Could Arsenal risk losing Alexis for free next year?

Reports are claiming that Alexis Sanchez could well quit Arsenal for Chelsea on a free transfer, but is that a realistic possibility?

The Chilean international is a huge talking point for the rumour mill this season, most likely second to only Arsene Wenger’s future, with Alexis Sanchez having so far failed to agree an extension to his contract.

The contract saga looks set to continue until the end of the season, and the latest claims are that he could well stay beyond the summer, and leave for free 12 months later.

Our club is known for being stringent with their money, and has admitted that they do not like to enter into battle with some of the big spenders when it comes to chasing a player, but does that mean they would not be willing to allow a big player like Sanchez leave for free?

Arsene Wenger has insisted that the star is happy with the club, while the player himself has said that he is happy being in London, but wants to play alongside players with similar ambition and fight that he does, as he looks to win trophies and challenge on all fronts.

So the theory currently doing the rounds is that his comments about playing in London was his way of hinting at a switch to rivals Chelsea, who currently top the table, and mixing the story of leaving for free at the end of the season, he would immediately join them.

Supposedly Alexis would be willing to stay, and give us one more chance to invest properly in the squad, and build a title challenging campaign, but can the club take that risk?

We know the board are happy to run Arsenal like a business somewhat, but we have also heard reports that Stan Kroenke has asked Arsene Wenger to sign a new contract, with the main objective of overhauling the squad.

Would it be too much of a risk letting Alexis stay without a new contract signed? Would it be worse to allow him to stay when he would be able to decide his own destination in a year’s time?

Pat J

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  1. RichSAAlao says:

    It is not worth it to Keep an unhappy player, who has deeply divided the team so much badly. Giroud scored and did not even celebrate at West Ham. Arsenal did not have two superstars btw 2008_2012 but qualifying for CL was never missed. Now there is WOB’s Alexis, the acclaimed only winner, played all games, and top four is looking like a pie in the sky right now.
    I read that they want him today to captain, old proven mistake, over-reliance on a player who has doubts. When Henry was made captain, what happened after… longed for Barcelona.

    1. Midkemma says:

      We’ve had a number of cptns leave in recent history and it would be nice to get someone who wants to wear our badge and will fight for us season after season while being a leader as our cptn.

      Alexis looked like good cptn material but his actions recently doesn’t fill me with confidence, I can only hope he is happy at Arsenal but using his situation to force a change… and if he signs after helping us win the EPL next season then I would support him as cptn. Not right now though.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    If Sanchez Leaves for chelski…… It will be History repeating itself once again!

    And that may keep us wondering, why always our best pLayers?

    1. bran99 says:

      true bother, I don’t hear Ramsey, or Per or Walcott leaving like that. the average ones are the one that stay behind while the best ones leave. so annoying. big clubs like Barca is where you hear average players leave coz they can’t break into first 11 due to class players all over the pitch, we are not a big club, even Spurs is better than us

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    “CHANGE” is the way forward for Arsenal…..

  4. RSH says:

    sell him. We’re not winning anything next year anyways since Wenger is staying, so let’s at least stop him from going to a rival.

  5. Walter Clunk. says:

    Moving to the Emirates was
    supposed to mean Arsenal
    could compete with the best.
    The club spent 77m to buy Sanchez and Ozil
    and spent 60 mill to pay them = 137m.
    In fact the club has spent 2,000 million pounds
    on player purchases and salaries over the past 10 seasons.
    Yet we are no nearer to the EPL title and still
    a thousand light years away from winning the ECL.
    The club needs an overhaul. A fresh vision.
    Start with the Owner, CEO, Board and Manager.

  6. JPS_AFC1 says:

    U heard Robbie from Aftv say yesterday that he has heard from a great source within the club that they have offered Alexis life changing money and that he is going to stay. If this is true with reports they offered Ozil $280,000 a week that means Alexis will be on much more than that and our club is finally ready to mix with the big boys financially. Fingers crossed it’s true.
    If not no we can’t let him walk for free

  7. arsenal1 says:

    If we could sell sanchez for 20m before he’s contract runs out,we’d be darn lucky..another overrated does a barca flop become so valued at a ‘so called’ big club like arsenal makes me sick..are we even a big club?..big clubs don’t get dumped out 10-2 on agg in champions league..

  8. Janssen says:

    It is hard for me to believe that Sanchez would be forced to stay if he wants to go. Not only because both Kroenke and Wenger love money and forcing him to stay would destroy an easy 35 million, but also it is general accepted principle (mostly) in football that keeping an unhappy player around the squad does little good for anybody.

    Are we going to see Sanchez’s best if we force him to stay against his will for a salary less than half he could get somewhere else? Would it be good for the atmosphere in the dressing room and around the club? No.

    If he wants out, he is gone IMO.

    1. Midkemma says:

      There is more to it then us supporters get to see, try to keep an open mind?

      Would we see the best out of Alexis if we force him to stay?
      I would bet YES.
      Why? He will want to advertise himself to other top clubs, he will be desired a lot more if he can improve his stats again… he is already having a very good year so imagine him doing better…

      As for saying Wenger likes money… How can you say that over Wenger likes to do as he is told and a bosses yes man?

      We can look at how Wenger has been under different owners, different board members and a different level of responsibility. Do you?
      Have a look at the time periods of when we had Dein, the period inbetween Dein and Stan taking control and then Stans era.

      Have a look at how Arsenal as a club has behaved, look at the politics of the club as that is where the decisions are made.

  9. JPS_AFC1 says:

    No one will forcing Alexis Sanchez to stay. If he wants to go let him go but not to a Prem league rival unless they want to pay $100,000,000 pounds for him. If he ain’t happy sell him to Juve or PSG but I’m telling you if he stays it will be his decision no one is forcing this bloke to do anything he is to strong in character for that.
    Robbie from AFTV reported from a good source within the club yesterday that AFC has offered him a huge contract like life changing money and he wants to stay. With the players we have we only need 2 or 3 more to challenge for everything if Alexis and Mesut stay. A WC left back. A great DM or proper b 2 b midfielder and Lacazette and we are complete with a new manager at the helm Allegri or Sampoli and we are away

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      I will say it again, and i hope to god i am proved right, kroenke will not allow wenger to allow him to run down his contract and go for free BUT wenger cant force a transfer abroad on sanchez…if sanchez does not agree personal terms then he doesnt have to move. By seeing out his contract Sanchez can do an ibrahimovic and go to the team he wants who will pay him, not arsenal, what he wants opening the possibilty, if he wants to stay in london, of either chelski or the spuds securing him. This could be his motivation as he still has a big tax bill to pay in spain and he could possibly do with the lump sum . Just a thought.

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