Could Arsenal price Bernd Leno out of a transfer?

Arsenal has been in talks with Fulham over the transfer of Bernd Leno after he entered the last year of his current deal.

The German has been displaced as the club’s first choice by Aaron Ramsdale, who moved to the Emirates last season.

Arsenal has now added Matt Turner to their squad, pushing the German to third choice.

However, he did well in the few games he played for the club last season, and Fulham wants to add him to their squad.

The newly-promoted Premier League club has been in talks with the Gunners, but it is hardly making progress.

Florian Plettenburg, a Sky Sports reporter, reveals on Twitter that the Cottagers are struggling to complete the transfer because Arsenal is demanding for too much.

He claims Mikel Arteta’s side is asking them to pay £11m for his signature.

That fee is too much, and it means they could walk away from the talks unless it is reduced.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Because Leno has a year left on his current deal and he is not a first choice, we should be prepared to sell him on a cut-price deal.

There is a good chance that he will remain at the Emirates if we don’t agree a transfer fee with Fulham because he doesn’t exactly have many suitors.

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  1. PL promotion is worth 200 mill so 11mill is very reasonable for a keeper voted Arsenals best player a couple of seasons back.

    1. It’s a very excessive price for a 3rd choice keeper! Also the logic that they have 200mil to spend is laughable

  2. Think 11 million isn’t too much to ask. Leno is a good shot stopper, I’d say better than Ramsdale. However, Leno’s distribution I think is his weakness.

    Our recent sales have been dreadful and amateurish; we got mugged for Guendouzi and Mavroporas. No surprise clubs test Arsenal with Torreira and now Leno.

    Leno could help Fulham stay up, but if they think he’s too much then good luck finding a better GK than Leno for less.

    1. Leno’s biggest weakness is that he is error prone. in my opinion

      And we’ve seen some insane shot stops from Ramsdale too, so I can’t really say who is better in that regard. 🙂

    2. Leno is not worth 11m and you could say that about a lot of higher rated keepers

      He is third choice that says his not that good enough to warrant that price. The gunners know it whether Arteter or the board are playing hard ball it doesn’t matter the guy wants to leave to improve his chances at the world Cup and if Arsenal
      Have any decently they would let him go.

  3. This article shows why we are being mugged in the transfer market – the club have valued the player at £11,000,000 (a silly and low estimate in my opinion).
    Fulham, newly promoted and desperate for a top keeper, want him for £10,000,000.

    Hard luck, go and find another International keeper for that kind of money and buy him instead!!!

    We should stick firmly to our price and see if Ramsdale is the keeper some say he is… I have my doubts and Matt hasn’t been with us long enough to be considered our No 2 keeper.

    1. Turner as been bought in to be number 2 Ken so Leno will definitely be sold this window unless he sits it out for a free transfer next season .

      1. Dan, I believe Leno is being forced out, simply because he is not a MA signing.
        He wasn’t, as far as I know, offered a new contract and, instead, decided to buy Turner.
        I’m not fully convinced on either of his GK signings (I know many will disagree with me over Ramsdale) and we might just rue letting Leno go, for whatever reason that might be.

  4. More suitors will come for Leno. The transfer season is a long way on. His worth will be met by more serious clubs. This premiere league and not championship,11,000,000 is OK.

  5. dont lower the price. Fulham ask for lower because we have a reputation for selling our players for low amounts. As if 11mill isn’t already underpricing him. Need to change our reputation with transfers out.

  6. I respect all 3 opinions posted spoken are with rose tinted Gooner bias, how about this ?
    What a foolish comment to make that promotion income give credence to a players worth (unless trying to mug off player and buyer) and as stated he was MVP a couple of years ago, now replaced as No 1 not played, replaced as number 2 after Arteta verbally agreeing with Leno he could go.
    He is a £100k + bench warmer who in your words is terrible with ball at feet and distribution.
    He has less than 1 year before free 6 months for pre agreement in europe, If he worth £11 million why replace and why sit him on the bench, put a commercial head on, so you have been as stated mugged off many times that doesn’t mean payback is karma by abusing the opportunity for Leno to move in a world cup year to such a respected servant.

    1. I take it your a Fulham fan trev?
      If so you will be getting a top top keeper for a great price ,and prime age .
      Best shot stopper I’ve seen at our club for years .

  7. If we stick to our guns and Fulham walk away at the end of this season he Leno might just do the same and we end up with nothing no g/ k and no money.
    Still we can look back and
    say well nobody mugged us did they ?
    We managed to do it ourselves !!!

  8. Fulham are taking the p*ss, £11M is more than fair (which they paid for Pereira btw) Leno should be going for at least £15M-£20M.

  9. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea if Leno stays after all.

    Big clubs need good no.2 goal keeper

  10. Those claiming to know that Turner is now “No 2″… where was that said so that it becamse public knowedge?

    Note: KNOWLEDGE, not some reporter spouting from on high.

    There are 3 GKs in a squad and for the foreseeable, 4 competitions.

    There’s no reason to believe that GKs have a defined pecking order any more than outfield players – Arteta has said he wants competition in all positions, so I expect that to include GK.

    And after Turner’s… slow start, shall we say… in Germany – well, it would be daft to let Leno go until we see how Turner pans out. He may be needed for many reasons, or at least until cover is brought in and 3 GKs are in the squad for the new season.

  11. I am a Fulham fan Dan and cannot comprehend how people cannot get their heads round .
    Leno being replaced as number 1 and 2
    Being told to find a new club.
    Has less than 1 year on contract.
    If upset can sign a pre contract in Jan for £0
    or walk next summer for the same
    Take £5.5 million wages for the privilege of keeping a bench warm.
    Someone on here thinks stick out for £20m obviously has no commercial nous.
    Good luck for the season ahead like the way Arsenal play.

    1. My valuation was based on his quality, the fact that he is a German international and is 30 years old, which is still considered quite young for a keeper not yet in his prime. But the fact is your club (as it currently stands) is refusing to pay what is a measley £11M, which is a joke.

      1. Your valuation is ok in your world.
        with no real basis for anything but being a gooner
        wanting max for your club.
        Compare to a current international keeper 8 times capped more recently than Leno
        1st choice at premiership club played 141 times in last 6 seasons is also 30 years had nearl 2 years to run on contract prob a better all round keeper NICK POPE just sold for £10m



    As for Leno, we need to get him gone and get whatever we can get for him. If that is only £10 mill, then I SAY TAKE IT AND DO IT NOW.

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