Could Arsenal part with Alexis PLUS cash for Monaco’s Lemar?

Monaco are claimed to be eyeing a move to sign Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal this summer, While Arsenal are chasing their forward Thomas Lemar also.

Rumour has it that the French champions are looking to test the waters with a £45 Million bid for the Chilean, but the likelihood is that any deal for Alexis would be part of the Lemar move.

Arsenal have been strongly linked with the capture of the 21 year-old throughout the transfer window, and the transfer fee is believed to be the only problem in completing his signature.

ASM are said to be in want of over £50 Million for the sale of Lemar, and are claimed to be ready to bid less than that amount to try and bring in Sanchez, which leads me to think about which deal is more important.

Has our bid to sign Lemar simply been in case we failed to persuade Alexis to stay put, or maybe our stance is that we will only sell our superstar if we have our replacement already in his place. Either way, we could potentially have a long-term replacement in the team for the next years, or choose to keep what we know for one season, and lose him for free next summer.

Is this season more important than the coming years? Was the intention to sign Lemar and still keep Alexis also? Could they play together? Would Sanchez even agree to join AS Monaco?

Pat J

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  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    “‘Neymar is an idol for the whole world, for everyone who loves sport. As far as I am concerned Neymar is the best player in the whole world.
    ‘Our supporters have always dreamed about Neymar, and today here he is. Our project has become stronger, and Ligue 1 becomes more interesting for the whole world.
    ‘Maybe today it is the most expensive, but will it be in two or three years? I don’t think it is too expensive. We are going to make more money than we paid.
    ‘From day one, we are on a good relationship with UEFA and Financial Fair Play. Anyone thinking about FFP, I say go and have coffee, we are fine.’

    I wish we have an owner who is like this and who listens to the needs of the supporter. They spent a lot but he knew they’ll make more than they paid.
    Somewhere around the world is a selfish cvnt face who doesn’t give a fvck about the club’s needs

    1. Nameless king says:

      I’m sorry my friend it’s owners like this who are ruining football, and make a mockery out of financial fair play. It drives up the prices of average players, destroys the chances of youth players getting their chance at first team, and punishes clubs like Arsenal who are self sufficient. It’s like that guy on fifa who spends loots of real money to buy coins which enables him to buy the best players without any real effort put in, we all hate that guy

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    At this stage with only 3+ weeks left in the transfer window that could be a disaster because we need Lemar in addition to Alexis not as a replacement. If we did do this transfer we would also need to replace Alexis with only 3 weeks left. Highly unlikely.

    We need to improve our team or we will finish 5th or worse again.

    We have improved it with Kolsanic and Lacazette but the top 4 teams have also, so we need a couple more signings

    We have several players we don’t need that we can sell or make a deal with

    Get Lemar, keep Alexis, then replace Alexis next summer if he doesn’t sign.

    1. Midkemma says:

      In general I agree with you, unless silly money is offered which is a tiny probability 🙂

      In 12 months we could look at Griezmann if he has had another good year, set up France for their front 3 of Lacazette/Lemar and Griezmann 😛

      If Dembele continues his fine form and not sold this year but rumors this year unsettle him…?

      Lemar might settle fast and step up to be Alexis replacement and Monacos Lemar replacement has a good year leading to us wanting him XD

      More options can be available to us in 12 months and if it is planned for then we can go into it on the front foot rather than reacting.

      1. Benjas30 says:

        Good year or not, Wenger will never sign Griezmann, Wenger is FINISHED!!!

  3. Why would Alexis demote himself by going to Monaco? How much can Monaco pay him in salary? How often can they provide champion league to him? How likely are they to win champion league in the near future? Are all these not Alexis craving for?

    1. Same Old Shhh says:

      Monaco can pay him 300,000 a week tax free and offer champions league football

  4. Jean says:

    Monaco is a downgrade for Alexis and besides we can afford lemar without adding any players, so no point.

    1. Benjas30 says:

      Downgrade what? money talks?

      PSG is a down grade for Neymar, who cares???

  5. Break-on-through says:

    This was Monaco playing games, nothing more. As if top players are gonna go to Monaco when all they do is sell them these days. Monaco’s way of saying – Look, you’s can’t keep your best player, how about we talk about us signing him instead of you’s trying to get any of ours.

  6. Midkemma says:

    I would be disappointed if AFC did, AFC shouldn’t sell Alexis unless it is for silly money, like £100 million.

    Who can we buy to replace Alexis? Few players of that quality around and we are not going to get anyone for around £50 million unless they are a young prospect like Lemar.

    £100 million though… could tempt Juve for Dybala or match BvB asking price on Dembele…

    If not then keep Alexis and gamble that he will earn the club the £50 or so million we could get from his sale, plus UCL football again which will make it easier to get higher profile players who want UCL.

  7. John says:

    Alexis sometimes is a liability in some games……selfish……..only passes to certain players……and loses the ball lots……but I will never do such a deal…….Alexis brings an intangible …..that very few players have………he exudes confidence …..and keeps you feeling that the Gunners may stil win ……even when we are down by lots…..even Neymar does not have that…….players.
    like…..Arturo Vidal……Ronaldo……….and Messi………..even Van Persia …..Ibra……and Rooney …….Costa…….Aguerro…….Giroud……Maradona………Ziddane……Abedi Pele…Nelson……..Bellerin……Contois..John Terry…..Roberto Carlos……have that…….it is not about their talent …..but the focused hunger and confidence……and very controlled aggression……..on a consistent basis…….and it is not easy to find nor replace……..Wenger should have renewed his contract before challenging him to release that intangible as a striker…….now he will be very expensive to keep……but I say give him what him what he wants…..he is worth it on a three or four year contract……then sell him in two years…….hopefully Wenger feels and thinks as above……..we have a potential Lemar in Nelson and the Ox………

    1. Aimé says:

      All about the team gys…
      300k? At arsenal, does he deserve it? Or it ll be just a ransom? Best payed EPL player, is he our ever best player by quality and love he’s got for afc?
      I think every boddy might be replaced…

    2. neil says:

      can you please put a few more …. between your words so we can be totally confused !

  8. waal2waal says:

    Is this season more important than the coming years?
    this season is a forerunner for the next. We make attempts at a treble (lge, fac, elcup) so at worse we fall short and achieve the dble.

    Was the intention to sign Lemar and still keep Alexis also?
    Yes, wenger has to show the fans, show sanchez and convince the board that he’s the one best placed to return this club to a work of trophy winning progress from out of its present state of regression.

    Could they play together? No reason to suggest they can’t – i expect both players will be intrigued at the prospect of working with Ozil – he’ll be supply the quality assists their role is to score plenty goals and punish the opposition.

    Would Sanchez even agree to join AS Monaco? their average gate is 9000, where is the stimulus?

  9. GB says:

    …….. ?

  10. GB says:

    Alexis wouldn’t even consider going to Monaco!

    1. Benjas30 says:

      My friend people are playing in China because of money, if Monaco is willing to pay crazy money, he will consider.

  11. McLovin says:

    Come on Wenger strengthen that midfield!!!

    1. Benjas30 says:

      He won’t

  12. ruelando says:

    Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, so frustrating, i feel confident Lemar will be our player, but the longer we take seems like i am less interested in him. At this point, i actually think Seri would be more important for Arsenal.

    The frustration is not really centered to who coming in, but why is it taking so long to get players out, we need to get that part of our business sorted and move on

    1. Dalinho says:

      Seri will go psg and lemar will not come to arsenal hence Monaco playing games about alexis it’s obvious there taking the pisss coz they know we ain’t a big club and they know we can’t afford any of there players but they can afford alexis after selling 7 players so why not make a cheaky bid just to show off there wealth vs tiny petty arsenals tiny petty wealth

  13. COYG_CA says:

    With all the penny-pinching dithering, with all that cash out there now, the players the Prof has been haggling over or “thinking about” will be snapped-up with their requested fee paid, and done! While the Prof is worrying about losing half a mil pounds on a sell, the players we could use/need could be gone. same ol’ sheit like every other year, unfortunately. If the Prof doesn’t pony-up NOW, forget it . . .

  14. ZA_Gunner says:

    I don’t get the logic, why must we offer Alexis PLUS cash???

    Alexis is way ahead of Lemar, is proven and has a longstanding record of playing at top level, it should be the reverse, they must offer us Lemar PLUS cash for Alexis.

    1. Practical says:

      Lemar is not in last year of contract

  15. Practical says:

    Alexis is ready to stay, because he can not move to his dream clubs and complete for CL. Monaco will compete for CL next year? I doubt that. After all the sale this year, and Neymar coming to PSG, they want to show intent with signing Alexis, but possibly no CL or League title next 1-2 years. He will not agree to go there, even if all other parties agree.

  16. wilshegz says:

    All this talk of Alexis replacement, Alexis is staying at least for one more season… what we need now are CM and CB..
    if Lemar cant play CM, then forget about him and get a quality CM.

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