Could Arsenal hijack Man United move for James Maddison?

It is a well-known fact that James Maddison is stalling on a new contract at Leicester City and if there is no resolution, he could be moving onto a ‘bigger club’ (meaning bigger wages of course as well). But could that club be Arsenal?

Right now most of the rumours are linking Maddison with Man United, who can easily afford to give him a massive increase in wages, but are they such an appealing destination nowadays, with the club floundering under OGS?

According to the Sunday Times transfer guru Duncan Castles, there could be a lot more offers on the table for Maddison by next summer, and he thinks that Arsenal could be interested as he would be the perfect replacement for Mesut Ozil.

Castles was discussing the Man United rumours on Reach Plc’s Transfer Window podcast, and he said: “Maddison is an obvious, sensible target in many ways and, as you’ve detailed to us, cheap in terms of salary so you could see Manchester United coming in and offering essentially double what Leicester are offering, and that easily fitting into Manchester United’s pay scale to put Maddison on £200,000 a week or to give him a contract that gives him that £180,000 with step ups down the line,”

“I think the question there is this is more likely to run until the summer if Leicester can’t convince Maddison to sign, they can’t reach the financial terms Maddison is looking for.

“Question then is do other Premier League clubs go in for the player and do Manchester United have to convince Maddison that they are the club for him to choose ahead of an alternative suitor?

“Let’s say Tottenham decided that Maddison was the best choice to replace Christian Eriksen were he to go through with his intention to move elsewhere.

“Probably Tottenham wouldn’t offer the same wages as Manchester United but they may be able to offer him a more coherent football project.

“You could see Arsenal also, depending on how Arteta runs things and whether Mesut Ozil remains part of his team as he has reintegrated him over these early games or whether that situation changes again.

“So, Manchester United have got themselves in a difficult position with their lack of performances over several season and they’re extreme lack of performance this season in that they now have to convince players that they are now the correct football project to go to which is something they haven’t faced for two decades or more.”

There is no doubt that Maddison is an extremely attractive target for Arsenal, with Mesut Ozil turning 32 this year, and many JustArsenal readers have commented that they would love to see Arsenal showing massive ambition by going for players like that.

But, as Castles said, it will most likely hinge on whether Arteta can show him that the club is back on the rise and will be challenging for top honours again under his direction.

The new coach is definitely having some effect on our mentality already, but can he show enough in the next six months to attract Maddison?


  1. Madison would be a great signing for Arsenal, provided he is willing to come and Arsenal are willing to buy. One thing is sure, Arteta will make a significant difference to the performance of Arsenal over the next 6 months, so that big players with big ambitions will look forward to coming to Arsenal.

  2. Maddison is a versatile attacking midfielder who can play as no 10, central midfielder and winger. His crossing and assist stats are also good

    Unfortunately he will be very expensive, due to his long term contract with Leicester

  3. This is more like it, I prefer him to Ziyech as he is premier League proven.

    Ozil has been really good under Arteta but my problem with Ozil from the beginning is not just his perceived laziness and inconsistencies but he is so one-dimensional and predictable.

    There were situations where he should be shooting the ball but he would rather pass the ball, players like Madison are well rounded in their game, and can still develop. He may not have the same insane vision as Ozil but I’d prefer an all-action number 10.

  4. Isn’t he going for a 100m? Leicester city are known to sell their players extremely high. I rather we get two good players with that amount. Remember Harry Maguire at United,spent 80m and their team is not that much better.

  5. TYRONE MINGS for the upteenth time. This guy is light years ahead of Upemecano, composed under sustained pressure, no amateurish fouls, stays injury free, difficult to bully… I could go on and on. the type of player we should seriously look at.

    1. Just seen highlights of him on YouTube. You are right, the guy is every composed under pressure. I would need to watch him play an entire game though cause even our defenders look amazing on YouTube lol.

    1. @Sue
      I like the way Grealish overcame the hype surrounding him and the stupid mistakes that followed, to develop into a well rounded player. Kudos to the young lad.

  6. We should have gone for Maddison ages ago. We were also going for Caglar Soyuncu but didn’t get him. Leicester paid £20 mill for him. We chickened out. Another one is Boubakary Soumare. We are so slow to get players that they alway get snapped up elsewhere… lower clubs. The Kroenke’s need to do what is needed WHEN it is needed. Like now. I forgot they only have about £10 billion. We NEED about three players. If we don’t get them and stay with our present squad, whatever Arteta does, the squad is empirically not good enough. The midfield is bereft of creativity. Our centre backs not good enough. Holding is poor, Luiz slow and poor. Socratis, a better wrestler than footballer. Arteta could be a good manager, maybe a great manager, but without financial and owner support he will struggle for high level consistency. Kroenke the spotlight is on you. Do you support your own club? KROENKE…can you hear me I’m shouting?

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