Could Arsenal Dream Team soon be back together?

Although Arsene Wenger has taken a lot of the flak from Arsenal fans and the football media alike over the last decade, a lot of us can appreciate that the Frenchman was working with one hand tied behind his back.

We are all fairly optimistic these days going in to a transfer window but up until a couple of years ago, it was a thing of dread for us Gooners. Not only would the Gunners be spending a pittance compared to our main Premier League rivals, we would often end up losing one of our best players to them.

That meant the Wenger signings were under even more scrutiny and quite frankly, they did not often stand up to it. Money was clearly a big part of this but I have lost count of the times when people on this site have said that many of our problems began when our former vice-Chairman David Dein left the club.

He was apparently a key figure in some of our best transfers in the Wenger years and so a report in the Daily Mail today suggesting that he could possibly be set to return if the Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote does get his way and take over the ownership, could just see the dream team of Wenger and Dein back together.

Dangote had better get a shift on though, because neither the Frenchman nor his former colleague are exactly spring chickens anymore. Maybe it would be better if Wenger just got a new transfer expert to help him eh? Or maybe we would be better with Usmanov taking over lol

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  1. I want Arsenal to be able to look after itself. Not to be giving to sugar daddys that will do with the club as they please. Look a Monaco? a divorce settlement and all top players are out. Look at malaga in spain? The owners got so broke players and manager were not receiving thier wages. We got Cazorla for £13m which was a Joke. U know a day will come that Chelsea will go back to earth when the sugar daddy gets tired and wants a new toy.

      1. Well what would you expect him to say: I have an interest in this team which i believe to be a cash cow and its only gonna get richer, so id like a piece. Also Arsenal is a cool sounding name, and i like that all my favorite black players played for them…. Henry Vieira Kanu Lauren Kolo Song Adebayor etc etc, so i will try to buy this team.

        No, he will claim to be a die hard Gooner throughout most of his life.

    1. I reckon he will invest primarily in training facilities, academy etc. before throwing out millions for new players.

      I also wonder – With Dangote as major shareholder – will he allow Usmanov to interract in similar way? I mean… The more people willing/able to donate, the better (not that im implying i want us to become City/CHelsea lol)…

      As for Chelsea – I’ve seen that they run more or less independent, that they now generate their own money to finance salaries and such – meaning they’re only in a stupid amount of debt – which i imagine they could be able to repay in ~20 years.

      1. We don’t need Dangote. These billionaires promise the world but for all the Chelsea’s Man City’s PSG there are clubs like Malaga & Monaco who shows how damaging running a club on this kind of business model is and as quickly as thing can go upwards things can go Tits up. Financially were really strong and were only going to get stronger and stronger and it’s all money created from the club. We certainly don’t need donations. Things like the training facilities and academy are also on the up there are plans to improve develop the trading facilities and the academy is now getting more investment. But like the first team we’ve not been financially strong enough to invest in the academy like Chelsea have but we are now.

        It will take a lot more than 20 years to re pay Chelsea’s debt plus they want to redevelop Stamford bridge that will all be funded for them. They’ll never have to re pay there debt tho it’s a billionaires play toy. I personally don’t want to see Arsenal run that way and we’ll be far stronger than them anyway with how things are.

  2. We will be EPL champions again, i feel it. But we have to BEAT Chelsea for it at least once, and not lose the away game at stamford bridge. I think we will beat the sh.t out of smaller teams, and we could beat city, MU as well. Bring in cech and a WC striker or winger who scores goals, and buy a very good DM to compete with le coq. I think Wenger will buy these players, maybe even more, so first time in many many years i can confirm you we seriously CAN win the title! A bit afraid of Chelsea, but i cant see them having a very good season again…exciting season to come…COYG

    1. I think there aren’t many strikers who would be a significant improvement over our current 1s that arsenal can buy. So may be arsenal should buy some1 like griezman. He is a goal scorer and a class act. Added bonus is that he is French so that fits right into wenger’s ‘philosophy’. But he will be expensive :/

      1. And he is not good enough for us. We can always put Welbeck on the wing.

        We would miss the bag full of goals that he gives us down the middle but his superb wing play would give us an extra dimension.


  3. Just watched kondogbia Transfer saga on french Tv eurosprt. It was really like a movie scene with AC milan and Inter Milan directors all coming to Monte carlo. All meeting the player at thesame hotel. With his agent leaving from one table to another table. I don’t think I have ever heard or seen this type of thing before.
    Wenger must have said to himself Nah nah Nah this is not my type of thing. We love secret transefers at arsenal too much .

  4. This Dangote is my countryman but I don’t see that Man getting his way. Even if he does, I don’t think he is strong-willed, passionate, ready to push the Club.

  5. Am a Nigerian,buh i tink if Dangote buys Arsenal,brings back Dein nd promotes Usmamov to the Board will be really nice..Arsenal is already a big and great club,xo with him we can bcum a European Elite team…City are trying to be a big team while we want to be amng the Elites,dats the difference…And who sayş Dangote gona broke!u must be joking,here in Nigeria,we buy hıs indomıe,Sparghetti,Salt,Sugar,Cement..jxt name it..and u knw Nigeria is an oïl producing country,he wants to build the biggest Refinery in Africa,dat wil make hm even mre richer nd richer dan the cıty and Psg owners.

  6. You do realize if Dangote would take over Arsenal, we’d probably see the last of Wenger? In the time, when we have squad- and financial stability and we’re obviously on the up spiral every ownership change might prove to be a major disruption in the club.

  7. Arsenal are losing their targets to the milan teams who aren’t even in the europa league!!
    Shame on u wenger (Game of Thrones style :p)

    1. @nokia810
      Did AW say they were his targets? Or are they just your targets, which do not matter…

      1. Well thats a pretty poor excuse
        If u can’t sign a player, just say that he was never a target

        And if he wasn’t a target then thats even worse

        1. Why should they say who isn’t a target? The transfer market is massive business for newspapers and websites. Gets a lot of interest and these newspapers/websites make a lot of money from sales/ adverts people visiting websites to find out what’s happening it’s big business. They play on the interest and make it into this thing where people are clinging on to every bit of news. Arsenal rule out one target they just move onto someone else to carry on making money. Really it has nothing to do with Arsenal for self gain of others. They create slaves to the media some are obsessed with news, celebrity others with sport and it’s all bu11$hit.

          On the other hand the club can use it to distract from real targets and play the media to their advantage.

            1. @nokia810
              A I stated earlier”No, excuses”
              Guess you had no idea either why you threw in that”racist” jab…

    2. Which Wenger targets….? Don’t tek every transfer rumour then insult Wenger for not doing something he never said he was gonna do….. He never confirmed the targets and if for me a player chooses Milan over Arsenal, it suits his ambitions, maybe he knows he wont crack it Arsenal at the end of the day….. Plizzzzzz cut the crap…

      1. Well thats a pretty poor excuse
        If u can’t sign a player, just say that he was never a target

        And if he wasn’t a target thats even worse

  8. Beside I don’t actually rate this kondobia that much, I will go with schneiderlin, Vidal, and some more options before him, plus I have that h*te feelings about him since that goal against us. I don’t even know whether I can be able to love him even if he Come.

    1. Not that I particularly like this Kondobia guy but you realize he was doing his job when he scored against us, just like you expected our players to do theirs and beat Monaco

  9. Perhaps we have no targets? After all we have the best squad possible that it would be nigh-on impossible to better?


  10. We Should sell giroud or welback, and sign another goal scorer. Chelsea needed home grown players, swap deal of cech with welback will be great

    1. if you can’t spell the players name, how am i to think that you know what you’re talking about?

  11. so guys don’t want dangote,but what exactly has kroenke done for us apart from increasing ticket prices every season???

  12. The only time i wanted to see some personal money being gifted to our recruitment policy is during those ten long years. Thats over now so it would be pointless to go that route now, after all that struggle then to just say fok it lets just join the near sighted and make these next ten to twenty years the most important, well it would be pointless. The risk alone makes it a mute point, we are doing just fine financially speaking, in fact we are doing great, as we keep hearing, so to put Arsenal in the hands of a mad man for all we know is just lunacy.

    I have every faith that Kroenke will be around for the next ten to fifteen years at the very least, and after him i believe our board will have a huge say in who our next owner might be. I believe the Arsenal board would of had some agreement in place to put their fears to rest. If D Dein and even Usmanov still cant get near the boardroom well what chance has this Dangote fella got.

  13. arsenal increased ticket prices which was unfair for the fans but every game we play i see them whether away or at home but dangote would not buy the shares that were on sale because he said they were too pricy. i don’t think he is a real arsenal fan maybe he likes our style of play maybe our london red army.

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