Could Arsenal steal this versatile Chelsea star in a cut-price deal?

After seeing their 2023–24 fixtures, Arsenal are now working on having a strong squad to pull off another title charge.

It would appear that Kai Havertz’s switch to North London is taking shape. The word is that the club is currently in conversation with their London rivals, Chelsea, to sign the 24-year-old. The Blues are willing to sell, but the price being floated for that deal to go through may be an obstacle. Chelsea wants at least £70 million for the former Bayer Leverkusen player.

Interestingly, there’s a pleasant revelation in the Evening Standard about how Arsenal could get him for a lower fee.

Arsenal could get him cheaper because Chelsea needs to meet financial fair play requirements, and to do so, they need to offload unwanted players by June 30 so the sales can be included in their financial accounts for 2022–23. This situation may leave them desperate to sell, and with Real Madrid, who were interested in Havertz, seeming to have cooled their interest, they may compromise the price they allow Arsenal to get him for.

If they are convinced Havertz is who they want, the Gunners must continue the talks, be firm with the price they think suits the versatile forward, and hope their London rivals blink.

The Gunners will be better off with the German international’s versatility, a vital factor that may have prompted Arteta’s interest in him. No doubt his versatility and Champions League experience could be handy in squad rotation; Arteta can use him as an attacking midfielder, on the wings, and as a centre forward.

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    1. Havertz isn’t just “surplus requirement’ he is a top top player who has been greatly misused by Potter and Lampard. Lay off twitter and start looking at the facts. This deal has KDB/Salah written all over it: exceptional player forced to function in a sh1t system where player and manager visions clash. I’ll be here when Havertz does an Odegard on all his detractors.

      1. And what if nothing goes the way you saying???? Ill be here when it all goes wrong IF we get him, we basically helping chelsea buy our main january target by giving them 70m to buy caicedo ,sometimes i wonder our board get paid by kroenke or bohly ,you are totally wrong we will be here ,you will see it it works

  1. The story of Arsenal trying to sign Havertz has legs, but am not sure we need him ,a good player yes.

    Who we need is an attacking bully in Vlohovic.

    But we must be careful as Chelsea needs to balance the book to get one of our main target,

    Both Brighton and West Ham would prefer to sell their players to Chelsea as
    Stanford bridge has Codwill and Gallagher they wants respectively.

    So Arsenal needs does not lays at the Bridge, we should not pay half of the money Chelsea is asking, let them blink until their eyes are close.

    1. I doubt we’ll pay anything near the 70 mil Chelsea want. We have time on our side, they have a hard deadline of June 30th. We’re gonna stretch this thing as long as possible. They have a 400+ mil hole to fill, we don’t. Expect a fire sale towards the end of the month. Kai is a very good player, I’d take him in a flash.

  2. So much talk of Kai Havertz’s versatility. How has he produced in all those positions, including as a striker? He’s been underwhelming since he arrived Chelsea and only has a big reputation. Chelsea fans always ask…what position does he play? We need players who are exceptionally good at what they do and not high earning Chelsea rejects who aren’t better than what we currently have. A fit and firing Smith Rowe is more productive any day

    1. ESR is good but Havertz IS better. It’s the truth! Remember how KDB and Salah couldn’t function at Chelsea despite their talent? Chelsea haven’t had a serious footballing Identity since Tuchel’s first season. Potter chopped and changed his tactics every weekend, Lampard is just too clueless to be mentioned. It’s tough to impress when you have no clear system or vision to align your talents/strengths to! Prime Messi and Ronaldo would struggle in that Chelsea team!

  3. I find it incredible that this rumour growing in strength and likelihod could pssibly happen Why on Earth would we wish to bring in a proven NON PREM SCORER at all, let alone at an expensive fee/
    I have been and remain a firm supporter of MA but have to say in all truth, that his one IMPORTANT quality that worries me at all, is in his choice of certain imports; Tavares Lokonga, Viera, re signing Elneny, AND what I believe to be serious interest in HAVERTZ.
    I find all those, plus HAVERTZ,IF IT HAPPENS, inexplicably puzzling decisions. To me that IS his ONE weakness.

    1. On 29 May 2021, HAVERTZ scored the only goal of the game in the 2021 UEFA Champions League final.
      On 12 February 2022, Havertz scored the winning goal in the 117th minute of the FIFA Club World Cup Final from a penalty

      1. There is no doubt the German is a top talent that could add quality depth in any squad even the mighty Citizens for that matter.

        He could very well return to life in an Arsenal shirt and a think he would, but he’s just not and should not be a priority signing just now.

        Our priority should be.


        All would seamlessly slide in an Arsenal team

          1. As armchair managers some time the big picture is slow in coming, though Havertz is not a priority signings, one thing for sure he would add quality squad depth in any team , don’t be surprised if Man city grab him up.

      2. Admin
        Those goals don’t change the overall fact that he’s been underwhelming since moving to England. I will keep saying it…he’s not better than a fit and firing Smith Rowem In fact, he’s less productive

      3. So what? That makes not a jot of difference to my pertinent point!

        So a nothing special player scored an odd goal or two, Perry Groves Bendtner and manyof our historic flops scored a few goals here and there and so does HAVERTZ, HERE ANDTHERE.

        But we need top proven goalscorers, not occasional goal getters and you know what I SAY IS TRUE.

      4. I REALLY want this transfer to happen so that Havertz can p**s on all his detractors. Few of us understand how good Havertz can be in a functioning system. I fully understand why we are in for him.

      5. Ok pat lets pay 70 m for 2 very important goals, just so chelsea can afford to pay for caicedo

        1. If he had scored those goals for Arsenal would you complain? I’m just saying don’t underestimate his quality and probable impact…

          1. Whos complaining im simply stating my opinion,hes a dud period i hate when we go and buy cast offs chelsea and other teams that includes city but that i mean buying cast off of our main rivals ,us buying havertz we re basically funding chelseas new striker whixh we should go get a proper nr 9 ourself or funding caicedo s fee i bet you thought david luiz and willian were superb buys when chelsea dumped them on us

    2. @jon fox Thanks for confirming what I have been saying for ages: MA’s decision making ability is flawed…and seriously too.

        1. Thanks for the support but not in the least bothered by Jon Fox. He reminds me of my Old British bulldog – he barks a lot but can not bite!

        2. Fully agree.
          At least his grammar has been correct for once.
          Been posting a lot of errors of late

  4. @Admin Pat:why do comments no longer appears on some articles?myself and others have already posted comments on this article but they somehow no longer on here??

    1. Siamois, Ad PAT censors certain posts, esp from certain people.
      I have had many not allowed and it happened once again today
      If you fondly imagine we have free speech, (albeit NOT filthy speech, which is rightly censored), on here, then think again my friend.

    2. I have made countless comments that have not seen posted, think it has to do with some sort of glitches that may have been in the system.

      1. Its true there is occasionally an odd glitch- that is to be expected with any technology and generally cant be helped
        But MOST posts that do not appear are because Ad PAT disallows them.

  5. It’s a big gamble, a gamble we should not make in my opinion. But I’m just an armchair manager! Ivan toney, mitrovic players that can score goals often and at a fraction of the cost I’d rather see us go after. Again it seems like we’re putting the money into the wrong area of the team if we even know where havartz plays. Most are baffled by this decision, we are so so close I think to winning. If this backfires and we spend a lot of money on harvertz and don’t get caicedo because of it someone’s head should be on the chopping block because most think he’s not the player we should be going for! If it works out then those should be considered very astute for seeing something most of us did not in havartz

    1. I see it as any other gamble ( every transfer is a gamble). Above All, I see a good player trying to function in a very confusing setup at Chelsea.

  6. Players are only as good as the system a team employs. I wouldn’t write off Havertz just because of his form at Chelsea. Chelsea had played with the most confusing gameplan at best throughout the season. And with changing managers and their half assed tactics, Havertz bad form should be taken as the measure of how good he can be in a team that plays like Arsenal. Just saying he could be a really good signing for Arsenal.

    1. Exactly Daulat. You hit the nail on the head there. Few appreciate how disorganized Chelsea have been since Tuchel’s first season which also happens to be the only time we saw how good Havertz can be at club level. Judging a player’s ability in that shambles is just unfair.

  7. Brighton want over 100 million for caecedo how can we afford that and rice along with other positions to fill

  8. There is a fan by the name call Loose Cannon, who thinks the gaffer is a magician now I can see why.

    Have read countless statements from various armchair managers who are struggling too see Havertz is a top talent, if this same player was in Man city team, the conversation would have been totally different,

  9. Is he what we need right now though? We have a budget let’s say 150m. It appears rice will take a large chunk of that. I hope we do sign him. The rest will be used to strengthen other areas. Havartz for me is not where I’d put, probably most of the money left over….

  10. 40M on the table for Kai Havert…take it or leave Chelski!

    We can’t afford to waste valuable time haggling over a Chelsea flop; he wasn’t a key target for Arsenal anyway.

    Add to that, Chelski need to pay a steep price for wasting so much money on bang-average players – Mudryk, for example.

    When your opponent is down, reeling, no need to help him out – rule number: 1 in competitive sports.

  11. IMO I hope this rumour is just a wind up.
    I would rather not sign a striker than sign Kai.
    We can give Balogan a go. If not and we are looking for a ball holdup physical striker, I would rather give Nikolaj Moller a go.
    I tend to advocate promoting our youth than go elsewhere every time.

  12. My eyes must deceive me . For people to make excuses for Havertz. The fee is ridiculous , the player doesn’t even know his own position , Kai lacks heart and steel . How can any true arsenal fan want Kai Havertz from Chelsea and enable them get Caicedo .

    1. Grizzle spot on thats exactly what ive been saying but unfortunately somecfans are blind never question and decision from the board and the team .i am a fan aswell but some decision making when it come to transfers its shocking im actually fuming ,shouldve set everything in motion from january window and had a deal in place for caicedo and not f *@!## about but thats what serious teams do i guess and we are NOT

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