Could Arsenal sell all four of these top players this summer?

Arsenal are reportedly open to offers for striker Eddie Nketiah and three other players in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Nketiah, who came through the Arsenal academy, has shown promise with 32 goals and five assists in 131 games for the club. However, the Gunners are willing to consider selling him if the right offer comes along. Fellow striker Folarin Balogun is also on the transfer list, but the Gunners intends to retain one of the two forwards.

Balogun has attracted interest from Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Roma, with Inter seeing him as a potential replacement for Edin Dzeko. The young striker had an impressive loan spell at Reims, further increasing his appeal in the transfer market.

In addition to the two strikers, the London side are open to selling midfielder Thomas Partey and defender Kieran Tierney.

Thomas Partey has reportedly been granted permission to explore a move to a Saudi Arabian club, while there is also reported interest from two Italian sides for the Ghanaian international.

As for the Scotsman, Arsenal have reportedly informed Newcastle United that it will take more than £30 million to secure his services this summer.

The Gunners’ willingness to listen to offers for these players suggests that manager Mikel Arteta is open to reshaping his squad ahead of the new season.

Arsenal will be looking for suitable offers that align with their transfer plans and financial aspirations. As the transfer window progresses, it remains to be seen which clubs will make formal bids for these players and whether the Gunners will find suitable replacements for any potential departures.

The Gunners will have to have big funds available if they are to replace these four and also expand our thin squad.

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  1. It would likely be easy to sell all of them, because they’re very good players and still in their primes. Arsenal had better charge more for their homegrown players, as Chelsea/ West Ham did for Mount and Rice

    Based on Arsenal’s bids for Jurrien Timber and Declan Rice, Arteta would likely play without any . conventional fullback next season. Replacing Tierney with a taller defender will make us better in set-pieces

    I hope Nketiah or Balogun will also get replaced by a bigger CF, because I’m not sure about Havertz’s hold-up strength. After Xhaka leaves, we could bring in some tall Serbian players

  2. Am not in agreement with selling Partey, are they trying get him as far from a crime scene or something?

    He’s our only world class player currently on the books.

    1. Maybe it’s thr fact that he turns 30 and is Arsenals 2nd highest earner. Not to mention the first two seasons and the injuries he’s had.

      I guess this summer is the last summer to get a decent fee out of him.

      But buying Chelsea flopped player for 65 million, this I just can’t my head over. Chelsea would’ve accepted far less as they are desperate to clear out.

      1. And the hurry in which the deal was completed!
        It’s as if that was the prime target for the club, which we all know it’s not.

    2. 👍Plus 1; Arsenal should be looking to upgrade the quality of the squad, without squandering the talent they already have in Partey.

    3. Partey is NOT world class! I respect that that is your opinion but I simply cannot agree. In no universe is he better than Odegaard or Saka or even Jesus and Saliba. He is very good and can look utterly imperious but he doesn’t do it often enough to be considered world class. But neither is Declan Rice, so 🤷

      1. @DaJuhi , Jax, Ben
        My prayers are with those four billionaires and the kid, people with too much money are truly eccentric.

        Thomas Partey is best defensive midfielder in the land in my opinion, followed by Rodri and Casemiro.
        Please note, Declan Rice is not even in my top three base on performance that makes football sense.
        Signing Rice and letting Partey leave is like making one foot forward and taking two step backwards.

        We all Know if Rice was born in Canada, he wouldn’t value £75 mil.

        Saka , Odegaard, Saliba are all very good players that looks set to be world class players.

        They are strong indications the citizens will bid for Rice, With Rice being our # 1 target, all is not lost with other joining in, all we need to do is match that bid since we are is preferred destination.

        The problem is quite often than not a club like city would have done their home work. Have a fairly good idea if they stand a chance of getting their target before entering the bidding.

        1. Rice going to City would do us a favour. As for Partey, he isn’t even the best DM in London, much less the EPL. Casemiro and Rodri are far superior as is Joao Palhinha at Fulham.

          Partey is very good and his distribution is better than the others’ but he’s too inconsistent and gets overwhelmed when you never see that from the others I’ve mentioned.

          1. @Ben, the midfield is a delicate department, Partey is underrated,
            Have you compared the midfield of this 3 teams,
            Partey has to make up for Odegaard’s lack of pace and Stamina, for Xhaka’s lack of pace and flexibility,
            Have you noticed Odegaard is always close to Saka, making the midfield open against stronger teams,

            Casimero has Bruno,Fred who are 2 legged and averagely fast and strong,

            Let’s not even bother comparing with the Citizens, you already get the point.

            I wish Arteta would spend the £90m on Kane rather than Rice.

            1. We wouldn’t get Kane for £200M. Yes, Partey has to cover more than Casemiro and Rodri and even Palhinha at Fulham, who has Harrison Reed to help him, but that is a failing of the coaching and tactics, not the players. Zinchenko should not be trying to cover midfield and LB because he isn’t doing either very well.

              I said in an article I wrote a little while ago that I would play White next to Partey and Zinchenko further forward and have a back 3 of Tomiyasu, Saliba, Gabriel. I think that set-up would improve our defensive cover and give Partey the help he needs. Zinchenko is a technical player and no defender.

              I do think you understate just how good Casemiro is though. He, like Rodri, is a Rolly Royce midfielder. His defensive positioning and instinct is superb and light years ahead of Thomas Partey’s. Thomas is more of a distributor who can defend, not a pure DM who sole aim is to break up the opposition’s attacks.

              If Thomas Partey had someone like a prime Makelele or Kante alongside him, who will get take care of the bulk of defensive work, and he is the one supporting, we would get more out of him and he would truly excel. Patrick Vieira had Emmanuel Petit. Roy Keane had Nicky Butt. Michael Essien had Claude Makelele.

              Football is not about which individual players you have, but how you use them and who you pair them with. Arteta needs to realise that. Zinchenko is not the man to play alongside Partey, or anyone else for that matter, in our midfield. He simply isn’t strong enough defensively. I’d be happier if he occupied Xhaka’s role.

        2. Also Gunsmoke, City with their buyimg power can weaken a rival like Arsenal two ways; bid the sale price up to make Arsenal pay more and reduce funds available for other transfers, or buy the player (even to sit on the bench) to stop a rival strengthening.

    4. He wants to move, and Saudi league can pay him 10 times the wages, or more. Then just get 40mil for him and let him go. He is a top mid, but if his head turns, considering he is not always fit – let him move on

  3. We can now forget Rice Man City are coming in for him and ges open to the move its a no contest who his choice of club would be out the 2 plus they will blow us away financially typical Arsenal messing around and not offering the fee required and pay the price pathetic club should all be sacked will never challenge or win anything again!

  4. Arteta have lost it.

    1) Selling Partey and Xhaka and then letting City get Rice cause of his Wenger bidding style is ruining this summer. We have zero midfielders then. .Also, that bidding style is just waste of time.

    2) Stop buying players from Chelski and Shitty!!! I don’t want blues players in the red and white. They are RIVALS and can bever be true gooners. And I don’t want b-team players of Shitty. Plus, Havertz is no better than Balogun or Nketiah.

    3) What we need is a better option than Holding to complement Saliba and Gabriel. And loads of sitting midfielders to replacd Xhaka, Sambi and possibly also Partey is he leaves. Finally potentially a better right back than Tomyiasu as backuo for white. But offensively? We scored 90 goals this year. We don’t need more. We need less concieved…

    1. you can do a go-fund-rice and raise an extra 10mil? fans will be fans, cry over a 10 buck increase in shirt or ticket price, but ask to pay 10-15mil extra for a player just like that!

  5. I am still surprised to hear Arsenal wants to sell Partey, why? Check out the games he played last season, he was awesome and letting him go no is not a good enough for the team. Can we get a good replacement for him knowing fully well how the transfer market is now| If we must part with Partey, please we must get a world class of his pedigree as replacement

    1. Oh, surely not Grandad. Perish the thought that some on here will instantly REACT to anything, however unreliable, unlikely or even only REMOTELY possible.
      How wonderful it would be ,IF, in a fantasy JA site only , that all those who chose to post had SOME REAL INTELLECT and the ability to use it before posting. IF ONLY……!!

  6. It’ll be difficult to get better than Partey and Tierney. And I thought we would’ve kept one of our young guns Balo or NK, but would not be against a massive upgrade on both of them someone more rounded

  7. I want Partey to stay

    But if we don’t get Rice and lose Partey that would put us in a difficult position. I believe in Arteta and hopefully he won’t let that happen

    But I wish we could have both Partey and Rice

  8. We’re not getting Rice. No chance. It’s deja vu. When we start faffing it goes. If we really wanted him, then I’m really angry we just didn’t get the deal done, we always knew it was as 100m, if not and we were just trying to push up the price then we wasted an awful lot of time and resources doing it.

  9. Yep totally agree why can’t we get a deal over the line early instead of penny pinching and then paying over the odds on a chelski player that has been no more than average it makes no sense give up trying to figure out our transfer strategy but what is clear it doesn’t work!

  10. We should forget Rice, hes not technical, not fast either, get Zubimendi, get Savic and Chiesa/Onana ,then we have a battle line drawn.

    1. 👍 Agree, at the currenf “valuation”, there are better value midfielders than Declan Rice out there.

  11. With Man City getting Declan Rice, no Caicedo, no Partey, no Xhaka…we won’t have a midfield. Suggestion, get Sergej Milinković-Savić and Nicole Barella. If we are not careful we will not even have a chance for the top 6….wakey, wakey Edu!

  12. Arsenal will NEVER get back to challenging for significant silverware with KSE as owners. Stan did say he didn’t buy Arsenal to win trophies. Fans need to stop capping and say it as it is. Arsenal owners are not football fans and that’s the underlying problem. The irony of the situation is that the way they are doing the Rice transfer is what they should have done with Havertz… Fans in England needs to protest and protest BIG

  13. This transfer window just makes me want to disconnect from football till August. What are they smoking at the emirates? I saw an article about Ac Milan buying Partey for £19mil and then we buy Kai for £65 mil. After the season they’ve both had?

    Rice is on his last contract year and massively overpriced. We need to be decisive with that transfer. It’s like the Mudryk situation again. I suggest we move on from that fast. KT is not as good as most people think. He lacks composure which is very necessary in a team like Arsenal. I’ll honestly take a bid of £35 mil for him.

    1. KT lacks composure? as a defender or what?

      and if he lacks composure as a defender, then what did Zinc lack as a defender?

      Remember Zinchenko was sold for a CB to play his position. If he was so good and going forward was the best thing for a LB to do, he won’t be sold for Ake or Akanji to play LB.

      So you people saying what he makes in a forward position his better than been defensive, should know Pep G doesn’t think so and that’s why he was sold.

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