Could Arsenal really get £10million for Koscielny?

Apparently Unai Emery has been told that he needs to offload some players to increase his transfer fund, but I think this Arsenal rumour in today’s Star seems very unlikely to be true. They report
Arsenal set Laurent Koscielny transfer fee as £27m bid for replacement is planned. ARSENAL will demand £10.6m from Borussia Dortmund for France defender Laurent Koscielny.

I don’t know where they get their information, as they then point out reasons why it is unlikely that Arsenal will get anywhere near that figure! They go on to say: Koscielny has one year left on his Arsenal contract but talks over a new deal failed to bear fruit and he is seeking a new challenge.

Dortmund are currently favourites to land the 33-year-old, who battled back from an Achilles injury this season.

The German giants can offer Koscielny Champions League football next season and he is tempted by the move.

But Arsenal need money for new signings and are not prepared to let him leave on the cheap as they prepare to strengthen their own backline.

There is no doubt that our captain had a very good season after he recovered from his injury, but the fact is that Emery rarely played him twice in a week because of concerns of a relapse.

So can anyone tell me why anyone would pay 10million GBP for an injury-prone 33 year-old with just one year left on his contract?



  1. Arsenal would be lucky if they can get five millions for Koscielny

    He would most likely stay till next year, because the team need a captain and Xhaka or Ozil wouldn’t cut it

    I hope Arsenal can get the Saliba kid

  2. We water down our own players value. Look how useful Carzola is to Villarreal now. They had offered him a contract extension and he starts for Spain. Yet we let him go for free, because we thought he was finished.

    Of course, Koscielny can fetch us 10m , he is a top defender when fit.

    1. Not a chance that cazorla can strive with the pace of the premier league. The Laliga suits him better, but I must confess we miss his creative from deep Midfield.

      Kos doesn’t have the legs but should still be with us for another year.

      1. Anyway arsenal won’t sign a nobody build the fans with false Hope’s then they say we tried la la la heard it all before fat stan is getting richer and richer

        1. How exactly does Kroenke get richer if we sell Kos, he doesn’t take any money out of the club?
          Anyway back to the question, yes I think it’s a good idea to put a high value on Kos as we have completely undervalued our players in the past when selling. Ok it might be negotiated down but at least we get something and Kos gets a season in the CL, and good luck to him. Regarding being injury prone, lots of players are injury prone at Arsenal but as soon as they leave they are not, Cazorla for example. And Ramsey will no doubt tear it up at Juvé.

          1. Declan, no matter what you say some people will still choose falsehood over reality. You can’t educate someone committed to ignorance.

          2. You are right,what saved Carola is TV that he asked to go to Spain,man city always send their players who need surgery to one clinic in Spain the one who saved Santi’s leg which he could have lost,same with barca ,i can’t remember the name,they fixed carzola in one operation that 7 previous ones couldn’t!

    2. You’re very right we the arsenal fans look down on our players too much looking at the crazy market today where a player can be bought for 222m then it not impossible to sell him for 10m

  3. If Koscielny is worth £10 Million does that mean Mustaffi who is 7 years younger is worth £20 Million?


  4. I believe if Saliba was an Arsenal player, non of the fans will want him to be a starter but if Bielik was another teams player, many Fans will want him bought for more than 20M.
    Cherish what you have and stop believing so and so players don’t worth some amount.

    Coutinho is worth 146m plus add ons, while Hazard is sold for 88M plus add ons. I know who I will choose btw those two.

    Koscielny is a good defender and worth the said 10M

  5. No wonder arsenal is retrogressing…a club backed by Soo much negative energy…

    Buying and selling is’s not the job of you nagetive’s a job for a player’s manager and a good business manager will get you a good deal on and off the pitch…AJ lost a figt and got paid 20 Milla, the winner got 6….in a nutshell it’s about negotiation skills.

    You sore supporters are the bad energy dragging us down…like some one mentioned if belikr was in another club,we would happily cough out 20milla for him

  6. Please forgive the fans for bashing the players and their poor performances.

    They have no idea how difficult it is to play with passion and commitment, pride for the badge, and give 100% and only get paid mere millions for their work.

    They live in London, get put on pedestals, showered with riches, and fans only ask they earn their wages.

    You’re right, our fanbase is completely out of order. How dare we have expectations of them, how dare we hold these poor downtrodden millionaires accountable for their $hit performances and predictable collapse?


    1. DURAND, BRILLIANT SARCASM WHICH MAKES THE CORRECT POINT ADMIRABLY! For almost ever and especially since the start of the Prem, we fans have been treated like dirt and it is long past time we stopped being stupidly meek and saying “kick me again, as I deserve it”! It is time we fans refused to be stooges and used the collective power we have to change things. Trouble is too many fans, of all top clubs, are cowardly sheep and will meekly follow the flock into captivity. It takes courage to envisage and then take real action. THAT sort of moral courage is in short supply among football fans, of ALL clubs, not merely ours.

      1. I admit I have been waiting for your comment Jon, as I knew immediately you would have the palate for my sarcasm!

        I agree with your comment wholeheartedly, and would add that I support The Arsenal, and leave it up to the individual players to earn my support through their hard work and determination to succeed.

        For me it takes more than merely showing up in our colors to win support; I want pride, passion, fighting spirit, and commitment from them. When they show that I will support them through thick and thin.

        Is it too much to ask for the players to win the fans over? Or perhaps merely putting on the kit should gain automatic support?

        Ozil and Mhki have changed my mind on this issue, that’s why I say it takes more than just showing up in our colors for me to be supportive.

        I don’t mean it to be a criticism of other Arsenal fans, just saying I’ve personally had enough of the antics of some Arsenal players.

        1. Durand, I THINK AS YOU DO! Being older it is easy to have a good sense of perspective. When you have seen players like George Armstrong(1960S/70S) who was able to play on both wings at once, so ferocious was his workrate, it is hardly surprising that we who know what REAL work entails,( unlike so many wet behind the ears youngsters, who have no idea what REAL workrate is) scorn idle strollers like Ozil and Mkhi who are sponging off the club and off us fans, who indirectly, fund their cosy unearned lifestyles. I will never respect idleness . Never have, never will.

  7. Spot on Nero. That’s the reason why Barcelona cheated us with injured player in deadenis suarez and around £4mils on salary. God _/\_ us. Who are the guys handling incoming players medical at Arsenal? How could they not figure out that suarez was not fit?

    1. Who said Denis Suarez arrived injured?

      The only confirmed information is that he got injured during the BATE game.

      He told Cadena Ser radio he did not feel right from his second game at the club, against Bate Borisov.

      “At the end of the game I thought that I had torn my groin and they did a scan and saw that I had an oedema [a build-up of fluid] on the bone in my pelvis,” he said. “I thought I had torn something; I was in a lot of pain. And from then on I carried on training with medication and putting up with it as best I could but I didn’t feel right and [Unai] Emery didn’t think I was right.’

  8. Dortmund won’t spend ten mil on him. They are good investors in the market so I doubt they will spend that money on a 33 year old. A club might though, if they get injuries and need a quick fix before season starts or in Jan, but it all depends. We are right to put a high price on him esp in this market.

  9. how much do we bought Cech from Chelsea??
    Ten of million pounds I think in his 30s
    why can’t we get the same amount on Kos

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