Could Arsenal fans see no arrivals at all this week?

So, this article might blow up in my face and for the sake of Arsenal I hope it does – but is anyone else thinking we are not signing anyone this window?

Long term Gooners are wise to never believe a rumour till they physically see a new player posing in a red and white shirt on the club’s official website.

The links I heard this month however have been an insult to our intelligence.

Despite Unai Emery making it clear he can only afford loan deals, sources say we are trying to Peresic, Malcom, etc.

So, either the press believe we have more money than we are letting on or our recruitment team are so naive they think if you persist, a Barcelona or Inter will have have pity and give us an asset worth double figures till the summer saying don’t worry about any fee

It is like your partner saying they don’t love you and your response being to buy a wedding ring?

We spent nearly a month haggling over Suarez, a Barca reject who they are happy to leave. We lack the resources to make that happen so the conclusion is …….let’s try Peresic? ……how arrogant..

I never believe the myth that transfers are more complicated then fans think.

If our owner cared, we ‘d have a defender walking in on January 1st.

There’s an element of ‘if your aggressive and direct, the quicker the negotiations.’

You go to Milan, you say we can’t pay now but prove the income you get in July. Sign a guarantee that whatever happens in the loan, you will give 40 million in the summer, yes or no, take it or leave it.

Yet we are so money conscious, we probably won’t want to make any promises in case of injuries or him not settling.

So, what do we want, something for nothing?

The player hands in a transfer request, the selling party is not being unreasonable, but we want a talent valued for 35-40 million for free for 3 months?

We must be the laughing stock of football.

Remember our owner is a billionaire who pays high salaries to people who been successful in business. You don’t get to that level by being dumb.

So, should we consider another theory – that of course they know they can’t bring in players with this model but feed this gossip to papers to make the fan base think that at least they are trying.

By all accounts Barca and Suarez want that deal to happen, but we are the ones who hesitate when it’s time to confirm transaction.

I want to be wrong.

What you reckon my fellow Gooners, how many new faces will we see this week ?

Dan Smith


  1. Nick Oleinikoff says:

    Agree 100%
    Wenger had said that more players will not re sign and let their contracts lapse and guess what……
    Bottom line
    Who was responsible for giving Ozil an inflated 300k or 350k per week
    And WHO was responsible for letting Ramsays contract lapse
    The problem lies there
    The BUCK Stops there.

  2. ForeverGooner says:

    It will suck if nothing happens because it will mean we will finish 6th place again most likely and unlikely to win Europa
    We need quite a few players so not getting at least 1 or 2 in January will be pretty bad.

  3. stubill says:

    In regard to Suarez, we don’t expect to have him for free for three months, we’d be paying a loan fee in the region of £3-4 million, plus his salary. Not exactly free is it!

    The problems with the loan/transfer from what I understand are;
    Arsenal want the loan with the option to buy in the summer for a pre agreed fee. Barcalona want the purchase to be obligatory, unless Suarez signs a contract extension now which would come into force if Arsenal do not buy the player in the summer.

    Suarez does not want to sign the extension, Barca’ don’t want to let him run his contract down if Arsenal dont want to buy him, and Arsenal don’t want to have a compulsory purchase in the loan deal. In other words, they’re all looking out for number one.

    It’s like a game of poker, who will blink first, if anybody does.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Stubill, your assessment seems logical. Each party in the Suarez saga has a predetermined position which they are determined to hold onto. In such situations compromise becomes difficult unless one of the parties relents. Obviously it would be foolish of Arsenal to commit themselves to purchase the loaned player regardless of his performances. There must be safeguards. We don’t have to buy just to please the fans! Hence due diligence must be applied before any transaction can be effected. Does anyone remember the case of Julio Batista who cane on loan from Real Madrid and failed to impress. What of Kalstrom? Can anyone imagine the damage we would have incurred if we had blindly committed ourselves to buy the players before agreeing the loan deals?

      1. gotanidea says:

        Agree to both of you, I think that what is most likely happening currently

        Barcelona and Inter are playing hard to get, but I believe Arsenal would win eventually. Because Barcelona need to offload Suarez’s wage and the aging Perisic is not performing well

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Stubill, your assessment of the Suarez deal with Barcelona is correct from everything that I have seen. With regard to comments by others discounting Suarez’s abilities because he can’t consistently make the Barcelona midfield, this is no disrespect to Suarez due to the quality of that midfield. Many other top class midfielders would also fail to break into Barcelona’s midfield. Suarez’s age is in his favour should he come to Arsenal.

  4. Malik says:

    Okay and what’s our excuse for not bidding a miniscule 9m euros for medi benatia or even offering Ramsey in Jan rather than summer? How is gelson Martin’s going to RELEGATION candidates Monaco on loan for free? How have Chelsea managed to loan out puss poor morata and bring in Higuain on loan FOR FREE? WTF ARE ARSENAL DOING? Inter have am agreement to sign godin. They already have Miranda,skrinar and De Vrij on their books. How can we not ask them for Miranda? I have to agree with the author, these guys have no intention to sign anyone they’re just taking everyone for a ride. Which is a joke cause they’re missing out on revenue that could improve how the club is run

    1. Malik says:

      Someone has to be held accountable. It’s outrageous

      1. Not only is Mehdi Benatia out injured, he is 31 years old and has a grand total of 6 appearances this season the last coming in early November last year. We must avoid this guy we already have Lichtsteiner and Mkhitaryan to worry about without adding another deadwood.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Malik and QD, not only is Benatia out injured but he is making a big money move to the Middle East.

          1. Malik says:

            Are you kidding? We’re losing kos for free and most certainly not keeping chambers. Holding night not come back the same so that leaves us with mustafi, sokratis and mavropanos HOW is this gonna be enough for top 4?

    2. gotanidea says:

      Emery already stated that it would be a problem to have too many CBs in the future, when everybody is fit

      I don’t think Martins, Morata and Higuain are free loanees. Usually there is loan fee for such high profile players

      1. Malik says:

        Surely Emery doesn’t think mustafi and kos r CBs that are gonna take arsenal forward. They need to leave anyway!

    3. John Ibrahim says:

      Ramsay has signed a new deal to join Juventus prior to Jan

      1. Malik says:

        No nothing is confirmed, those are rumours

    4. DDK says:

      Malik I totally agree. My biggest frustration is the time that has been wasted. We knew before the window opened what players we needed and that loans would be our only option. We have a full-time dedicated “Golden eye” who would be tasked with this.

      It is a very busy part of the season with multiple tournaments happening at the same time and our top 4 aspirations teetering on the brink. We seem to be jumping from the one failed bid to the next. Surely you put multiple irons in the fire at the start of the window. At the moment we are running from pillar to post which reeks of desperation and robs us of any negotiating power.

      I don’t believe that Perisic was the original plan, watch how another club swoops in, now that he has submitted a transfer request.

      There is something seriously wrong behind the scenes which is why Sven is out the door. This window is the most humiliating I have endured as an Arsenal supporter.

      1. Malik says:

        It’s all a smokescreen, it seems people on this forum don’t understand that if we don’t make top 4 this season we’re going to be in a similar position we were in this summer. I.e. signing average players and hoping for the best

  5. Sarmmie says:

    We’re supposed to sign but if we’ll sign, we don’t know, nobody does, the positions are there to be filled, but will they, nobody knows.

    For me, wenger taught me that if a player isn’t snapped in an arsenal jersey, I won’t believe anything, even if kroenke himself says the deal is done. Remember Higuain, Suarez, Mata, David Villa…
    I’m not getting my hopes up cos of any speculation, cos they can be dashed anytime.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Aubameyang was a speculation that came true, therefore I expect at least one loan deal to be clinched before the window is closed

      1. Sarmmie says:

        Of course, there are speculations that actually lead to transfers, it’s not as if we don’t sign players at all.

        But with all the uncertainties, I know better than to keep my hopes up for a transfer.

  6. Meh, I’d rather we don’t pay over the odds for past-it players like Perisic and save the money for younger talents in the summer. If that means no signing in January then fine, I terribly regret us signing Mkhitaryan just for the sake of signing somebody, look how that turned out. Maybe Suarez is another Mkhitaryan is disguise and that is why they want to try him out on a loan deal first. Anyway, it’s no signings over bad signings for me.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      QD, I totally agree. Apart from the mention of Benatia there has been no CB’s available, if at all and certainly no better than what Arsenal have. I would rather Arsenal give opportunities to our U23 players until the end of the season, so that all available funds can be allocated to address the known deficiencies in the next transfer window.

  7. Dan kit says:

    I think the obvious is staring us in the face
    Wilfred Zara looks like he could be sold in the summer ,why not go all out for the money now get him in the summer ,35 mill on a nearly 3 year old or spend abit more and get a proven quality winger .but I suppose we will do it the arsena way ,get a player we can’t get rid of in 2 years time
    Scandal that the club left it this late away to sign players .

    1. Dan kit says:

      Nearly 30 year old *

      1. Sue says:

        I’d be happy with him Dan. Isn’t this the Arsenal way though….pay way over the odds for an average player, pay them extortionate wages and then sell them on for next to nothing… that’s why we’re in this mess!!

        1. Sue says:

          Happy with Zaha!

          1. Yes, but after the death threats we sent him and his family after he won that penalty will he accept to come?

            1. Sue says:

              Oops! Highly unlikely then ?

  8. Declan says:

    I’m beginning to think it’s the Arsenal negotiating Brexit for us the length of time it’s taking to negotiate a leave agreement ?

      1. Th14 says:

        I want to believe Arsenal will sign someone this January window but its looking more and more unlikely as the day goes by.
        Last year it was Auba and it went down till the last day of transfer window before it was confirmed. With that in mind, I hope we can secure one of our targets before deadline.

        If the rumors are true about Perisic handing in a transfer request to try and force his way out, then we must act on this and submit a decent offer. Anything close to 35m is ideal for the 30 years old winger.

  9. Mike says:

    Maybe we will see Nkunku instead sign PSG have sign Paredes from Zenith St Peterbourg. I hope Arsenal sign someone this winter

  10. jon fox says:

    Personally, I have never thought we WOULD be bringing in anyone. I hoped we MIGHT. But thinking we would and hoping we might, to a realist like me, are two totally separate entities. Rather like back in August, HOPING for top four but thinking we WOULD finish 6th, which to me , at least, now seems a near certainty. I despair of realism ever becoming mainstream with football fans,save for a few percent, everywhere, who can separate the bias we ALL have from their inate ability to rationally consider what WILL happen.

    I also find it unfair how so many prefer to shoot the messenger rather than face reality. The messenger is also on their side if they but knew it!

  11. Drew says:

    At least Suarez has signed on a loan

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