Could Arsenal star break ‘impossible’ record against Man City?

This weekend is full of promise for Arsenal and their fans. If we can beat Man City, which we normally do at home anyway, then we could pull four points clear of our main rivals for the title, and maybe even move to the top of the Premiership if Leicester fail to beat Everton.

But there is also the possibility that our new superstar, Petr Cech, could break the record for clean sheets in the Premiership, a record that he himself thought was ‘impossible’ to be broken. But now he stands on threshhold of becoming an even bigger legend with only Man City standing in his way. Cech told “I’m not really into the records and the individual trophies,”

“But some achievements you cannot ignore and to be in a position where I can break the all-time clean sheet record is something that I never thought I would be able to do.

“When I came over, people started talking about the clean sheets and the records, and I thought 169 was impossible. I would have to be here a long time, play every game and you don’t get a clean sheet in every game. The fact that I managed to come to that point is a great achievement.

“I’m glad that people are noticing what I try to achieve,” he added. “As a player you try to achieve something that people remember you for. Not only that you score one goal or make one good save, you want to set the example that this is not the one-season or one-game wonder.

“You want to make sure you compete and perform every single game, that you prepare and show the example that you can stay consistent and at the top level as long as possible. I’m really happy that these things I’ve achieved, people realise that I’ve worked to achieve it, so the recognition is great.”

Obviously the most important thing is beating Man City this weekend, whatever the score, but if Petr the Great could break this record as well it will be a more than memorable for him and his fans. What is absolutely certain though is that Cech will beat the record and increase it by even more games over the next few seasons. There is no reason why he couldn’t surpass 200 clean sheets, and if he does that will make him nearly immortal as it will be a long long time anyone else could beat that, if ever!

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    1. before our 2:0 defeat of manc last winter, when manc used to play us, they’d be favourites and we used to “fear” playing them. now we have giroud,ozil,campbell,ramsey playing at their peak. unless we lose focus, we will win this one. manc have been very inconsistent.
      our GK and back4 better than last year (but cdm is a fill-in)

      1. i would say our defence currently is better than city’s….

        they might have an advantage in the DM front but we have better AM…

        and if Aguero is not there then i would say our offence is at par with them…

        so there is no reason that we can’t beat them specially if Aguero is not playing (this guy always seems to come to life against us)

    2. If we win Monday with Ramsey, and Flamini has a good game,let’s be honest here he has been as good as any of the defending part of our squad, then he won’t worry on that part of signing a replacement for Santi. Still needs a prolific type of striker and a faster defender. Then bring on Barca CB

  1. Peter has completely turned Arsenal in to a Genuine Title Contender. Yes we have destroyed united with a clean sheet and we can do the same against City. I think City will be nervous and if we push them early on they will crumble.
    I expect 2-0 to arsenal

  2. Am owez very confident whenever we play City.
    There is no reason why we shouldn’t beat ’em on Monday.if we beat them with all our injuries,it will only boost our confidence more.Cech shouldn’t worry about the clean is done aiidy
    I dnt even see a draw am sure of a victory…coyg!!!

  3. I watched Man City’s game against Swansea and it seems to me that they are lucky to win the match.Maybe it was due to their game in Midweek too
    All the same , they are going down @ the Emirates!!

  4. Is it just me or is there a feeling thatour young RW Joel Campbell is going to be our breakout star of this season… Coq/Hector last season!! Ill callit now Campbell will score/assist on monday evening, sorry Ox you have had chances you need to learn how to be disiplined and track back! Glad Wenger kept Joel, him n welbz have something about them alomg with loaned out W.Silva at Bolton (shit that he got injured was startn to play good for bolton, he same as Joel in the sense of loans, exp etc…)

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