Could Arsenal improve whilst allowing Alexis to leave?

The saga involving Alexis Sanchez is likely to be a long one for Arsenal fans, with the majority of speculation claiming he is keen on an exit this summer.

Manchester City are regularly the team most strongly linked with his capture, and the latest reports even claim that his arrival would open them up to consider the sale of Sergio Aguero.

The Argentine striker is most definitely amongst the best strikers in the world, but for some crazy reason Pep Guardiola sees him as unimportant while he looks to build his own team at the Etihad, and Alexis’ arrival will apparently see them slap a £60Million asking price on Sergio’s head.

If this is a reality, and Sanchez joining would persuade Guardiola to allow Aguero to leave, then why don’t we pursue some sort of swap deal?

Aguero would fill a void that has been missing from our first-team since the departure of Robin Van Persie to Man United back in 2012, although persuading Man City to agree to a swap deal could be problematic.

There is a difference between allowing a top player to leave the club, and actually allowing them to strengthen a league rival, but they may see Alexis as a special player that could improve their side which could be deemed more important to them.

Our club has already claimed that they wouldn’t entertain the thought of selling to a PL team, but with only one year remaining on his contract, the chance to use his departure to bring in Aguero should seriously be considered.

Could Aguero prove to be more important for Arsenal than Alexis has been? Could you imagine a front-three of Ozil, Turan and Aguero?

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  1. Those deals never happen, Man city’s aim would be to strengthen while weakening Arsenal besides Aguero has to be interested in swap deal as well , i doubt doubt very much that he would be interested as it would serious dent his profile (No top player wants to be swapped with another)

  2. The thing is Lacazette will only improve us if we keep Alexis. Otherwise, we won’t improve

    If we lose Alexis then we need two players to improve. A player with the same quality as Alexis and a forward who is of higher quality than Giroud.

    I hope Wenger does everything he possibly can to keep Alexis. I will be very disappointed if he leaves us. Top notch player

    1. Spot on. I’ve always felt that Alexis’ departure would mean we need 2 very good players coming in to save par. That goes on top of the 2 or 3 we already need to keep pace with the competition.

      But there’s something about the team dynamic that is more important than individuals as well. We should consider the whole attack for the team. And right now, I can’t see where everyone fits up-front. Assume Perez, Campbell, Akpom go. You could have a front 3 of Ozil, Lacazette, Onyekuru, backed up by Iwobi, Wellbeck, Ox, and maybe Nwakali or Malen.

      Ozil could posiibly take over from Santi – I’m not convinced the Ox is good enough or has enough between the ears to do the job. Personally, I think Ox is better in range of goal and Ozil is more dangerous with more time and space.

      Other alternatives like Aubemayang and Lewandovski (swap with Sanchez?) make you scratch your head as well. Just what forward combination offers the best synergy for us?

      1. There is no way you can play 3 at the back, 2 fullbacks and 3 in front of Özil. That would leave 1 other midfielder and Arsenal would get dominated in the middle by every team in the Premier League. Hahaha who will defend? Özil doesn’t defend or get up and down the pitch like Cazorla or even Ramsey for that matter.

    2. You are spot on!
      Right now, let’s assume Sanchez and Ozil stays, what do we need?……I will say we need a very good striker only so we can have Giroud,Welbeck,New striker and maybe Perez as strikers…
      We have so many games and everyone will play a part

      But if Sanchez leaves, we replace him and then still add another top striker
      The question is, who can replace him? If he leaves, we replace him with say Lemar or Douglas Costa, get another striker and keep Perez because Welbeck is injury prone
      By that we can have; Perez, Welbeck, Giroud,new striker and Sanchez replacement…that’s five players of which only 2 will be used, leaving 3 to fight….

      It will all be easy if Sanchez stays, just add one top striker better than Welbeck and we are good to go IMO..

    3. Sanchez is a wonderful player but if he’s desperate for a move to Oil City to be reunited with his beloved coach that never played him demand $60M and send him on his way. Sign Seri(or Goretska)and Lemar with the Chileans transfer fee in addition to Laca or PEA and Arsenal is in business. Hate to see him go but are the Gunners EPL title chances destined to dramatically increase with both AS and MO handcuffing the current squad with there ridiculous wage demands?

      My preferred Arsenal 17/18


      In a perfect futbol world

      Xhaka…Seri (Goretsksa)

    4. I just don’t get you guys at times.What’s with all the hype?The downfall of a team is not dependent on whether the team’s best player leaves or not.It’s much more than that.People cannot just say that if Arsenal sign Lacazette and Alexis leaves we wil not improve.People acting as if we’ve not had better players leave the club who we have survived without.It’s funny how everyone is predicting doom if Alexis leaves but I wonder who will be shocked if we place 4th without him in the squad next season.It’s not all about Alexis you.Transition is part of life so you you just have to take it as it comes.If you think Alexis’ departure means Arsenal downfall you guys are all wrong.Now look how many are claiming Alexis is irreplaceable.Yet before he came many wouldn’t have said that.Alexis is a replaceable player to me because someone might even come and do better.Look at him before he came and look at him now there’s your evidence.Who did he replace?

  3. Lacazette and Lemar and that could balance losing sanchez goals.
    At least there should be some goals coming from other players across the sqaud which would make us less predictable and less open for man marking.

    1. I just noticed that you’re a Purple Ronny ?? can I have your autograph.. Please! ?

  4. Reports are suggesting that PSG have already tabled an offer of £60 million for Aguero and that’s probably where you got that valuation from.

    Don’t get me wrong, Aguero is a world class player who will always score goals but he has playing on with niggling injuries for most of his career.
    I don’t even think he has ever completed a whole season without being out injured for weeks and months at a time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger is waiting for a dominos effect which could open the doors to sign Mbappe, similar to the one that helped nab Ozil. At the moment PSG are the highest bidders, Liverpool are supposedly willing to match that and it makes me wonder if Wenger’s willingness to allow the Ox to move to Liverpool for a mere £25 million is a Sweetener, so that they back off from Mbappe? And with PSG getting Aguero that would more than likely see them back out too.
    It would then just leave Real Madrid as an obstacle but with Wenger offering star status and the number 9 shirt to Mbappe and probably the promise of helping the kid achieve his goal of playing for one of the giant Spanish clubs in the future, Wenger may just do enough to get him to join.
    Time will tell and I can smell a Dominos and its not a pizza ?

    1. Something that annoy me is everybody talking about us helping Mbappe achieve his goals of going to a bigger club. No. No. No. He has already ACHIEVED that status. He will be REJECTING bigger clubs to come and learn under Arsene Wenger. Real Madrid are already after him. This is why IF we manage to sign Mbappe, all the Wenger out fans should bow their heads in shame for a minute, then forget about all that crap and cheer on our team again.

      As per the rest of your statement I agree that Aguero is not the right option at this time and won’t happen with Sanchez on only 1 year of contract.

      1. I agree completely, there is no way Mabppe would come to Arsenal as some sort of stepping stone to Real or a loan deal. Coming to Arsenal would stunt his development, he is beyond Arsenal. He needs to train with world-class players and with cutting edge modern managers. Real Madrid could offer that. What would he learn from training with Giroud and Walcott that he couldn’t learn from Ronaldo Bale and Benzema?

        He would even be better of staying at Monaco where they have CL football and a good manager who made them League 1 champions.

      2. Beaveraldihno
        Wenger out fans should bow our heads in shame if we sign Mbappe are you serious. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL MAKE THIS W.O.B BOW MY HEAD IN SHAME IS IF HE WINS US THE LEAGUE NEXT YEAR AND THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IN 2018/19 . Just because he is finally doing his job properly and looking to bring the players we actually need doesn’t mean he is the man to take us back to the top only time will tell. Until what I mentioned above happens if ever we will always be Wenger Out.

  5. Last Year: “Lacazette Would Be Perfect For Arsenal” “Why Didn’t We Sign Him?”
    6 Months Ago: “Lacazette Would Be Perfect For Arsenal”
    3 Months Ago: “Lacazette Would Be Perfect For Arsenal”
    This Week: “Lacazette is overrated & not good enough for Arsenal”

    Arsenal Fans Ladies & Gentlemen…………..

  6. When Van persie left we were told we would finish at the bottom of the table, similarly now with Sanchez thinking of leaving us we will finish at the bottom of the table, in all honesty sanchez would be a difficult player to replace, because these are players the team was built around. they were and are ” the man” in the arsenal team and we are not going to be able to find those exact same players.

    Van Persie and sanchez are not the same type of players so we can not say any replacement has to be the same style player, what is the common denominator in both cases they had team mates who adapted their game to both attackers style of play.

    Therefore arsenal do not actually need a sanchez, ozil,, giroud or ox to move forward it would be great if we could keep all and and some additional players, but nothing last forever and teams most continue evolving

    1. Alexis leaving will not make heaven fall so if he leaves good and if he stays all the better

  7. I am not optimistic we can improve if Alexis leaves. He gives us a dimension that not many other players offer. He is dangerous across all forward positions and a handful for defenders since he never stops playing.

    If he leaves he is likely to be replaced by an inferior player like Lacazette.

    If Sanchez leaves improvement would have to come for the new formation and team effort. Leicester did it so theoretically we could as well.

  8. Let’s pray for Le Prof to get all his summer transfer plans very right this window so that Arsenal can for the first time in over a decade win the Premeir League next season. One of the reasons why Sanchez and Ozil want to leave Arsenal apart of their reported high wage demands, is the inability of Arsenal to win the PL & CL since they joined the club. And it was in this quest to win the PL last season that led Arsenal to spend around £87m on three targets of: Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez. But while Mustafi was relatively successful for Arsenal to a point in his maiden season at the Emirates Stadium before injuries curtailed his playing, Xhaka initially struggled with suspensions and low form performance for Arsenal but he later recovered and started playing well for Arsenal towards the end of last season. However, Perez flopped for Arsenal with his limited opportunities to play and injury sidelines.

    Therefore, if Le Prof gets his 2-3 new signings he said he’ll do correctly out of which he has already secured Kolasinac, and he’s able to tie down his two star players of Ozil and Sanchez beyond 2018, the sky could be the limit for Arsenal winning titles next season. They could even win the quadruple.

    1. Quadruple? “Wish-full” thinking. I doubt achieving that even with having the Ronaldo, Messi, Auba and Mbappe upfront

  9. Arsenal should go for Anthony Martial. He would turn deadly and fulfil his talent at Arsenal. He’s got same talent as Mbape, and is more mature in experience and physically. Mourinho killed his game by demanding excessive defending and showing no confidence in him. Guy can replace Saznchez in the long term.

    On Aguero, I have suggested a swap deal with Sanchez before. Getting Aguero would help Wenger manage what would have been a backlash from the fans since we get a deadly striker and club icon. Besides, Aguero was born same 1988 as Sanchez. Even with his injuries, Aguero guarantees you up to 25 leauge games and over 20 goals a season and would be out to prove a point to Guardiola. Get him, Martial and Monaco’s Lemar and we won’t remember that Sanchez ever played for us.

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