Could Arsenal signing this young striker help Jesus to shine next season?

Gabriel Jesus’ ineffectiveness in front of goal has been a source of concern. The former Manchester City star has just failed to regain his earlier Arsenal form; in his first few months as a Gunner, he was scoring goals for joy, but everything changed after his injury at the World Cup. These days, he does everything in front of the goal but is not clinical enough when it counts.

His inaccuracy in front of goal, combined with his frequent injuries, is surely what propels the Gunners to sign his replacement.

According to Emmanuel Petit, if Arsenal want a solid option to complement Gabriel Jesus, they might consider signing Brighton’s Evan Ferguson.

Petit believes that with a calm in front of goal player like Evan Ferguson, the Brazilian international who is very effective in the final third, may rise. The fex-Gunner believes the former Manchester City star might help the Brighton kid succeed.

“Gabriel Jesus always gives his all, but he always lacks the coolness in front of goal. Perhaps a big-name new signing would somehow give him wings,” said Petit on Wett Freunde.

“I think Osimhen is more likely to move elsewhere, for example to Paris Saint Germain or Manchester United, because they simply have more money. Evan Ferguson would prevail due to his effectiveness and coolness.”

Ferguson is one of the Premier League’s most promising players. He came into the limelight late last season, scoring six goals in 19 appearances. His stats this season have been well behind expectations, with 6 goals in 25 appearances, but he has continued to show promise.

He may be the ideal striker signing since he is young and raw, and Arteta can shape him into the striker he envisions for his project. Arsenal may also find it easy to split playing time between him and Gabriel.

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  1. An option perhaps, but further down any reasonable list, and most certainly not anywhere near Brighton’s valuation.

    A promising talent around 40 million, but Brighton want significantly more, so I would pass and go for other options; Gimenez perhaps who is a finisher.

    1. I am glad you agree with me, that Gimenez is a better option and proven over 3 years, are £60 million he at least is worth the price tag and is a born goals scorer and less of a gamble.

      1. Personally I prefer a finisher daveg, and Gimenez has proven that over his last 3 years. We don’t need to spend 100 million or get into that bidding war, we just need someone who can reliably put the ball in the net when given a chance.

  2. Saliba man-marked Ferguson easily

    I’d prefer to gamble on the CFs Saliba hasn’t played against yet, such as Zirkzee or Vlahovic

    1. For now Viktor Gyokeres would be a fantastic CF for Arsena.l After watching some of his matches. Good holdup, pacey, strong and clinical. Otherwise Osimehin. If Arsenal wants to sign a CF forward then we should go for one of the best not minding the cost. If Arsenal could spend on DRice & Havertz why not on a good CF?. NO for Ferguson when Watkins is there to try.

      1. If what you said about Gyokeres is true, I believe he can make a great teamwork with Odegaard

        The Swedish and the Norwegian could watch each other’s back and give secret instructions in their Scandinavian languages in the games. Odegaard could be Gyokeres’ third eye when the CF is doing hold-up play or trying to beat the offside-trap

        I guess that was also why Arteta wanted Mudryk to work with Zinchenko on our left wing. Very few players understand Ukrainians in the field

    2. Saliba has had pretty much every opposition he’s ever come against in his back pocket. He’s dominated Halland so judging strikers against our Star cb is abit unfair. Infact I will go out on a limb and say we have the best cb pairing in world football. Playing against them in training will also up the new cf’s game.

  3. So the former Gunner Ennanuel Petit. Has advocated for Arsenal to sign a new striker in the striker of – Evan Ferguson next summer? But a young striker who has scored only 6 goals in 25 applications so far this season.
    So that Arteta will start molding him to become world class. And jettison the possibility of Arsenal signing Victor Osimhen next summer? But what an advocacy that has Emma Petit advocated for Aesenal!

  4. A lot of Fegusons goals have been lucky deflections etc. I don’t think he is a great threat to the opposition, but he reminds me more of Arsenal’s old striker Bentner more than Shearer.
    Time will tell, but he would need to improve a lot, and watching him in his last game, I was disappointed not to even notice that he was playing that day.

    Not good enough at the moment for this Arsenal Team. Stick with Havertz as he is contributing each game and has been a goal threat to the likes of Man city and Liverpool and he is becoming more clinical and confident with each game.

    If we are to get in a new TargetMan, he would need to be a world class striker, like for example, Mexico’s Gimenez who is on target for 30 goals this season and has scored over 20 goals consistently every year for the past 3 years at all levels.

    Santiago Gimenez is also still very young and affordable at £60 million, at least he more than warrants his price tag, unlike the other overpriced strikers mentioned by the media.

  5. In Mika Biereth, we have a young central striker who seems to me every bit as good as Ferguson who does not appear to have kicked in this season.Biereth, who at 6,2″ is the same height as Ferguson, has done really well at Motherwell and currently with Sturm Graz in Austria. Not only is he a natural finisher but his hold up play and ability to link with others is very impressive and I suspect he will go on to have a very successful career with Arsenal or elsewhere.I suspect his performances will be closely scrutinised by our coaching/scouting staff with a view to being a ready made replacement for Nketiah who could well be moved on next season.In any event I see little point in paying over the odds to Brighton for a player who may prove to be a one season wonder when we already have a player who is equally as good and who at 21 has scope for more development.

      1. You have misunderstood what I have said I’m afraid.I am not suggesting that Biereth has more scope for development than Ferguson .As two young players they both ought to be able to develops their skills in the seasons ahead.

        1. I did indeed misread your comment, my apologies.
          That being said, Ferguson has 12 goals in 42 games in the Premier League at the age of 19, while Biereth has managed 9 in 29 in Holland, Scotland and Austria at the age of 21.
          I’m not sure whether they could be classed as equally good, and although I share your hope that Biereth can make his mark with us, I believe that Ferguson is already further in his development and has more potential at a younger age.
          I’ll be more than happy if I’m wrong though.

    1. Grandad, don’t hold your breath for Arsenal under Arteta to promote from within
      Once a player like Biereth. Patino or Tierney is placed on loan their career at Arsenal appears effectively over. Clubs such as Juventus look to have a greater appreciation of Arsenal prospects, than the contracted Club does.

  6. I dont try to speak for other GOONERS, but for myself at least, it is beyond obvious that our club will NOT be attempting to buy Ferguson to be our striker.

    That would be stupid and not solve any scoring problem , even if we supposedly have a “problem” having scored 31 Prem goals in our last 7 games without any “striker”.

    It is a story for writings sake, with not a shred of truth in it. And I FOR JUST ONE, AM CERTAIN ABOUT THAT!

  7. I just don’t get it. Someone playing backup to Danny Welbeck simply cannot be considered for aspiring champions and certainly not at the prices being quoted.

  8. Fergusson is a good striker and a perfect buy for Arsenal. I am sure he and Jesus will compliment each other and it is Fergussons calmness in front of goal which will help us most.

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