Could Arsenal fans rebuild their trust in Kroenke?

What a whirlwind 72 hours we have all had!

As if we haven’t suffered enough over the past year with this pandemic. Not being able to see or hug loved ones and not being able to go and watch football, which given how Arsenal have played this season, is probably for the best.

But not only with all of that, football and the big money-grabbing owners decided we needed more shock, unrest and disrespect to go along with the many other key issues we are facing in football, and opted all of the ‘top’ clubs into a European super league that would split teams up, without the consent or even thoughts of those that it would affect.

By doing so, the one thing they clearly didn’t think of was what sort of backlash they would receive from fans, players, managers, and the media, that would see them with egg on their faces and pull out for the sake of their own lives!

As happy as I am that Arsenal have pulled out, what still annoys me to this hour, is the fact that 1. We were not the first to pull out; and 2. That we signed up in the first place!

We all know the reasoning and all clubs have said the same thing, for “financial reasons.” Yes, they are honest, but they don’t need to be, because we can all see through them either way.

Although we have had a rollercoaster 72 hours, I am ashamed the owners of our beloved club felt they needed to even associate with the other teams in this proposed league, yet I am not surprised.

One thing I am surprised at though is that when all six clubs released their statements on Tuesday evening saying they were going to pull out, that Arsenal out of all, was the first and only on the day to say “We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.” formally using the word “apologise” to fans is nice to hear of course.

Now ‘sorry’ is just a word. We know that and it won’t take away what the owners did to us fans for those 72 hours or indeed over the years, and it won’t take away the fact we won’t ever forgive the owners, but it is nice, whether they mean it or not, to get an apology for their stupid decision making. Although it probably won’t, I would hope this could potentially mean the first step in the right direction to building up the trust and faith between the fans and Kroenke, and if ever there was a time for change in that department, it would be now!

But as always with Kroenke, I do not and will not hold my breath!

Now if only Covid came and disappeared as quick as this European super league did, then we would all be in a much healthier, happier and safer position worldwide than what we are, wouldn’t we?


Shenel Osman

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  1. We never liked or trusted him in the first place. Unfortunately the only way to rid is to vote with out feet. I would love to see arsenal fans nkt attend games and cancle their memberships

  2. Mr Kroenke is a great owner and we are very lucky to have him.
    He is the consummate professional in every way.
    He has been our owner since 2009.
    Thus he is the senior member of the Management at our club.
    He has outlasted 4 managers a host of CEO technical directors and more than a hundred players.
    He is the rock this club stands upon.
    He is humble, quiet considered and highly skilled.
    We could not ask for any one better than Stan Kroenke.

    1. Wyoming what are you smoking down there I’m hoping your joking ,

      it’s common knowledge that Kroenke’s business model for Arsenal is, if we want to win the EPL and challenge for the CL it’s too costly meaning we would need top players and with top players higher salaries and signing on fee, the perfect business model for Stan is top four which means descent profit and no relegation

    2. And not forgetting his impeccable reputation, built over the years in his homeland of U.S.A ;

      ” Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Is Worth $8.3 Billion, but He’s Still Hated by Sports Fans Around the World.

      When you think of incredibly wealthy and unpopular NFL owners, Jerry Jones is probably at the top of your list. Stan Kroenke, however, also has a case for the crown. While the Los Angeles Rams owner has a slightly smaller net worth than Jones, he’s arguably even more unpopular.

      NFL fans may be sick of seeing Jerry Jones every Sunday, but Stan Kroenke’s appeal—or lack thereof—has gone international. Sports in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world can’t stand the owner.

      As any fan can tell you, your favourite team becomes a part of your identity. That reality, however, helps to explain why the city of St. Louis hates Stan Kroenke.

      As mentioned above, Kroenke was part of the group that helped move the Los Angeles Rams to Missouri in 1995; he took full control of the club in 2010. While he publicly stated that he wanted to keep St. Louis, he apparently had other ideas.

      Kroenke, of course, moved the Rams back to Hollywood, ripping St. Louis sports fans’ heart out in the process. That decision led the Washington Post to call him “the most hated man in St. Louis.” The city hasn’t forgotten what Stan did to them; as documented by St. Louis Magazine, games between the Blues and the Colorado Avalanche still feature “Kroenke sucks” chants.”

      This leopard will NOT change his spots !

      1. nice AJ, I’ve been posting about this scenario for several years now…he wanted the taxpayer to foot the bill for a new stadium, that way he didn’t even have to run the same Emirates scam, which required the fanbase to pay the highest ticket prices in Europe and the selling of our best and brightest under the guise that this would lead us to the promised land

        this is what he said to secure the purchase of the Rams, who at the time were known as the “greatest show on turf”, “I’m born and raised in Missouri. I’ve been a Missourian for 60 years. People in our state know me. People know I can be trusted. People know I am an honorable guy.” I guess it was just a coincidence that he had a huge parcel of land in Cali that was ripe for development…as always, he wants the most return for the least amount of risk

  3. I agree with Shortboygooner, I never trusted him and never will. This recent event only reinforced my view, based on the success or lack thereof of KS&E’s US sporting franchises.
    Mid table mediocrity is where The Arsenal is heading, because winning the top trophies takes investment. Kroenke himself has stated on the public record that he is not interested in that.

  4. Kronke doesn’t care what you or I think. Arsenal is just a money making opportunity. I cancelled my membership on Monday as I’m sure it was going into Kronke’s wallet and not the club. The Arsenal board who rubber-stamped selling to Kronke obviously knew his reputation and sold us out anyway.

  5. Wyoming , I assume that your tongue is firmly stuck in your cheek. Stan Kroenke is the singularly worst thing that could possibly have happened to The Arsenal in my lifetime. The man that openly declared the that he didn’t buy in to win trophies. The man that just wanted to increase his real estate portfolio and probably used it to fund his pet project in relocating the L.A Rams in their new stadium and now has attempted to recreate his beloved no risk NFL on English Football . He is a parastie end of !

  6. Trust was gone well before the ESL. It isn’t a case of – Kroenke made a mistake, we all make mistakes, so lets see what he does now to put things right. We already know the answer!

    He’s been here long enough now, that we know his only concern is money. For any fan who was on the fence, or even backed Kroenke, now you truly know how little he cares about Arsenal as a club and an institution, the fans, and footballing culture in the UK, and in Europe in general. No respect, or understanding whatsoever!

    What also has my blood boiling, is that in all these apologies, they all seem to be referencing the pandemic as almost the main contributing factor for these clubs financial struggles. First of all, this as hit everyone one way or another, it’s not exclusive to the world of football, and secondly, a lot of these clubs have terrible business models. Perez at Real Madrid also blaming the pandemic. Maybe you buying a “galactico” every 5 minutes might have something to do with that debt!

    These clubs are no different from your average joe who spends what he doesn’t have via endless credit cards, then blames everyone else bar themselves when they can’t pay it back.

    Clubs have been racking up massive debts for decades prior to the pandemic. Arsenal’s wage bill ballooned under AW/IG, and what’s worse, on average players, but it was their own fault, and one one else. Barcelona are over a billion in debt, and that’s their fault!

    I really hope this whole ordeal forces major change with UK clubs. I would like to see the German model over here, giving the clubs back to the fans. Because let’s say we remove Kroenke, and another billionaire comes in. We’re still in the same situation. Our new owner would still have all the power to do whatever he wanted. We might get lucky like City and Chelsea did, or it could just be another Kroenke clone, with non-footballing people, like more bankers, as our CEO’s.

    Money has ruined the game, and it’s time for major reform.

    1. Good to see you managed to squeeze in your AW dig TMJW – what would life be without it?

      Perhaps you can explain Aubemeyang’s new contract, or Willian’s three year bumper deal, or Luiz’s two year retirement package?

      At least AW kept the CL money rolling in to pay for his players salaries – you really are a joke of a supporter.

    2. WELL SAID TMJW. Plenty of realism from you about huge and obscene player wages (and agents too, lest we forget)as the reason why we are in trouble.

      Kroenke is of course a low life andwe need both salary caps and some form of fan representation before making key decisions affecting the game, in future. I predict both will happen , brought about largely by government legislation.

      I’d also ignore Kens usual “defend AW at all costs” post below.
      SHAME HE NEVER THOUGHT TO SAY HOW SENSIBLY YOU WROTE ABOUT WHY WE AND OTHERS HAVE GOT INTO MONEY PROBLEMS. Obscene and uncontrolled player wages and silly transfer fees for very moderate players is the real reason.

  7. You can say anything you want. Stan is not going anywhere soon unless someone buy’s him out I cannot see that happening any time soon I might be mistaken time will tell

  8. Answering the articles question directly -NO.

    Stan Kroenke:

    “I didn’t buy Arsenal stake to win trophies”

    “If you want to win Championships then you would never get involved.”

  9. Furthermore – Kroenke in 2017 ;

    ” “Look, we want to be champions of everything. Premier League, Champions League – we want them all. When they list them on my phone, they list a third one, they list the FA Cup: Arsenal. Right there; that’s your list of champions “.

    Not that any of the above has the remotest chance of coming to fruition under his ownership, but look at the second “target” above.

    ” Champions League” .

    Such an ambition that 4 years later he attempted to walk away from that COMPETITION for which you qualify on MERIT, to partake in a meaningless show pony European League of Super GREED.

    The man cannot be trusted from one day to the next.

  10. There never was and there never will be a way to trust sauron. I hope the protest can result in something positive.

    I hope that sauron has learned that he won’t be able to make the NFL in Europe and that it will be enough for him to sell Arsenal.

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