Could Arsenal sign long-term striker target ahead of formation change?

Arsenal have supposedly made an offer to sign Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, but with Alexandre Lacazette starring this term we could have to change our system to accommodate him.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for the French striker since his days with Lyon, and the player’s days with the Spanish giants appear to be coming to an end in the near future.

The 30 year-old has managed only two league goals from his 11 outings this term, playing a part in his sides struggles, and there is widespread reports that his club will look to replace Benzema in the coming windows.

Arsenal are now claimed to have tabled a £36 Million bid to bring him in this window, but interestingly this season we already have a top striker leading the line in Alexandre Lacazette, and you would think that his arrival would surely mean a formation change.

Our current system accommodates only one striker, and you wouldn’t expect either to be forced to play behind or out wide, and you wouldn’t expect the Real Madrid star to agree to a move in order to share one spot with his fellow Frenchman.

If reports prove to be true, there must be a thought that we could accommodate two strikers going into the latter half of the campaign, and Wenger has already looked at changing his formation in recent weeks already.

There could also be the possibility that Wenger is looking for cover with Giroud injured for the foreseeable future, but with him having only started once in the league this term, I don’t expect Benzema to be willing to replace him on our bench.

I’m not fully convinced that there is any truth in our supposed interest in Benzema, but should we be looking at playing with two strikers again? Could Benzema and Lacazette be a formidable partnership in attack?

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    1. Benzema is old, but he is gold. Nevertheless, Arsenal should rejuvenate their squad, not looking for instant impact that maybe would only last for a half of this season.

      We have seen how Lacazette’s short stature sometimes does not work in Wenger’s system. And how Giroud’s limited skills and movements hinder Arsenal’s attacks.

      Therefore, Arsenal should get a tall forward that is dominant in the air, young, skillful and quick. I think Draxler could be suitable for Wenger’s system, as long as he stays fit.

  1. Sell Sanchez. Buy Nzonzi and. Mahrez. Go back to 433. Midfield three of Xhaka, Nzonzi and Wilshere. Front three of Lacazette, Mahrez and Ozil. Also, the Burnley Manager is doing a fantastic job at Burnley presently. He should be considered as a candidate to replace Wenger

    1. I don’t want to see Arsenal play with Dyche’s style. I prefer Arsenal to take higher risk by hiring Arteta instead.

    2. We cannot afford to bring in a manager who has worked wonders with an average side when there was nothing expected of them. I don’t want a David Moyes sort of replay as happened with manure…

    3. We are not FCB or RMD and neither have the players of that calibre to play that kind of football. For that to happen in the epl,we need an attack who can score 6 goals from 10 shots on target,and a defense who can prevent a goal being scored like wise…

  2. At the moment we don’t need him and we have more important positions that need strengthening such as CB or CDM so let us focus on that first….

    1. To answer your question honestly, only when BENZEMA is pushing up daisies, seemingly! Wenger , in his glory years used to bring in young and clearly top class or already proven but still youngish players. Now he seeks older types . Look at the age of our so called “defence” where only Bellerin, who can’t in any case,defend at all, is still under pensionable age. I exclude AM-N who though clearly talented, is not , despite Wengers insistence, an out and out defensive player and who should actually be replacing Xhaka(the statue!)

  3. Hahahah!!! I knew it, and I said it. There WILL be a Benzema rumour before the end of January. I am just surprised how early it’s started. Even when we spend £50 million on a better, younger striker, and everyone knows Wenger only plays with one up front, Benzema is STILL linked with a move.

    Wenger refuses to play Giroud, and Lacazette together, why that suddenly change with Benzema. Really, really lazy journalism!

  4. Another yet crazy unreal move…Anyone has contact of Wenger or someone at the board or a way to forward this:

    1) Extend Ozil yesterday, pay; it is cheap comparing to Lemar 100M euros! Give him 10 millions for signing and 10 million per year. He will be happy and that so so cheap as we are.

    2) Stop playing around as always with wrong players, that’s how we missed Suarez and Kanté, ridiculous issue of few millions short; retarded move. Pay Draxler 40M euros asked price instead of 30M offered now; we will lose him just like the two above; at least 35M.

    3) Pay for Goetska 20M and snatch him fast now.

    4) Go and get Dembele from Celtic and see how he blows up the EPL screen; he is on the verge, don’t let Evrton get him as done for Luikaku…I’ve been urging these guys last transfer window…40M

    Get an unhappy center back name David Luis. 30M

    Bring Lucas as unhappy from PSG, 25 years old, skilled, creative, great player, nice for Luis to have a Brasilian. 30M Nice for our team mix and chemestry, game of course. At some point, he was rated as Neymar, he is a hungry player as Dembele and Draxler…

    Of course, no needs to say that cheap signing of Ozil will encourage his national team mates Draxler and “Gotzerka” from bayer…

    In Pounds
    17M (Gotzeka)
    18M (Ozil for next year &Bonus)
    35M (Draxler)
    25 (Lucas)
    25 (Luis)

    That’s approximatly 150M. for 6 players we need. An average of 25M,/player.

    Smart and looking great for a realistic better tomorow for us… This must happen at thius window as we in desperate need and great price and investment; why go and spend 100M for a Lemaror whatever player we after, some swiss forward and other left back name going around for 35M each…We have enough left backs, we don’t even pla Bellerin athis position and other side we have 2…

    Its as if it is done purposely; if not; get these top players and get us a real team, all the Ramsey and all are not top players, we are shaky for that…


    1. i agree with the six players and a contract extension for ozil mogunna and we do need to stregthen to compete so here’s my opinion mate, leon maybe and his contract ends so could get him for free but he wont solve the DM problem hes more like granit/ramseys replacement, also why pay 35 mil for draxler hes clearly unwanted 20-25 mil max for a player who could have joined us but choose money instead, and is now playing second fiddle to CNM. PSG will have to sell some of those players for sure. too many good players warming the bench who will eventually be replaced by other really good players just because the market is open and PSG loves to buy. so no to draxler for that money but i wouldnt say no to bailey for 35 mil similar to sane but left footed. as for a striker need i remind you we got giroud welbz and record buy laca plus the youngsters so dembele is never going to happen. i’m still trying to figure out which lucas and luiz you meant.. cuz if its david luiz that wont happen sorry to break it to you we won’t be breaking the bank and they won’t sell cheap a player they bought not once but twice most likely staying or barca. is lucas the defender or moura who is rotting away at our favorite super market the PSG bench? again not gonna happen or more like i hope it doesnt much better wingers out there.

      in general we our definetly lacking in some departments.. i beleive we need a future keeper, dm, another cm yes other that what we have dont rate neny or coq they g2g, a winger if sanchez leaves we already got a replacement for walcott he’s 17, and a defender for heavens sake a defender we are crying out loud we need a DEFENDER and A DM now this january two players the rest can wait till the summer!!

  5. Loool Benzema rumours again every window for like the past 10 windows ?? it wouldn’t be a transfer window without ’em ♥???

    Plot twist: we actually sign him! Can you imagine loool ?

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