
              And if those two go tomorrow, who comes in with a guaranteed solution that would please you?

  6. We’ll probably end up third and playing Europa league on Thursday nights, so im not sure how that’s better than being in the championship league.
    Perhaps if we’d strengthened the team in the summer we’d be better able to cope with the inevitable injuries and fatigue that always seems to occur at this time of the year.
    As usual Wenger has been shown to be wrong but always seems to get away with it. When will we learn?

  7. Meanwhile in other news:

    Karim Benzema, who referred Arsenal fans as ‘clowns’ few months back, is charged with involvement in sex tape scandal and could face jail time.

    Hahahaha KARMA, BOY. Who’s the clown now?

    1. He will still be laughin at us in his cell.

      Hes a douche tho.
      Wanna be badman. In reality a immature egotistical bell .
      I said when he was linked to us in summer didnt want him..
      Glad he didnt come

  8. No trashing is a blessing, bec of such games our reputation suffers big time. Star players will not be up to sign for us but rather want to move to teams like Bayern. The few star players we have can start to feel unrest and seek the exit door. Havent you people though about our past players leaving the club? Dont want to put the name on this bec the list would be endless.

  9. Wenger is no longer the man for Arsenal.

    Great achievements in the rely days but they are long gone. The game has moved on, and what is required to succeed has also changed.

    If you don’t spend money to buy the best players you can afford to strengthen your team and squad and challenge and don’t have the tactical or motivational know how then you should not be the big cheese at Arsenal.

    We are a big brand but small footballing power. kronke/board and Wenger are to blame. Players can have off days, but if so they should be off and replaced by hungrier more capable players. The buck stops with the management and club.

    Bayern are a strong team because they have a clear system of play, quality throughout the squad and a top coach who knows what it takes.

    Now let’s boil, roast and fry the Spurs (mmmm thrice cooked spuds) and try to win the league.

  10. How Arsenal can be competent both in Europe and Domestic
    1. Change wage bill policy – this may attract top cream of players
    2. change transfer policy – Wenger should not make own decisions, however he should be involved
    3. Build team culture from academy and absorb these players in the senior team
    4. Change the way they practice – it might be the cause of many injuries

  11. I love arsenal fans. After a loss “wenger out” , after a win “giroud is the best striker arsenal ever had”. But I must state this , arsenal will win the Barclays premier league.

    1. yeah, but we’ll win it despite wenger’s stinginess & blindness. had he deigned to invest a bit more, we would have won more over last 3 years. i like his intelligence, but there’s something not quite right with him. not getting a cdm cover for coq, signing arteta : pure madness. not getting another winger. who knows how many strikers we’ve lost because our bid was off by a few million pounds. (not to mention his other foibles such as under-rotation, subbing too late, playing players out of position).

  12. Hmm, you Gooners have given me food to eat and digest. Arsenal have no Ucl bench in certain positions in the team is more correct to say. Debuchy, De Abreu and Campbell have shown yesterday that they are not Ucl bench grade. But they are BPL bench grade. And even Rhino’ is a suspect of not being a Ucl bench grade if he has no Koscielny beside him. Koscielny covers Rhino’s weakness. Otherwise he’s exposed. I accept those 4 low quality Ucl bench players caused Bayern Munich to humililate Arsenal yesterday at the Allianz Arena.

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