Could Arsenal profit from Newcastle’s new ownership? (Opinion)

It feels as though Arsenal could be the biggest losers from Newcastle‘s new takeover, with further competition for the Champions League places expected in the coming years, but their arrival may not be the end of the world for us.

When Manchester City were bought by Sheikh Mansour, some of their first key additions were bought from Arsenal. Both Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor were signed from our side as they hoped to build a side that could challenge for titles.

We have a number of players who we could well look to cash-in on for the right price, and some who may well be of interest to the new owners.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is into his latter years at the top, and I’m sure we would be open to cashing in next summer if there was a solid offer. Gabriel Martinelli is another one who they may be excited by, despite his current role in the Arsenal squad. He is a thoroughly exciting player, and he could well fetch a tidy sum if we was to sell.

Some big departures could well help our rebuild, although we will have another rival in the transfer market also, but Newcastle new owners could also be set to shake the tree of some of the other clubs also.

I would be very shocked if the Toon weren’t already considering moves for the likes of Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Heung Min Son, and they could even have their eyes on the likes of Paul Pogba and Eden Hazard also.

All of the above all appear open to moves away from their clubs apart from Son, who simply seems at a higher level than those around him, and should well be wanting a chance to win some trophies before his career ends.

Should they manage to take some key players off both of Man United and Liverpool, that could well give us a helping hand in our bid to return to the Champions League places, but if we invest our possible newfound income in the clever way that we did this summer, we should be able to close the gap to the top-four.

Would Aubameyang be difficult to replace? Which other players could Newcastle’s new owners be looking at?


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  1. We could transfer our 30+ years old players to Newcastle. But we shouldn’t sell our skillful high-risk takers like Martinelli, because they’re still very young and they’re our future

    Liverpool built their winning squad using the money from Suarez’s and Coutinho’s sales, but Suarez/ Coutinho were already 26+ years old at that time and they replaced those superstars with the ones who’re more suited to Klopp’s system

    Liverpool bought the correct replacements using their excellent data analytics system. But I’m not sure whether Arsenal’s StatDNA could produce better assessment, after a series of bad decisions

    1. What do you mean by statDNA? Because there is only human decisions behind hiring a player. Stats does not assess. People assess stats. Liverpool used stats but good decision makers about tranfers for sure

      1. I agree that our decision makers were mostly at fault for our bad transfer deals, but I believe Liverpool’s data analytics system produced more comprehensive statistics than ours

        They made more great purchases than the flops, as compared to us in the last few years. This consistency is almost impossible to be done without a very smart assessment system

    2. City were able to buy top players because AW was shrewd enough to buy them.
      If Newcastle were to want any of our current players, they would be looking at younger stars such as Xaka, ESR (Wenger’s signings) Martinelli, Tierney (Gazidis signings!) White and Sam I (Arteta’s signings).

      Can’t see it happening myself though…. at least not for a few seasons.

  2. The NU take over raises many questions.
    Just exactly how rich are the new owners of Newcastle United?
    They are “reported” to be worth 350 billion yet the owners of Man City are reported to have a family fortune in excess of a trillion.
    How much access to their 350 billion do they actually have?
    It is “reported” that the sale price for NU was 300m quid. Really? Arsenal is”reported” to be worth at least six times as much at 2 billon even post Covid.
    I can understand Qatar buying PSG in Europes most desirable City, Paris.
    But why buy a club in the boon docks of NE England? Then again why did Abu Dhabi buy Man City in the ruins of East Manchester?
    Why not buy Arsenal or Spurs in swanky North London? Which beggs the question for Arsenal fans why has Arsenal not actively pursued a mega rich Gulf oil owner to buy out the unpopular E. Stanley Kroenke who buy his own admission has no interest in Football/Soccer let alone of winnng trophies. Why has ESK not looked to the Gulf to off load his investment to help fund his SoFi stadium build especially post Covid?

  3. Gai, why would Newcastle want to buy our over 30’s players, with their new found wealth they could afford anyone? If someone like Conte took over as manager I just cannot see him being interested in either Laca or Auba. We will have a new rival for that top 4 spot in the next year or two imo.

    1. Aubameyang is still popular and fast, so he is good for merchandising/ marketing purposes and could be Newcastle’s plan B due to his pace

      We could also follow Liverpool’s method by selling our 26+ years old players, because our academy seems to have produced some hot prospects to replace them

      1. gai get a life Newcastle richest club in the world they wont come to Arsenal unless they want Smith Rowe and Saka

  4. I dont get, why Arsenal would profit, profit doesn’t get you trophies. Why would an ambitious Newcastle want our cast offs anyway.

    1. Probably he meant we would profut the same way we profited from Man city new owners LOL, that bought our core (clichy, toure, nasri, adebayor)

  5. Don’t know what to make of this article. Was it written by accountants. In the real world Arsenal should be worried that there is now serious money and intent on Tyneside. We are being relegated further and further to the sidelines because of our owners lack of football DNA.

  6. It is clear Newcastle will be on the up. They have a great Stadium and are a bargain for the Saudi’s who will plough fortunes into the club, not even running the club in a profiteering way. No doubt within a couple of years Newcastle will rise like the proverbial ‘Phoenix from the Ashes’. As for us, Arsenal, much more unpredictable, because of an owner who’s company and sports enterprise is profit orientated and our rookie manager. Maybe a miracle will happen and Daniel Ek or Dangote and a top manager will rocket us upwards. Sad really, for us, good fortune though, for Newcastle supporters.

    1. 👍 Newcastle United FC: great Club tradition, stadium and committed fans, now united with a very rich, ambitious owner.

  7. I guess MA will now understand what AW had to put up with regarding russian roubles and slick oil money completely changing the face of football.

  8. Am I the only one worried about Newcastle poaching our young stars…they signed Willock without breaking a sweat…. arsenal has always sold and will always sell ….

    Newcastle wouldn’t go near players from the moneybags…there are players from the mid-table teams that can yield results instantly with a top manager at the helm…

    Listed a few in a previous article like the maddisons, calvert-lewins, Rice etc

    and I don’t believe all the 3-5yrs talk, in the modern era of oil money takeovers , instant success of at least top four is quite possible for them…

    Let’s see how it all unfolds, next summer would be interesting as one of the current big spenders and top four of man utd, man city, Liverpool, Chelsea would be vary of dropping out….

  9. I dont think NU will want our ageing stars, if at all they want someone, it could be either Saka or ESR. Arsenal should be wary of NU poaching our 2 young stars, they got Willock quite easily, they shouldnt be allowed to touch Saka or ESR. That said, NU would want to buy other potential stars from the EPL like Madison, Dominic Louin, Richarlson, Rice, Sussec, Loftus Cheek, Hudson Odoi, Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Divok Arrigi, Abraham, Sun and the list goes on. Except for Saka and ESR, all the players in the above list are rated better than our Arsenal players in the transfer market and would want a move except I think Sun who seems to be dead loyal to the Spuds.

  10. The only way I can see it benefiting Arsenal in the short term is if Newcastle is still in relegation trouble at Christmas. Then they may decide to throw money at battle hardened PL players rather even if they are soon out of contract. That brings Lacazette and Leno into the mix. And to a lesser extent Elneny, Chambers and Kolasinac although if you’re relying on those three to save you from relegation you may have bigger problems.

  11. The Newcastle take over is a good thing for us because I see them buying some of our bench players.. I wont be surprise if Pepe is one of them.

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