Could Arsenal really be set for stunning transfer of Benzema?

If this latest addition to the Arsenal transfer rumours of the summer is true then I will be doing a little dance of victory and excitement in my pants. I really hope that it is true, even if the Metro report´s claim that Arsenal might complete the deal for what sounds like a ridiculously cheap price of £17.8 million is wide of the mark.

To be fair, I think that Arsene Wenger would happily pay around £30-40 million for his fellow countryman Karim Benzema. The only man who might not be too happy about Arsenal getting this prolific striker from Real Madrid is his international team mate Olivier Giroud, as it would probably mean that the big man spent a lot of next season watching from the bench. Just imagine what our Premier League rivals would think if we signed Benzema.

The report claims that Real Madrid are willing to sell their centre forward, but I have to wonder why. Benzema has had some lean spells at the Bernabeu but in his last five seasons he has scored 124 goals at exactly one every two games. He is quite rightly seen as one of the best centre forwards in the world and would certainly be a great signing for the Gunners, but is this news from Spain just what it seems, too good to be true?

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    1. Click bait is no worse than what the newspapers are doing, I guess. Although I agree. The Metro is a newspaper designed for bored, tired commuters. I read it when I want to know about the next wave of killer 10-legged spiders set to invade Britain.

      The main thinking behind this rumour is that Wenger is a “huge fan” of Benzema. But he has said that about an awful lot of players down the years that we never even made a bid for. Enough for us to know it has little bearing on our transfer policies.

    2. when I come to this site now I hit ‘f3’ and search for ‘metro’ if it’s there I click out.
      Happens a lot now, admin is gonna put zero effort into running the site and regurgitate the most unreliable rubbish on the net, people gonna be gone.

  1. the word metro should replace the word toilet in the english dictionary from here on out

    1. The Spurs goalkeeper has repeatedly evaded
      questions on a potential move to Old Trafford, but former France coach Domenech insists that such a transfer would represent a sideways step for his compatriot, and says that he should only leave White Hart Lane to join a top-three Premier League side or a major club abroad.
      “I have no decision to take for him, but in my opinion he has to play in Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City, to play in the European Cup,” he is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.
      “Tottenham is a big club – it is not the biggest. Manchester United qualified for the Champions League, but I can’t see really the difference with Tottenham.
      “For me, it’s Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City. Because I think Manchester United is no more a big club, in England, for me. I think like that. “I think Arsenal will be every time a big club, Chelsea also – City is becoming a big club – but I think United is with Tottenham, with the other clubs. Not one of the biggest clubs, so there’s no
      difference. “For me, he’s a great goalkeeper so he needs to be in the best English club, or French, or Italian, or German.”
      Nice people are recognizing us as a BIG club once again

  2. And in similar news Messi asked Sanchez how he lead his team to the Copa American title he said Arsenal…now Messi is gonna demand a move this week.

    Let’s stop believing in all the rumours cause now it’s given me a dam headache.

  3. Too good to be true for the given price. Come on 18 mil for a world class striker just doesn’t sound right. We could have a chance of signing benzema if real get aguero. If that happens we could land benzema for a fee around 40-45 mil. Definitely not 18 mil. That’s a joke. But what an addition benzema would I said before Morgan and benzema can take us to the next level.

    1. The thing I like about Real is that they set their price based on the players they aim to buy. They bought Bale for 100m so planned on selling Ozil for 40m and DiMaria for 60m. If they get DeGea for 12m I can see them selling Benzema for 18m but if they plan on getting another attacker then we might have to pay the same amount we did for our no.11

  4. Cech/Morgan/benzema. Not a bad transfer window ey??? And trust me this is more than a dream it can really happen. It all depends on Wenger.Morgan is ready to ditch manure to join us and a big bid could tempt real to sell benzema and get aguero. This is all real and can happen

    1. What if he gets Vidal instead of Schneider ? Wenger always talks about a player’s desire being as important as their ability and he seems to demonstrate it perfectly like Alexis. Him and Sanchez in the same team would make us absolute beasts !

  5. off topic. but does anyone fancy the idea of Ox and le Coq partnership? Ox is two footed, dribbles very well, and also quick just like cazorla. only that he needs to work hard on long range passing and defending. wenger also has stated that he wants to use ox at the middle of the pitch.

  6. His league scoring since he joined real madrid is not that impressive, just 87 in 188. Giroud’s is 41 in 97. I know it might be because of ronaldo, higuain, bale etc… but just saying. He to scored just 15 goals this season and even though ronaldo is there he is in real madrid in la liga!

    Anyways, would love him to lead our front line and maybe guide us to the premier league title

  7. Benzema and his agent have both said he wants to stay and will only leave if forced out. 17.8 mil is way too cheap. Complete BS story.

    1. 18mil is total rubbish and the only way benzema could be forced out is if real sign aguero. I pray that real sign aguero. Can’t see it happening though since man city are not a club who would sell their best player.

  8. He will provide a healthy competition for giroud. Benzema is under the shadow of Rinaldo,I think he needs to move away from real for his own good.he could be worshipped at a club like ours.join us will regret it once we win the UCL next year

  9. Benzema.
    Like the guy, has a good mobility and dribbling skills and other stuff but i agree with handsome gooner up there, stats show about the same.
    dont get me wrong, I DO think that another 15-20goals a season player is perfect. Woul men 15-20 goals more and there arent many 30-35goals a season out there.
    Just pointin out that he is not 30 goals a season type of player (and if it isbecause Ronaldo and Bale, well we can say the same with Giroud and Alexis Theo or whoever scored 10 in the league)

    in either case 18 M sounds invented.

  10. I like Benzema and I think he’d be an improvement on Grioud but only slightly. His goal to game ratio for Madrid is only marginally better Than Giroud’s for Arsenal.

    Benzema – games 281 goals 133
    Giroud – games 134 – goals 58

    So 147 less games 75 less goals. Considering how much Giroud has improved since his first season I think he could get more than 58 goals if he was to play another 134 games That would still be 13 games less than Benzema. Very close. Benzema also has spells where he can’t get a goal. Seriously Giroud will never be respected by some fans.

    This isn’t a comment about not wanting another Forward because I do.

      1. I don’t think having 2 out and out centre forwards who can only play in 1 position would work. What I don’t understand is how people can label people like Benzema world class then in the same sentence label Giroud as not good enough. After all goals are what defines Centre forwards and there isn’t much between them. What I think is Benzema is like a French Rooney quality from a young age labeled Worldclass and although remained pretty consist and and one of the top strikers in the world never really stepped up another level. Giroud on the other hand has improved gradually and become a very good striker at a later stage in his career. At this point in time not much between them at all.

          1. Alan frank nice one. I don’t get it either,why people think giroud is not good enough???if its about scoring he does score. People were saying he doesn’t score against big teams and last year he scored against manure,Liverpool and city. Time to give giroud some credit. He scores some cracking goals

          2. 0. Augero
            1. Sturidge
            2. Costa
            3. Rooney
            4. Fit van Judas
            5. Sanchez
            6. Harry Kane
            7. Suarez
            8. Benzema
            9. Messi as a striker
            10. Carlos Bacca
            11. Zlatan
            12. Cavani
            13. Highuin
            14. Thomas Muller as a striker
            15. Francessco Totti
            16. Negredo
            17. Lewandoski
            18. Patrick Aubamaueng (Spelling?0)
            19. Tevez
            20. Rodrigo
            21. Mandukizc
            22. Lukaku
            23. Vargas

            1. Totti – Van Persie = past best
              Vargas???????? No
              Rodrigo??????? No
              Lukaku, Mandukzic, Bacca – not quite as good
              Negreado – inconsistent
              Harry Kane – too early to say
              Costa Rooney – really not too sure

              I’ll give you the other 13

              1. I was thinking, maybe Vargas, based on his WC performance. Then he joined QPR(?) and did and played very little.

            2. Sumo for real?????van pusssy????Rodrigo????Vargas?????sturidge???totti??????not a good list …not accurate at all. Totti is not a striker van pussssy is history. Vargas scores 4 goals in copa and all the sudden a top striker????sturidge gas had one decent season with Liverpool and now he’s better????Rodrigo for real??????mabdzukuc are u serious????negredo is not better for sure….this list is rubbish

            3. I can see you struggled there, a lot of has beens and fresh up latest bandwagon boys. Better still, name 24 who presently play as a centre forward alone up top like OG – not second strikers, wide forwards etc And a bit silly to include one of our own in such a list. At least 11 or 12 of those have either never played as a true CF, only very rarely, or have previously but are now playing in a different position. At least another 15 of them have scored less league goals in the last 2 seasons from open play.

          3. @AlanFrank, in random order here are 30.
            Diego Costa
            Walcott (when fit)
            Harry Kane
            Falcao (even with last season)
            Fernando Torres
            Jackson Martinez

            There are more. Also your Benzema argument is pointless. You forget that Madrid play to whatever Ronaldo wants. The setup at Arsenal however caters for Giroud and he has not excelled for the past 3 seasons. See Arsenal vs Monaco at home for the most recent example. Benzema in the Arsenal setup would be fantastic. Have you watched both of them play?
            Benzema can dribble, is quick and can finish at a basic top quality striker level. I have never seen Giroud dribble, he is slow and is not a very good finisher. Stats are B.S. Bas Dost also had better stats than Benzema.
            Jeez…I am sure you would compare Charlie Austin to Benzema by stats too.
            Btw…is Charlie Austin on my list?

            1. LOL – Giroud is so sh*t is has scored more league goals without penalties in the last 2 seasons than 20 out of the 31 on your list. You must be awarding for artistic merit or FIFA stats or reputation – certainly not on goal scoring. You have at least 12 who aren’t centre forwards either.

              Yeah, pick Girouds worst performance of the past 3 years as an example. Oh, and naughty Ronaldo, preventing Benzema from scoring at Real. He didn’t break 20 at Lyon either – don’t think Ronaldo was there.

            2. Torres???????????
              come on man…thats just being plain anti giroud for no reason….really

  11. I will say this again mr wenger will not sign benzema while we have giroud at the club.Because it will mean the same 2 players fighting for the same position for club and will cause to mutch bad blood.

  12. I would get negredo. He has a lot to prove. Clinical striker and available for 12-15 mil…

    1. Mario gotze you mean???I don’t think we need gotze.only if we are to replace him with santi.if santi leaves which I pray he doesn’t

      1. why would he replace Santa? he’s a winger, and a fantastic one too. wenger has bought ozil and Alexis because they were available. and how did that turn out may I ask?
        and we don’t need a reason to buy a quality player like him.

        1. I’m happy if we get gotze.what a triangle we would have giroud, Alexis and gotze and behind them ozil and santi….

  13. Lucas Albertengo 8goals 15 games clausura 2015. 24 yrs old
    Enrique Triverio. 8 goals 15 games. 26 yrs old.
    Mybe Wenger should look at the south american tournaments

  14. F**k whatever state or top 25 striker, I just don’t like to watch Giroud playing style. If no striker bought, I prefer Walcott any time. Watching Giroud like watching mid table team played so boring.

    1. Boner? a boner is always good my friend.
      but i guess u can never say how a U16 player develops – not a big loss.

  15. It would be all Arsenal Fans dreams come true …he’s a world class complete striker.

    1. Yes his 42 league goals would have come in handy for the last 3 seasons. Giroud’s 41 looks shabby by comparison. Is anyone on here gonna tell me in a straightforward manner how a guy who gets 42 league goals for Real Madrid, has broken the 20 league goal mark once (with 21) in 10 seasons and competes with OG for the CF slot at national level is “world class and complete” and Giroud with 41 is a “lampost”, “liability” “worst CF in Europe” etc etc. Must be Benzema’s attitude, class and work ethic that sways the vote.

      1. Just look at the “better striker lists” up there and it’s plain to see that they rarely watch any of these other strikers and only remember the good parts when they do but with Giroud they watch him all the time and only remember the mistakes and “sitters”.

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